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Re: Details of the Betterverse

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Golders Green Guardians:

The Guardians are one of the more well-known London-based teams, with most of them being powered by supernatural means.

They are the main reason London has much fewer supernatural nasties like vampires and cultists running around compared to other major cities, as the team's usual method when they encounter such threats is to give them exactly one chance to surrender or die, and most of their opponents are arrogant enough to think they can take them. They usually allow just one survivor so they can go and tell the rest of their kind just who did this to them, and also to say that London is off-limits to all who would dare exploit the occult for petty and selfish ends, or who would dare prey upon the innocent. Even the Ministry of Powers knows to call them if anything "weird" pops up.

The Ministry of Powers actually has an... understanding with the Guardians. The Guardians help the Ministry with the supernatural whenever they ask, and in return, the Ministry tends to be more understanding when the Guardians kill a supernatural threat. The Ministry is fully aware that some threats that the Guardians fight just can't listen to reason at all, to the point that killing them is often the only effective way to prevent them from threatening the country. The Guardians know that they have a good thing going, and aren't about to give the Ministry any reason to doubt them.

The last time a necromancer was crazy enough to hit London, he had the idea of first going south-west to Brookwood in Surrey, which has Britain's largest cemetery, in order to raise a large enough horde of zombies to start with. The Guardians made absolutely sure that there was nothing left of him but ashes, in order to prevent him from coming back.

Group Members

    Dr. Jane Green is their leader and scientist. She has the metahuman ability of an enhanced nervous system, which allows her to think and react faster than normal. An Oxford lady who graduated with distinction, she particularly likes to stick it to any supers from Cambridge.The Ministry are a bit nervous about her habit of vivisecting any non-human threat who she takes alive, but they don't argue with the fact that she knows more about supernatural biology than anyone else on Earth.

    Michael Cohen AKA The Golem is the team's powerhouse. He wears an enchanted amulet that allows the wearer become as large and as strong as the Golem of Jewish legend. From his early days as a higher-grade yob, he knows what's going on in London's underworld.

    Sakura Fubuki was empowered as a priestess by no less than Amaterasu Omikami, the most well-known and most respected of the Amatsukami (Japanese pantheon). As a result, Sakura has control over light to the point where she can bend light to become invisible or simply create daylight out of nowhere, even at midnight. She also serves as the team's mythology specialist. She was quite surprised when the Griffin of London managed to be the first to prove that pegasi and unicorns do exist and make it a matter of public record.

    Spindle was attacked and turned into a drider against her will, and she wants a word with whoever was responsible. She serves the team as their stealth expert. She can assume human form, but she must be in her drider form for 12 consecutive hours a week to maintain any control over her transformation.

    The Red Mage is a rare hybrid of being both an elemental magician and an expert swordsman. His enchanted sword is called Spellblade, and he can deal elemental damage with it and deal more lethal blows than usual.

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