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"Silver Mind, history lesson, go!"

"Look, I can't give you exact details here, it happened in 2011 Mz. R.S, and I wasn't in the best of states at such a time, but how it went down was this: The Good Man did his best, yeah? But the Practical Man had this big idea, yeah? He figured he'd unlock, you know, people's Knacks. Everyone, all over the whole world. See, but he wasn't a nice guy, at all, and he was more than willing to bring the ruin over us all just to get that to happen.

So here he is, with his big machine or whatever, yeah? And the Good Man gets the drop on him, but it's not enough, all the switches are already flicked, the pistons are firing and the sigils are glowing sick sinister. So the Good Man gives the Practical Man a one-two and the story goes they both died right as the thing went off and changed the world for ever, you with me?

Now you'd think this change slow, but no, a green light show covered the world, killed the most of us off, yeah? I mean, I knew people, yeah? Friends, family, distant people I'd talk to over signals and blips, and let me tell you, they just faded away under this green light. Those of us that were left, we changed, got what we'd consider at the time to be disfigured, nothing wrong with being green or blue obviously, but before, well, you've seen pictures. Now, we also got the Knacks, something you didn't really see much of before, now, we all had it. I'll be honest, at first, every damn person used these abilities for there own damned gain. We were frightened, alone, lost. I guess not too much has changed since…hey, but you kids are alright, so there's that, yeah?

Which leaves us with the now, the much more important now, so Mz. R.S, tell an old man about tomorrow."



1. Everyone has one major and one minor Knack. For majors, it'd be some great ability like say, manipulating fire or being superhumanly tough. For the minor, stuff like healing rapidly in water or the ability to speak to crows. No two knacks should ever have some kind of thematic link! Not once! As an example, picture a guy that can move at incredible speeds and also, as a side trick, can cause his opponents to loose balance with his beautiful voice.

2. All the people everywhere have weird skin tones, hair and eyes. Tongues too. Rainbow people. Maybe for some their skin is even striped or their hair changes colour with their moods. A few of them might have gills or antenna or whatever. They look mostly human though, except, well, those that don't.

3. The world as they knew it ended in 2011, civilisation is down.

The main surviving technologies are will-powered motorbikes, wind-up disaster radios and the broadcasting towers, personal force fields that allow people to survive usually lethal damage, the manufacture of leather gear and six chamber revolvers.

The weather can be strange at times, but it's no desert, not everywhere anyway. Some times the wind has a mind of it's own. In some places gravity acts funny. Radiation levels can be pretty bad in some parts of the old globe.

4. Current time is 20XX. Everyone has a Nick to go with their Knacks, traditional names are all washed up and these Nicks are always two words that represent a person, be it their Knacks, skills or personality. Have a few examples, on the house: Blind Bat, Trace Step, Rocket Wrench, Prancer Blue.

5. People live in towns mostly, some even fairly large and well organised. With laws even. But outside these towns live gangs with names like the Viper Headed Queens and the Dead Fast Club.

6. Besides everyone being out and out dangerous, there are plenty of monsters lurking around ready to turn up the heat. Mostly ex-people kinda things, think zombies with acidic spit and things that might've been dogs once if you squint a little.

7. No one knows, or dares to say, the real names of the Good Man and the Practical Man.

8. In some distant place some kind of corporation is running things like a tight ship, but it'll never come around here, here being wherever the corporation isn't yet. They call the thing Future Plus.

9. If you haven'y got a force of will powered bike, a Syke, and you plan on taking on the barbaric gangs outside your town, you may as well go home.

Hold it! You're wondering what all this is, well, its a setting I'm thinking about making for Mutants and Masterminds, set after a comic book apocalypse.
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Misery Town

Home base to our would be "champs", a catch-all term for anyone that tries to do some good for no good reason.

Misery Town, "Jewel of Nowhere", is what passes for a major metropolitan area in a place called Nowhere. It's stuck between a mountain and a pretty clean lake surrounded by sparse forest, which makes it defendable and rich in the remaining resources of the land.

It's roughly divided by four ruling houses, who make a good job of running the place almost like a democracy, between attempts to destroy each other for more complete, tyrannical control.

The four zones of Misery are as follows:

The Bloat Quarter, the housing district, a place made up of cramped apartment blocks, which usually have stuff built off them, tin can warehouses, tents and box-dens jutting out the little space between.
Currently ruled over by Injection Teeth of Bloat House, who got the job for his dad, who got it from his dad. His rule is absolute, everybody works for old Teeth.

The Waterfront Quarter, the docks and trade posts, things that half way seem like businesses and home of the elite… by the standards of the post-apocalyptic dregs. A number of these elites have attempted to bring culture to Misery, some more successful than others, but there is a theatre and a few different shows doing the rounds, stuff like magicians and dancers.
It's run by Cruel Cat and his crew of rather eloquent leg breakers, having taken out the previous thugs many years before. He's still considered the new guy among the leaders.

The Old Quarter, which crawls up the mountain, is the place of industry, used to be mining, but its moved on to anything from forestry to manufacture. It's covered in a thick fog, over hung by smog and is generally one Hell of a moody place. Crime here is considered the worse in town, in truth the crime here is just of the most blatant kind, violence. The Old Quarter has old rules, and things are settled with fists.
The leader around here is Victory Bitch, who acts as the leader of the remaining mining squads and chief of police all in one. She clings on to some old values, and dresses her men up all blue and starry.

The Pale Quarter, named so because of the pale wood used to build the place, it's like it's own enclosed mini-town, which it is really, having been built way after the rest of the place by a bunch of settlers and a host of people that were sick of Bloat's end. Here is a place of little shops, stalls and those that make there way on their own skills, like carpenters and clothes makers. It's kinda nice, but rarely policed.
The Pale Quarter is run by a group of elders from the original settlers family lines, usually about seven of them. They don't get much done, but their heart is in the right place.

Well that's Misery for you, for now at least.
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Terminology, slang and stuff:

I think it'll make the setting more interesting if the people in it sling around the odd bit of lingo. Unsorted and random at the moment. Gonna be up-dated a lot, bare with me.

The country which is frankly not overly sure where it is any more, ruled over by warlords and gangsters.

Misery Town
The finest town in Nowhere, which says a lot.

Mount Mega-Do
The snow topped mountain that Misery was founded on. It likely didn't exist before the Wave.

Lake Luckless
The not too acidic lake next to Misery Town.

Champs: Protags, Underwear Perverts, Mayflies, and rarely, Champions
People who go out of their way to make Nowhere a better place. Usually crazy. Drop like flies.

Time Wells
Places which time is slower, or faster, that usual.

Gravity Orbs
Places where gravity is all wonky.

Hot Spots
Places where radiation from the Wave is still present, which means burns and monsters, mostly.

The Meta-Modification Wave: The Wave, The Big Green, Memow, The Wake Up Call, The Possibility Storm
The Wave was an eruption of sheer power that covered the world during 2011, causing billions, if not more, to die. Those that survived gained super human abilities and a visage that reflects them.

Thought-form: Dream-scum, Teffs, The Nightmare People, Never-born, Unpeople
Thought-forms are strange creations caused by the Wave, half-real, often near mindless, they are seemingly pulled straight from people's dreams. They are a rarity now, though some of the stronger unpeople still lurk in the dark far from well protected towns and gang camps and can others still be created at hot spots of radioactively.

Ruhiger: Stalkers, Shadow Men, Apparitions, Pin-Pricks, Slashers
One of the most dangerous thought-forms, these usually appear as mute, faceless men in black or shambling leather-faced marauders. They feed primarily on fear, enjoying the chase far more than the catch, often letting their victim go in order to spread the fear. Once confronted however they are rarely weak, able to take blows that would kill most mortal men.

Natfang: Vampires, Ghouls, Velvets, Deep Drinkers, Dracs
A particular breed of thought-form, most human in appearance, as the standards go, that are capable of mimicking language and emotion. They feed on people to stay alive, often absorbing heat, drinking blood or feeding on abstract concepts like joy or a person's force of will. They dissipate if they go without feeding for too long, they may also hold weakness the original dreamer, or they themselves, think they should hold.

Grotesians: Thingies, Flesh Creepers, Whisps, No-Nots, Gutsies
A catch all term for thought-forms that arrive un processed and half-made. Think a creature made of legs, a set of eyes that inhabit a wall, a memory of a guy who had his face blown off given life. They're short lived and often act like the traditional view on ghosts, they walk through walls, wail and move in patterns, never stopping to take anything in or learn.

Future Plus
A distant rumour and the occasional helicopter on the horizon.
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Now, just some character ideas/names to amuse myself with!

Victory Bitch
Descendant of a member of some kind of attack squad, she's an explosive patriot to a dead nation.

Silver Mind
A mushroom man who once spent his days doing nothing at all, after the Wave he became one of the first champs in Nowhere. He's something like immortal, he just grows back.

River Skies
Something like a sidekick to Silver Mind, when she isn't out on her own, she moves freely, seeing the folly of matter. To others, this just comes across as superhuman speed and teleportation.

Now, I shall take a deep breathe!

Machine Mouth
Tough Love
Crazy Hornet
Core Tempo
Neon Nightmare
Mud Trap
Stunt Spasm
Electric Revulsion
Rocky Animal
Dread Coin
Laser Palm
Adrenaline Beast
Cruise Control
Valentine Rose
Happy Torch
Blind Bat
Red Thread
Final Curtain (Corrosive, lethal Batman?)
Rapture Raven (renegade religious Robin?)
Salt Wound
Bloody Sorrow
Albino Black
Ember Flags
Hollow Tree
Cruel Cat
Top Deck
Metal Morales
Glass Glimmer
Beautiful Coil
Clouded Accident
Gravity Ghost
Dawn Dyke
Limelight Eternal (arch-adversary to Silver Mind? equally immortal?)
Broken Jellyfish
Dirty Spectrum (power ranger cowboy? yes!)
Bubble Bomb
Crocodile Patience
Noon Dust
Evening Crane
Pistol Shine
Little Lost
Falling Star
Mountain Baby
Injection Teeth
Blizzard Bastard
Calcium Fever
Acrobatic Aquatic
Rotten Heart
Powder Brute
Skinny Ink
Drum Destroy

Man I bet all of those guys are nuts.
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I have no idea what this is but I like it. Don't let it drop off the front page!

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All kinds of genius. More challenging than the usual superheroic pap; I like it!

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I'm going to attempt to contact you with my mind power Smiler! Ommmmmmm!

Did you ever go anywhere with this?