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Society Of Superheroes - Paragon City

Postby CENTINULL » Sat Aug 24, 2013 3:51 pm

A combination of Time Travelling Paradox, and a member of the gaming group moving away, retconed a villains in the DCA into Heroes in Paragon City, from the City Of Heroes universe, in Rhode Island but now set in the DCA universe, with the occasion M&M villains thrown in for good measure. I almost forgot Deadpool. One of the players insists on playing Deadpool, from the Marvel universe.

The Society Of Superheroes, fromerly the Syndicate of Sin, no one wanted to change the logo on the communicator rings, so they kept SOS as the initials.

Achilles, of Greek mythology, Enchanted Sword wielding Immortal
Quickstrike, Speedster
Joe Angel, Avenging Spirit (Think Deadman if he looked like a normal person)
Prime Time, Reality Warping visitor from another dimension
and yeah, Deadpool, insane weapon wielding merc, er... hero, with a mouth

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