The Oktobermen by Vigilance Press

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The Oktobermen by Vigilance Press

Post by monele » Thu Jun 20, 2013 5:20 am

Hi there, I've received the print version recently and started reading. I have a few mechanical questions for the first characters.

Floating Skull has his variable Curses as a Reaction. But Reaction to what? I keep seeing powers with Reaction in many publishings, including Green Ronin ones, but no indication of when they trigger. Was it meant to be obvious?

Bookbinder's Check Required limitation looks interesting but I'd like to make sure I get it right. Since she has Skill Mastery, and as indicated in the descriptive text, she can use a Routine Check for some of her powers like Teleport. Considering her skill ranks, she ends up with a 25 routine result (15+10), meaning she's 9 above the DC of 15, meaning she effectively has Teleport 9 most of the time, right?
Now, if she wants to reach Teleport 13 or anywhere in-between, she needs to roll, but risks getting a low roll too. Ignoring the 1 which would be an automatic failure, she could get from Teleport 2 (roll of 2 + skill 15 = 17, beats DC of 15 by 2) to her maximum, the whole range basically.
Am I right on all this so far?
Finally, let's say she rolls a 4, meaning she can use Teleport 4. Since her power has Limited to Extended, I interpret this as her only being able to teleport a distance of rank 4+8, 12, or 16 miles. Let's say she hopes to teleport way beyond (thus her rolling), how would you play that? Does she simply fail and remain where she is, or does she end up near a book about 15 miles away, quite far from her intended destination? I'm going to guess this may be up to GM fiat, depending on the needs of the plot but I'm still curious :)

As for some of her other powers:

- Her Post/Precognition through books is limited by "appropriate book". What's appropriate for what? Does she need a book about WWI to look in the past of that era? How would she look in the future then? Would she need a book on the topic she's interested in such as a book about Presidents of the USA allowing her to see who's going to be the next President? I'm also assuming the other books she uses (Bookbinding/Summon) are fictional. Do these have any use with Post/Precognition?

- Bookbinding is a really interesting power and it's rather amazing that it is actually stated out. That said, it seems very much like a plot-power to me, especially in its ability to remove PCs from fights (and not just!) for a possibly long period of time, and for the fact resisting it is based on "solving" the stories, which sounds like whole adventures in itself. What did the authors have in mind for this power?

All that said, I'm really enjoying this team of very interesting characters. Love the relationship chart.