Grue Invasion Adventure

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Re: Grue Invasion Adventure

Postby mortarion » Mon Apr 24, 2006 8:15 am

Kit wrote:From Steve's Freedom City 2e timeline: "The Grue Unity launches an invasion of Earth. The Freedom League and its allies—including numerous reserve and inactive members—manage to hold off the alien fleet. Chase Atom defeats the Grue Meta-Mind in psychic combat with the aid of the Moonstone and Earth's gathered psychics and mystics. Star Knight officially joins the Freedom League following the invasion."

This is the sort of Big Event that people love in comics with lots of heroes facing lots of threats related to the Big Event. Any possibility of such a thing being released by GR? Either as a Super Vision feature or a pdf or actual print module? Myself, I'm envisioning something like the Green Man Super Vision module as being ideal.

This I would pay for :D
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Postby HG » Mon Apr 24, 2006 8:47 pm

One of my upcoming characters is a Grue, called Assimilator. He is a nemesis for Pseudo. He is similiar but unable to be a rogue Grue, as he is in fact an aspect of the Meta-Mind. Once i'm ready to release my characters you'll get a look at him, but he is pretty cool. He has a cool twist I added to him too which if you see the character you'll understand.

I mentioned this cuz he is directly useable in the Grue Invasion adventure. Think of him as a herald of doom and infiltrator supreme.

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