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Fog and Flintlock

Post by bigsteveuk » Mon Jan 26, 2009 5:02 am

Hi All,

I am starting season 2 of my Regency Period M&M campaign, it originally started and ended here. ... =flintlock

But I will be relocating to Story Hour for Season 2, if you can't be bothered to read the above, but would still kind of like to know what's going on please see below.

The ongoing escapades of the Pandora Club

1. The Diplomat
A visiting American diplomat needs protection till a meeting can take place with the British Government. The French decide that peace between America and Britain would not be beneficial and dispatch Monsieur Goupil to resolve the problem.

Dramatis Personae
Tobias Drake (Principal of the Pandora Club)
Albert Krenshaw (Government liaison)
Maxwell Cummings (American diplomat)
Monsieur Goupil (French Agent)
‘Cheeky’ Bob (London Criminal)
Maisy (The Multilingual maid)
Julie Taylor (Girl of unknown talents!)
Burt (Coachman and triage expert)
Daniel (Cheeky street Urchin and informer)

2. The Professor
A rampaging fire leads our heroes to uncover the kidnap of Professor Baker and the intention of some ghoulish fiend to steals his secrets.

Dramatis Personae
Professor D Baker (Kidnapped professor)
Will Sadler (Young whipper-snapper and the professor’s errand boy)
Mute Jacob (Beggar and cohort of Jarvis Hook)
Jarvis Hook (Ex-soldier and criminal, found in the ‘Old Tin Cup’)
Matthew Hawkwood (Bow Street Runner, for Sir James Reed Chief Magistrate)
Hayward family (Tavistock’s adoptive family and acting staff)
Ghoulish fiend (Purportedly dead)

3. Mask of Medusa
What starts out with a pleasant party at the Hayworth’s soon turns into the investigation for a missing man. The band discovers that a wounded party with the powers of Medusa have come back for vengeance.

Dramatis Personae
Joseph Alverton (Alverton’s father)
Edward Ainsworth (Renown psychic)
Gustav Kregehr (Infamous Prussian hunter)
Duke Dominique L’inoge (French aristocrat)
Mr & Mrs Davington (A rather charismatic couple)
James Ashby (Abigail’s 2nd victim, now located at the Pandora Club)
Caroline Quinn (Died during childbirth, victim of the evils of alcohol and lecherous men)
Abigail Quinn (Vengeful sister)
Prof. Isaac Titsworth (The Pandora Clubs resident magus)

4. The KeyStone of Ra
When Alverton saves a young man from assassins of Apep, the troupe soon find themselves knee deep in puzzles as they race to find the Keystone of Ra.

Dramatis Personae
Stewart Taylor (Prof. Edwards assistant)
Edwin Molesworth (Proprietor of Phantique)
Jean-Francois Champollion (Magus and advisor to Napoleon)

5. The Herald
The Inquisition stalk the streets of London with an unknown agenda, can our heroes stand against Adumus Falkasius and his Inquistors?

Dramatis Personae
Adumus Falkasius (Inquisitor)
Hector Fenwick (Surviving Victim)

6. The Collector
A break in at the museum and the theft of a Torq by a leading professor reveals a plot to gather important British Relics by a shape changing monstrosity.

Dramatis Personae
Ms Catherine Hurst (Prof. Hurst’s feisty daughter and Alverton’s love interest)
The Collector (A shape changing fiend)
Prof. Denrimus (The mysterious Prof. who secreted the items)
Mr Heywood (Possessor of the Dragon banner which was since
passed to Alverton)

7. One of our spies is missing
The band head to France to rescue a captured British spy, they find themselves against many old enemies and uncover a weapon so powerful it could change the course of the war.

Dramatis Personae
Monsieur Savard (None other than Monsieur Goupil the French spy)
Charlotte Millington (British spy and none other than Maisy the maid)
Jean-Francois Champollion (Magus and advisor to Napoleon)
Marko (Leader of a band of Russian partisans)

Season 2 to begin soon...

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Post by TomElectric » Wed Jan 28, 2009 6:00 pm

Looks great! I like the fact that you integrated Jean-François Champollion, the man who first translated the hieroglyphs ;)

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Post by bigsteveuk » Thu Jan 29, 2009 2:16 am

Cheers, I tried to drop a few historic figures and events in, the climax of the campaign was all based around real battles and ended in the burning of Moscow which did happen.

I do keep coming across a few things that I have messed up, like the British Museum in my world it is a fully working museum open to the public, but though it did exist, you couldn't just walk in you had to make an appointment!

On the whole it went really well and am looking forward to running the next part.