Ok, this is getting a little wierd

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Ok, this is getting a little wierd

Post by Rathmun » Wed Dec 10, 2008 2:30 pm

In a teenage supers game I'm participating in, the current allies and antagonists lineups are getting a little strange.

Currently two of the PCs have potential Fey allies. One has made friends in the Seelie Court, while the other (mine) is actually a member of the Unseelie Court. Last session was Samhain, and the PCs spent the entire night trying to ride herd on the various antics of both the high and low courts of the Unseelie. Personally my character spent most of the time having tea with 'auntie Nym', (an x-trait, true Fey) and 'the Witch Queen' (roughly equal in power to one of the PCs). Meanwhile, a couple of the other PCs were keeping the little stuff under control (little, like a few dozen trolls and a couple of giants :shock: )

Another group of antagonists that we know is on it's way is 'The Terrible Ones'. These interstellar marauders appear in the guise of angelic beings of light, and their only goal is to make everyone happy. The problem is in their methods. (those of you who have played GW prophecies, think the white mantle.) They are known to forcible subdue a planetary population and force 'enlightenment' upon them. However, reducing everyone to a happy drone results in a population that loses it's creativity, and quickly stagnates.

In the "we don't trust them, but we need them to think we do for now." column is a group of inter dimensional Nazis who have set up shop in the area. Since they are currently keeping a low profile, and they have a paragon type super with them, we are leaving them alone for now.

In the "what the hell?!?!?!?" column is the Broken Heaven Syndicate. Based out of China, this family organization is deeply involved in organized crime. Some members of the family however, are certainly our allies. We would much rather not have them come after us in force. We may be supers, but the head of the family has developed a martial art that enables it's practitioners to do things like shatter a persons soul.

Ok, that's mostly it for the major NPCs, now for the PCs.

Mairead:: Lachesis
My character, she is a true Fey who has recently been freed from a Geas, and still has yet to regain most of her power. A member of the Unseelie Court, her domain is death. Before you ask, no, she is not emo. In fact, she is rather bubbly, though not as much as some others.

Lilly:: Treefrog
Think Spiderman except replace the spider with a frog. The genki girl of the party, calling her bouncy may be a bad pun, but it is an accurate description of her personality.

Wrench:: Corona
Our gadgeteer, he is an unapologetic transhumanist, and his ambition knows no bounds. He is however, very proud of the fact that everything he has done is purely his work, and all of it is legal. (well, he may have violated a few no fly zones and weapons proliferation treaties, but that doesn't count.) He is firmly in the gravity age, whilst the rest of earth is still in the information age.

Gabriel:: Ghost
This character was inspired when someone said the word frankenbishy in hearing of one of our groups odder players. Think a physically focused galatea promethian except without the disquiet, and the seeming is what he really looks like. His creators were attempting to create the perfect human, but they made a few mistakes. He doesn't understand lust, or romantic love, and thus doesn't understand why all the girls in the school are continuously chasing him. (charisma 34 & attractive x3)

Aspen:: Covergirl
Ok, take the same powerset as superman, and give them to a klutzy, arrogant self centered, wealthy, high school girl. Fortunately for the rest of the world, she takes offense to anyone trying to smash up the city. ("The mall is there, and he threw a truck through it!") and is actually a nice person under the conniving bitch personality she presents to the rest of the world when not saving it.

The world is doomed:oops:

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Post by Brainbot » Thu Mar 19, 2009 7:16 pm

It does sound fun to play in, though!
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Re: Ok, this is getting a little wierd

Post by DrThinker » Sun Mar 22, 2009 11:44 am

Rathmun wrote:In a teenage supers game I'm participating in, the current allies and antagonists lineups are getting a little strange.


The world is doomed:oops: