Quantum/Doctor/Phoenix wannabes

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Quantum/Doctor/Phoenix wannabes

Post by fists_of_fury » Wed Jul 06, 2005 7:12 am

Hey all,

I have someone who is interested in trying to create a reality-warper character... In the vein of Jenny Quantum/The Doctor/The Phoenix (Grant Morrison version). Obviously I don`t want quite this much raw power running around but we've been working on a possible substitute...

Cosmic Power +10

flaws: missing effect (cosmic sense), missing effect (immunity), missing effect (force field)

power stunt: create object, shape matter, disintegration

This gives the hcaracter some "hefty" reality-warping-litw powers i find...

any thoughts?

Also in the same vein if a flaw (tiring) is put onto this powerfrom levels 7-10... would the check for fatigue be DC 13 or DC 20?



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Post by Dread Lord » Wed Jul 06, 2005 8:36 am

Maybe use Sorcerery but change the name, power source and add an "extra" to get rid of the need for hand gestures and speaking.

That way the character gets one of each type of power (movement, attack, etc.) and can use extra effort for other effects.

I tend to think of magic as "shifting the rules of reality" anyway, just do so with psyonic or cosmic power. Just an idea.
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