Vampire weakness to sunlight (3 questions)

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Vampire weakness to sunlight (3 questions)

Post by LibertyForce » Thu Oct 25, 2007 7:32 am

The Vampire Lord lists: Weakness (sunlight, minor, per round, destroyed after 10 rounds, -8 points). Found on page 225 of the main MnM2e book.

1) Why is it -8 points?

2) Why is the aversion to sunlight built this way. Why not give the vampire

Vulnerability (sunlight, major, uncommon, x2 damage, -3)
and let him keep the ranks in Protection.

or instead

Add the additional limitation to the Protection power: Limited to light based attacks, and of course raise the protection rank to 8 so you get 2 ranks per 1 pp for a final cost of 4 pp as you keep the other Limited to blessed, silver, or magical weapons limitation.

Along with this limitation and the Weakness to sunlight you simulate the sunlight. Yet, remove the destroyed after 10 rounds.

Which brings up a THIRD QUESTION: Why is it 10 rounds to be destroyed? How is that number arrived at? What is the default time to destroy? 20 minutes? if so 10 rounds = 1 minute = 2 steps removed. I don't see how 10 rounds was reached, or was it simply made up.

I'm trying to understand how/why the vulnerability/aversion to sunlight is built that way since it matters because A) most other vampires on Roll Call use the Vampire Lord as an example, and B) other official supplements like Iron Age use the same weakness (for example, Nightrage) and thus if its a mistake or the vampire is better built another way from further thought by Steve then correcting it now before writing up many official books is in order. Perhaps it needs more thought?

Steve Kenson
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Post by Steve Kenson » Sat Oct 27, 2007 8:26 am

1) The -8 points is based on:

Sunlight is very common (3 points)
The Weakness affects the vampire every round (3 points)
It can potentially destroy the vampire (1 point)
It acts like a drain on Constitution (fudged a bit, as undead don't have Con, 1 point)

2) Vulnerability doesn't work because "sunlight" doesn't cause damage; zero times two is still zero.

3) Ten rounds is based on an approximation; if the effect were draining 1 Con per round, it would kill an ordinary (Con 10) character in 10 rounds, so it seemed reasonable.

Naturally, if the approach doesn't work for you, feel free to use whatever alternative you prefer, including some version of Vulnerable or the like.
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