Defenders of Liberty, Volume 2 Redux now available

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Post by prankster_dragon » Fri Sep 14, 2007 5:23 pm

Well, tonight I began the second "volume" of this campaign. I also had 2 new players, with another two hopefully joining for the next session in a couple of weeks.

Enjoy :)

Liberty, Volume 2, Issue 1

The Eye of Osiris, mystical warrior.
The Defender, battlesuit wearing teenager.
Whisper, stealthy reformed criminal
The Speed, pop star turned superhero.

Also starring:
Gadgeteer/Tamara Poe
The Vampire



The newly revealed supervillain Kronus staged an international attack utilising an army of metahumans created by the drug Ambrosia. The attack, known as the Kronus Incident, was defeated by an international alliance of superheroes lead a group of heroes from Liberty City. During this battle the Gadgeteer briefly died, resurrected by the healing magic of the Eye of Osiris. Ultimately, Kronus was defeated and locked away in the Vault, a maximum security prison for supervillains.

3 Months Later…

Amy Chan, news reporter for Channel 5, receives a phone call promising to deliver “him”.

It is the end of summer. A new school year has started. Jared Sanchez, the Defender, has begun his sophomore year at High School. Michael Mourn, the Eye of Osiris, has resumed his post as North Edge High’s History teacher. Tamara Poe, the Gadgeteer, has spent two and half months working on a project in Japan. The Vampire is on a road trip around America.

Early September. Late at night, Whisper breaks into a Winter Pharmaceuticals building as part of his night job as security advisor. Testing the security of the sight, he discovers an unmarked and unlisted security case. No problem for his skills, he opens the case and discovers two phials of liquid, marked “Ambrosia”. Not entirely sure what he has stumbled across, he takes on phial and replaces the case.

The Eye of Osiris is woken by his phone ringing. It is Tamara, asking if he’ll meet her at the Airport, and to bring the car. “Don’t worry,” she tells him, “It drives itself.”

The Speed, a former pop star turned superhero, patrols the city. It is a quiet night; he finds nothing to occupy his time.

The morning brings school for some. However, classes are interrupted by an explosion in the city centre. Classes at Northern Edge High are dismissed; The Eye and Defender sneak away. The Speed races to the sight, and Whisper makes his way there. They find themselves facing the pair of Gargoyle, a battle-suit using thief, and Rampage; a muscle-bound force of pure strength and endurance. Battle ensues.

The Speed hits a Rampage with an elbow drop from several stories height, briefly stunning him as The Eye and Defender both ensnare Gargoyle. The thief breaks out while Rampage recovers and Whisper attempts to sneak attack the near giant, but to no avail. The Speed attempts to use his speed to overcome the brute force of Rampage but fails, while Defender and The Eye attempt to blast Gargoyle into submission – their attacks fail to overcome his improved armour. Gargoyle retaliates by launching a micro-missile at Defender, narrowly missing. Whisper hides himself from sight to try and launch another stealthy assault, but fails to make any meaningful impact before Rampage brings his strength to bear, hitting Whisper and knocking him to the far end of the street.

Defender captures the missile with his snare, swinging it so it flies towards Gargoyle, who dodges the attempt. The Eye attempts to blast the airborne villain but misses as the missile turns and homes in on Defender, impacting on his chest and blasting off pieces of his armour. Gargoyle launches a new missile at The Eye, but his mystic shields protect him. Rampage causes a shockwave to ripple down the street but the heroes manage to avoid taking damage.

The Eye teleports Rampage into the air above them, then returns to the ground knowing Rampage will survive the fall but will be out of the fight until he impacts the surface. However, as he returns a new foe appears intent on causing harm to The Eye specifically; The Eye notices his presence barely in time as the snake-faced villain plunges his claw into The Eye’s chest, sending surges of pain through the hero’s body.

Whisper teleports to the rescue, teleporting through the shadow between The Eye and Revenant, taking the villain by surprise and knocking him unconscious. Defender manages to grapple Gargoyle in midair and throwing him to the ground. The Speed runs up a nearby tall building and launches himself at the falling Rampage; the two duel in midair.

Revenant secretly regains consciousness; he picks himself up and causes a massive explosion that fails to injure the heroes by sheer luck on their part. He uses the explosion as cover while he teleports away. Defender hits Gargoyle with a dazzling beam of light to the face. As Rampage hits the ground he realises the game is up and surrenders as HEAT arrive and take control of the situation.

Afterwards the heroes discuss the incident. Whisper reveals to them that he found a sample of Ambrosia, a drug that Defender and The Eye believed to be gone for good. Whisper and the Speed are taken to the Bastion (being told that it is under the Antarctic ice) while they discuss the possible explanations for the Ambrosia samples. Whisper retrieves the sample he took and gives it to The Eye for testing. The Eye begins investigating possible leads before leaving to collect Tamara.

He is somewhat surprised by her appearance; the normally punkish, sometimes gothy looks she favours replaced by the peak of normalcy. He almost fails to recognise her before she runs up and throws her arms around him. She explains that her employers wished her to appear normal for her public appearances.

The Speed patrols the city, foiling a mugging before finding a gang fight in North Edge, between the Dragons (a gang of powered metahumans) and the Corpus Caliban (A gang of metahumans with unusual appearances). He proceeds to knock out all but a couple of the Dragons, leaving the seemingly invulnerable leader and his cold-controlling henchman. Knowing that cold is his weakness, The Speed calls for help; Defender lives in the area and heads over, knocking out the cold controller with his battlesuit’s blaster while The Speed sucker-punches the Dragons’ leader. The police are called.

Vampire then arrives, with a punk girl following him. He informs Defender and The Speed that the mad angel Azrael has created his own Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
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Wow, it's been a long time.

So, the first attempt at running a follow up suffered a severe case of Epic Fail, lasted one and a bit sessions and put me off running the game again for quite a while. However, not too long ago I was convinced to try again.

So here we are, with Volume 2 Redux. Enjoy.

Note: for the first session, the player of The Eye was absent owing to a scheduling conflict with the game he was running. He'll be joining in next week.

Volume 2, Issue 1 - "Back to School"

When the new principal of one of Liberty City's high schools declares that drugs and gang culture will no longer be tolerated in his school, it seems obvious that the gangs will take exception to this. So it was that, 3 days before the new school year, Jared finds himself in the gym of one of his school's rivals, facing down several members of The Dragons, one of the most powerful gangs in the city with several metahumans amongst its membership.

Dodging a Ki Blast from the apparent leader of the gang, Defender grabs one of his his lieutenants, who teleports behind Jared and strikes him hard, leaving him stunned. Seizing the opportunity, the gang set fire to the gym while the leader creates an expolosion beneath Defender, leaving Jared in a deep pit in the burning gym. Using the equipment in his suit and the school's sprinkler system Jared manages to bring the fire under control, but is dismayed to hear a loud explosion from the gang destroying the science block. Hearing a helicoptor and emergency sirens, he engages his armour's stealth mode and sneaks away.

The next morning, Jared is all over the news, both good and bad. Amy Chang continued to slander him on local tv, trying to lure a police offier into claiming that Defender isn't up to the job; Jared is surprised at the police man's ability to evade the issue. He gets a phonecall from Casey, who won't let him sulk at home all day. Instead, they go to the Mall and catch a film. As they chat in the food court the Masked Bandito is taken down by mall security.

Sunday passes uneventfully, save for Jared witnessing someone attempting to mug the retired superhero Slipstream, a speedster. It really doesn't take long and the mugger ends up on the floor.

Monday arrives, with the first day of school. Jared catches up with Lee and Mark as they sort out classes and timetables. Hearing a commotion, Jared heads down the corridor to witness Michael Ford, star of the school football team and resident jerk, picking on...

Rei Miyamoto, which surprises Jared as he knows she goes to another school. Deciding valour is the better part of discression, Jared throws a textbook at Ford's head. The crowd part almost like the sea for Moses as Ford looks around, quickly realising who threw the book. As he starts striding towards Jared he finds himself suddenly face down as Rei uses the opening to drop him. Two of Ford's goons for for Jared while a third faces down Rei. This ends badly for the goons, worse for Ford (who gets drop-kicked toward Rei, who uses the momentum to throw him down the corridor) and almost worse for Jared and Rei.

"Hi Jared. Do you know the way to the office?"
"I think we might me taken there anyway in a minute."

Luckily, both are let off with stern warnings; Rei for it being a first infraction, Jared for Ford's long history of causing trouble. 'Rei explains that with her school too badly damaged, the students have been transfered to the city's other schools, and she ended up at North Edge. Jared finally gets to a class, History, and is surprised to find Mark there.

Mark - "What? If you can get good grades in this, anyone can."

Jared gives the substitute teacher, the oh-so-proper Mr Smith from England, a day before he cracks. Mark thinks Jared is being generous, and his point is made by a bought of organised chaos and disruptions from the other side of the class. They get on to a discussion of the city's absent superheroes, with Jared insinuating that The Eye and Gadgeteer are a couple (a detail not public knowledge).

Eventually, class finishes. The school being rather packed with the extra students, they decide to dine out, heading first to McDonalds and then a nearby park. While Mark gets drinks Sarah shows up, back from a stay in Florida. She admonishes him for getting in a fight on the first day, while joking that he had all the fun. She also mentions she got busted teleporting by her parents, as will be having to go to the Pryce Academy for Gifted Students for lessons on controlling her powers, a fact she is rather unimpressed by. It also leaves her wondering if she needs a better costume, maybe a blank face mask like Wraith used to use. Jared fills her in on the current status of the school, which prompts her to leave early when he mentions the queues for the toilets; she's been drinking lots of cola to stay awake.

Back at school, Jared and Mark run into Lee, who tells them about Ford's punishment: detention every night for two months.

At home after school there's a knock at the door. Sarah arrives, stressed to high heavens by her first class at Pryce Accademy. She spends some time ranting about the primadonna students and that she now feels less in control of her powers. Not to mention having to wear a school blazer while she's there. Suddenly there's a loud explosion from somewhere outside. Sarah runs upstairs to get her spare costume while Jared heads out.

"Kick there ass." his grandfather tells him.

He gets to the site, a shop now burning quite intensely. Sarah teleports in to check for anyone inside while Jared, as Defender, flies off on his jetbike to find a water tower. He carries the water tower back to the shop and punches a hole in the side (eventually), letting the water pour into the building and start putting out the fire. Then Sarah is blasted out of the building by a stream of fire. Jared looks inside and sees a cross shaped hole burned through a wall.

"I thought we got rid of him."

To be continued, next issue.
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Post by prankster_dragon » Thu May 28, 2009 2:20 am

Anyway, after some delay, I present

Volume 2, Issue 2: Burn.

The Inquistor attacks Defender. The pair spend some time circling and doging each others attacks before, in frustration, Inquistor simply unleashes a wave of fire in all directions. It barely scratches Defender's armour but the burning building becomes a burning street very quickly.

Defender: "You know, there's never an egyptian themed superhero around when you need one."

The Eye: "Did someone mention me?"

As Warp sets about teleporting bystanders to safety, Defender and the Eye focus on The Inquisitor. To their dismay he evades or ignores everything they throw at him.

Taking a different approach, The Eye becomes insubstantial and sinks into the ground, ambushing Inquistor from behind. Flames arupt around The Eye but he strikes true, staggering Inquisitor. A blow from Defender takes him out.

As they catch up smokes starts to form around Inquisitor's unconcious body, slowly coalescing into heavy, dark scales. Inquistor wakes up just in time to realise what is happening to him; a look of horror on his face just before it is concealed by the smoke and a serpent's head forms around his.

It barely has time to stand before The Eye blasts it, but it appears to absorb the attack entirely. It laughs and launches spectral serpents at The Eye. Defender intervenes, interposing himself between The Eye and the incoming attacks. They Eye goes for it again, adopting his Form of Bast and raking the new adversary with claws. Again, it laughs, mocking him for being so powerless. Defender and Warp attempt to intervene to no real effect; it throws Warp through a wall after she simply annoys it too much. She leaves the fight, realising she can't help.

Sensing a potential weakness Defender lunges at it, grabbing the snake-like creature. It teleports away but not before summoning an oddly familiar looking shadow demon to fight the heroes. The demon does not last long, Defender and The Eye remaining to help deal with the fire.

Defender returns home where Sarah is waiting for him, somewhat miserable after her lack of effect in the fight. Jared awkwardly tries to comfort her before she leaves.

The Eye arrives at his home to find the inter-dimensional renovation work still going on. Sifting through the large pile of mail he finds a postcard from Gadgeteer. He writes her a quick reply before finding somewhere else to stay for a short time. He ultimately ends up occupying the penthouse floor of one of Liberty's most expensive hotels.

The next day school resumes. Michael Mourn returns to his history classes to discover he was more new students than expected. And one of them is eerily familiar: the spitting image of his dead son. Realising that the classroom is too hot and too small he moves the class outside, using the bleachers of the football pitch as his classroom. A commotion soon erupts from the school as alarms go off and pupils start pouring out. Michael goes to investigate as a teacher, and Jared sneaks off.

Inside the school they find members of The Dragons, the largest and most powerful gang in Liberty, rampaging in the school. Michael slips into his powered persona and approaches them as The Eye, quickly taking one down but struggling an elusive teleporter. Jared meanwhile finds one more, one who escaped The Eye, and manages to knock him out.

Eventually dealing with the teleporter, The Eye hears someone crying in pain from nearby. He finds another gang member, covering his face, Rei and a pair of girls from Rei's classes. Managing to prise the ganger's hands away he discovers the ganger's face is covered in raw acid burns. He teleports the ganger to hospital before returing to take Rei to the hotel rooftop.

Rei explains that she panicked but didn't mean to severely injure the ganger. The Eye instructs her to return to the hotel after school, then returns her to school. The rest of the school day is uneventful.

Rei visits The Eye after school, who states that he believes she needs training in order to avoid a repeat of the incident. He gives her several options; she leaves to consider them.

In the evening both Defender and The Eye patrol the city. They catch wind of an armed robbery in progress as a bank at the southern end of the city. Talking to the police they discover that the robbers are holding several hostages. Their plan; to sneak in, Defender creating a distraction while The Eye uses his ability to walk through walls (and the ground) to reach the hostages and teleport them out. Jared climbs through the rather spacious ventillation system, dropping out into a room on the ground floor and armouring up. The guns possessed by the robbers do nothing to his armour, and with a groundshaking stomp they are all knocked prone; SWAT moves in to arrest them.

Afterwards, The Eye returns to his patrols when a tree in a nearby park falls over. He arrives to find a heavily damaged tree and a young punk woman who wanted to attract his attention: She's looking for Vampire because she needs his help. They go to the hotel where The Eye attempts to scry for Vampire.

He gets images of silver chains and a furious angel before the crystal ball shatters.

To be continued.
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Issue 3: Gouge Away

The Eye and Ruin quickly leave town to try and find Vampire.

The next morning Jared goes to school, quickly discovering that The Eye is absent (again). Morning classes are uneventful by North Edge standards. During a break Jared ends up chatting with Rei, almost revealing his identity when he lets slip a few too many details that weren't released to the public. Luckily for Jared the bell goes and they have to go to class, cutting the conversation short.

The last class of the morning goes by quietly. Rei is invited to join Jared, Sarah and their friends for lunch. The canteen is surprisingly empty and they realise that the majority of pupils have gone out for lunch (it's still quite packed but not the sardine tin it had been for the last couple of days). A perfectly enjoyable lunch is spoiled by a supervillain being teleported into the canteen. Rampage, a physical powerhouse, is accompanied by Bones, the teleporting lieutenant of the Dragons. As the students scatter Rampage focues on Jared's table.

They go to run but Bones teleports to the doorway, blocking their escape. Jared grabs a dinner tray and throws it at Bones, stunning him long enough for his friends to escape. Sarah tries teleporting Rampage away, a favoured trick of The Eye, but Rampage remains stubbornly immobile, tossing Sarah around and grabbing Rei. Jared goes to rescue her but Rampage easily knocks Jared out.

Jared and Sarah come round quickly to find the canteen empty. Sarah goes to get a costume she'd been saving while Jared leaves to track them down, tracing them to a nightclub. Sarah arrives dressed as Wraith, a deceased vigilante who used to patrol this part of town. Sarah cuts the power while Defender walks in, casually taking out the goons left guarding the door. Bones is waiting on the dance floor, taunting an enraged Defender and attacking him with a steel bar until Rampage shows up. Bones teleports to the rafters as Rampage charges.

Defender and Rampage clash once again; Defender triumphs, leaving Rampage unconcious on the floor. Running through the private sections of the nightclub he finds Rei being guarded by the creature possessing Inquisitor. Jared manages to subdue the creature and it collapses back into smoke, leaving Inquisitor unconcious on the floor. Rescuing Rei, Defender heads back out...

...just in time for Rampage to stand back up. Sarah is battling Bones but Jared can't make out who is winning. Rampage attacks, battering Defender and knocking him out in short order.

It takes several minutes for Jared to wake up. He finds Sarah unconcious, the mask and cloak of her Wraith outfit torn off. Bones is impaled on the wall with a steel bar through his shoulder. Jared calls for an ambulance then leaves, taking Sarah and himself to as hospital. Jared's grandfather shows up, worried, and they have an awkward conversation about the toll of being a hero.

Eventually Jared is released. He tracks down an old friend, Carlos, who joined the Dragons. Carlos tells him where they are and explains that the real boss hasn't been seen for a few weeks.

Jared follows Carlos' directions to a warehouse in Northern Reach. Sneaking in, he manages to evade detection for quite a while but is detected when he tries to enter the main storage area. He falls back before finding another way in.

Inside the main storage area he finds Rei, bound to a chair, surrounded by members of the Dragons and Rampage. He enters unarmoured, mouthing off to the gang. The apparent leader orders Rampage to take care of the boy. Rampage charges, grabbing Jared who dons the armour in front of the gang, Rampage and Rei.

Once again, Defender and Rampage fight; the advantage goes to Rampage with only luck and a desparate dive out of the way stopping him from crushing Defender once more. Realising how much trouble he is in, Defender blows a hole in the wall and signals for his bike, which flies through the hole...

...with Vampire sat on it.

Vampire: "Having a party without me."

Vampire quickly jumps off the bike, freeing Rei and throwing her onto the bike as Jared used the remote controls to send it back to his hideout.

But they still had Rampage and the Dragons to deal with.

To Be Continued...
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Post by Flicker182 » Thu Jun 04, 2009 10:55 pm

I liked your first volume more than I have your second volume either times you ran them so far. I feel like there was more investment within the character from the person whom played Jared. Just my opinion. I think that's because the party hasn't completely come together within 3 issues yet within this volume.

The story seems to be going everywhere as well without any certain direction. That could be because The Eye has been gone for two play sessions now, or it may not. Who knows, but to me, it just seems that way.

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Post by blaster219 » Thu Jun 11, 2009 3:43 pm

I sympathise with the GM, it's hard to get the game moving when:

A: One the players misses EVERY OTHER SESSION and
B: That player has managed either by intent by accident keep the other character in the dark about the plot.

The Eye has pretty much kept the volume's plot to himself and seems to have taken nearly every effort to make sure that my character has no idea that something big is going down. This has left me making my own plot as I go along, declaring a one-man-war against the main gang in town. Well, they did kill both his parents, shoot his best friend (Casey), cause him to fall out with another long-term friend (Carlos), attack his school (twice) and abduct another friend from right in front of him (Rei). I think it's appropriate he went a little crazy and started making some really basic mistakes. Like not caring if the Dragon's saw him in his civilian guise before he armoured up and giving them 24 hours to get out of town before he comes after each and every one of them, one at a time.

The last two session was fun (that and the previous one yet to be posted by the GM) and involved a big reveal to Jared's circle of friends as he admitted to them that he was the third Defender.
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Post by prankster_dragon » Thu Jul 02, 2009 2:01 am

Flicker182 wrote:I liked your first volume more than I have your second volume either times you ran them so far. I feel like there was more investment within the character from the person whom played Jared. Just my opinion. I think that's because the party hasn't completely come together within 3 issues yet within this volume.

The story seems to be going everywhere as well without any certain direction. That could be because The Eye has been gone for two play sessions now, or it may not. Who knows, but to me, it just seems that way.
Blaster is certainly just as invested in this run as the previous, which is why the game is still running.

As for the overall direction, due to quirks of fate I ended up in a situation where only one player was aware of the ongoing plot, and that player has so far made it to less than half the sessions, so it is becoming more focused on Defender. The original campaign plot has been put on hold until things can settle down into a routine.

It really hasn't helped that one of the players hasn't made it every week.


Much later than I'd planned, the last 3 sessions (in the form of two issues). I probably forgot a few details, but it hits all the major beats and brings the story up to date.

Now with footnotes.

Issue 4 – The Fight Song

Rampage charges again as The Eye appears, taking the hit. Vampire draws swords and sets about dealing with the gangers. The Eye ends up duelling the pyrokinetic apparent leader while Defender once again faces off against Rampage.

Defender’s luck takes a turn for the better as Rampage goes straight through the wall and a shot to his back takes the villain out of the fight. Defender turns on the leader, aiding The Eye as Vampire remained tangled with the mooks. Slowly the fight turns in the heroes’ favour and the gang are defeated.

Defender gives the apparent leader an ultimatum: They have 24 hours to disband and/or get out of town; he’s declaring war on The Dragons. He then lets the gang member go to spread the word just before the police arrive.

The Eye teleports them to the Sanchez family’s scrap yard, location of Defender’s secret base to see how Rei is doing. Sarah is waiting for them, refusing them entry and chewing out The Eye for scaring Rei after the first incident with The Dragons at school.

Jared goes home.

The Eye returns to his floor at the hotel, and is later joined by Vampire. They have a brief discussion on their respective ability to understand and deal with young people. Vampire gives The Eye a small talisman that is supposed to offer some protection from Azrael.

Azrael, a banished angel, has kidnapped and brainwashed Ruin’s friends to act as Horsemen while he attempts to end the world. Vampire speculates that the angel is really intent on suicide and plans to take the world with him. Ruin’s brainwashing “fell off” due to her power of “stuff breaks; objects, items… people.”

Afterwards The Eye phones Sarah, advising her that Jared needs someone to talk to.

The next day Michael Mourn is absent from his post again. Also missing are Sarah and Rei. Surprisingly for Jared, Carlos is at school, somewhat lost and bewildered by all the people. Thursday is surprisingly uneventful except for a news report from Europe: The Guardians (NATO’s official superhero team) managed to defeat Doctor Destruction III, with the aide of some of London’s local superheroes.

24 hours after his ultimatum, Defender goes on the prowl for Dragons. He finds a handful heading into a bar and lies in wait for their exit. Three of them leave. Confronting them, one runs immediately, the other two attack. The first breaks his hand before being knocked out, the other almost manages a semblance of a fight as his alcohol fuelled metahuman abilities kick in.

Jared leaves them both hanging from a streetlight by a cord.

Issue 5 – Miseria Cantare – The Beginning

Friday Morning, and everyone but Michael Mourn is back at school. Jared, along with most of the school, is surprised to see Rei in rather less than the near total coverage her usual clothes provide. Instead she’s in a sleeveless top and skirt that show her scales to cover much more than a portion of her face.

Jared tells his friends that he’s planning a party for that evening, a small affair with a select group of friends.

The “party” turns out to be mostly a ruse; there is entertainment and drink but the real reason was more serious. Aware that The Dragons know his identity, Jared has decided it is time to reveal the truth to his friends (or, at least, the ones who don’t already know). He shows them his secret base beneath the house and scrap yard, the computer he salvaged from The Bastion[ 2].

His explanation is cut short by an unusual news report: A dragon is attacking the city. As Defender he races off to face the threat.

The dragon turns out to be… a dragon, that quickly reverts to a human form, revealing himself to be the Japanese superhero Stormdragon. He was fighting a “shinigami”[3] but they escaped. He apologise for the disruption and leaves to go find his niece.

Jared returns home, where Mark is jealous that Jared knows the Gadgeteer. Rei takes a phone call and has to leave.

Jared wakes up on Saturday with some of his friends still around. They spend the day relaxing and hanging around the city.

His grandfather out of the house, Jared is in his base working on his motorbike when he hears a news report about an explosion in Northern Reach. He rushes to the scene as Defender, finding Vampire and Ruin fighting Azrael and his 3 horsemen: Fury, Nightmare and Darkness. Vampire gives Jared a quick rundown on what it is going on before Azrael tells him to “Thank The Eye for me, since his actions freed me.”

Shadowlight [4] appears, promising to hold off Azrael.

Fury rushes a Defender who dodges, blasting Fury and sending him flying into a nearby building. Fury charges again, hitting Defender and knocking him around a bit. Defender hits back hard, and Fury is out. With a rush of adrenaline and a power surge in the suit Defender decks Nightmare in one blow.

Then Darkness approaches, transforming into a giant shadowy mass and lashing out in directions. Jared blasts him but it has little effect. Darkness hits out again, overwhelming Defender.

He wakes up a short time later. The horsemen are defeated but Azrael escaped and much of Northern Reach is ruined. Vampire volunteers to deal with the press and public, suggesting Jared goes home.

He does, finding his grandfather still out and out of reach by mobile. He phones his grandfather’s friends, who say that he left to return home. He stays awake all night.

About 10 Am Sunday morning he gets a phone call from Sarah, followed by an almost identical one from Casey, telling him to turn on the news. The coverage cuts to Amy Chang of Channel 5 news, who is on top of a building with Rampage, Gargoyle [5] and the actual leader of The Dragons. The Dragon issues his demand; Defender has 10 minutes to arrive and reveal his true identity to the world “or we will kill this man”, revealing Jared’s grandfather as a hostage.

[1] Rei Miyamoto has partially reptilian physiology due to an injection of the drug “Ambrosia”; this includes visible scales on her skin as well as the ability to spit acid. Sarah gained her powers the same way, as did the villain Rampage.
[2] A secret base under the nearby mountains destroyed at the end of Volume 1.
[3] “Death God”, the name is adopted by Japanese vigilantes willing to kill criminals.
[4] Norwegian magician. She is a member of the Guardians and utilises a highly corruptive form of magic.
[5] A thug and thief who uses a suit of power armour with a particularly monstrous appearance.
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Post by Flicker182 » Thu Jul 02, 2009 3:43 pm

I looked over the first post you made about the story a second ago. I understand why it feels as though it's a little less interesting now. Before, you put what day what happened, as though you were cataloguing the days of their lives. It made it feel more alive to me at least. Next came the fact that you described the elements of the fight. That added the excitement factor. Finally, you added things that were cool that happened in the game or games. That was really interesting to read, some of the stuff that was said. Again, just what I've noticed.

It's not that the story is bad, it's fine. Just, am saying that seemed to touch it up a bit. It gave it a personality that I think it's lost since you now exclude detailing what happened what day, the details of the fights, and the cool **** that happened this/these session/sessions.

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Post by blaster219 » Sat Jul 04, 2009 11:41 am

What happened in the last session, to the best of my memory. Some details might be in the wrong order, but the basic plot should be right.

Sunday Morning

After sleeping on the couch, waiting for his grandfather to come home, Jared is woken by his mobile ringing. It’s Sarah, telling him to turn the TV on to Channel 5. Seconds later, the landline rings as Casey calls to tell him the same thing. He turns it on to see Amy Chang’s live broadcast from atop the Liberty Tower in downtown Liberty City. Jared rushes out of the room, heading for the garage and activating the Battlesuit. He’s not thinking straight, he knows its probably a trap but the only thing that matters is getting grandpa out of there.

Meanwhile, there is a pop as Warp/Sarah teleports to the rooftop in an attempt to rescue Jared’s grandfather. Gargoyle is apparent waiting for this and as soon as she materialises, he backhands the girl sending her flying off the building and into a neighbouring office block.

As the leader of the Dragons rants to the camera about how the Defender has “declared war” on his gang, there is a sonic boom from overhead and Defender drops onto the rooftop. Slamming into it in a crouch and cracking the concrete creating a miniature crater.

“The Dragon” starts blaming Defender for what it is about to happen, after all he declared war first. Defender responds by accusing him of starting it by attacking North Edge High and abducting one of its students (referring to the incident where Rampage and some Dragons abducting Rei from the canteen).

“Foolish child, that has nothing to do with you. You started this conflict.”

“Nuh uh, you started it.” Taking a deep breath, Defender removes the Battlesuit’s helmet in full view of Amy Chang’s cameraman. “I may be a ‘child,’ but I’ve been kicking your gang’s ass since I was 14. Don’t think this little stunt is going to change that.”

With that, the gang leader unloads a massive chi blast at Jared. Although it barely scratched the armour, the force of the blast almost knocked him of the edge of the building, his feet creating gouges in the concrete as he was forced back. The gang leader nods Rampage and Gargoyle. Gargoyle picks up a surprised Amy Chang and throws her off the building, obviously in revenge for one of her stories on him. (Deep down, Jared probably sympathises and has fantasised about doing something similar).

Jared takes one look at his grandfather and leaps of the side of the building after her. He catches her, holding her tightly and launches a rope line from the wrist launcher, swinging down towards a balcony. Turning around he saw Gargoyle and Rampage begin to head down the side of the building towards the crowds watching below. Jared launches one of his implosion missiles at the flying supervillain (Gargoyle) but the thug twists out of the way.

A sixth sense makes Jared look up just in time to see the gang leader perched atop the building and launching a veritable barrage of chi blasts down towards the street. Biting back a curse, he quickly deactivates the safety’s on the suits particle beam and widens the bream spread to maximum, creating a horizontal field of energy 20 feet above the street; a makeshift forcefield. Although the suit quickly begins to overheat. The chi blasts strike the field creating a ripple of explosions across it. Had the field not been there, the casualties could have been tremendous. The crowd begins to flee. Rampage lands on the field and begins to batter at it, trying to break it. The implosion missile, which Gargoyle had ignored, streaks back out of the sky striking him in the back. Using the rope line, Jared ran down the side of the building Naruto style and begin charging towards Rampage.

Sarah picks herself up and pulls aside the wreckage she’s half buried in. “That hurt!” Using her telekinesis which seems to have been gaining in strength over the last few weeks, she picks up several chunks of debris and hurls it at Rampage. Gargoyle blasts at Jared, sending him flying. The impact stunning the hero and causing the particle beam to shut down, collapsing the force field.

At that moment, another friendly face appears, vampire. He launches himself into the fight aiming for Gargoyle. The gang leader rains down chi-flavoured death onto the street. Explosions are everywhere but thankfully, most of the civilians have fled. Sarah throws debris after debris at Rampage while Jared picks himself up of the floor. He fires several blasts from the particle beam at Rampage, but most barely make it through his thick hide.

Gargoyle is not having much luck against Vampire and is thrown to the floor as his flight jets are damaged. Vampire leaps onto him and attacks. His strike accidentally triggers the villains missile launcher and microrockets streak everywhere, narrowly missing Jared and Sarah.

Realising that the Chi blasts have stopped raining, Jared looks up and sees the gang leader step of the roof of the skyscraper, floating down. Growling, Jared launches a missile at the man, targeting him in the face. This man has made this personal, targeting his friends and the only family he has left; the “kid gloves” are off. As he said to the Eye earlier that week, “if there’s a hero handbook, then as far as these guys are concerned, I’m done following it.” The missile strikes the gang leader in the face, knocking him unconscious and causing his “feather fall” to fail. Jared turns his back on the plummeting gang leader to concentrate on Rampage. Thankfully for the gang leader, the Storm Dragon has been attracted by the chaos and catches him before he falls to his death, setting the unconscious man down on the floor.

Rampage catches one of the telekinetically thrown pieces of debris and throws it back at Sarah. As Jared tries to blast him again with his particle beam, the Storm Dragon causes the ground beneath Rampage to liquefy into quicksand. With the villain immobilised, Jared charges forward to try and tackle him. Unfortunately, Rampage pulls himself free at the last minute and he punches Jared. The blow stuns Jared, leaving him open for a followup attack. With all his strength, Rampage slams both his fists into Jared’s chest, knocking him out and sending the boy flying. It’s not over for him yet however; Jared hits the floor hard, landing on top of one of Gargoyle’s unexploded microrockets. There is an explosion from beneath him, shredding through the armour and causing it to disassemble into a cloud of silver nano-particles which settle on the floor and on top of Jared.

An Undetermined Amount of Time Later...

Very slowly, Jared open’s his eyes to find himself lying in a room in a great deal of pain. There is a man in a faded business suit sitting next to him. The man notices that he’s awake and goes to fetch the doctor. Jared passes out again.

Even later...

He wakes up in the same room, alone this time. The pain seems to be gone and he’s able to sit up. Looking around, Jared realises that he’s in a hospital room. Its a nice looking room too, filled with state of the art, expensive looking equipment. Checking himself out, he doesn’t find any obvious signs of injury so he gets up and goes over to the window. The room is quite high up and he can see Liberty Tower from here. The top three floors are in ruins, devastated by some sort of explosion. There are plumes of smoke from elsewhere in the city too.

The door behind him opens and a doctor walks in, a little surprised to see Jared walking about. Jared asks him about his grandpa and is relieved to find out that he’s safe. He asks if he can see him but the doctor says that might have to wait until after Mr Johnson speaks to him.

“Who’s Mr Johnson?”

“He’s with social services, he was here when you woke up earlier.”

“Oh ... wait a minute, what’s a social worker want with me?”

After ascertaining that Jared okay, if a little stiff, the doctor goes on to explain that his recovery is a little concerning given the injuries he was brought in with. Multiple bone fractures all over his body, several broken ribs, internal bleeding and second degree burns. Plus there seems to be deposits of metal in his body that are too regular in formation to be shrapnel.

After the doctor’s examination, Mr Johnson comes in. It’s not the first time that a superhero has turned out to be a minor, and it probably won’t be the last but there are procedures to be followed.

“Was it your decision to become Defender?”

“Er yeah.”

“You grandfather didn’t try to push you or force you into it?”

“NO! In fact he tried to talk me out of it.”

“Did he give you any training?”

“He taught me self-defence if that counts.”

“What about your father.”

Jared gives him a sidelong glance. “He was dead.”

“Sorry, but I have to ask these questions.”

“Look, what the hell is going on? Can I see grandpa now?”

“I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but given all the information, its possible that your grandfather may be charged with child neglect.”

Things didn’t get any better over the next few days either. He found out that he’d been suspended from school and it was highly likely that he would be “asked to leave.” His wasn’t allowed to see his grandfather, nor was he allowed to speak to him. An expert flown in from London told him that the metal in his body were the nanites from his suit. Somehow they had malfunctioned and infected him. Thankfully, they hadn’t done any damage and seemed to have stabilised somewhat. It would take a lot more work to discover what they were doing to him but it seemed that for now he wasn’t in any danger.

His friends were able to visit him, and Jared took the opportunity to apologise to them for getting them involved. He was most worried about Sarah. The she had teleportation powers had been known for a couple of weeks. People also knew that she was Jared’s girlfriend. People also knew that Defender was often seen working with a female super that could teleport. It didn’t take much for people to connect the dots.

A few days later, Mr Johnson returned with some “good news,” they’d found a school willing to take him. The Pryce Academy had agreed to give him a place now that he was technically considered a metahuman. Furthermore, since it was also a boarding school, he would have somewhere to stay (since they were’nt going to let him go home by himself).

The character's new stats can be found here which take into account the loss of the battlesuit and the new nanotech powers.
"Heroes get shot, stabbed, burned, bludgeoned, poisoned, infected, disintegrated, irradiated, electrocuted, exposed to vacuum and fall from great heights. Being a hero is a tough job."
- Alternity GMG, Chapter 6 (Damage and Injury)