Heroes... Rise From the Ashes

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Heroes... Rise From the Ashes

Post by Flicker182 » Sat Jun 13, 2009 12:17 pm

My game hasn't started yet, but will soon begin. I have never played, or ran a game of Mutants and Masterminds before. However, due to the fact that I know more about it and I asked with enough people saying, "Sure, it sounds cool," I will GMing this game for the first time.

So far, my players are picking powers that I feel won't round a team out so I'm kind of worried about that. However, I want them to pick powers that they want because it's an interactive story and while I work on the main idea of the story, they work on their characters.

This is what I have so far from them:
A Manipulator (she has Pheromones, Mimic, and Mirror Image so a manipulator)
South African Priestess (essentially, a Magician and if she can make it)
And if I can get him as well and if he still wants to play this: a Werewolf

As you can tell, my story is about heroes coming back into society. Well I won't explain why they are, but I will say what has currently been happening so I can get you up to speed.

This is set in an alternate universe where powers and magicians of all sorts have been around for many, many years. There have been early recorded magicians like Merlin, but society had not believed they were real until 50 years ago. 1959 is the first recorded time somebody used an ability. At the time, nobody thought that it was a superpower but it in fact was. What happened was, there was a special ops team in Vietnam from the American forces sent in by Eisenhower just to see if the U.S. needed to step into the war. Sadly, this was the first time and last time the man even began to understand that he had this power and he blew up much of Northern Vietnam with the power of many atomic bombs. Another man survived and was taken in by the U.S. government to conduct experiments on him as to how he survived and why he was not affected by the radiation.

Eventually people found out magic is a short cut for science but can only be utilized by a few people able to wield it. Not everyone is able to use magic just like not everyone is able to have a power. People have superpowers if they have tumors. These tumors never develop into cancer, and in fact are harmless. What tumors do is, they enhance a certain area of the brain or other body part they are attached to: to go beyond the normal human capacity. Say if somebody had the ability to be a telekinetic, and they would kick someone from far away: the tumor would be located in the brain where it's motor functions are.

In 50 years the future has changed slightly due to the outcomes that came from the past changing the course of events of today. However the game will start out with the death of a superhero that has the ability to bend time and space. His name is Chronos and is one of the defenders of Earth itself. He patrols all of Earth because after working as a superhero for a little under 50 years, he has diverted many disasters on his own really well. Many people recognize him. All of the Earth's good civilians (will obviously) mourn his death. This will set off the idea that heroes who seem invincible are not, and that the players should remember this from the beginning. I want them to come together over his passing.

So, once they begin: I will begin posting the story.

<Insert Team Name here> Volume 1: Rise From the Ashes Issue 1: The Gathering

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Post by MadProphet » Sat Jun 13, 2009 11:47 pm

Sounds like that might be an interesting game to play. I am curious to how your first session will turn out now :)