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"You Already Posted to This Thread" Indicator

Postby Edymnion » Mon Apr 03, 2006 2:40 pm

Something that just drives me nuts on these boards.
There is no seperate graphic for a thread that you have responded to and one that you have not responded to (or at least I haven't noticed it if there is).

The WotC boards, for example, put a little arrow mark on the thread icon if you've replied to it, and it makes it so much easier to tell where you've been, and which threads you want to keep checking when you know for sure "Yes, this was a thread I found interesting, because I replied to it. I'm not the last post in the thread, so somebody else replied, time to check it again."

Seems like a simple fix, and I'll volunteer to create the graphic file for it if the board software didn't already come with it.
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