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Postby Captain_Kirk » Thu Apr 29, 2010 8:47 am

I'd like to see a supplement of vehicles, detailling new rules and vehicles templates of all kind. The M&M core rulebook now serves, but is still very basic! Vehicles are not a constant in the comics, but for some heroes in particular, come to be a "icon"! What would Batman without his famous Batmobile? Outside his "batplane" too. Ghost Rider without your bike? And the X-Men without their Blackbird, that takes them to cosmic adventures once in a while? Of course, the Fantastic Four and the FantastiCar! And it has too the famous Wonder Woman's "Invisible Jet" , loved by some hated by others, which was ignored after Crisis on Infinite Earths, but then again, gone, returned ... Anyway ... The fact is that many super-heroes and some teams use vehicles from time to time, be simple bikes (as Robin and Nightwing), to super modified cars (Batman) to sail spacecraft to space (X-Men , Justice League, Fantastic Four ...).

In addition a vehicles Handbook could be generic enough to give room for adventures of Agents of Freedom (military vehicles, police cars, etc.), common vehicles (for generic modern adventures without superheroes), and action campaigns with "super-vehicle" based on classic shows of the 80s as Blue Thunder (a super police helicopter), Airwolf (a supersonic helicopter), Street Hawk (a super bike) and perhaps the most famous of which : Knight Rider (a super car)! Of course, Sci-Fi series also has its "super vehicles" too or do you think about the Enterprise of Captain Kirk is a "common little ship" ? And the Han Solo's highly modified Millennium Falcon? And anyone here remember the super-submarine Seaview from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea or even the futurist Seaquest from Seaquest DSV (90s TV series)?

I think it would be a nice generic supplement about vehicles, both for the adventures of superheroes same as for campaigns of all kinds and ages. Could also have older vehicles and campaigns for fantasy and medieval adventures like Warriors & Warlocks, as coaches, chariots, boats, sailing ships, galleons, also magic vehicles like airships and magic "astral vessels" (similar to astral ships and spelljammers from D & D 4th Edition).

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