The Bat *ahem*, I mean Crime Computer!

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The Bat *ahem*, I mean Crime Computer!

Postby Roman Virtue » Tue Jan 24, 2006 11:52 am

I know we here at the boards ask alot of you guys already, and every suggestion we offer means more work, but I think this idea may be cool enough to be worth it;

Create a 'database' for anyone to submit villanous characters. I know we already have Roll Call, but my idea is something more along the lines of the old DC and Marvel writeups with a large picture next to information, name, height, weight, known powers, and a wrap sheet. We can include the game stats and make each entry a page in size and printable.

M&M could create the blank entry for the members to fill out and post with a picture they draw or create with some program. (kinda like combining the best of Mutant Art and Roll Call into a style that feels and looks like something a hero or team may be able to bring up on their 'Crime Computers'!

What do you think? Sadly, I have very little as far as computer skills, and can't offer much as way of support, but my brother is a very well known webdesigner and would definatly be able to put this together if you guys hire him (yep, I'm trying to pimp my brother out).

Anyway, just a thought...

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