Flight 4400

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Flight 4400

Post by Cold Steel » Thu Oct 04, 2012 8:03 pm

This is something i've been cooking up:

On April 4 at 4:44 PM, Trans-Oceanic International Flight 4400 from London to Atlanta, GA experienced a total power loss lasting roughly 444 seconds resulting in an emergency landing in Athens. The 440 passengers and crew all miraculously survived the crash though not all of them came out unscathed.

But the event changed them in more ways than one.

On the passenger list (so far):

Noora Laine - Food and restaurant critic
Norbert Franks - Janitor who had won a raffle for free airline tickets, unaware he is to be the main course in a feast planned by a cannibalistic cult.
Wendell Olsen - Meth dealer and smuggler. Vanished in a streak of flame
Jacob Castle - Fanboy on his way to attend a comic book convention. He was the most seriously injured in the crash when doused with burning fuel while near Olsen
Sanjeev Pashwara - Technician with a appetite for human flesh following Franks, a victim chosen at random to be Sanjeev's first kill and "dinner"...
Carol Molloy - An elementary school teacher returning home from vacation with her family. Rendered into a coma, she was rushed to an Athens hospital
Isabella Riveria - Trauma specialist from Spain attending a medical conference in Atlanta

More to come...
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Re: Flight 4400

Post by Damren » Sat Oct 06, 2012 2:07 pm

I'm no aviator, but wouldn't a total power loss of over seven minutes pretty much down a plane that large? As in crash, not emergency landing? Just curious.