About the Green Ronin Online Store in 2009

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About the Green Ronin Online Store in 2009

Post by Nikchick » Wed Mar 18, 2009 7:12 pm

Here's more information than you probably wanted:

We have had a very rough transition with the Green Ronin online store since the beginning of the year. I believe that Evan has posted elsewhere about the module that self-updated and broke the v4 store. We had already planned a major upgrade for the store this year (call it store v5) and we were forced to make this upgrade under less-than-ideal circumstances when the v4 store broke.

In the process, we ran into two additional problems. One was a (unbeknownst to us) known bug with the PDF delivery module that only happens under certain server configurations. That module broke, was repaired, broke again, and has now been fixed by the developers. Another module, one key to pulling down orders from the server so they can be fulfilled, also broke. I still have an active trouble ticket open on that issue and after dealing with multiple people over several weeks, we're still not able to use that module. Lack of that capability forced us to find another way to get what we need, all at the same time as we were trying to move the fulfillment operations to Indiana.

For the last several years we've had our shipping policy linked to every page in our catalog so people could reference it easily and know what to expect. Since we're changing fulfillment processes, that old policy was removed while the new ones were being worked on. One of the reasons we're changing our fulfillment to happen at the central warehouse location is because Green Ronin only has seven employees. We haven't had a dedicated customer service staff, mail order fulfillment minions, administrative assistants, or a central office and we're trying to improve the service we can offer to our fans and customers. Unfortunately, the transition has been pretty bumpy but we have every reason to believe that everything will be sorted for real very shortly.

New orders with an order number higher than 25282 are being fulfilled through the central warehouse. Orders numbered 25281 or lower have to be hand culled and manually cross-referenced before they can be filled but I believe we're into orders between 3/8 and 3/11 as of yesterday. Anyone waiting on an order from January or earlier should PM me with your name, your account handle in the GR store and your order number so I can cross reference and find the right information. (If I have those three pieces of information to work with, I can eventually find anything.)

I hope that helps you (and anyone else who might have similar questions or concerns).
Nicole Lindroos
Green Ronin Publishing