Crinoverse: Bay City Sentinels IC: THERE SHALL BE EPILOGUE!

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Re: Crinoverse: Bay City Sentinels IC: THERE SHALL BE EPILOG

Post by Crinos » Thu Sep 26, 2013 4:39 pm


"So, how are your treatments going?"

Afterthought began dealing cards to Skylark as they picked them up. seated in the rec room at the Rosemont Center, Afterthought had begun visiting to help Skylark better learn how to use her powers (At her personal request.)

"Actually its going very well." Skylark said, "I'm doing a lot better, and I think the medication is helping. So, you're leaving the Sentinels?"

"Not completely." Afterthought says, picking up a card, "But my new teaching job is putting me in more contact with the Avengers, and they are lacking a telepath on their team, so I think I have a better chance of helping them for a while. Incidentally, I feel like a change of pace might be good for me. Plus, me and Mira are talking about getting our own place, and Forton is lovely this time of year."

"Speaking of, I met someone." Skylark said, beaming.

"Really? Who?"

"He's an inmate at Super Alcatraz, we've been penpals for a while, we're talking about getting together when we get out. Best part is he's a psychic."

Afterthought tilted her head, "This guy... what's his name?"

"Boris Kerenski."

Afterthought blinked. "Big Brother?"

"Yeah, you know him?"

Afterthought chuckled, "Yeah, actually he's someone else I visit on occasion."

"Small world, huh?"

"Indeed it is." Afterthought said with a smile.
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Re: Crinoverse: Bay City Sentinels IC: THERE SHALL BE EPILOG

Post by Yeoman » Thu Sep 26, 2013 4:40 pm

The others were largely gone. Their own projects, their own troubles, their own lives. But Star had been born in Bay City in every way that truly mattered. The Sentinels compound her home. And she was far from ready to leave yet. So she remained. But she still needed to grow.

Because she had emotions. By right of the spiral drive, by her programming, by her ability to live. So that brought her here. Bay City High. The knowledge dispensed was of little value, nothing she did not pick up her first week looking through the internet. What she learned was the ability to connect to others, to better understand herself. And... someone was talking to her.

"I am sorry," Star said, turning to look at the other girl, what did you say?"

"I asked if you were okay," she said, a touch concerned, "You looked kind of out of it."

"I was... lost in thought. No, I am well. I will be... fine. I am fine," she added with a soft smile.

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Re: Crinoverse: Bay City Sentinels IC: THERE SHALL BE EPILOG

Post by stavaros-the-arcane » Thu Sep 26, 2013 8:58 pm


The Gathering:

With the change of the player roster and champions the Gathering had been more in flux than usual. And as a result the Madgod used the fact that "One of Ned's Minions just hit Godhood" as a bargaining chip to put himself ahead in the constantly shifting game of insane deities. Who knows how long it'll last but these gods never passed a chance to rub anything in their rivals faces.

Ned knew he was probably being made even more of a target but well... They'd saved the Madgoddamn City, World, hell maybe even Galaxy from a major threat. And one of them had become a god in the process. He would take as much pride in this fact as he could without being a total ass about it.

After everything he'd been through and seen he would face anything the other champions threw at him head held high. The fact that he had used the situation to renegotiate the "Nobody F#cks Ned but Life" clause of his contract with the Madgod didn't hurt his good vibes.

The Book and the Zombie:

With Abracadaver still at large, Ned had managed to maintain his tentative ceasefire with the White Council. The fact that he had survived an encounter with the Hexenhammer gave him a bit of extra respect among the magical community.

He was eternally grateful that Ramirez was someone reasonable enough to work with, especially for a Warden. While the two had separate duties to take care of they occasionally worked together and kept a line of communication open for the mutual project of keeping an eye out for Abracadaver and that damnable book. Also Picasso the Platypus had asked Ned to look into the undead magician's assistant as a side project to the main hunt. Something about the undead woman being a 'Ghost of the Past' for the Monotreme Celebrity.

The Sentinels:

With the Original team roster drifting apart Ned made sure to keep in touch with everybody. Jammer, Afterthought, Atom Lass (Although the long distance charges for contacting Randa in space were a bitch), and any of the others that went their own way. Ned had learned how to be a hero as a Sentinel here in Bay City, and it was here that he called home.

"And that's how life has been for me lately, My Patron is pleased enough to not make my life miserable, my hero career is going well, and I'm sharing an evening with an incredibly beautiful woman. So tell me Kagiso how's life treating you?"

*One Magical evening later*

The Smile that split Ned's face had been there since last night, and did not seem to be going away any time soon.
Here was the other benefit of his hero fame, His stage career also received a major boost. Here he was about to play to a sold out crowd.

Life was good.

And there was the Cue for Ned's big entrance... Showtime

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Re: Crinoverse: Bay City Sentinels IC: THERE SHALL BE EPILOG

Post by Tattooedman » Sat Sep 28, 2013 7:42 am


A few weeks after the whole Tellax affair he and Kelly got married. It was a pretty small ceremony overall with members of the Sentinels and the Chicago Avengers filling up the groom's side while Kelly's family filled the other but they had their closest friends and family with them on their day and for once things went as planned with no showing up looking to cause trouble.

That was at the reception an the less said about that the better.

The honeymoon that followed was taken in Forton, Texas where James and Kelly could completely relax and enjoy themselves especially since they could use the Infinite Mansion to go wherever they wanted and each day was a trip to a romantic location that most newlyweds can only go to one of.

Once the honeymoon was over Draco found himself spending much of his 'downtime' working to help establish relations between the Rox and the rest of Bay City, becoming a well recognized spokesman for Joker rights and earning himself the attention of people who were against such things - like the White Knight and Johnny Reb, both of whom had issues with his marrying a 'good little gal' and 'ruining her'. Needless to say just because Draco was now a married man didn't mean that his life became dull by any means.

Especially after Kelly became pregnant, supposedly with twins if Doc was right.
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Re: Crinoverse: Bay City Sentinels IC: THERE SHALL BE EPILOG

Post by SilvercatMoonpaw » Sat Sep 28, 2013 10:07 am


Wild was in her lab. She was supposed to be packing up to go off an be a god. She had a whole lot of power to use.

The job was going very slowly.

Why rush? She's was going to have an eternity. Time to get done everything she thought needed doing. She could start with those instructions. Or maybe figuring out why she had dog ears and tail.

So why did it feel like the whole thing was going to suck big-time?

She was about to put her telephone booth time machine in a pocket when red energy ran down the corners. The door opened and with a quantity of smoke out popped two catgirls, one with long wavy yellow hair and wearing what amounted to a fur bikini and the other with very short white hair striped with green and an outfit like someone had confused the 1980s with the 1880s.

"What were you two doing in there?"

The white-hair catgirl jumped up. "No time!" The grabbed Wild and the other catgirl and shoved them into the phone booth and then started dialing.

Wild waved at the yellow-haired catgirl in the cramped confines. "Hi."

"Hi, I'm Mon. According to her--" she gestured at the other catgirl "--I created you."


"Probably in a previous life. I hear you're a goddess now. Good thing Aum-Ra's not psycho-killer about that--"

"There'll be plenty of time for a family reunion on the trip. But right now we have to save 1989 from being invaded!"

"And why do you need me?"

"Because I need an expert second opinion."

"Expert on what?"

"The invaders."

"Who are?"

The catgirl stopped dialing, the phone held just over the cradle. "Flying toasters."

"..................................................................................................................................................." Wild smiled. "I'm in."

"Perfect!" The catgirl let the phone drop onto the lever and the booth started to spark red again.

"Wait: don't situations like this usually have music?" Wild slaps her forehead. "Right, I'm a goddess: I'll handle it."