Freedom City's...Minutemen (new chapters 6/27)

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Freedom City's...Minutemen (new chapters 6/27)

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Here's the intro I read to the players (with majestic music of course!) before each session...I have altered Freedom City to where the Minutemen, lead by the immortal Cornerstone (who fought along side Centurion). The Freedom League is relocated to Washington, D.C.

Endowed with extraordinary abilities, charged with keeping Freedom City and America safe from the enemies bent on destroying them…. Castle Comics presents…the Minutemen!!!! Like their patriotic predecessors, today’s team is at the ready, able to answer the call of justice no matter what the peril! So gentle reader…

Join Cornerstone, the foundation of the Minutemen! With his superhuman strength and skin that can repel bullets, Cornerstone is on the frontline, battling foes with catastrophic punches and inspiring leadership.

Soar through danger with the mighty Phoenix! This wing clad angel sent from above, lands just in time to purity evil with scorching flame and blade of fire.

Lock into a battle of the mind with Brainstorm! This powerful telekinetic and his arsenal of mental tricks will hold evildoers at the mercy of his unmatched gray matter! As a legacy he has a lot to live up to…will it be enough to help save and protect Freedom City? Or will he come to understand that it takes more than a powerful mind to overcome the undisciplined evil that is before him.

Appear then disappear with the teleporting Displacer! Teleporting form here to there to everywhere, this manipulator of matter can strike at any place and any time…look out behind you!

Stalk through shadow with the dark detective, Vigilance! No crime to great, no task too difficult to foil the resolve of this intrepid hero… He has seen his fair share of misery while on the force and in costume…his luck and skill have kept him alive and unharmed…but will his good fortune keep up?

When he was created they only hoped he would never give in to a life of crime because there may be no way to stop him…. he’s Weapon X! With an unknown past, Weapon X attacks evil with derring-do and a style all his own. Will fighting along side this hearty band of heroes help to trigger memories to help him find his past, or will it just create new questions that he knows he cannot answer alone?

Given the task to serve and protect Freedom City, the Minutemen are on the clock and ready for action!!!!!!
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Chapter One: Runaway

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Chapter 1: Runaway

Scene1: Cornerstone
At the Centurion Statue in Freedom City Cornerstone says a silent prayer and confides in the memory of his lost friend Centurion. With the new Minutemen formed can he pull them together and keep the tradition alive? He has doubts. Out of the shadows his friend and colleague, Daedalus, from the Freedom League checks in with him. they talk about the team, the challenges they face as well as rumors that the Freedom League has picked up concerning the criminal Mastermind and well as other criminals who might be eager to take advantage of a new team of heroes. "Beep" "Beep"...trouble!

Scene2: Weapon X
"Thump, thump, thump" Downtown at the Millenium Club Weapon X has followed a lead and arrived to speak with a friend, Mo, a Millenium Club bartender...It appears that there may be a new designer drug in town targeting young kids and college students called Zombie Powder. There have been several cases in the past month. the users turn ash grey and ask like the walking dead, thus Zombie Powder. A man by the name "Baron" is apparently involved. He also meets the wholesome Heather Heartly, a young waitress from Iowa...he gets a number. "Beep, Beep"!
Scene 3: Displacer
"Keisha"!!!!! Jerry Jonas, Editor at the Freedom City Ledger,, screams! "Into my office"! Jonas and Keisha, a.k.a. Displacer, discuss the stories that the intrepid reporter is and should be working on. Dr. Simian and a group of Animal Rights Acivists have stolen 12 chimps and an orangutan from ASTRO Labs...though he denies involvement there is a surveilance tape that proves otherwise. Egyptian artifacts have been stolen from the Hunter Museum of Natural History, police are investigating....Her current deadline is a story on the human side of the anniversary of the 1993 Terminous Invasion..she decides to focus on Cornerstone seeing as he fought and lost friends in the battle to save the Earth! "Beep, Beep"!!!

Scene 4: Phoenix

In the confessional booth with the Arch Bishop at St. George's Catherdral, Phoenix discuses her past and searches for her purpose...she does not know why she came but certainly questions her faith, is an exists...the Arch Bishop knows that she is a member of the Minutemen and believes that God himself has put her here to protect and defend the good people of Freedom City and America. he tells her to search her heart for answers..."Beep, Beep"

Scene 5: Brainstorm

On watch at Freedom Hall, the Minuteman base, the mind bending hero monitors the where abouts of the team and maintains the equipment with Cynthia, the robotic assistant. They perform equipment checks on the base, the computer systems, and on their jet "Pegasus". While chesking on the Lighthouse, the under construction satelite base Brainstorm discovers a cosmic force that disrupts the computers and suveilance equipment, but quickly returns to normal...he records the event for future study. incoming call from Vigilance..."Beep, Beep"

Scene 6: Vigilance

Peering over a rooftop into the trainyard at Union Station, Vigilance, the dark detective watches his prey. He has been following two men he suspects as being arms dealers. As he is assessing the situation he sees 20 Shadow Agents and an unknown man in a hat and trenchcoat...he call into Brainstorm for backup...though confident, 20 to 1 are not good odds...."Vigialnce reporting in...Back up...I'm sending the coordinates".

Scene 7: Runaway Train

As the team arrives they manage to get onto the roof of the last train car as is begins to pick up speed. Displacer quickly gets Brainstorm and Weapon X into the car filled with agents, then returns to retrieve Cornerstone. Vigilance beins to do things the old fashioned way...he runs into action. Phoenix flies forward and melts the door into the car. Once Displacer and Cornerstone teleport into the car, the battle ensues with agents being teleoprted everywhere by Displacer; Brainstorm mind controls an agent and he blasts away at his friends; Cornerstone picks up a huge box on starts making a path through the agents; Weapon X moves like a scythe bashing foes left and right; Phoenix uses her scorching blasts of fire and flaming sword to get her point across to the agents; and Vigilance leaps into action, disconnecting the front part of the trian with their part. Before he can get into the fight, a super-villain, Fairplay, flies into action with his many devices. Vigialnce times a jump and tries to grapple him in mid-air. though he fails he hooks his swing line to Fairplay's jet pack and reels it in get close. He then disables the jet-pack to pull the villain down onto the roof of the train. Once he is outnumbered, Fairplay surrenders.

Captain "Bulldog" Matticks arrives with STAR SQUAD to cleanup and take the villain and the Shadow Agents into custody. "Mutha F&#$er", Cetainly is nice to have the Minutemen back in action.

Back at the base

Brainstorm researches Mastermind to see if he can get a psychological profile to anticipate his next step

Vigilance, a.k.a. Zaf, meets with his police contact Captain Sherman...brings a sample of Zombie dust he gor from Weapon X. Sherman asks Zaf to help investigate the stolen Egyptian artifacts at the museum, after the artifacts are from Egypt and he's from Iran.

Weapon X looks at himeself in the mirror...alot. Heather's number was writen on his hand and aprt of it is smudged from the fight...Dang!!!! He might contact her again to help in the Zombie Dust case...

Phoenix sits high atop the base contemplating the conversation with the Arch Bishop...Cornerstone talks with her....

Cornerstone is invited by the Supers Museum to view and speak with reporters about the new "Terminus Invasion" exhibit about to be unveiled. Archie Zinc, a special assistant shows him around to view pictures, uniforms, and a cool Cosmic Energy Gun that was used in the fight against the Super-Being Omega!!! He his questioned by reporters about members of the team, specifically Weapon X's love of the clubs and the mysterious Phoenix with her strange past....he is also pestered by Jim Johnstone, ace reporter about his alledged affiliation ith a cult group called the Foundation, that believes he is a diety. A line forms outside daily at Freedom Hall to be blessed by him.

Scene 8

Trouble in Paradise

Paradise casino is being robbed by an unknown super-team. Matticks calles in the Minutemen....

he arrive to find the inside covered in snow and ice. After a large battle, the heroes prevail. They learn the identity and powers of these new villains. Riotfire (plasma powers), Runaway (an obnoxious speedster), Orchid (Plant control), Winter Witch (cold powers), and Lady Steel (sword wielding martial artist). Team prevails and rescues the innocents, mostly by teleporting many of them out of harms way.

After kudos from Matticks...there is a flash of bright light and a shockwave of heat and force....everything goes BLACK!!!!
As the awaken they find themselves floating. They are dead...or so they think...they float until an asteroid appears...standing on the lonely rock in the middle of endless, dark space a form appears out of the mist of etherial form of a beautiful woman....and she says....


............until next time!

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Part 2: Tommorw the World

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The Minutemen
“Time of Crisis”
Part 1: Tomorrow the World

The heroes speak with the Norn while floating in the Terminous. The heroes learn that Omega has begun his next conquest of the Omni-verse by placing Cosmic Energy bombs on multiple Earth’s. Once detonated the omni-verse will be destroyed and only the Terminous will remain, with Omega as its ruler. The Norn pulled the Minutemen from Earth Prime just at the moment the Energy bomb detonated! The heroes are charged with the task of difusing the bombs and saving the omni-verse. Once they all agreed, the Norm, with a limited amount of energy remaining transported them to the first of the worlds….Erde.


The heroes awaken in a basement of a destroyed home. They emerge to discover they are in Freedom City…but the Nazi symbols atop the tri-towers reveal that they are on Erde…an alternate world where the Nazi’s won WWII. After some investigation they decide they are on the South Side and must cross the river. Brainstorm figures that there may be a connection with the cosmic anomaly he discovered in space near the “Lighthouse”. They move through the remains of South Side and find the bridge destroyed and a squad of stormtroopers as well as a Tank, the “Lowe” (Lion). The sensors on the tank discover the hiding heroes and a battle ensues. Weapon X takes down a stormtrooper with his choke hold then begins to take his weapons and equipment. Phoenix drops an explosion that takes out three troopers. Dashing through the machinegun fire, Vigilance climbs aboard the tank and begins to disable it using improvised tools. Displacer uses her disruption ability to destroy the machine gun atop the Lowe. Cornerstone jams a rock into the main gun of the Lowe attempting to disable it. When the planes arrive, the Walkure (Valkyrie), Brainstorm discovers that the planes are operated by a floating brain. They connect telepathically with one another. As they strafe the land Brainstorm Mind controls the lead plane and crashes it into a building. Just as the team get ready to fight the remaining two planes eight more appear on the horizon. Vigilance hears a voice in the shadow. The beautiful girl “Lilith” tells them “if you want to live…follow me”. They follow Lilith through a series of tunnels and sewers and finally an abandon subway opens into a cavern with the “American Resistance Fighters”.
The meet and talk with Jackson, Lilith, Dixon, and Ramirez. They talk of what happened historically. Jackson recognizes Cornerstone as a member of the Liberty league. They reveal that agents of the resistance have information that the Nazi’s have discovered a device that gives off exptreme amounts of energy. It was brought to the Von Braun Space Control Center (formerly Star Island). The planning begins and they decide to smuggle the heroes in crates into Von Braun. Lilith goes along to help. As they getting the truck ready, Vigilance recognizes a worker as his dead brother Karim. The two of them talk of life on the alternate worlds. Both are dead on the others world. The reunion is brief but meaningful. En route to the station, through the cracks in the crate, Phoenix sees her mother, daughters, and the girl’s father. They are members of the nazi party and after the youngest girl drops her ice cream the father strikes her. Phoenix, with her subtle powers, incites the crowds emotions and it turns into a brawl. The girls are engulfed in chaos as the truck drives away.

They arrive at the Control Center and find there way to the hangar. The device is huge with a red pulsating cosmic energy core. A scientist says they were expected and they reveal the Overmen, a Nazi super team. The Overman, White Knight, Hand of Death, Ghost, Gotterdammerung, and the Owl. During the fight Vigilance is able to discable the Cosmic Rods that power the bomb. The heroes, pack a devastating punch and dispatch the group of Fascist Villains with great teamwork.

To be continued…..

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part 3: It's a Madhouse!

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After the events in the destroyed world of Nazi-Earth (Erde) the team is transported by the Norn to their next destination with one goal in mind…the dismantling of the next Cosmic Energy Device.

The group appears in what they believe to be Liberty Park (based on building features). It’s a beautiful sunny day and all seems well. They hear a child crying from over a low hill…
Weapon X is first on the scene and sees a little boy who has dropped his ice cream cone! As he starts forward to help the boy turns and sees him….this is no boy, but a child ape!!! The group confused turns to run as the boy screams for help. “Monster, monster”! He cries. As the groups tries to run a small band of rocker apes runs into the field and run away using their cell phones to call for help. The team, confused and surrounded by curious ape onlookers. The team is splits up. Displacer, Brainstorm, Phoenix, Weapon X, and Cornerstone open a grate to the sewers beneath the park. Thanks to Cornerstone’s knowledge of he city, he finds an inactive section of sewer to hide the team in. Displacer teleports to a news stand and grabs a paper…it seems the group has been tapped to save Ape-Earth (Charlton Heston would have been so proud).

Vigilance goes on a different path. He heads a few blocks along the park to the north. On the way he sees an elderly ape trying to cross the street but a speeding car is about to run her down. Using his swing line he saves her just in time. The crowd that was nearby starts to praise the “hairless ape’s” heroics, but Vigilance decides to retreat inside the church to avoid the spotlight. While there he finds and confides with an Orangutan bishop named Moriarty and asks for asylum in the church. The bishop is amazed at the creature that stands before him. Moriarty is an ape of the cloth so he tries to help. On the T.V. news of the team has hit the airwaves and throngs of people and police descend onto the church.
Vigilance contacts the team via comlink and coordinates their arrival to the church via the steeple entrance. Once their the group, along with Bishop Moriarty agree to contact the cities super team the “Primate Patrol”! they are skeptical because the leader of the group is none other than Dr. Simian (a super villain on Earth Prime). About a half hour later the Primate Patrol arrives at the church under tremendous fanfare from the masses. Dr. Simian, Elasti-Gibon, Brainiape, Chimpanzoom, Iron Monkey, and Mandrill of 1000 faces (unknown at this time) converse and listen to the trouble facing the Minutemen and the Omni-Verse. Simian gets the group to agree to meet with the Mayor to relate their story.
While meeting with the mayor, Simian shares that a strange device was uncovered recently by the Navy. He was turned over to the Primate Patrol for study and is being kept at ASTRO labs. The groups both travel to ASTRO labs together.

One they reach the chamber where the device is being held the Primate Patrol attacks. The group notices that the behavior is being controlled somehow and that they are under the control of Dr.Simian! During the fight Vigilance is able to disable the device creating the bright light of Norn to send them to their next fight!

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part 4

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The Minutemen
“Time of Crisis”
Chapter 4: “Through a Glass, Darkly”

Standing on top of a roof, the Minutemen were trying to cope with the understanding that they were about to confront the worst possible scenario in their effort to stop the latest Cosmic Energy Bomb….a fight with themselves! After a brief encounter with two of the members of what would turn out to be the Tyranny Syndicate they new they would be in the fight of their lives. He looked just like Cornerstone but twisted into some evil minded being. She looked like Phoenix, we’ll the dominatrix version and a heart as black as night.

Figuring time was of the essence (which Brainstorm reminded them of repeatedly) and getting the feeling the were being watched the group sprang into action with Displacer teleporting the group into the State forest to the west of Freedom City so they could have a moment to think and process their very dangerous reality. Vigilance and Weapon X subdued two patrolling park rangers and relieved them of their jeep. While attempting to torture…uh…interrogate…uh…talk with a ranger, X flashed back to a moment of his unknown past…a room with a large aquarium…a large hand, tattooed with a large spitting cobra…breaking his fingers….telling him to give in…. they learn from the guards that the Tyranny Syndicate controls the city and are cruel and malicious. Commandeering the jeep the heroes head to Freedom City to search for the energy bomb. Cornerstone, remembering his history, tells the group that Johnny Rocket or the Freedom League in D.C. once stumbled into this alternate world…Anti-Earth. On this world the only true hero was the antithesis of Earth’s Mastermind but here was known as Mind-Master! Displacer, reading the newspaper finds out that the Mind-Master was nearly apprehended by the T.S. downtown. Brainstorm, taking the initiative contacts Mind-Master mentally. Mind-Master enters and after a brief discussion, leads the heroes to the Hunter Museum of Natural History for a meeting. Unbeknownst to the heroes, Maelstrom (anti-earths Brainstorm) taps into the mental call.
As they are driving into the city Vigilance turns on the police scanner in the jeep and hears of a bomb threat at City Hall and trouble at 1312 Liberty Lane…the address of Keisha Knight (Displacers alter ego) ,wanted for the bombing of the Freedom Ledger. Thinking their may be an advantage to exploit the group splits up with Vigilance and Weapon X following the Keisha Knight lead and the rest of the group heading to the museum to meet with Mind-Master!

At the home of Keisha Knight, Vigilance and X find out the names of their anti-selves and location of the Tyranny Syndicate. Devastator (Cornerstone), Maelstrom (Brainstorm), Deathstrike (Weapon X), Vengeance (Vigilance), Succubus (Phoenix), and Reaper (Displacer). Shots ring out in side the apartment and a severed arm of a policeman teleports onto the hood of a police car.

At the museum, Displacer and Cornerstone enter the museum. They see Mind-Master in the shadows but he indicates that it isn’t safe to talk but leaves a note which tells them the Cosmic Bomb in the Fortress (Freedom Hall). The heroes take the bait not realizing that Mind-Master was in reality a morphed Succubus in disguise!

Reunited, the group heads off to the Freedom Library across the City Center from the Fortress. Helicopters circle City Hall to deal with the bomb threat. Before they teleport to the roof of the Fortress, Vigilance sees a person trying to break into the grounds of the Fortress carrying a large bag. They believe that it’s a freedom fighter trying to place a bomb at the Fortress. A group of 30 animal controlled dogs start to bark in creepy unison. Phoenix counters with a animal controlled command of her own and stops the alarm.
On the roof, Displacer discovers she cannot teleport or see with her X-Ray vision into the building…its protected by an energy field and lined with lead. They teleport the freedom fighter onto the roof to help her…her name is Theresa and she trying to hurt the Syndicate. They put her to sleep with a Mind Control and take her explosives into the stair well. She is in reality a morphed Succubus! She detonates the bomb by remote! The blast hurts the team. Brainstorm is staggered but Phoenix’s healing powers helps her wounded teammate.

They find the hangar empty. They figure the energy bomb was taken to the Lighthouse, the space headquarters orbiting the Earth. Vigilance moves into the control room and computes the coordinates for the teleport pad that accesses the Lighthouse.
The group jumps into the teleporter and arrive miles above the Earth at the base of the Lighthouse.

Sickened and nauseated from the rough travel…the group is in trough shape as the engage the T.S.

The fight is brutal. X is in a pugilistic fight with Deathstrike, his alternate self. Cornerstone is on the ropes against Devastator and is knocked unconscious. Displacer is put down by Deathstrike ( an underhanded attack while she was shaken up and flat footed. She is knocked unconscious into a support pillar. Phoenix fools Maelstrom by morphing into Succubus and catching him off guard. Succubus, not to be outdone starts to grapple inn mid air with Phoenix confusing the situation because they look the same! Brainstorm aids Vigilance in his fight with Vengeance! As the dark detective fights Brainstorm creatively uses his precise TK and un-clasps the villain’s utility belt and blinds him with his own cape giving Vigilance a chance to deactivate the bomb which he does with seconds to spare.

With Anti-Earth saved the Norn send the Minutemen back to Earth Prime, earlier on the same day they left to once and for all save Earth Prime and the Omni-Verse from destruction by Omega!

Until next time gentle readers….

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part 5

Post by limelight » Sun Jan 25, 2009 2:19 pm

The Minutemen
Part 4 Time of Crisis
From “Alpha to Omega”

After disarming the Cosmic Energy Bomb on Anti-Earth the heroes are transported by the Norn to their final destination, the homeworld, Earth Prime.

A bright light flashes and they find themselves on the cold floor of the Lighthouse, spinning in orbit above the Earth. After getting their bearings, Cornerstone, Vigilance, and Brainstorm check the computer systems to find out where and when they have arrived. According to the computer they are on Earth Prime, December 20, 2008…the day they fought “Anarchy” at the Paradise Casino. They discover that its about 12 hours before that event. Considering the possibility that they may have to interact with themselves they try to make contact. Cynthia, the teams robot caretaker of Freedom Hall is contacted to locate the location of the team members. Cynthia informs Brainstorm that all team members are currently located in the Lighthouse. With that settled, the team gets to work.
Vigilance checks the computers and his alter ego’s email. Zaf (Vigilance’s ex-ploiceman alter ego) knows he has a meeting with his former precinct Captain later in the afternoon (which he already had due to being placed back in time). Adding to his troubles Zaf is contacted by Carl Crawford, an agent with UNCOT, a division of UNISOM dealing with terrorism. He needs to meet with him ASAP to discuss work with UNCOT concerning a terrorist threat. Zaf tries to cancel but Crawford insists.
Cornerstone has a message from Daedalus (an old friend and member of D.C.’s Freedom League) concerning a mission the League just completed in Antarctica and Cornerstones brother Castor. This unnerves the immortal Cornerstone because thousands of years ago Castor died. The mission in the arctic uncovered a teleport gate, coated with a cosmic residue. Cornerstone and Brainstorm agree that an analysis should be made.

The team teleports down to Freedom Hall via the portal installed in the Lighthouse. Once there the team begins to separate to deal with their own dealings. The following occurs:

Cornerstone: He contacts Daedalus in private. Daedalus has discovered a machine while on a mission to the arctic with the Liberty League found a transport that had been used recently. Huge amounts of cosmic energy residue was found to be surrounding the frame. He notified him because he found an ancient Greek symbol burned into the wall of the chamber. This symbol was the iconic symbol that represented Cornerstone and his brother Castor. Cornerstone believes that there could be a link between the Cosmic residue and the energy rods the recovered from disabling the Cosmic Energy Bombs. He puts Brainstorm to work analyzing and asks Phoenix to take another rod to Dr. Atom at the Atom family headquarters at the Goodman building.

Brainstorm: He begins work on analyzing the Cosmic Energy Rods. This will take some time. While at work he is contacted by his Grandmother. She needs to see him…its an emergency. Brainstorm leaves the base and visits his Grandmother. She was approached by two men with federal credentials (agents Harrison and Reed) who were interested in exhuming Papa. They said that federal scientists working with UNISOM and CIA and NSA were trying to follow a lead concerning the Scions of Sobek (the group that killed Brainstorm I, his Grandfather) she thought that was reasonable until the agents started rummaging through her things taking pictures and his taking is League Journal. He kept all of his discoveries and findings in the book…she was powerless to stop them! After a quick drink of tea and rum he returns to the base.

Phoenix: Jenny (the alter ego of Phoenix) gets a call from he mom. She needs money and is quite upset that she hasn’t called or helped with her children, Mercedes and Porshe…the kids cost too much and Las Vegas is an expensive city. A lawyer served her papers from court…a guy by the name of Bernie Machelli has filed for custody of the girls. He claims to be their father and has proof. He says that Jenny is no good and lives in Freedom city while Jenny’s mom takes care of the kids. He has evidence that Jenny was an escort, stripper, and prostitute and she is unfit to care for the kids …She knows she must find a way to get to Vegas after they deal with the destruction of the universe problem…oh well, the life of a hero! She then takes the rod to Dr. Atom

Displacer: is called into work! Jerry Jonas is not pleased! He just fired Penelope Peele who was busy investigating a story about the Mayor and mishandling of funds. Form Peele’s notes Mayor O’Connor transferred public funds to ASTRO labs for an unknown project dealing with space energy?? She wasn’t sure. Jonas has set up an interview with the Mayor for 6 that evening…get it right or find another job….She is also working on a story about stolen Egyptian artifacts from the Hunter Museum.

Weapon X: After a quick shower he heads to midtown and stumbles upon Heather Heartly, the beautiful waitress he met the night before at the Millennium club. Heather is a junior at Freedom University studying psychology. She is a volunteer at the hospital working with memory loss. (This could be helpful because X has no memory of his past at all and has no idea who he is). After a walk through Liberty park, he knows he’s being followed. Finds himself in his alter ego during the day….he’s being followed. Heather leaves and x is confraonted with a dark haired beauty. They talk and she refers to him as Xavier ….she thought he was dead…saw him in costume on the national news and came to find him….where has he been? Kane and Tatum didn’t believe her…said that he were some kind of clone or plant being used to find them…but since they had been in love (or lust) she thought she would find out for herself. During an embrace a middle eastern man is talking cell phone pictures of them from across the street…..

Vigilance: Meets with Carl Crawford at UNCOT in the Federal building. He enlists he help with a possible connection with his soon to be work on missing artifacts form the Hunter Museum of Natural history. A hit came in on the airport security out at Jordan International concerning a known terrorist by the name of Emalee Raven, a known alias…it is likely she has several identities but the name was a match. Image is of a raven haired woman. It is unknown at this time why she is in the city but he wanted to combine efforts with Zaf’s investigation and UNCOT’s. He leaves Crawford and meets with his former Captain. From there he heads to the North End to mmet with the curator of the Hunter Museum. As he exits the monorail and begins his walk up the street he notices Emilee Raven. He follows her and takes pictures of her with an unidentified man. He is discovered. He is confronted by the pair but tries to bluff him way out of it. He notices her scent.

Phoenix meets the Atom Family. Chase Atom, the youngest boy, is quite taken with her and invites her back to visit them whenever she can. Jack Wolf, the guardian, Max, and Telsa Atom all converse with her. Dr. Atom, deceased but now part of the Atom’s supercomputer begins analysis of the energy rod.

While having sex in an alley with the dark haired woman, X flashes back to a bedroom with this same woman. He sees a scar of an “X” on his chest in a mirror as well as camouflage clothing and weapons on the floor….

Displacer, aka Keisha Knight intrepid reporter, meets with Mayor O’Connor and his chief of staff, Bill Tanner. She says that she is investigating allegations of financial matters. They deny any wrongdoing. The Mayor asks her to hold off on any story until he can have an internal investigation of this matter.

Cornerstone meets with the curator of the Supers Museum. He is shown the new exhibit for the 1993 Terminous Invasion. While there Cornerstone discovers that there is a Cosmic Energy gun on display. This gun was designed by Daedalus and used by AEGIS soldiers during the attack.

Back at the base the team assembles. The following is shared during the debrief :

Phoenix looks at the lists of stolen artifacts and with her knowledge of the arcane believes that the items deal with the Egyptian god of death, Anubis. The artifacts when combined are used to raise the dead.

Vigilance lets the team in on his meeting with UNCOT and shows his surveillance photos he took of Emillee Raven and the unknown contact (Weapon X). He does not recognize the man.

Keisha fills the group in on the meeting with the Mayor and the missing funds that went to a shadow project within ASTRO labs dealing with space energy….

Cornerstone shares some info about his conversation with Daedalus. The analysis of the energy residue found in the arctic and the rods are a match. The team believes that the arctic portal was the entry point for the bomb from the terminous into Earth Prime.

Earlier in the day Brainstorm programmed the computer to alert him if there is a spike in the type of Cosmic Energy that they are looking for. An alarm goes off and the computer shows a 70% spike in energy coming from the park area.

The team springs into action!!!

They check on the Super Museum. Jimmy, the new night-watchman, lets them in to investigate galley 3, the Terminous exhibit. They notice mannequins of Centurion and Cornerstone as well as others. While investigating the discover an energy source behind the displays. There is a device that is labeled unknown but as the energy kicks in the heroes recognize the device at the final Cosmic Energy Bomb! Before they can act in disarming it The wall behind them disintegrates and through the steam, fire, and rubble walks in Omega, Lord of the Terminous! He taunts Cornerstone with mention of the playing of his former companion Centurion and says to the Minutemen that they will not see tomorrow! A burst of energy leaves his hands and splits into two slamming into Vigilance and Brainstorm, the two closest to the device! With a luck on his side X runs at 50 mph past Omega tripping him up and sending him to the ground. Phoenix flies past the fallen villain with her angelic wings but her flame blast has no effect against his tough armored body. Teleporting next to Cornerstone, Omega delivers a devastating punch, staggering and stunning the hero and sending him flying into his own mannequin! With Brainstorm aiding Vigilance tries to defuse the bomb! He is unable to defuse it but keeps trying. X mounts the Cosmic Energy Cannon that is on display. With a little luck and a handy set of instructions he begins to prime the weapon. Displacer stand between Omega and her bomb diffusing teammates, ready to deflect any incoming attacks with the “blurring” field of energy. Cornerstone lands his hardest punch but Omega laughs it off. X get s the cannon working…the cosmic energy ray tears into the armor of Omega and sends him across the street. Omega unleashes a missile that misses Vigilance but its homing capability keeps it coming back for more. The team tries to combine attacks and lands a damaging attack into the dark lord. Cornerstone, Displacer, Phoenix, and Brainstorm combine to stun and bruise him. Omega picks up Cornerstone and throws him a half mile away landing him in the middle of the lake. X hits him again with a cosmic cannon blast. Vigilance keeps trying to diffuse the bomb…Displacer, distracts Omega with the Centurion model that sends him into a rage! With Omega distracted the bomb is diffused. After diffusing the weaponm Vigilance notices that the cosmic energy rods glow and vibrate when Omega is neat. With a thrust, Vigilance breaks through the armor of Omega send a chain reaction into his body. The energy that is released begins to destroy the museum.

With victory at hand the team begins the clean up of the area, assisting STAR SQUAD and any injured bystanders…Cornerstone watching his new team from on top of rubble turns to find Daedalus stand there….Daedalus says, “Cornerstone, you and the Minutemen have succeeded in saving the Omni-Verse but now there is another problem…is seems your brother has returned”!

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My campaign

Post by limelight » Sun Jan 25, 2009 2:34 pm

Having so much fun running Mutans and Masterminds! Long time gamer and I love this system!

Wanted a Justice League style campain where the stakes are high. Shose to start with Time of Crisis to help learn the system and get our feet wet. I chose to use Freedom City but altered it a bit by inserting the Minutemen into the role of Freedom Leauge.

Cornerstone: Brick, Immortal. Born from the Greek mythos as one of the Gemini twins. Served with the original Liberty League with Centurion. Recently discovered that his brother Castor has returned. Super Strength, Protection, Immunities.

Displacer (Keisha Knight) Ability to teleport with both movement and attack capabilities. Alter Ego is an intrepid reporter for the Freedom Ledger.

Phoenix (Jenny McMann) Agel inhabiting the form of Jenny. Jenny, who suffered from abuse and depression tried to throw herslef out a window at the hospital, but she sprouted wings instead! Flame powers and wings

Brianstorm II is the descendent of his grandfather Brainstorm one, who was killed by the Scions of Sobek defending Freedom Hall with Scarab. The is a powerful mentalist and telekinetic.

Vigilance (Zaf Younis) by day Zaf was a former policeman. He is of middle eastern descent. Vigilance is a dark detective type with trendous skills, feats, and utility belt.

Weapon X (unknown) is part speedster part martial artist. He has no knowledge of his life up until joining the Minutemen

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recap: chapter 1 There Goes the Neighborhood

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The Minutemen
There Goes the Neighborhood
Episode 1
“What Happens in Vegas…”

Freedom City: Clean up is under way at the Super Museum after a super human fight left the building devastated. Mack McCoy of the Freedom City Engineers says it will be months before they can begin to reconstruct the once proud city landmark. The Leader of the Minutemen Cornerstone says that "while it is always important to keep damage to a minimum, it is always a likely possibility that the city will be damaged". After the 1993 Terminus Invasion left the city crippled, the urban entity known as Dr. Metropolis, of the Freedom League in Washington D.C. helped to quickly restore many of the city's necessary utilities and structures. Though not available to help this time Mayor O'Connor promises "a swift response and emergency funds to help rebuild".
Baghdad, Iraq: U.S Army officials reported an unusual scene outside a former chemical weapons facility in central Baghdad today. A platoon of veteran troops stationed as guards did not report to central command. Col. Fred Mullins sent a team to investigate. Once they arrived the team had vanished. Locals reported seeing lights the night before "like the hand of Allah". Dust recovered from the scene contained DNA from the fallen troops. No comment from the Bush administration on the source of the attack.
Washington D.C.: Unnamed sources inside the White House transition team indicated a heightened presence by the Secret Service around President -Elect Obama. Hate groups, headed by White Knight have been increasing the rhetoric against America's first African American President. The fear is that a super human led attack could put the secret service at a severe disadvantage. Washington's own Freedom League spoke out in concern for Mr. Obama. Team leader Captain Thunder says that "it important in this dangerous climate that the secret service work with hero teams and AEGIS to add firepower to help protect the leader of our country".
Freedom City: The cult group, known as The Foundation, that is dedicated to following the Minutemen's Cornerstone is being linked to a recent group suicide in Port Royal. Claire Sutton, spokesperson for the group disagreed on Tuesday to the charges. "It is absurd to think we would agree to a suicide pact. We are looked at as fanatics; crazy people who blindly follow. Cornerstone and his teachings of good citizenship as well as him immortality would never permit such actions". Cornerstone could not be reached for comment.
Cairo, Egypt: A Freedom City archaeologist helped uncover an ancient Tomb of Takamen-Rae, an ancient Egyptian priest of Set. Efforts to view the site or the remains remain impossible to the enhanced security to the dig site. There is hope within the scientific community that information and data become available as quickly as possible.
Freedom City: A Freedom University holiday party turned into a mystery last night as 10 students went missing. According to FCPD this morning students were not present for class, in dorm rooms, and cars missing. Friends and relatives of the missing students have not been contacted by any one of them since before the party. Millennium club owners Max Veader and Sam Kline said that there were no incidents at the club that might be considered violent or suspicious. The Millennium Club, which opened in 2007, became an instant hot spot for entertainment. A recent rash of crime and rumors of drug distribution has begun to leave a mark on the city's premiere club.

As Phoenix (aka Jenny) prepares for a visit to Las Vegas to deal with a personal crisis (the loss of her daughters to a paternity suit by a man named Bernie Machelli) the rest of the team tries to sort out some loose ends and new leads to outstanding investigations.

Cornerstone speaks with Daedalus concerning the discovery of the Arctic cave which holds what is believed to be a teleportation device of some kind. This was presented as a possible source of Omega into the world with the Cosmic Energy Device from “Time of Crisis”. Daedalus was been collecting data, researching, and running tests of the device. He sends images to Cornerstone of the marking a Hieroglyphs that dot the machine. A small hand print triggers a flash back to the hills of ancient Greece. He and his brother Castor (Cornerstone and Castor are the Gemini twins of ancient Mythology).

He is 14 years old…on a hillside overlooking Athens…he is with his brother…a frailer boy with dark hair…the two are making clay sculptures….cornerstone makes a bird, a shield, a soldier of Athens Castor a wolf, a serpent, a spear….

“Make your mark…Castor says…put your hand in the clay and it will capture its likeness…” he puts in his hand…”father says you are very powerful and that you will never die”…”is it true”? “What about me? What is to become of me”? Why did fate make me play such a role”…Castor places his hand over Cornerstone’s and presses hard…

He stands and turns away….as he goes he turns with a look of defiance…”If this is true then I will tell this brother…somehow, someway…I will return”

The Hand print on the device is most certainly that of a young Cornerstone created on that ancient day. Cornerstone decides that it would be wise to travel down to Antarctica with the team to investigate the site himself.

Cornertone also deals with the Foundation (group that worships him as a god). The alleged suicide past unnerved him enough to contact them and state his adamant call to cease any of these activities. They assured him it was a false rumor and they do not engage in suicide. He fears that his twin brother could pose as him and convince people do themselves harm in the guise of Cornerstone.

Vigilance uses the computers at Freedom Hall to start to analyze the cell phone photograph he took of the terrorist Emalee Raven and the Unknown man on the street. He had been tailing her at the request of UNCOT (the anti-terrorist wing of UNISOM). While he has a full image of her, the unknown man (who in reality is the Minutemen’s own Weapon X) is only partially seen. He can only clarify the image but believes a reflection of his face can be found in a passing car’s window. He enlist the help of Displacer…
He also tracks down information on the investigation of missing persons at the Millennium club. The last person to any of them was a bar waitress named Heather Heartly (who is dating Weapon X, also unknown to the group at this time). He meets with her for coffee and questions her. She reveals that she one of the girls that went missing and that although she was full of energy she looked as if she hadn’t slept in days.

Keisha Knight (aka Displacer) is working hard at the Freedom Ledger on several stories. She is berated by her boss, editor Jerry Jonas, about the need for a quick story. If whe is trumped by another paper she will be fired just like the woman who had the story before her (Penelope Peele). Keigha, the ever curious reporter that she is discovered that despite an impeccable credentials, Ms. Peele was also terminated from her last employment as well.

Brainstorm sees the “Discovery of the Ancient Tomb” story in the Ledger. He remembers that there was a picture from his grandmothers photo album that he just acquired that shows a black and white photograph from 1962 of his grandfather (Brainstorm I and Scarab). On the back of the photo reads “Scarab and I at the tomb of Takamen- Rae, Egypt, 1962” which he finds suspicious due to the fact the article states that the site was just uncovered a few days ago. He brings this to the attention of Cornerstone and they decide that the need to also go to Egypt as well. Good thing they have the Pegasus.

Weapon X meets with Heather Heartly for their date and it goes well. They decide they should see each other again on the weekend. He was concerned about her because of missing persons report that happened at the Millennium club, her place of employment. Later that day he goes to her apartment and leaves flowers at the door. As he is leaving he is confronted by Emalee Raven. Due to his amnesia he still does not recall exactly how he knows her but the flash back to their bedroom escapades from the final “Time of Crisis” episode lets him know he does. When he is around her his demeanor changes as if there is another person living inside of him waiting to come out. He tries to trail her but she disappears.

With some loose ends tied up and new questions raised the group gets together a half hour before Vigilance is to fly Phoenix to Vegas. At he meeting the team decides that is may be best to all go. They will drop Phoenix off in Vegas then fly down to Arizona to drop Weapon X off so he can attend to personal matters. Once X and Phoenix have done what they need to do the team will head off to Egypt and Antarctica.

In Arizona

Weapon X heads off to Arizona to Memorial Hospital outside of Phoenix, AZ to meet with a Dr. Felix Drake. A conversation he had with Cornerstone earlier about how he came to be with the Minutemen prompted this meeting with Dr. Drake and new search for evidence of his former life.

Cornerstone told him he was found near death in the desert by two Mexican border crossers who brought him to the border patrol. The patrol then took him to the hospital where he laid in a coma for 6 months. When he woke up he flashed into a rage that nearly killed a nurse. A doctor, formerly of Freedom city called The Minutemen. Cornerstone, Firebrand, and Crimefighter arrive and subdue him. They take him to Freedom City and that is where Cornerstone begins to train him for the Minutemen. They called him Patient x due to the “x” that is carved into his chest. The Minutemen then dubbed him Weapon X after he was trained.

Dr. Felix Drake was the attending physician. During the meeting Drake reveals that he had severe head trauma…bullet wounds….burns on his entire body…him face was unrecognizable…so they covered his head with bandages. Drake seeing his face now finds it remarkable that his face healed as fully as it did. He shows him pictures that were taken of him when he was brought in. X notices that a clear area on his right hand indicated a ring was taken off of him. After he leaves the hospital he runs down to the Mexican border and speaks with a border patrol agent who reveals that he was brought in by Mexican nationals named Fernando Malta and Philipe Lugo. They were returned to Mexico after the incident. They did uncover a ring from them. The ring, when shown to X triggers another flashback. “ A snake tattooed hand slipping the ring (bearing the symbol for Man) onto his finger I some kind of ritualistic ceremony.” X stays in Arizona while the team takes a short flight back to Vegas to pick up Phoenix.

In Vegas

Jenny goes to the house of her mother to find out where the girls are. Jenny strange behavior (the fact that in reality Jenny is dead and inhabited by the angelic Phoenix but still retains memories of Jenny) prompts the Mother to not trust her. Jenny grows her wings in front of her mom which provokes a bad reaction and understanding that she is part of the Minutemen in Freedom City (for emphasis she picks up a Time Magazine with the Minutemen on the cover). After he mother locks herself into the bathroom, Phoenix discovers legal papers from Bernie Machelli and the law firm of Smith, Smith, and Jones. She follows that lead which eventually leads her to a strip club called Hot Legs. She used to work there. After a discussion with the clubs owner she finds that Machelli owns the largest laundry factory in Vegas, Gold Star Laundry, which supplies all of the major hotels and casinos. She goes to confront Machelli. Thanks to the tip off from the Hot Legs club owner, Machelli and his band of goons are waiting for her.

A fight ensues when Machelli unleashes some super villainous help. Enforcer, a huge density enhanced brick easily grapples her unconscious but not before she explodes a blast of fire that catches the linen on fire and connects with Brainstorm and the team who is luckily just landing in Vegas now. Knowing she’s in trouble, Displacer teleports the team to the parking lot of Gold Star laundry. They find a building on fire and know that’s the way to go.

Another super villain, Shylock, appears on another roof. Vigilance, with his infra-red goggles heads up to the roof to engage him. Shylock drops a field of darkness onto the whole parking lot making life difficult for Brainstorm. Cornerstone flies under the loding dock garage door and smashes Enforcer which stuns him and sends him flying into the darkened parking lot. Gun toting minions of Machelli fire uselessly at the impervious skin of Cornerstone. Displacer finds Machelli trying grab something out of a safe with her X-Ray vision. She directs Cornerstone to him.

Vigilance on the other roof top engages Shylock. Although Shylock is able to send a wave of despair over him with his emotion control Vigilance is able to fight through it and take down Shylock with his homing capable tri-blade.

Brainstorm is able to mind control Enforcer to give the address of Machelli so they can rescue Phoenix’s children. Cornerstone then strikes a deal with Machelli to hand over the children and they will let him go. “Bother Phoenix again and there will be consequences”.

End of chapter 1


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Chapter 7

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“There Goes the Neighborhood”
Chapter 2
Chaos Theory

After the events in Vegas the team investigates the offices of Bernie Machelli of the Gold Star laundry. After investigation by Vigilance and speaking with the FBI, the team learns that Machelli is a major dealer with organized crime families including ties with Freedom City mafia. While the police are putting Machelli into cuffs, Vigilance notices he has tried to palm three vials of liquid into his pockets. He retrieves them but palms one of the vials for himself (so he can investigate on his own). Machelli refuses to answer any questions and demands to see his lawyer.

Cornerstone calls in a contact with a Judge in Freedom City to gain temporary custody of Jenny’s (aka Phoenix) children. This is fine with the judge as long as Cornerstone supervises the family and has them make a court date once they return to Freedom City.

While handing over the remaining 2 vials of the unknown liquid two shots ring out and a sniper destroys the remaining two vials. Acting quickly with his precise TK, Brainstorm pulls the liquid out of the carpet and into a new evidence bag. Cornerstone grabs the agents and leaps through the window protecting them from harm. Vigilance leaps into action. Though the team is unable to find the sniper, Vigilance does obtain a gold shell from the weapon. It is emblazoned with the word “WISEGUY”.

Displacer helps the wounded Phoenix to the Pegasus. Cornerstone contacts Weapon X in Arizona and the team flies to pick him up. He meets them at a bar called North of the Border”. Cornerstone in civilian garb goes to get him. He is surprised that X is not in costume and his secret identity is revealed to Cornerstone. X is after all a bit tipsy. Cornerstone recognizes X from the picture that vigilance took of the unidentified man with the known terrorist Elantra Glass. Cornerstone takes X back to the plane. Once there his identity is revealed. Vigilance, who is hunting Glass, is very concerned and suspicious of his new team mate! What does he know about Elantra? How does he know her? Weapon X’s mysterious amnesia and background are becoming causes for concern among the group.

Vigilance approaches Cornerstone concerning his background as well. Vigilance confirms with Cornerstone that he is an immortal and part of the Gemini twins from Greek lore.

The team decides to head off to Egypt to keep their meeting with Professor Eric Chase, the Freedom City archaeologist who contacted them after uncovering something unusual in the newly discovered tomb of Takamen-Rae, an ancient Sorcerer-Priest of Set. They land at the American Air Force base on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt. Inside the base they are introduced to Col. Raines. They are given a Humvee and fatigues so they can go incognito and travel downtown to the Cairo Hilton to meet with the Professor. At the hotel they are brought to the room by the manager and discover the room has been ransacked. The Professor is missing.

After investigating the room the find that a laptop has been stolen and there is no visable way that someone broke into the room. Vigilance and Brianstorm go with security and check the tapes. Weapon X passes out in the hall and sleeps off his hangover. Cornerstone checks out if there was anyone else the Professor was in Cairo with. He discovers that two grad students, who are part of his team, are currently at the hotel.

Hotel security footage shows Prof. Chase entering his room a few hours before the heroes arrive. They check to find out when he originally left the room…they discover that he met with Col. Raines in the lobby earlier in the day. This arouses the suspicions of the group. What was Raines doing talking with the professor??

Cornerstone and the team head upstairs to talk with the grad students. They are stunned to find out the professor was kidnapped and his room robbed. They confirm that his laptop was stolen and agree to take the team to the dig site.

At the dig site they enter the tomb of Takamen-Rae. Inside the tomb they discover that the sarcophagus is missing and Vigilance notices that several constellations are carved into the domed ceiling of the tomb. He notices that the Gemini constellation is missing the star that represents Cornerstone’s brother…Castor. They rush outside and discover that the star is indeed missing!

They head back to the base to confront Raines…He, and the base are on alert. It appears that terrorists have seized a mosque in the center of Cairo. They confront his about his visit with Professor Chase and he has no idea what they are talking about. He swears that he was not there…The base has received a video transmission of Dr. Chase surrounded by masked terrorists. He looks to be in a basement of some kind.

Brainstorm reaches out with his mental communication to find the mind of Chase. He manages to find his mind…he discovers that he is indeed in a basement of some kind but is interrupted by another powerful mind….the mind recognizes him and indicates that he watched his grandfather die all those years ago in front of Freedom Hall when Brainstorm I was killed alongside Scarab.

The team heads off to the Mosque to help with a rescue operation. While the team waits for word from Displacer, who has gone off on a reconnaissance mission a live feed in shown in the military communication van. The feed is from Freedom City high above Freedom Hall. The footage is from the local news station helicopter showing a group of at least 100 members of the Foundation, the group that worships Cornerstone, all wearing white robes. A man suddenly reveals that he too is wired with explosives!!

Displacer teleports near the building to get a view inside with her X-Ray vision. She discovers that Chase is in the basement of the building strapped with explosives. She also discovers that above the basement on the main level is about 100 children in prayer. Strapped to two pillars are several pounds of C-4 rigged and ready to detonate….

Professor Chase wired with explosives and in the basement of the Mosque…
Innocent children threatened...
A crazed madman in the middle of a crowd thousands of miles away…

How will the Minutemen stop them all!


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“There Goes the Neighborhood”
Chapter 3
Between a Mosque and a Hard Place

The minutemen stood outside the Mosque and tried their best to plan quickly for the situation inside. What they faced? A group of terrorists, two guarding their captive, Professor Chase, in the basement and on the main floor and interior balcony six more terrorists watching a group of praying children. Strapped to four pillars are C-4 bombs set to go off at a moments notice.

Setting off the action is Displacer, teleporting the group inside the basement. Achieving surprise, the two terrorists are taken out quickly and quietly. Weapon X, with his super speed runs up the stairs in the blink of an eye and cuts the straps holding the bombs on the right hand side of the prayer room. Vigilance swings up to the balcony, engages and defeats the two terrorists before they can open fire on the children. On the left hand side, Phoenix flies and takes off the bombs and flies out of building high into the air.

Weapon X (using extra effort) spins at incredible speeds, burrowing into the Earth, exploding the bomb out of harms way. Phoenix flies over the Mediterranean Sea but before she can she is taken over by mind control from an unknown source.

With the terrorists taken care of and the children saved the heroes witness, via the TV in the military HQ van, the explosion at Freedom Hall by members of the Foundation. Although horrified by the carnage, Cornerstone appears relatively unconcerned for their act.

Crowds near the military van positions begin to swarm and are riled up with anti-American sentiment. The Minutemen soon discover, however, that the crowd seems to be under some kind of emotion control. The culprits are a group of black robed men and their leader Azemin, a Scion of Sobek! The battle ensues…

· Weapon X is mind controlled and turns on the U.S. Troops
· Cornerstone, Brainstorm, and Displacer tangle with Azemin
· Vigilance and Phoenix take out the majority of the robed sorcerer-priests

After the battle the group meets with Col. Raines and debriefs on the action in the streets. They decide they need to head back to Freedom City and deal with the events that have recently unfolded.

Weapon X speaks with Raines concerning the ring that he wears, the same as the one he recovered at the Border Patrol in Arizona. Raines informs X that it is identification for something called Project Ares.

After wrapping things up in Egypt, the group, including the two grad students and Phoenix’s children, head off across the Atlantic back to Freedom City…..

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TIme of Vengeance
Chapter One
"The Coming Storm"


· After a dimension hoping rescue by the anthropoid heroes from “Earth Ape” known as the primate patrol, rulers of Spain’s ruling Socialist Party are today sponsoring a bill to grant basic civil rights to the primates of their own country.

· This Saturday night the one and only FOGHAT rocks the Schuster Auditorium. Tickets are on sale. This event is sponsored by WNCC and fresh Sounds productions. Take a “Slow ride” this Saturday!

· If you blink you may miss Freedom City’s newest super powered resident. This quick paced, red and gold clad hero’s name is unknown at this time but she has been clocked at speeds that rival Johnny Rocket of D.C.’s Freedom League.

· FCPD has no leads into the mysterious disappearance of several patients from Trinity Hospital. Asclepian Associates, the HMO that owns and operates the facility, today released a statement saying the company was cooperating fully with authorities in the effort to locate the missing people. Extra measures have been implemented to prevent future reoccurrences.

· The city was still buzzing with the reopening of Millenium club. After the Minutemen foiled Baron Samedi and his drug, Zombie Powder, the popular club is now reopening this weekend.

· Freedom City waterfront is closed down this morning as agents of AEGIS, UNISOM, DHS, and the City Transit Authority searched incoming cargo from a vessel suspected of involvement in a terrorist plot. An official statement is forthcoming.

· Freedom City’s Jewish Community observed special prayer services in recognition of the Passover Holiday, which begin at sunset. Most of the synagogues reported large turnouts, including the West End’s famed Temple Ben David. Channel 5 WXAD is marking the occasion with its traditional airing of Cecil B. DeMille’s “The Ten Commandments” staring Charlton Heston, tonight at 8p.

FLASH BACK!!!!!!!!

Congressional hearing room 1955

The room is packed with reporters, politicians, lawyers, civilians, and costumed heroes…members of the Liberty League.

Lady Celtic has just been questioned before the council…Sen. Joseph McCarthy has brought the once proud hero to tears as she is led from the courtroom by Human Tank and Gunner…

“Next Witness”! the House Un-American Activities Committee, Sen. Joseph McCarthy presiding, calls the Liberty Leagues Cornerstone to the stand.

“Please state your name for the record…do you swear etc…”

· Are you now or have you ever been a communist?
· While fighting over seas during the war were you ever approached by any communist regimes concerning aid?
· Have you ever knowingly helped the Russians?
· Why do you hide your identity?
· Communists hide their identity from the public as well…are you a commie?
· Do you love America?

Cut to present day….a court room cross examination by defense attorney Maurie Sebanowitz….at the Courthouse Building at Federal Plaza. Cornerstone is being sued by a member of the Foundation (the group that follows him) in the wrongful death of group members that died in a suicide pact in front of Freedom Hall.

· “Why did you not alert authorities once you discovered that there might be an issue with a possible “cornerstone” double on the loose”?
· It has documented by the military’s witness that you were indeed in Egypt during the Minutemen’s operations there…how fast can you fly? How fast does the Pegasus fly? Isn’t it possible you could have returned before the incident outside freedom hall to have prevented it?
· Several Objections…etc…

On The Waterfront

Zaf is currently with UNCOT and his liaison Carl Crawford find out the situation with the carge ship and the closing of the waterfront…AEGIS, STAR SQUAD, DHS, UNISOM, and FCPD deal with possible intelligence that might indicate the cargo ship holds a terrorist weapon. None is found as Director Powers of AEGIS worries that the press will be terrible if nothing is found.

Visit with Grandma

Brainstorm is visiting with his lovely Grandmother…She has been ill of late and misses her grandson, Grandmother lives in the North End (70th and Gould)

At the Atom’s

Phoenix is spending the morning with Mercedes and Porsche at the Goodman Building (40th Ave midtown). The Department of Social Services has arranged for her girls to be in the care of the Atom family

The Ledger

Keisha is in a staff meeting with JJ and the gang. Lilly has been getting good spots in the paper and is starting to get on JJ’s good side! He compliments her and laughs at a few flirty type jokes…JJ says its imperative that Keisha sets up an appointment and puts pressure on the Mayor. More papers have been leaked to the Ledger about certain dealings and exchanges be had with Max Veder of the Millennium Club. He apparently financed several lavish parties including at private event on the night the Baron struck the club….coincidence? JJ doesn’t think so. Lilly suggests that JJ run for Mayor in this years election…he thinks that’s not a bad idea. JJ asks Keisha her opinion. “Should I run for mayor”?? She thinks on it knowing her answer may get her fired…”How could the paper live without you”??? Good answer!

Picnic time!

Weapon X is having a picnic breakfast in Liberty park with Heather….awe… She is excited to finish the year at school and has recovered from the attack at the night club. Ever since she has been getting closer to X. Weapon X uses his quickness to dial really fast on his cell and wins two tickets to Foghat!!! Woo hoo!

The Minutemen sprang into action from several locations throughout the city.

Weapon X, who is at the park with Heather uses his super speed to get to midtown first and is confronted by a wall of fleas. Several civilians are down. Thinking quickly, he uses extra effort to create a funnel of wind by running in circles. The wind pushes out the fleas and allows him to get bystanders to the safety of a local diner. He hears about a situation in the park!

Cornerstone, at the court house leaps out the window after the hearing is interrupted by the attack on the city.

Zaf (Vigilance) hitched a ride from the North Side docks with an FCPD detective to City center. From there he gets to the Pegasus and Cornerstone. The two of them fly to midtown. Seeing the swarm of Fleas, Vigilance tries to spin the craft and use the afterburners to try and burn off a section of the swarm. Not being able to see the buildings beneath him made the task difficult. With Cornerstone’s help he attempts the maneuver. It fails and several million fleas choke the engines. Only his superior skills save the Pegasus from a devastating crash. Cornerstone opens the door and leaps into action.

Phoenix, who has been visiting her two girls, who are being looked after by the Atoms, if confronted with scared kids along with a building, whose systems are being destroyed by the swarm. Tess Atoms continues, with the help of Jack Wolf, to prevent the destruction of the computer system that holds Dr. Atom. Phoenix head to the roof to confront the giant Flea!

Brainstorm flies from the North End at blazing speed. Along the way hear hears of the new problem in the Fens and, with the aid of his TK, he picks up two tops to metal dumpsters and uses them as a “snow-plow”. He clears enough of a path to see a large Flea-Man on top of the Goodman building. He, Cornerstone, and Phoenix (who gets to the roof from the Atom Family residences on the top floor of the Goodman building) attack the Flea-Man. With some persistence they defeat the villain and head off to the Fen’s to confront the next item on the weird-o-meter, the plague of frogs!

Displacer, meanwhile, headed off to the Fens to get a closer look at the problem. Not only are their several thousand frogs, but several citizens are under the effects of some kind of toxin. She starts to teleport as many citizens to safety as she can. As the rest of the team arrives they learn of yet another situation forming in Liberty Park. Several officers are down! Weapon X and Phoenix decide they will head to the park to help. Heather Heartly, Weapon X’s girlfriend is still at the park after a morning picnic.

Two battles now begin, one at the Fen’s and one at Sunset Lake in the park!

Weapon X and Phoenix arrive at the lake to find a Goth girl and Sunset lake filled with blood! Several officers are down. X and the girl begin a taunt-fest with each other while they battle. With keen eyes they discover she may be vulnerable to heat! Phoenix, with her flame powers looks for an opening! Meanwhile another entity, a nature spirit rises from the earth to help fight off the pestilence that is plaguing the city…the mysterious Dryad! She quickly animates the nearest tree. Coming to life the tree begins to swipe and swing at the girl…now known as Dam!

The frogs problem begins to get clearer with the discovery of the Giant Toad, Tsfardeia. Cornerstone flies down and connects with a powerful punch that knocks the creature back into the river. The creature connects with an acidic tongue, which hits and confuses Brainstorm, sending him speeding off at top speed away from the fight…18 miles later he comes to his senses and heads back to help! Vigilance, pushing the auto pilot on the Pegasus leaps up and deftly glides down onto a lamppost, clearing frogs with his area attacks. The team of four; Vigilance, Cornerstone, Displacer, and Brainstorm defeat the Frog-Man and head out to the park where a new problem has occurred!

The girl, Dam, fearing she may be defeated turns into blood and enters the lake…with super speed that is linked to her insubstantial power she turns the lake into a rushing river of blood and heads toward the reservoir to turn the city’s water supply into blood! The team uses several tactics…

Dryad creates a plant dam and puts it at the fork in the river hoping to stop the bloody flow…

Phoenix tries first to collapse a pedestrian bridge but is unable to collapse the whole bridge into the river…She then creates a wall of fire further down river with hopes stopping the blood.

Weapon X uses the same tactic as he used with the fleas…a whirlwind the keeps the bloody river at bay.

Vigilance looks for a shut off valve near the reservoir and locks up entry from the river into the water supply!

Frustrated Dam leaves the river but is quickly knocked out by the team. With great team work the Minutemen have prevented all three attacks.

The spirit Dryad, created by the Greek God Demieter long ago, was awoken to defend the Earth in the time of crisis. She recognizes Cornerstone, the Greek immortal, and although is unfamiliar with modern life agrees to help the team get through, what they believe is a crisis that with continue and get more serious.

At Freedom Hall the group considers their next move. Mayor O’Connor and his Chief of Staff Bill Tanner, discuss the state of the city.

Displacer gets on the computer and complies information about the Ten Plagues of Egypt, which the team believes may be coming to Freedom City. They display them:
Water to Blood, Swarm of Fleas, Army of Frogs, Boils, Famine, Flies, Locusts, Darkness, Fiery Hail, and death of first born sons!

Vigilance continues to worry about a possible connecting with the Ten Plagues and the missing patients from, Trinity hospital! Displacer thinks that the morning trouble on the Waterfront may hold answers as well.

The team decides to split up as follows to seek out information and answers to the possible threats:

Cornerstone and the new hero, Dryad, head off to Trinity Hospital the investigate the missing patients.

Weapon X, Brainstorm, and Phoenix go to STAR SQUAD headquarters to interrogate the captured villains to try and obtain answers…

Displacer and Vigilance go to the waterfront to try and get onto the seized cargo ship and investigate…

Until next time gentle readers!

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Time of Vengeance
Chapter 2
Private Investigations

In the aftermath of the attacks from Tsfardeia (the Frog King), Kinim (the Flea) and Dam (Blood Girl) the Minutemen split up to deal with a few issues.

Cornerstone and the mysterious Dryad, who fought with them to suppress Dam, head off to Trinity Hospital to investigate the hunch that the missing Trinity patients has something to do with the Ten plagues that are attacking the city. While there they are met with resistance from the Hospital Administration concerning the missing patients. After being given the runaround, they are given a name of a staff nurse Jennifer Young, by the head of hospital security.

Weapon X and Phoenix head off to STAR SQUAD HQ to interrogate the captured villains. They get nowhere with Dam, who is a cruel “mean girl”. X is content to heckle her as he did in battle. They learn that Tsfardeia that he was after a man named Harry Smilec. After investigating, Harry turns out to be a slum-lord in the Fens. Kinim, is a sad case. He was a faculty member at FCU and a prominent member of SEAT (Scholars for Ethical Animal Treatment), he went insane when he discovered that the organization actually was mistreating animals. Inn the hospital he was approached by a man in who offered him vengeance. If he wanted to get closer to animals he could make it happen. After agreeing, The man in black turned him into a giant flea! Well, he was closer…

Vigilance and Displacer investigate down at the waterfront and the cargo ship. They are trying to see if there is a connection to the ship and the current situation in Freedom City. On board they discover a secret hold that contains empty cases that most likely contain missiles…they are missing. The hold is radioactive.

Weapon X goes missing…

Time of Vengeance
Chapter 3
Terror Lunch

Things are getting bad in Freedom City. It is being widely reported that a plague has hit the city and that people are being quarantined in the hospital!

Phoenix stay with the kids at the base…

Cornerstone, Brainstorm, Displacer, and Vigilance meet with Jennifer Young, the Trinity Hospital nurse, at her home in Southside. Jennifer said that people were missing from the hospital and that she is suspicious but can’t prove foul play. She offers to access the files at the hospital to get them a list of missing patients.

Brainstorm, Displacer, and Cornerstone take her to the hospital. While there Displacer teleports her into the office that is visible from the bushes in the outside gardens. As they observe her the notice security men reacting to the computer intrusion and head down to stop her. Reacting quickly, Brainstorm used his mind control to convince the guard to use the restroom. He then uses his TK to hold the door closed while Displacer teleports Ms. Young to safety with the list in hand.

Displacer stays at the hospital to get a story for the Ledger. She gets a call from JJ and calls into work. Lilly Honeydale, her rival, answers from JJ office. The two are laughing. She questions why Kiesha is at the hospital when another reporter is already there. Keisha explains that she is covering a different angle. She investigates and discovers the plague issue and that it was started by flea bites!

Vigilance gets a tip from Carl Crawford and UNICOT. Emalee Raven,, the wanted terror suspect was spotted in the downtown mall in the food court. The tip was called in by an off duty postal worker who recognized her from the wanted poster in the post office. He follows the lead as his alter ego Zaf. When he arrives he questions the postal worker and confirms that he saw her with a man. The man turns out to be Xander (Weapon X). He finds a clue where they were sitting. It is a swipe key to a hotel room at the Marriot FC.
At the Marriot, he sees breaking news on the TV…

Max Atom is dead!

He continues with his investigation. On the 6th floor, he breaks into a custodial closet disguises himself as a room attendant and finds that room key is for room 801, a penthouse. He breaks into the room and from the balcony over hears their conversation. She is trying to get him back with his former group the “Disavowed”. She, from his vantage point is a shape-shifter of some kind. He watches her turn into celebrities and the “play” around in the bedroom.

He escapes without notice.

Cornerstone and Brainstorm hear about Max Atom and out of concern for Phoenix, he has Cynthia at the base shut off the TV so as not to upset her…The two speculate that the plague could be the next attack…

Weapon X is taken to the cargo ship on the waterfront. On board he meets people from his past that he recognizes as Kane and Tatum. Tatum is in a battle suit and is referred to as Barrage and Kane is a huge man with a mechanical arm as is referred to as Battlefist. They call Emalee/ Elantra, Façade. Kane and Tatum are skeptical about where X’s loyalties lie. He is after all a Minuteman. Façade thinks that he is confused and can’t remember anything about his past and that once he comes to remember his place he will be the asset to the team as he used to be. They recall he was a brutal member of the Disavowed.

At Freedom Hall Brainstorm tries to contact everyone via mind link but he still cannot find Weapon X or Phoenix. Cynthia, the base robot attendant, is asked where Phoenix is and she informs them that she never left the base and is in her room. Cornerstone breaks into the room and they discover her on the floor unconscious. Phoenix and her kids have contracted the plague! They rush her to Freedom Medical Center (renown for their work with supers).

The team reunites at Freedom Hall, including Weapon X, who shares his information concerning the Disavowed. They piece together what they know and research and investigate the missing patients list…Vigilance recognized Jeremiah Johns, a 55 yr old worker at the youth center. Virginia North, an old woman is a name that Cornerstone remembers hearing before but knows no further details.

Buy late morning the group has rested and learn from the TV, the next attacks are occurring at the Freedom City Supers Museum. The mayor is attending lunch at the new café with his father (to show Freedomites that it is safe to go out). They spring into action. Displacer Cornerstone via Teleport, Brainstorm flies at incredible speed with X, and Vigilance hops into the Pegasus.

They find a Giant Fly controlling a massive amount of flies! An emaciated woman who is turning citizens into other emaciated beings, and a man covered in boils! Displacer and Cornerstone teleport into the museum. Through the glass encased front, they observe the carnage while making sure the mayor is protected. Cornerstone leaves the building to confront the villains. Boil boy attacks Cornerstone but is frail and is easily subdued by the heroic strongman. Weapon X taunts the emaciated Famine. He hits a nerve when he taunts her about her weight. Between his punches and Displacers teleport attack she is down for the count. Brainstorm uses his TK to snare the Fly and defeats him.

They learn from them that they were given powers from a man in a suit and they are following the orders of a woman with black wings!

They are approached by the senior Michael O’Connor (the Mayors father) and he speaks with them in private in the museum’s Liberty League exhibit. He reveals that he is a former member of the League, the Freedom Eagle! Cornerstone and he reminisce about old times but he tells them key information about Virginia North after Cornerstone inquires about her.

The scene flashes back to the 1940’s. Virginia North was a mystery man named the Scarlet Spectre. She was small time and constantly tried to get into the League…one night she was dismissed by he, Johnny Rocket, and Professor Atom. Years later in 1955 at the HUAC meetings, she testified against the Liberty League. Though her testimory had little bearing on the disbanding of the hero team, she nonetheless was blamed by the public. He never heard from her again. The team believes that the Scarlet Spectre has returned!

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Re: Freedom City's...Minutemen (new chapters 6/27)

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So what happened next? this was a great story hour