Resident Evil + your favorite comic universe

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Resident Evil + your favorite comic universe

Postby Claire Redfield » Mon Nov 28, 2011 11:59 am

Something I whipped up for some games a while back was an alternate Marvel Universe where the creation of some heroes and villains was the work of the villainous Umbrella Corporation. Umbrella is attempting to create the ultimate bio-weapons, particularly super-soldiers, ostensibly to sell to the highest bidder, but in truth to beget a new race of gods. Some examples might be human-animal hybridization experiments, creating Spider-Man, or perfecting humanity (creating Captain America). Here are some more defined examples:

Captain America (Chris Redfield)
After the Raccoon City incident, it became clear to the U.S. Government that they were dealing with things no humans could match in battle. The bio-weapons of Umbrella and similar groups were terrible, so it would take a new breed of soldier to fight them. Having seen the carnage of Umbrella's evil firsthand, Chris volunteered for the so-called "super-soldier" experiments conducted by the U.S. Army. They attempted to create the perfect soldier to fight the creations of Umbrella, and they succeeded, but enemy super-soldier Albert Wesker corrupted their data and killed their chief scientist. Chris was the only one to undergo Project: Rebirth, and he vowed to never stop until Wesker and the others like him were brought to justice. Donning the colors of the flag and wielding an unbreakable shield, Chris Redfield became Captain America, taking a stand for truth, justice and the American Way!

Spider-Woman (Claire Redfield)
Claire Redfield lost her parents young, leaving her older brother Chris to raise her. She worked hard to excel in school, but her youth and lingering anger over the deaths of her parents led her to rebel. She fell in with a bad crowd, a biker gang whose antics drew the attention of Albert Wesker. Realizing the girl's relation to his hated enemy, Wesker kidnapped Claire for the sweetest revenge: turn her into the newest bio-weapon to kill her own brother! He combined her DNA with that of a spider, attempting to create a monstrous hybrid, but something went wrong for him and right for Claire: the spider powers adapted themselves to her human form, rather than changing her into a spider. With newfound senses and the proportionate speed and strength of a spider, Claire escaped and returned to her brother. She decided to use her new powers to help in the fight against Umbrella, but to keep her identity a secret from others who might want to hurt Chris, she adopted the identity of the amazing Spider-Woman.

Batman (Chris Redfield)
When Chris Redfield lost his parents to bio-terrorism, he vowed to combat such corporations as Umbrella wherever they surfaced. Chris joined the BSAA, but secretly knew he had to become something more than that, as corporations like Umbrella operated in the shadows of fear. It would take something more than human to oppose the inhuman experiments conducted in the darkness of Gotham, so Chris used his connections to become the Batman. Where a mere soldier has operate by rules and by orders, the Batman strikes in the night without warning. When BSAA operatives gather intelligence on bio-terrorist activities, it's the Batman that hits them hardest.

Catwoman (Jill Valentine)
Jill Valentine is the greatest cat-burglar in the world, having trained in the arts of thievery since she was a child, as well as acrobatics and martial arts. The so-called "Master of Unlocking" stalks the streets of Gotham, preying on the rich and occasionally helping the underprivileged like a modern day Robin Hood. She works for thrills rather than a need for money. Her many encounters with Batman are as often romantic as they are adversarial.

Albert Wesker is a genius scientist currently at the head of the Umbrella Corporation's vile experiments. An experiment subject himself, Wesker was enhanced in the womb with the Progenitor Virus, allowing him to reach potential few could match, physically and mentally. Later, in Raccoon City, he would inject himself with another experimental virus, this one granting him super-strength and super-speed. Killing his former master, Wesker took over the Corporation's vast resources and now employs them in a bid to destroy his old foe Chris Redfield and stand at the pinnacle of a new world order.

Plenty of room for more fun interpretations. What are some of yours? What are some that we can add to the ones I've done above? Jill as the Black Cat? Leon could also be Spider-Man and Ada the Black Cat, but I like Spider-Woman, too.
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