Earth 13 (DCA)

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Earth 13 (DCA)

Post by PhelanMahoney » Sat Sep 01, 2012 8:51 pm

In some ways I just can't leave well enough alone. I have some weird ideas for a Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition DC Adventures for what I am calling Earth 13 (aka Earth M) because "M" is the 13th letter of the alphabet and is the first letter in my actual first name, Michael, as well as the first letter in the word Menagerie. I'm going to be using this as the basis of my own fan fiction as well. It has ties to both Arkham City and No Man's Land in its inspirations and story-line.

The city state of Gotham is officially a territory of the United States but beholden to no state other than itself. It is for the most part cut off from the rest of country save for Metropolis with whom it shares a bridge that serves as its sole connection physically to the rest of the country. Metropolis is in a similar state to monitor Gotham to make sure things don't get too out of hand. Officially the Governor of Gotham is Hugo Strange and is a political appointee by President Lex Luthor rather than a truly elected official.

Gotham is more or less a prison colony for super villains so more than Batman's Rogues Gallery with Amanda Waller and Jim Gordon jointly in charge of security for the area. Amanda still runs the Suicide Squad as a black ops force that is America' dirty secret and sent on missions to enforce Luthor's will and protect American interests around the world. Jim Gordon is in charge of the Knights which is essentially a paramilitary police force.

Officially Batman is listed as an inmate of Gotham due to a kangaroo court trial where he was convicted in abesntia for the murder of Lois Lane, a charge that Superman himself swears is false. But then again Superman knows the charge is false because he knows in his heart of hearts, that Lois was killed on Luthor's order by Deadshot but he has no way of proving that. Wonder Woman has been consoling him and they building a relationship as a result.

Back in Gotham, Bruce Wayne still operates as the Batman and does his best to bring justice despite the fact that he is officially labeled a murderer by the rest of the country despite the facts of the matter. He is aided by Oracle, Nightwing, Bat Girl (Stephanie Brown), Red Robin, Robin, Catwoman, the Birds of Prey, the Outsiders and the Menagerie.The Menagerie is anew team of my own making consisting of chimeras and includes his own mutated son, the Troll who became a 10' human/wolf/bear hybrid after he and his sister rescued Bat Girl from Black Mask and was experimented on with a version of the process Penguin was using to create his own chimeras for his gladiatorial games.

Michael Wayne survived the process but his sister Martha did not which provides him with some guilt and colors a lot of his thinking even if his mother, Selina, does not and is still proud of her child. Bruce is also proud of Troll and continues to support him with only Damien giving him static but Robin and Troll do not get along for a variety of reasons but to his credit Michael does his best to only verbally destroy his half-brother as he can easily kill the other and his other brother Tim has a bet going on with Dick on how long it will take till Troll hospitalizes Robin after Damien pushes Michael too far. The fact that he can only verbally hurt Troll twists a knife in Damien's dark heart as physically he is fully aware that there is no way he can beat his brother in a straight up fight and even most of the underhanded tactics his mother, Talia taught him as a member of the League of Assassins fail him utterly when dealing with Troll.

Wayne Enterprises scientist secretly working for Penguin under blackmail perfected a means of fusing human and animal DNA together in a way that even they don't fully understand. But it makes chimeras that can breed true. Batman suspects that some kind of magic might be involved and the head of the scientists that worked on the project is a man that is even more obese than Penguin named Einstein Moreau who was fired by Wayne but subsequently employed by Cobblepot and took the formula for creating chimeras with him illegally as part of his contract.

Other members of the Menagerie include Kitsune, a fox woman who is actually a real Japanese fox spirit that was trapped in a human body but has taken over her host and is now a mystical super hero, loyal to Batman and Catwoman and in love with their son, thus while she is a prankster of the highest order her heart is in the right place and is actually trying to atone for some things she did back in Japan. Pooka is a female rabbit shape shifter much like Plastic Man or Mrs. Incredible who has to occasionally has to fend off advances from Marauder, a raccoon with few powers outside of his natural abilities as a chimera. Snapper is a kind of a throwback to the classic quartet in that he is a turtle with martial arts abilities, but unlike them he is specifically a snapping turtle.

I am also creating a couple of new villains for this and revamping at least one old villain. New for this series, the campaign is going to be structured as much as I can like a late night cable cartoon, will be the March Hare, and if I have to explain what he's going to be all about you the reader need to go back and familiarize yourself with Batman's rogue's gallery. One villain I know I am redoing for my purposes, and fortunately for me was not touched on by either book of Heroes and Villains, is Maxie Zeus in that I am remaking him as a batelsuit villain with an electrical them and a God complex who has his own flying fortress zeppelin in addition to his casino.