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Jeremy St. James is a self affirmed "trustafarian", a trust fund child who inherited a modest fortune and turned it into one of the biggest fortunes the world has ever seen. He used to say it was the only thing he was good at, earning money. He understood investments, he understood markets and he understood politics, but had virtually no ambition for politics for himself. Instead he focused his efforts in doing the thing he felt was the most fun - being a super hero.

It's not surprising to anyone to find out that St. James was not good at it. His minor powers aloud him to be faster, stronger and hardier than the average man, but what he had in ability he lacked in both talent and skill. He was active in LA and Miami in the 60's and 70's but never made much of an impression. He simply wasn't good enough, and frequently found himself on the receiving end of a beating from a villain. Later he would say he protected the world by letting villains beat on his face. For him it was only cold consolation.

Things took a far more tragic turn in the 80's when, after he hung up his costume for what he thought was for good, his brother was murdered by the hands of the Rodriguez Cartel in San Bernardino County. Jeremy , now in his forties, began his most convincing turn as a super powered individual, but it came at the cost of his turning far more violent than he ever had before. This caused several heroes to turn against him, which resulted in several surprising super battles across Los Angeles and caused a lot of property damage.

Once the head of the Rodriguez Cartel was in jail, he hung up his costume and promised to never put it on again. Since then he's just about fallen off the face of the map. He's still wanted in the state of California for wanton property damage, and some of his holdings there are being held. Still the majority of his fortune lies in Swiss Banks and Carribean safe havens.
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