[Misfit Studios] Cyclops and Gibbering Mouther Now Available

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[Misfit Studios] Cyclops and Gibbering Mouther Now Available

Postby Steve Conan Trustrum » Wed Jan 15, 2014 1:35 pm

Misfit Studios presents a double shot of mayhem today for its Manual of Mutants & Monsters product line

The Tragic Story of the Cyclops


The product of an unknown, tragic history that saw their once-great civilization crumble and left them with the curse of being able to see the future of their own death, these solitary beings may still retain the knowledge of creating powerful artifacts that harness lightning. There are also legends of larger, grander variations of cyclops known as elders who have released themselves from the shackles of their curse and retain the ability to wield lightning.

Buy it now.

Madness Awaits with the Gibbering Mouther


Of unknown origins, these predators stalk dark tunnels in search of food, their babbling driving anyone within earshot mad long enough for the beast to close and drain it of blood.

Buy it now.
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