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Re: Romverse: Villainomicon!

Post by RomLoneWolf23 » Mon May 14, 2012 8:15 pm

Well, since I'm back, let's continue with some characters from an old Superlink product, the Villainomicon.

Arobas: This Electrokinetic Anarchist has repeatedly worked both with, and against The Tribe on occasions, constantly trying to recruit rebellious hackers to join him in his efforts in taking down the US Government. He has occasionally attempted to hack the Steel Commando's armor to frame him on rampages, and has clashed with both Raven and Lady Liberty at different times. He's occasionally worked with the House of Serpents, though General Venom mostly considers him a useful tool rather then a kindred spirit.

Baron Kriminel: This villainous Voudoun Bokkor has operated since the 70s, predating the rise of the current Baron Samedi, to whom he actually served as a mentor of sorts when Simon DuLac first started out. In fact, DuLac's bond with the Loa Baron Samedi is the only reason Kriminel decided not to make him his true successor, although there is still a strong mentor-student relationship between the two, and Samedi may offer to train Kriminel's successor himself, should the elder villain die beforehand.

Black Flame: Wilson Jeffers, formerly the Black Avenger, knew Black Flame's mother very well, and is also smart enough to realize the young looking new girl going around with the name has to be her daughter. He's started his own investigation, and while he's no longer in his prime, the Black Avenger has only traded in some physical fitness for some added cunning.

Diamond: This Fame-Seeking Super-"Hero" hasn't changed much in the Romverse, although Poser-Hero Phenom considers her an important rival (having real powers and all).

The Patriot: Actually goes by "The Viper" in the Romverse, as after the scandal that ended his military career, he decided to join the House of Serpents in their mission to "Restore America to Greatness".

Pulsar: ...I'm going to sit on this one, as I'm developing an idea for using various post-soviet characters in a single big entry.

Recluse: Still seeking a way to break the curse that makes him the Avatar of Aca Tzenul the Spider-God, Recluse has repeatedly worked for mystic villains like Circe or Kalak the Mystic, in the hopes of a magical cure. Even though he's been burned every time so far, he's currently working for the very persuasive Silas the Elder.

Redkap: This nomadic mass-murdering psychopathic terrorist has visited Freedom City a few times, and has been repeatedly thwarted by Raven and Foreshadow, although he has never remained in custody for long. One infamous incident involved him and Fear-Master II starting a "Contest of Terror", each villain seeking to prove his method of spreading fear through the city (high-tech fear-triggering vs base slaughter) was superior.

Rex Mundi: Rex Mundi's original Earth was invaded by the Thran Allegiance, so he has little love for that alien species. He has recently joined PHANTOM, and is currently strongly allied with Minotaur, who plans to use the time-displaced villain as a puppet ruler.

Rorek: the rogue Ice-Elf has had recurrent clashes with both Ymir and Magni, fearing that either one of them might reveal his presence on Earth to his former Frost Giant masters.

Serpent Sphinx: Sutekmos I was never truly a Pharaoh, but merely a Prince who tried to overthrow his legitimately ruling brother, while being empowered by the Serpent-God of chaos, Apep. After a brief civil war, he was defeated and mummified alive, then imprisoned in a tomb. Since his modern-day release, he has recruited many of Apep's former cultists into his service, along with rogue Serpent-Men.

Sigma-9: This Rogue AI has recently joined the Foundry, and consideres Talos both a kindred spirit and a mentor of sorts.

Speed Demon: Secretly another beneficiary of a DNAscendant experiment, Dacascos has embraced the life of the supervillain speedster, and has gained a rivalry with Speedster heroes like Johnny Rocket.

The Fox: No major changes to her character, save that she delights in facing off against female heroes, in some bizarre "Alpha Female" sense of competition.

The Octofather: The N'Cephalos are actually an evolved offshoot of the Illthus species, making the Octofather a distant cousin of sorts to Captain Kraken.

The Troll: The Deadly Troll, if you please. He's worked hard to build himself an identity separate from the heroic member of the Sentinels team. Received his powers from the villainous Rex Mundi, for whom he occasionally works as hired muscle, although he's worked for PHANTOM repeatedly.

Warbride: Can't think of any good ideas for her at this time.

Warlock: Has operated as Doctor Eldrich's arch-rival for years, ever since the latter stole the title of Earth's Master Mage before he could seize it for himself. Warlock, though ambitious and arrogant, nevertheless holds himself to a code of honor of sorts, actually aiding Eldrich in thwarting Occult Threats to Earth as often as he uses them against him.
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Romverse: The COILs of the Serpent

Post by RomLoneWolf23 » Sat May 26, 2012 6:38 pm

Inspired by Crinos' recent delve into 4th edition Champions books, I decided to work on this new entry, which combines Champions' King Cobra and his COIL organization with Algernon Files' Serpent Queen and Freedom City's Serpent Folk.

The COILs of the Serpent

Eons before the rise of humanity, Earth was the dominion of the Serpent-Folk. Cold-hearted creatures driven by cunning and ambition, the reasons for the collapse of their civilization are numerous: cataclysms, social decay, corruption by dark elder deities, etc.

But though the Serpent-Folk have never recovered from their Fall, they have never entirely died out, either. Beyond the feral Serpent-Folk dwelling in regions like the Lost World and Sub-Terra, there are small, stable populations of intelligent Serpent-Folk dwelling all over the world, either hidden away from humanity, or magically hiding among humans. For all their sinister reputation, however, most Serpent-Folk are content with living quiet, peaceful lives. But the ones that most Heroes are familiar with, are the ones seeking to overthrow humanity and restore their race to greatness by any means necessary.

One such faction are the fanatical cultists of the Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign, who seek to spread worship of the Unspeakable One to humanity, while using humans in strange breeding experiments. But there are many factions, and another one is responsible for the rise of the supervillain King Cobra.

King Cobra

Dr. Timothy Blank was an ASTRO labs research scientist working on the mapping the human genome, who also happened to moonlight for the DNAscendant project. The discovery of Blank's "side-job" caused him to lose his position at ASTRO labs. Unfortunately, this was the trigger that lead to his fall into insanity. Timothy had always had a fascination with snakes, their resiliance, and their ability to cause fear in people, and began researching ways to combine genetic elements from snakes with human DNA.

This is what brought him to the attention of Apophis, the Serpent Queen. Having recently slipped the bonds of her captivity once again, the Dark Goddess had rapidly found devoted worshippers in a growing community of Serpent-Folk, who saw in her the Salvation of their race. While she had already began to use magic to metamorphose human devotees into new Serpent-People, the prospect of a scientific (and relatively easy to mass-produce) way of creating new Serpentine slaves was attractive, and many of her Serpent-Folk cultists had access to ancient scientific knowledge of their people. Including their own experiments in human-snake hybridization. And so it was that the Serpent Queen visited Timothy Blank in his dreams, and revealed to him the key to the genetic combination, which Blank named "The COIL Gene".

Timothy immediately used the newly created COIL Gene and used it on himself. Within days, the painful transformation had completed, turning him into a hybrid of human and king cobra, a new breed of serpent man. It had also completely unhinged his mind, and saw himself as the progenitor of a new race of superior beings. First renaming himself Cobra, then King Cobra, he set it upon himself to remake the world in his image, turning every human on Earth into a serpent being. It wasn't long before acolytes of Apophis found him and swore loyalty to him, declaring him the Champion of the Serpent Queen, which only fueled his insanity.

A convoluted chain of thoughts lead King Cobra to the conclusion that his ambitions were similar to those of King Arthur: to unite mankind under one inspired, benevolent ruler chosen by a Divinity. And thus, with the help of serpent cultists (both human and reptilian), he began his new life's work: to create a majestic kingdom, and populate it with men and women of his New Race. First recruiting the most ruthless of mercenaries, and then using a combination of religious indoctrination, magical brainwashing, and a genetic modification to the COIL-gene that triggered a submissive reaction to King Cobra himself, King Cobra soon had his army. The fact that most of them only recieved minor reptilian mutations was a minor issue to King Cobra, and actually a non-issue to the Serpent Queen, as even with the minor mutations, the COIL mutates were now genetically compatible with her Serpent-folk followers.

However, King Cobra was not satisfied with just an army of "loyal minions". Now fully entrenched in his "King Arthur" delusions, he decided he needed "knights" to serve him and take up his quests. He began looking for the Best of the Best, and persevering in the face of betrayal, treachery and minor failures, he formed the Serpentine Circle, the Inner Circle of COIL and his Round Table of knights.

Beyond King Cobra himself, the members of the Circle include his bride, Queen Cobra, her sister Ringhals, the sorceress Naga, and his generals Boa Constrictor, Alligator, Frill, and Water Moccasin.

Queen Cobra and Ringhals

Jane and June Smythe were identical twins born to a circus family, their father a knife thrower and their mother an aerialist. As they matured, their personalities soon set them apart, with Jane being far more tomboyish and violent, and June being more prone to using her looks to get ahead in life. As it turned out, the circus in which they were raised had connections to COIL, and after the death of their parents under mysterious circumstances, found themselves indoctrinated into the organization, becoming full members by the age of 17.

Jane's sharp-shooting skills led to her becoming an expert with multiple firearms, though June's lack of education relegated her to a secretarial position, at which she excelled. And it is as a secretary that June came to the attention of King Cobra, who was looking for a suitable mate after things "didn't work out" with his first attempt, the COIL-mutate Adder. He found her appearance enticing, and when he discovered she had a twin sister, King Cobra became obsessed with having a "matched set". He seduced them both, and convinced them to submit to a full treatment of the COIL-gene, mutating them both into serpent-women. But to the astonishment of the scientists performing the procedure, the two identical twins mutated differently: Jane acquired the traits of a spitting cobra, a ringhals, while June became a female king cobra, identical to King Cobra himself. He made June his official mate, dubbing her Queen Cobra, and made June (now called Ringhals) the commander of all his field agents.

The two sisters have since taken different roads in life; Queen Cobra, being little more then a figure head, has taken to reading Shakespere (and often misquoting it) and become obsessed with acting like a perfect queen. Ringhals has grown a tad bitter about her transformation and jealous of her sister's position, believing she would be a much worthier queen.


In the Age of Camelot, Merlin, Court Magician to King Arthur (and also Master-Mage of Earth) had an affair with the Fae Noblewoman Vivian, the Lady of the Lake. This union produced a child: Ninamar, a little girl who was placed in the care of a midwife and hedge wizard who raised her with love, and who began teaching her the ways of magic when she grew old enough to learn.

On the day she achieved womanhood, the girl's father, Merlin, turned up at their house and informed them it was time for the girl to take her place at her father's side, in service to King Arthur. The nurse, who now saw the child as her own, argued with him, and in moments, the two where engaged in a magical duel that frightened the child, leading her to hide in the hollow of a great oak tree, which was tragically hit by a stray bolt of magic, and she blacked out.

Ninamar would later discover that her loving nurse, in her final moments, cast a protection spell to hide her from Merlin, and sealed her inside the tree in a pocket dimension even Merlin and Vivian could not locate. Centuries later, she was finally released, found by an old shepherd who took her in and nursed her back to health. He discovered her magical ability, and taught her of the modern world, while deciding she needed to be protected from those who might seek to lay their hands on her powers. This was even more evident when agents of the Cabal, led there by divinations triggered by the girl's return to Earth, showed up to find her. With her powers, she managed to resist them, but only the intervention of the Serpent Queen herself saved her. Apophis revealed that it was she who discovered the hidden Ninamar, and released her from her imprisonment, so that she might serve the rightful king of the world, King Cobra.

It wasn't long before Ninamar presented herself before King Cobra's court and swore feality to him. Though skeptical at first, a demonstration of the girl's power (and a whisper from Apophis herself) was all that was needed to convince him. He renamed her Naga, and appointed her as his personal adviser. She now uses her magical powers to guard the King and advance his agenda. She is now far less naive of the modern world then she was in the beginning, and now understands that King Cobra is mainly a master criminal with delusions of grandeur. But she remains loyal to him, advancing her own agendas all the while.


As previously mentionned, King Cobra once had a mutated lifemate, former award-winning biochemist Dr Mary Grant, who would become Adder, one of the first members of the Serpentine Circle. Unfortunately, the day she revealed she was pregnant, she discovered that King Cobra was in no mood to become a father, and ordered an abotion. She fled from him to Great Britain, gave birth, and later died at the hands of COIL agents, after entrusting the child to social services. Unfortunately, the poor snake-baby was passed from hands to hands, before being finally abandonned in a storm drain, where he was found by Sharpes, a local crimeboss with ties to the World Crime Society.

Deciding to raise the strange child as his son (when you report to the likes of Godfather Gorilla, your tolerance for the bizarre goes up), and the boy who would become known as "Snake" actually grew up in a happy, loving home. Albeit one where he was groomed to take over for his father's criminal organization, starting work as a body guard and enforcer at the age of 18. As Snake progressed in his father's organization and raised in ranks, the rumors of a "snake-man" operating in the British Underworld came to King Cobra's attention, and came to the logical conclusion that Adder's child survived. He quickly flew to London and made the acquaintance of Sharpes, and after a quick DNA test, it was proven that Snake was indeed King Cobra's biological son. But neither did Sharpes wish to give up his adopted son, nor did Snake feel any desire to join his "real" father.

In the end, the three came to a compromise, with King Cobra agreeing to use the London branche of COIL to aid Sharpes' organization if Snake came with him to be trained in the ways of COIL. Snake reluctantly agreed, and has since become King Cobra's right-hand man and personal advisor. Though Snake still feels no loyalty to him, and is just waiting for the opportunity to return to his "real father".

Boa Constrictor

Jack Dunnet was a biker criminal who turned to professional wrestling after a term in prison. But one night, he was abducted and woke up in a hospital, where he found himself gang-pressed into COIL and injected with the COIL-Gene (a few other men were with him, but refused to join COIL, and were executed for it. Not a fool, Jack preferred mutation to the alternative). Jack found himself adjusting to life in COIL well enough, when a memo came down asking for volunteers for a special experiment. Jumping at the chance, Jack volunteered and was injected with a more potent variant of the COIL-Gene. Jack's mutation proved to be an extraordinary success, and he became a superhumanly strong serpent-man. King Cobra found the panicking young man, and convinced him to join his elite Serpentine Circle, as his personal bodyguard,

Water Moccasin

The path that led Paula Davis to COIL was a twisted one; once the assistant to one Dr. Lancer, a scientist researching a cure for the COIL-gene (and with whom she was having an affair unbeknownst to Lancer's wife). In her jealousy, Davis contacted COIL to inform them of Lancer's project, and attacked his lab in her absence. Lancer was forced to use the COIL-gene on himself, and became the monstrous Gila (more on him later). Paula had stolen a vile of the COIL-gene formula, and in her grief, used it on herself. The transformation into a semi-aquatic snakewoman, combined with her emotional instability, shattered her mind, leaving her with the mindset of a semi-animalistic 14-year old girl.


Gene Banks was one of the first successful recruits for the Serpentine Circle; an ex-weightlifter turned alligator wrestler, he was recruited into COIL and volonteered for the enhancement project, asking to be turned into a human alligator. King Cobra was thrilled, and did so. Now simply called Alligator, Banks is one of the King's most faithful servants.


Kate Malone was a woman on the run from the law, due to a few mistakes that turned to tragedy. She ended up being taken in by one of COIL's New York bases, and was given an audiance with King Cobra. He promised her the ability to hide or run from anyone that might pursue her, and she agreed to be transformed. She acquired incredible speed and agility, and did not mind being turned into a humanoid frilled lizard.

The COIL Alpha Squad

After the Serpentine Circle, the COIL Alpha Squad consists of the best of the best among the organization's agents. King Cobra decided he needed a way to inspire his growing armies, and thus scoured for the six toughest men in COIL. He found Agents Rodreguez, Kowalski, Key, McMasters, Musgrove and Bosanek, and formed them into Alpha Squad, a military elite who serve both as field generals for COIL in general, and as a special mission force.
-Jesus Rodreguez (Sarge): secretly a natural-born mutant with telepathic abilities, he quickly rose through the ranks of COIL.
-Joe Kowalski (Grunt): a Marine on the run for an accidental killing, he joined COIL, and his COIL-gene treatment blessed him with leathery wings.
-Cliff Key (Smash): A bodybuilder who sidelined as a catburglar, he joined with COIL while escaping from the law. His COIL-gene mutations increased his size and strength, turning him into a low-level powerhouse. He still specializes in covert operations, in spite of being a talented bruiser.
-Zack Musgrove (Scales): Once an Australian tracker in the outback, Musgrove had the nasty habit of "losing" tourists in the wild, before enjoying a sudden windfall of money. On the run from the authorities, he joined COIL and earned his way into Alpha Squad in time. His mutations are the most advanced of the squad, resembling a true reptilian humanoid.
-Russ McMasters (Stretch): A former basketball star with a gambling problem, joined COIL to pay his debts. His mutations have given him stretching abilities.
-Ted Bosanek (Support): a white-collar criminal on the run, he joined the Support branch of COIL, with a COIL-gene mutation that grants him invisibility powers.

The Constrictor Commandos

The Constrictor Commandos are made up of the elite of the COIL agents, selected from the best of the best, and both given elite commando training and special indoctrination that made them fanatically loyal to him.

The COIL Agents

The rank-and-file Agents of COIL are recruited primarily from various mercenary groups and criminal organizations. Trained and indoctrinated to serve King Cobra, they are also given subtle, minor doses of the COIL-gene formula to mutate them. As it turns out, however, only about 50% of all COIL recruits are genetically compatible with the gene, and thus mutate. The other half consist of ordinary men and women, still indoctrinated to serve King Cobra.
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Re: Romverse: The COILs of the Serpent

Post by Libra » Mon May 28, 2012 3:18 pm

Keep up the good work Lone Wolf! :D
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Romverse: PHANTOM Revisited

Post by RomLoneWolf23 » Thu May 31, 2012 9:07 pm

Decided to do a little something different for this update. I have an old copy of Champions 4th edition's VIPER sourcebook that I wanted to use, but didn't feel like introducing another big criminal organization into the Romverse, especially a snake-themed one, when COIL has that niche covered. And that's when inspiration struck me: Using the elements out of the VIPER sourcebook with another organization. Since SHADOW is expanded upon extensively in Agents of Freedom, I decided to use it with PHANTOM instead.

The Renaissance of PHANTOM

Recent years haven't been kind to PHANTOM, as the Iron Khan's splitting from the organization, taking all of his forces with him and thereby weakening it greatly. UNITY's recent alliance with them has only slightly restored some of their numbers, and the creation of the Spectral Network, an untraceable Internet connection linking all PHANTOM cells helped the organization re-structure itself, but many in UNISON were ready to consider PHANTOM on the decline. They were wrong.

Some time after the Spectral Network went live, the Phantom Lord emerged. His computer expertise was great enough that he could infiltrate the Network and subtly manipulate PHANTOM until he was ready to take control. By the time two years had passed, he had a foothold on the bureaucracy controlling the Men in White, and was manipulating them on PHANTOM's behalf. Shortly thereafter, he contacted the various members of the Inner Council, having gathered evidence of their criminal activities and blackmailing them into complying with his demands. Individuals like the Globalist and Death Mask III were not amused, but the Phantom Lord's vision of a more profitable PHANTOM placated most of them. Inside a year, he had complete control, and under his supervision, PHANTOM Cells were reorganized into a franchise system, with PHANTOM itself taking a small profit share from its activities, getting the bulk of its cash by selling weapons and services to the Cells. In order to bridge the "technology gap" with Superheroes and AEGIS, the Foundry was contracted to develop more powerful weapons, working in association with the Advanced Development Committee. This had the benefit of cutting down on espionnage and sabotage by Foundry agents, thanks to the mutually beneficial partnership. The Phantom Lord also began to recruit a large number of superpowered individuals, organizing them into teams, offering loyalty incentives. Thus where created, in turn: PHANTOM-Force-1, PHANTOM-Force-2 and finally the Snake Pack.

The result: inside a decade, PHANTOM has become a much more effective organization, and UNISON has once again listed it as one of the world's greatest security threats.

PHANTOM's goals for the next decade, as defined by the Phantom Lord, are as follows:
-Consolidation ans Stability. PHANTOM wishes to strengthen their strong Cells, and maintain its position as the world's foremost criminal and terrorist organization (using UNITY as one of its catspaws). This involves increased inter-Cell cooperation, and increasing the reliance of Cells on PHANTOM's Central Command, and the development of a more powerful arsenal.
-Financial Diversity. PHANTOM wishes to expand into other criminal (and legitimate) enterprises as a way of increasing their profitability. This involves the creation of new forms of narcotics, computer crime, and investment.
-Improved Agents. PHANTOM is now working on training better, more competant Red Guards, and even superior Men in Black. The ADC is also working on a cheap, mass-produced battlesuit called the Steel Sentry. Plans are to deploy individual Steel Sentry Guardsmen, working in concert with five-men Guard teams, to battle heroes.
-Reduced Competition. PHANTOM wishes to use media propaganda to spread the idea that public service in the Police, or in AEGIS, UNISON, or as a Superhero, as "stupid." That is, that people who put their lives on the line for little or no profit aren't very smart. This project involves exploiting any and all scandals involving law enforcement, with the end goal that if the public has no respect for police or superheroes, that fewer people will become cops and heroes. As the Phantom Lord says: "it is in the best interests of PHANTOM that we encourage the public to become more cynical, amoral and materialistic, and scornful of those who try to promote altruism and ethics."

After a careful analysis of past incidents, The Phantom Lord determined that PHANTOM needed a professional, "home" team of Supervillains, beyond the Men in Black. In order to prevent potential traitors and defectors, he determined that adequate financial compensation and other benefits would secure loyalty. Then the recruitment process began:
-Chasm: the Ace of Spades was a villain who built a crude battlesuit in the 1980s, attempted to blackmail the US with a nuclear hijacking plot, but was captured and imprisoned by the Freedom League. The Phantom Lord freed him from prison, and offered him the latest in ADC and Foundry tech resources to build a new battlesuit. He agreed to lead this new villain team, and changed his name to Chasm, claiming to be the instrument by which the enemies of PHANTOM would fall to their doom.
-Shift: Determining that his villain team needed mobility and surprise, he hired Shift, an English supervillainess with Spacial Manipulation powers, and secured her gratitude by buying out her hated father-in-law's business and running it into the ground.
-Rampage: a mutant with powers of muscle control, he used them to succeed in bodybuilding and wrestling, until the promoters told him to lose a match against a skinny jerk the fans liked. This drove him into a violent rampage using his strength and powers, which drew PHANTOM's attention. They offered him a lot of money to sign up. He hasn't regretted the deal yet.
-Blackflame: Captured by a cult of Belial, Matthew Curnick was intended to be turned into a living vessel for a fire demon. The ritual was interrupted by the Demon Rider's ongoing crusade against his father, and Matthew ended up with the powers of a fire demon, but with his own mind and soul. He wasn't exactly a saint himself, and soon found himself recruited by PHANTOM, offering him a good pay and a lot of benefits.
-Mirror Man: a PHANTOM experiment in creating a "self-sustaining hologram", creating a strange entity with duplication powers, and programmed to be loyal to PHANTOM (often to the point of dogmatism).
-Stealth: A PHANTOM agent who was accidentally mutated in a battle inside a genetics laboratory, Steven Gahan gained the powers of a human bird of prey, and was recruited into PHANTOM-force-1, after agreeing to his requests of a suit of armor and a PHANTOM standard blaster ("If you think I'm going into battle unarmed just because I've got wings, you're nuts!")
The team is currently stable at six members, but if the Phantom Lord can find a Mentalist who can work well with the team, it might expand to seven members.

The success of PHANTOM-Force-One lead to the inevitable conclusion that another "house" team of supervillains would also benefit PHANTOM. This team, however, would not be recruited for power, but for competence and stability, with the intention of creating a long-lasting team. One of the key notes of PF-2 is that most of it's members wear modified Men in Black armor.
-Armstrong: PF-2's linchpin was hiring Kevin Armstrong, at one time a strong candidate to become the next Patriot, with incredible leadership potential that he felt was wasted at AEGIS due to politics. Also dellusioned with the state of America, Armstrong faked his death and joined PHANTOM (General Venom still kicks himself for letting him slip by). Enhanced as a Man in Black, Armstrong began personally recruiting an elite cadre of empowered Agents and equipped them properly.
-Black Lion: a former private detective, Robert Baker found himself infected with lycanthropy on a case. A deal with Baron Samedi for a cure ended with Baker not getting his cursed removed, but instead placed under his control, allowing him to become a Lion-Man and back at will. Armstrong found him in a bar (Baker is an alcoholic), and easily recruited him.
-Cannon: a nerdy high-schooler who acquired his chemical heat-projection powers from a lab accident, Alan Castillo was rescued from a Project Icarus abduction attempt by AEGIS. The Agent who saved him, Kevin Armstrong, was the one who later recruited him into PHANTOM, albeit with slight reluctance.
-Forcebeam: Tom Warner is a former US Marine who was discharged after a brawl, and then recruited into PHANTOM, he was mutated into an energy-projecting Man in Black. Surprised to see his long-time enemy Armstrong recruited into PHANTOM, he reluctantly joined PF-2 in the hopes of catching Armstrong making a mistake that would warrant his termination. Armstrong never made that mistake, and has since earned Warner's respect.
-Madame Blue: a Foundling raised by the Seelie Court, The Lady Blue was cast out into the mortal realm after being tricked by an Unseelie into dancing a dance forbidden to one of her station. Awakening on Earth as Ellen Hart, a mind filled with things that no-one would believe. She soon found herself sheltered in an insane asylum, where she secretly discovered she still remembered the spell magic taught to her by her Fae tutors. She came to the attention of PHANTOM, and Armstrong himself investigated her case, discovering she was indeed gifted with magic. Glad to have found the first person to believe her story, Ellen bonded with Armstrong, and soon agreed to join PF-2 as Madame Blue.
-Savant:Colin Bowen was a clever, but arrogant and greedy researcher working at ASTRO Labs. Bitter about not getting the praise he felt he was due, he was quickly recruited by PHANTOM agents. But rather then build weapons for PHANTOM, Bowen made it a condition of his joining that only he could use the weapons he developed. PHANTOM agreed to keep him as a technological supervillain, and Bowen became Savant, specializing in concealed tech-devices that might seem to be natural powers to the untrained eye.
-Smoke: Shujok is a former slave of the Thrann Allegiance, who fled and found herself marooned on Earth. Using her heat and smoke powers, she found herself drawn to a life of crime out of desperation, and was soon located and recruited by PHANTOM, then later recruited by Armstrong into PF-2.
-Stalwart: a young mutant biker punk with superhuman strength and toughness. At first using them for petty crimes and vandalism, Scott Peterson was eventually recruited into PHANTOM by Armstrong, who convinced him to quit drinking and channel his energies more constructively: into motorcycles and into PHANTOM-Force-Two.

The Phantom Lord and his Operatives
-Modem: Modem is an artificially created life-form, the perfect living link between man and machine, with cyberkinetic powers. Modem has little personality, being little more then one of the Phantom Lord's hands in the physical world.
-Sheath: Chester Carter was a farmboy from Kansas who, after a stint in the army, was abducted by a Cabalist who intended to bind him with a demon of blades. As Carter was himself fascinated with knives, he managed to subjugate the demon and broke free, then after killing the Cabalist, went into business as a killer-for-hire, using the ability to create blades in mid-air and manipulate them telekinetically. This brought him to the attention of the Phantom Lord, who offered him a generous retainer, turning him into his personal assassin.
-Jefferson Gable, the Prime Phantom: Actually a sophisticated android built to look perfectly human, made in the shape of a death criminal mastermind, and programmed to believe itself a mutant with electrokinetic powers, Jefferson Gable serves as a mouthpiece to the Phantom Lord, and as a catspaw to deflect attention, should anyone make their way up through the PHANTOM hierarchy.
-The Phantom Lord: The Phantom Lord does not actually exist. It is merely a disguise, an identity used by Ultramind, who has calculated that the most efficient way to conquer Earth was with an extensive power base, and determined that PHANTOM would provide the best such power base. So he hacked into the Spectral Network, and after spending years gathering information and influence, he made his move. Ultramind directs PHANTOM like pieces on a chessboard, not only to improve the organization itself, but also to use them as pawns in more long-term schemes.
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Re: Romverse: Phantom Revisited

Post by Crinos » Thu May 31, 2012 10:26 pm

Your PHANTOM writeup has inspired me, I think I will cover PHANTOM in my next entry, specifically what countries are under PHANTOM control.

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Re: Romverse: Future Directions

Post by RomLoneWolf23 » Tue Jul 10, 2012 10:21 am

Okay, kicking up this old Thread again, mostly because I've been doing some thinking about it. Honestly, I do feel a bit overshadowed by the Crinoverse, which covers a lot of the same ground, only in different ways then I would. But I'm not abandoning this little 'Verse of mine.

I do want to start expanding it with some of my favorite fiction works like Spectacular Spider-Man, Gargoyles and the 2004 TMNT. Also, I don't think I've fully fleshed out my version of the Milky Way Galaxy and the various races and civilizations within it. Notably, the various inspirations I plan on tapping for this Galactic map includes GURPS Aliens, GURPS Atomic Horror, Aliens Unlimited, the Prime Directive RPG, the Mass Effect universe and Stargate, among others.

I'm also considering revisiting some of my previous entries and updating them. I only just now realized my entry on the Freedom League was very limited.

Well, that's it for this update, but more will come! ...eventually.
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Re: Romverse: Future Directions

Post by SilvercatMoonpaw » Tue Jul 10, 2012 10:38 am

Well you could modify things more than he does. Most Crinoverse stuff is assumed to be exactly like the source material not counting anything needed to fit it in to the larger world. If you did heavier modification you'd be distinguishing your work from his.

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Re: Romverse: Future Directions

Post by Crinos » Tue Jul 10, 2012 1:38 pm

SilvercatMoonpaw wrote:Well you could modify things more than he does. Most Crinoverse stuff is assumed to be exactly like the source material not counting anything needed to fit it in to the larger world. If you did heavier modification you'd be distinguishing your work from his.
Yeah, in most cases, When I insert a series into the Crinoverse. I assume that things happened to those characters much the same as it did in the series.

But my series isn't anything special; Lots of people do everything and the kitchen sink series. You shouldn't let my thread discourage you.

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Re: Romverse: The Grue Unity

Post by RomLoneWolf23 » Tue Jul 10, 2012 3:30 pm

Thanks for the comments, you two. Well, Silvercat's comment did give me a good idea, and I've decided to follow up on it. I've always thought that having both the Tsvarong and the Grue, two seperate races of caste-divided shapeshifting humanoid conquerors with telepathic leaders was a bit redundant. But at the same time, I like aspects of both races. So I decided to combine the two.

The Grue Unity

A well-known, and well-feared empire of militaristic slavers, the Grue, in their baseline appearance, are blue-skinned humanoids without facial features beyond small eyes and ears. They are also collectively bound into a massive Collective Consciousness. The Grue are differentiated into various "castes", each with increasing degrees of shapeshifting and telepathic talent, as well as increasing amounts of self-awareness.

Drone: The lowest and most numerous caste, the Drones are workers and warriors with only limited awareness and metamorphic abilities, directed by the higher castes of their species. Without the coordination of a higher caste, Drones are only capable of the most basic of actions and tactics.

Warrior: Above the Drones are the true Warriors, Grue with higher degrees of self-awareness, though their metamorphic abilities are on par with Drones. Elevated from the ranks of the Drones, Warriors tend to serve as field officers or work foremen for groups of Drones. Warriors can also operate in small groups by themselves, operating as more elite combat squads.

Metamorph: The first true "Elite" caste of Grue, Metamorphs are mature Warriors with full self-awareness, as intelligent as humans. They have also fully-developed shape-shifting powers, which they use to infiltrate alien cultures to prepare them for conquest. Their telepathic abilities beyond their hive mind are limited by the range of touch, but allow them to paralyze targets and absorb their memories, making them perfect infiltrators.

Master: The highest caste of "common" Grue, these serve as the Lieutenants of the Meta-Mind, leading entire forces of Grue on Invasions, and ruling conquered world in the name of the Unity. They possess potent telepathic abilities, and are prone to have aggressive mindsets. The Masters are constantly jockeying for dominance and position among themselves and in the eye of the Meta-Mind. The Meta-Mind encourages this, as it keeps most Masters too busy to plot against it.

Meta-Mind: The Pinnacle of the Grue race is the Meta-Mind, it's supreme leader. Appearing as a massive protean form made of the merged brain-clusters and bodies of numerous Grue, this isn't it's true form. For the Meta-Mind itself has no true physical form; it is a psychic entity, the embodiment of the collective drive of the Grue species to conquer and dominate. As long as the Grue race endures, the Meta-Mind can manifest itself by forcibly merging together a number of Drones into a new body for itself. This is what makes the Meta-Mind the truly frightening menace it is, as it has always managed to reappear whenever it was believed destroyed.

Rogue Grue: The Grue as a race are all linked through the Meta-Mind. Even the Metamorphs and Masters have relatively limited senses of self-identity apart from the Unity. But on occasion, some "Rogue" Grue, mutants relative to their species, develop completely independent personalities, and learn to resist the will of the Meta-Mind and pursue their separate agendas, as long as they manage to survive being hunted down by the Unity, which considers Rogues a "cancer" within it. A few Grue rogues have managed to avoid being hunted down and either "removed" or "assimilated", including Pseudo of the Freedom League and the Meta-Grue.

The Unity's territory: The Unity is made up of a number of alien subject races ruled by iron-fisted Master overseers commanding legions of Drones and Warriors. But few of those races have ever seen the Grue in their "True" forms, as Occupation forces prefer to remain in different forms, either that of the conquered people (who sometimes never realize their rulers are aliens), or under the guise of other alien races, such as the Thran or the Lor along those respective borders. This has made it difficult for Thran and Lor agents to organize resistance movements to the Grue on those worlds, as they are assumed to be part of the ruling elite.

Grue Technology: The Unity has access to much in the way of advanced technology, from interstellar ships to force field devices, anti-gravity and energy weapons. Much of this technology is largely stolen or mimicked from other civilizations, though a few Masters have become scientific pioneers themselves, mainly in the fields of Psi-Technology and genetic engineering.

One current field of interest for the Grue is the potential of enhancing the species' abilities with the addition of superpowers acquired from other creatures. Darr'Kan, the Meta-Grue, was the result of an experiment in infusing a genetically modified Metamorph with the morphic fields of the four Atom siblings, granting him their powers. Fortunately for the rest of the Galaxy, the psychic energies of Chase Atom's caused Darr'Kan to "awaken" fully, turning him into a rogue Grue. Since then, the Unity has stuck to more conventional "cross-breeding" experiments using Drones modified for the task.

Enemies: The Lor Republic and the Thran Allegiance are the two Galactic Powers primarily opposed to the Unity, as it shares borders with both of them. Both the Lor and the Thran have access to telepaths capable of detecting Grue infiltrators, which has kept the Unity from easily subverting either Galactic power.
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Re: Romverse: Phantom Revisited

Post by Charles Phipps » Wed Jul 11, 2012 3:20 am

Crinos wrote:Your PHANTOM writeup has inspired me, I think I will cover PHANTOM in my next entry, specifically what countries are under PHANTOM control.
Awesome write-up of the PHANTOM changes.


I'm impressed with the characters, strongly.