Star Trek Into Darkness [May 17, 2013]

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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness [May 17, 2013]

Postby BARON » Sun Sep 01, 2013 5:35 pm

It's a very slow burn for me: after the 2009 Star Trek I gave JJ the benefit of the doubt. I'm a lifelong Star Trek fan. I know what Star Trek is and when it's good. I've watched some pretty terrible Star Trek and I've watched stuff that's tried to be good, but isn't really Star Trek. The 2009 reboot fell into the category, for me, of stuff that's tried to be good, but isn't really Star Trek. I still was okay with it because the point was to reinvigorate it and make it attractive for new fans. It's a suit Star Trek has never really worn successfully before; this was fresh stuff at the time.

I said, "okay. the next one should be actual Star Trek. You set it up. You can do the real thing now, or... it can be even less authentic."

four years later, he does Into Darkness. Oy vey. It's like he tried to recapture what the first film was and it ended up being a complete waste of time. Two films in and you're still telling us a story about Kirk and Spock becoming their familiar selves. Two films in out of THREE, folks, and you're wasting our time with a Wrath of Khan tribute film that does nothing except set up what the first film was supposed to already set up.

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