I'm new here

Discuss anything vaguely M&M related here, such as comics, movies, and action figures.
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I'm new here

Postby Raziere » Tue Mar 04, 2014 2:16 pm

Greetings everyone.

I'm new here. I'm twenty, a real big anime nerd, who also likes roleplaying a lot, particularly high-powered characters with niche or strange powers, so superheroes-and of course M&M-are right up my alley. while I like Marvel Comics, I only have a few Ultimate beginning stuff and a couple Deadpools, but I also have things like Transmetropolitan, V for Vendetta and the classic Watchmen.

I'm hoping to have a good time on here, just be warned, I like over-the-top and overkill things. I'm so TTGL I have Kamina sunglasses. Harry Dresden, Iron Druid Chronicles and Mistborn trilogy rank among my favorite books in my big fantasy novel collection (with some sci-fi books for taste). I'm glad I can finally register and be here everybody.

I wasn't sure where I was supposed to introduce myself, so if I've done something wrong by posting this, let me know.

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