Convention Support Needed!

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Convention Support Needed!

Postby Nikchick » Thu Dec 15, 2005 10:24 am

Hey M&M GMs and fans!

We've been getting deluged with requests from stores and conventions for people to come run Mutants & Masterminds 2E games. Our volunteer demo team coordinator had to abruptly withdraw from the position last year for personal reasons and his position has been vacant for far too long.

We need your help! Of particularly pressing need, the nice folks at Avalon Conventions (running ConQuest LA, January 13-16 at the LAX Hilton and Conquest NW here in the beautiful Seattle area February 17-20) are looking for people to run games. They're offering a free 4-day badge and a t-shirt for anyone who runs 8 hours of games. Please let me know, by e-mail or PM, if you sign up to run anything, and we'll throw in a little something extra in the way of prize support for you!

Meanwhile, if you're interested in a fun and rewarding volunteer gig as Green Ronin's Demo Coordinator, let me know. I'll be looking to fill the position when I return from my Christmas vacation.
Nicole Lindroos
Green Ronin Publishing

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