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Post by GhostSong » Mon Feb 23, 2009 8:32 pm

I've got a few but time for only one...

In another part of the forums I recently mentioned a character I have in an Elseworld's Batman story whose powers are to take a beating. He may or may not have any metahuman powers but he can take a punch. From Killercroc. Without dodging. Grin and go back for more.

So in one particular game, before the haymaker that crushed in Scarecrows cabasa, I was fighting Killercroc and Firefly. It went down in a nasty alley near Park Row with Firefly above raining jets of flame at Huntress and I was mono y mono with Croc. He got a few good licks in, tossed me around the alley. I was bouncing off the brick and dumpster like a bloody pinball. Then I got my hands on a chain.

Croc came at me like a freight train so I didn't get out of the way. I wrapped the chain around my hand and cold cocked him, it took more than a few swings before I dropped him. By that time Firefly had dropped an incendiary grenade and took out Huntress. So it was my turn. This is the real fight.

Now this was the first episode, and neither of us knew really what I'd do or how well the mechanics would support my idea. Firefly was buzzing around so I scaled a building to get to his level. I didn't make it, he caught me in trying to get the drop on him. I had a plan where I was going to snare him with a jump line and tether him to something heavy. Then beat him to a pulp. As is my characters shtick. Instead Firefly flew at me with his flame pistol blazing.

I leap through the jet of fire and grabbed onto his armor. The act of me jumping through fire, snarling insanely was me using Fearsome Presence. He failed his will check, but I made my grapple and we were off. He made a bleating little cry and hit his afterburner and we rocketed down the alley at about seventy miles an hour. I started the punching. He responded by careening into walls, telephone poles, power transformers...anything to shake me off. I kept making my saves and kept wailing. His armor was taking most of my attacks, but it wasn't long before the storyteller said "Alright his armor is ablative now". So a few swings revealed his swollen and bloody mug. That's when he started to trigger his grenades on his belt.

This where it gets interesting. Firefly tells me he's going to blow me up. Explains that his armor is resistant to fire. I don't care. He pulls the pin and it explodes. I barely make the save. My clothes torn, I'm bleeding, soot is streaked over me but I hang on and continue pummeling him. He triggers another, and another and another. I miss a save or two and I'm hurting. He's fast losing control of his jet pack and were headin' for the ground. He triggers another grenade it goes off. My second degree burns go to third. I'm barely hanging on. My arms burn from holding onto his armor (and the fire), my fist is beaten near to bone and I know I can't deal with another grenade. So I spend a hero point, reach into the mechanics of his jet pack, grab whatever, yank and drop. I had to spend another hero point to make the disable device stick.

I hit the ground thirty some feet later going about fifty miles an hour. My armor is blown so its my burned, scarred body tumbling down the nasty Gotham alley. I don't make that toughness save and get stunned and dazed. From the muck and trash I scrape busted glass out of my wounds and watch as Firefly loses control and crashes into the alley. He glances off a few walls and lands in a heap.

I shamble over there. Barely about to walk. He's slowly recovering, in about the same shape I am. I reach down, knock is shattered helmet off. Step on the muzzle of his fire pistol as he raises it to try and torch me. I lean over and say, "Now, are you ready to talk like an adult?" Then before he can nod, I dry gulch him in the jaw for the finishing blow.

GCPD Finds me slumped next to the building in a blood tinted puddle. They immediately assume I'm dead. They start cordoning off the scene when my guy stands up, scares the beat cops near to death. I give a short wave to them, limp away and say, "'night, gentlemen."

Man, I gotta bug my friend to run that game now :)
I run a group out of Ferndale (Michigan), were always looking for new blood.

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Post by Brainbot » Fri Feb 27, 2009 10:41 am

Thats it, I'm moving to Ferndale Michigan! 8)

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Post by MadProphet » Wed May 27, 2009 8:35 pm

All those battles sound quite interesting. i will give one for now though there have been many crazy battles in the game I run and with me in the game my wife runs.
In the game I run my wife has a full roster team based off the Zodiac. It was actually really fun to build the npc members of the team as well.
Anyway She plays the leader Aries; a fire based energy controller with enhanced charisma. There was an island nation in Asia which i made similar to genosha as Mutants controlled it. 2 brothers. well the evil brother killed the just one and the team had to go there to take the tyrant out of power
the tyrant was like a mix of magneto and the mandarin with Gravity control very high and nasty. he had a hulk like underling named Khan (whats with the powerhouse tiger guys named khan? lol ) , Black Lotus a sword master and mental based mutant, and an evil demonic sorceror.
Well she took 4 other temates with her who made up the originals of the team. Scorpio. The asian warrior that had astral form and mental blast as his mutant abilities, Virgo the young girl that could lift a house and take almost any damage as well as control over plants, Leo the wild card who was based around a large cat only much nastier, and Gemini a master of the mystic arts, the tech head , and a master st duplication (( in other words the originals are like on par with the heavy hitters of the Avengers or X-men so they are not push overs by any means. ))
The team shows up and hears something \in the bushes. A young child runs out and into the team. as the team is about to talk to him a blast rings out and blood is sprayed across the team just to show how nasty the new rulership was. It was a very good scene that was run perfectly. The team of course becomes hostile.
After debating on what the team should do after getting told they could speak to the ruler in the morning , they head off to just physically take him out of power.( I make sure my wife makes the final decisions since she is the only player i have and she leads the team)
They see his three goons out and are grinning because they figure it will be cakewalk. even with 25 minnion soldiers. The giant Khan jumps at the small teenage girl who also happens to be the powerhouse of the team. Scorpio and leo sneak up on the other two, but are caught slightly by the giant tiger hulking figure with his super senses.
The duplicating gemini begins taking out the soldiers . ARIES BLASTS kHAN AND REALIZES HE HAS A TOUGHNESS WITH 10 IMPERVIOUS!!! so she is powerless against this beast , but Virgo is just as tough . However Virgo keeps missing and then one hit from khan and Virgo ends up as stunned or staggered or both so she is pretty much out. Leo jumps to her aid and then gets knocked out. Then the main guy shows up and handles the many duplicates of Gemini with area attacks of Gravity blasts.
Then the dark sorceror is taken out with combined efforts of Aries and Scorpio. Aries actually manages to avoid most attacks with her force field (( very nice broken toughness saving )) Soon Scorpio falls and Aries does get a few bruised thanks to the giant Tiger, but she manages in one nasty b,last to take out the ruler for a little making him stunned.
After a few rounds of dodging the hulk like character she finally got mad and used a hero point to up her power and actually shot Khan head on getting past that impervious and him rolling a 1 or 2 . She chose lethal damage and him and he almost died that round had he not maken his stabilty check.
The mentalist became mostly a non factor except for when Aquarius the iron man like female character showed up thanks to one of the duplicates. Black lotus took control of Aries and made her attack Aquarius, but it was only for one round as Aries broke free the very next round!
Then the last two joined forces and took out Black Lotus and then the Ruler after he had woken up and was causing slight problems. Aries walked right up to him and told him to leave as he was exiled from the island and she took it over herself. Well that was something i really hadn't expected , but it went over quite epic as it were.

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Re: best FIGHTS!!!

Post by Rhyvurg » Thu Aug 27, 2009 5:17 am

I've been running a pbp M&M game for a while now, and we had one of our best fights against the second villain to show up. I let players control villains they create if their own PC sits out that particular adventure, so even I don't know what's coming most of the time. At the time the fight happened, it was a PL 11 game.

The PCs:
Archangel: Angelically-empowered swordsman
Makate: Half-demon speedster
Blaze: Blonde chick who turns into giant lava-rock monster
Luck: Gambit knockoff
Bai Icon: Shape shifter
Endragan: Half-demon brick
Saber: Battle-armor wearing inventor

PL 13
Mr. Storytime, has a book that uses magic to conjure anything found in a story.
PL 12
Cindy: Battle-armor wearing psycho chick with the mind of a 6-year-old

Cindy was Storytime's sidekick, listening raptly to his stories and not believing it was really happening. The PCs had captured Storytime in the last encounter, and were attending his trial. The book wasn't found. In the middle of the trial, the book used it's magic to take control of a 30-foot police robot and attacked the trial. The PCs attacked the robot, but Endragan was quickly taken out of the fight by a really unlucky Toughness roll and the others had to get creative to take it down. As they're fighting it, Cindy freed Storytime and he reclaimed the book. He conjured a massive flood in the streets of the city, and a huge sailing ship for himself and Cindy. The PCs take the robot down and give chase, but the truth of the story is revealed when a huge white whale shows up and attacks them. They whittle it down enough to stun it, then head for the ship. They all attack Storytime en-mass, and Endragan regains consciousness in time to help Blaze and Bai rip the book in half and dispel the story before the whale could eat Luck and Arch. Storytime was exonerated when it was revealed the book had possessed him, and Cindy was handed over to the feds who eventually made her part of the official super team of the government.