Show your math...!

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Show your math...!

Post by Scholz »

Sometimes I feel like trying figure out the costs for powers using the examples of sample characters is like the reverse engineering job done in the movie GalaxyQuest: "they did it, so it must be possible."
This can be especially frustrating when the numbers do not add up.

So... I will offer a time-consuming (from your and Steve's POV) but ultimately time saving solution. The point break down for every power should be shown (or at least the total cost for each power/skill/feat/ability etc).

Ex 1.
POWERS [45pp]: Energy Blast 10 ranks (20pp) [Extra Area(+1x10ranks) (10pp] Sub-Total 30pp, Flight 5 ranks (10pp) [Extra SuperFlight (+1x5ranks) (5pp)] Sub-Total = 15pp

or at least

Ex 2.
POWERS [45pp]: Energy Blast 10 ranks [Extra: Area] (30pp), Flight 5 ranks [Extra: Super Flight] (15pp)

This would make our lives so much easier. And if there is a miscalculation or error, it will be easy to spot and correct.
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