ANGEL BAY (A [2e] World of Freedom Setting)

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Re: ANGEL BAY (A [2e] World of Freedom Setting)

Post by Smiler » Sat Sep 17, 2011 5:54 am

Hey, good work so far!

I was thinking, and it's just an idea, but since the Arch-Angels are aligned to cardinal directions in some beliefs, why not name each quarter after one?

It's said to go:

North for Uriel
East for Raphael
West for Michael
South for Gabriel

Even if you don't name each side after them, you could theme it a little, make the south the place of communications, since he's a messenger, maybe put the army barracks to the west, since Michael is the warrior. Stuff like that.

Carry on! I wanna see more of the bay. :D
Smile with me!

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Re: ANGEL BAY (A [2e] World of Freedom Setting)

Post by XLS » Sun Oct 02, 2011 12:33 am


Genoa Beach
Genoa Beach was founded in the early twentieth century by Bepe de Liguria, an Italian immigrant who envisioned his development as a resort town for ex-pat Europeans looking to reside in the States. Thus, much of the architecture and feel of the district has a distinct Old World feel to it, with narrow streets and elaborate palazzos throughout.

During the prohibition era, much of Genoa Beach fell under the control of Massimo Gadotti, a crime boss from Naples who made a fortune running speakeasies and gambling establishments that catered to both the old money elites who had come to Angel Bay from Europe, as well as the rising stars in the entertainment industry, who had quickly become rich from their work on the silver screen. Once prohibition was lifted, Gadotti expanded his reach into extortion, and was quick to snuff out any rivals who tried to broach on his gambling establishment. The Gadotti family ultimately fell thanks to the intervention of various "mystery men" and its power split into various factions.

Today, Genoa Beach has largely maintained its Old World feel, though some of the newer homes that have gone up along its ocean front promenade have embraced newer architectural styles. The beach itself has adopted a personality all its own beginning in the 60's, and passers by on the boardwalk can be treated to any number of carnival-like hucksters selling wares and offering services (some more respectable than others). It is an odd juxtaposition to have such a setting only a stone's throw from the fabulous houses of the rich and famous, but such is life in Genoa Beach.

Further in from the water, Genoa Beach has several luxury hotels, and a number of high end restaurants. Milano's, run by the famous chef Lucio Milano, is among the most expensive and prestigious dining destinations in all of Angel Bay, and on any given night, more than a few popular movies stars, producers, professional athletes, and politicians can be seen. Genoa Beach is also the home to Ion Motors, a high-end car company that specializes in manufacturing sports cars using "green" technology. There are only a few Ion dealerships in the world, and their cars are among the fastest and most expensive in the world. Recent reports are that Alan Moscovitch, the founder of Ion Motors, has started acting irrationally, and there are doubts about the future of the company.

Points of Interest
Genoa Beach boardwalk
Ion Motors

Santa Ynez
Santa Ynez is actually a municipality independent from Angel Bay, and many locals take offense when others (often visitors) assume that the former is just a part of the city. The beachfront city is located along the Pacific ocean, north of Genoa Beach.

The city was originally part of a large 40,000 acre ranch owned by the Molina family in the late 1800's. Xavier Molina eventually sold most of his land to Col. Don Doyle in 1890, who promptly sectioned off his holdings and formed the town of Santa Ynez. Doyle had hoped to lure shipping business away from Angel Bay by investing a considerable sum in the Santa Ynez pier. His investment didn't pay off, however, when political pressure and back room dealings kept the Angel Bay docks as the primary shipping hub in the area. Doyle eventually declared bankruptcy and died penniless.

Santa Ynez nevertheless was a popular destination for tourists as well as for movies stars to escape some of the entertainment press of Angel Bay. The pier-- for decades a blight on the otherwise magnificent beachfront landscape-- became an amusement park, with rides, shops, and arcades, all of which helped revive the town's economy.

As Angel Bay grew, it eventually enveloped Santa Ynez and, on a few occasions, it tried to merge the two. The Santa Ynez citizenry stood fast, however, and to this day, it remains an independent city. Today, Santa Ynez is home to executives and movie stars and it is a mixture of very affluent, single-family neighborhoods, renters, surfers, young professionals, and students. There is a distinct arts vibe in the city, and the strength of the local Santa Ynez College is on the visual and performing arts.

One popular hotspot is the Second Street Promenade, a long pedestrian-only section of the city located just a few blocks from the ocean. The Promenade is filled with unique restaurants-- some expensive, some less so, but all very good-- art shops, tattoo parlors, and the like. Rogue's Gallery is a particularly well-known art gallery, often hosting works from some of the most famous Avant-garde artists in the city.

Points of Interest
Santa Ynez Regional Airport
Santa Ynez College
Santa Ynez Pier
Second Street Promenad
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Re: ANGEL BAY (A [2e] World of Freedom Setting)

Post by XLS » Sun Oct 02, 2011 1:03 pm

Angel Bay Transit
Angel Bay is definitely a car-first city, but despite its many wide freeways, traffic congestion is a constant problem. Citizens have other options, however, for getting in, around, and out of the city.

Angel Bay Area Transit
Angel Bay, like many west coast cities, has been slow to embrace the subway as a means to alleviate traffic concerns. However, under the leadership of Mayor Manuel Rubio, the city has expanded its previous meager subway lines, and there are plans to expand beyond that. Most of the major city districts are accessible via one of seven subway lines: Central, Kirby Park, the Loop, Northern, Pacific, Puerto, and Sierra.

The bus system is much more comprehensive, but because of the considerable volume of traffic on both city streets and freeways during most hours of the day, even a bus ride can take an inordinate amount of time. Still, the bus is inexpensive, and many lines run late into the night, making them particularly useful for those who don't own cars-- or do, but don't want to struggle with sitting behind the wheel in bumper-to-bumper traffic and parking.

Angel Bay is crisscrossed with a number of freeways, including two major parts of the US Interstate Highway System, I-7 and I-13, as well as several auxiliary (but just as important-- if not more) Interstate routes, I-107, I-407, I-113, and I-713. Several state highways also runt through the city, the most important of which are A-303 and A-4.

Thanks to the Angel Bay Harbor, one of the busiest ports in the world, a number of cargo rail lines cut through the city, taking the cargo brought in and delivering it to points up the Pacific coast and beyond. The San Pedro Railyard is situated in Eastbay, just north of the harbor, where the contents of cargo containers and warehouses are easy to load.

In addition, a passenger train runs through the city, taking people from points south along the Pacific coast on their way to northern destinations. The train is often used by people wanting to spend a weekend in wine country a few hours north but not wanting to deal with the notorious weekend traffic.

Boats and Ships
Angel Bay's busy harbor receives a constant stream of cargo containers from Asia, South America, and beyond. Li International is one of the largest shipping companies in the world, and dominates a good portion of the city's docks and ship yards. There is a great suspicion that Li is also responsible for importing a great deal of contraband, including drugs, weapons, and even human slaves. Unfortunately, the police have not been able to find enough hard evidence to pursue their suspicions.

To the northwest, several marinas host the boats and yachts of the city's rich and famous. The Genoa Harbor in particular has a number of large yachts, while the Santa Ynez Marina caters more to the less affluent boating enthusiast.

Three airports handle air-traffic entering and leaving Angel Bay. Most visitors to the city arrive by car or by air these days, and the city’s largest airport is among the busies in the world.

Angel Bay International, often called by its airport code ABX, is located in the southwest of the city, just souther of Santa Ynez, and north of Genoa Beach. It provides service to most major American cities, as well as destinations in Asia and South America. Several carriers have recently purchased AirStar's advanced apssenger X87 DreamStar jets allowing for luxurious non-stop travel to various European destinations from ABX.

Sierra County International is a smaller alternative to to ABX, located to the southeast of the city. It, too, provides service to major American cities as well as select international destinations, mostly to cities Mexico and Canada.

Santa Ynez Regional Airport is a small regional airport with three runways, 45 hangars, and some 150 aircraft tie-downs. Charter services to nearby cities can be found here. The airport is popular as a business travel alternative, as well as the primary landing and departure site for private aircraft.

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Re: ANGEL BAY (A [2e] World of Freedom Setting)

Post by XLS » Mon Oct 03, 2011 10:31 am

Below is my Silver Age timeline for Angel Bay. It's incomplete, but I wanted to get something down on paper as it were. I'll add to it in the coming days.
Silver Age timeline
June: The new American Elite Government Intervention Service (AEGIS) begins recruiting law enforcement personnel, assuring AEGIS will have accurate intelligence before taking the field. AEGIS Director Jack Simmons proposes partnerships with the superhero community and promises AEGIS will fight for superhero rights and prevent another witch-hunt like the HUAC.

November: Angel Bay dock-worker Ryne Rockford has an alien encounter late one night, where he is offered a position among a galactic police force known as the Star Knights. He accepts, and begins his training.

March: A branch division of AEGIS begins operation in Angel Bay. Led by Charles Power, the agency begins a close partnership with the Cardinal, one of the first costumed superheroes to begin working in Angel Bay after over five years.

April: The goddess Inanna, seeking to destroy once and for all Gilgamesh, the only person to ever have rejected her love, sets in motion a plan to unleash the undead upon the earth. A number heroes including Gilgamesh and his former teammate from the All-Star Squadron, the All-American, as well as the armor-suited Omega-Man, Ryne Rockford, Earth’s Star Knight, and the sonic-controller the Cardinal, join together to defeat the goddess. After thwarting Ishtar’s plans, the heroes realize that they can deal with threats more effectively as a team and, skirting laws banning the re-formation of the All-Star Squadron, form the Guardians.

December: Dr. Edgar Banks completes work on his A.X.I.S. combat robot. Unfortunately the robot turns on his creator and kills him.

After spending years meditating in solitude in the desert, Joe Lewis—the hero formerly known as the Paladin—achieves a sort of inner clarity from which he gains a host of superhuman powers. He returns to Angel Bay and re-forges his sword, calling it “Metatron,” and resumes crime-fighting in Angel Bay as the Crusader.

May: An archaeological excavation in the Levant returns a collection of antiquities to the Angel Bay Museum of Art. In investigating the artifacts, media-hound archaeologist Bob Gill unleashes the dormant form of the demon lord Qos, who begins a rampage on the city. The Guardians manage to save the city from Qos, but only at the cost of the All-American’s life.

June: Ben Bundy is given a hero’s burial, and a statue honoring him is erected near city hall.

A young William Bird stumbles across the original Condor costume while rummaging through his uncle’s attic after his death. Stealing the outfit, he begins a life of crime as the Black Condor. He regularly spars with the Cardinal.

El Diablo, the fire-wielding youth from Aztectown, joins the Guardians.

February: A.X.I.S. attempts to steal a cache of top secret weapon designs from the Angel Bay Navel Base, but is thwarted by Omega Man.

June: Vectra, a fugitive cyborg from the planet XXXXX, crash-lands on earth while evading XXXXX. With her ship badly damaged, she begins to track down the needed components to repair her ship. The Star Knight thwarts her plans, leading to a long feud between the two.


January: The important electronics industrialist John Francis Wentworth III and his wife Abigail are murdered in their home. Their teen-age son, their sole heir, survives the attack.

November: After his stinging defeat at the hands of the Freedom League, Omega again attempts to stage an invasion of earth, this time attacking Angel Bay. He is thwarted only through the combined strength of the Guardians, along with several other Angel Bay heroes.

Sally Huggins, a New Age follower from Santa Ynez, taps into the ancient spirit of En-Heduanna, the famed high-priestess of the Sumerian moon-god Nanna. Armed with the impressive magical powers of the priestess, Huggins takes the name the White Witch, and uses her powers to right wrongs in the city.


April: Cardinal and AEGIS agent Charles Power wed. Cardinal leaves the Guardians.

The Guardians host try-outs for new members to replace their depleted ranks. A number of heroes apply, including El Dorado, an Aztec mystic, the energy-wielding Antimatter Man, the telepath Psionic, and the Living Mountain, a huge man of incredible strength. Unfortunately, for various reasons, all applicants are denied membership into the team.

May: Dynamite Girl, daughter of Ben Bundy as his wife Helen Douglas Bundy (Dynamite Damsel) joins the Guardians.

In trial, it is revealed that John Wentworth III was killed at the request of a rival technology firm. Young Adam Wentworth, the son of the industrial giant, was distraught to learn that the death of his parents was due to greed among multi-millionaires. The further he dug into the doings of his father’s company and others like it, the more he knew he had to bring down such institutions.

The renegade Star Knight Rojan Lhar comes to earth, closely followed by A’Lan Koor. The former takes the name Blackstar, and makes several attempts to eliminate his pursuer. The latter joins the Freedom League of Freedom City in the hopes of finally capturing the rogue and bringing him to justice. Due to their policy of having only one Star Knight in a sector, Ryne Rockford is stripped of his membership as a Knight.

Occultists summon a succubus named Lillith. Lillith quickly kills the occultists, and begins to establish Angel Bay as an infernal thrown of power. She battles the White Witch, who sends her back to the Kin-gir Dimension.

El Dorado, Antimatter Man, Psionic, and the Living Mountain, seeking revenge against the Guardians for being rejected, agree to join forces to better achieve their aims. Calling themselves The Fallen, they clash numerous times with the Guardians.

February: A pair of individuals calling themselves the Associates appeal to the Guardians—including a de-powered Ryne Rockford—in their help with a “temporal war” against various agents of evil. They are eventually sent to the world known as the Citadel to stop an assassination attempt against the entity known as Mentor. The Guardians succeed, and as a sign of gratitude, Rockford is re-admitted to the Star Knights as a member of the newly formed Elite Guard unit.

November: Gigantosaur appears off the western coast of Angel Bay, but is repelled by the Guardians. Fearing that something is amiss on Kaiju Island, the team travels to the island to investigate. There, they are captured by the recently-awakened Mastermind, only to eventually escape and defeat him, forcing him yet again into a period of hibernation.

Adam Wentworth, using his vast fortune, begins plotting revenge against the capitalist greed that led to the death of his mother and father. Through his own intelligence, as well as industrial espionage, Wentworth designs a special battle suit to aid him in his mission. He takes the name the Red Knight and forms the organization FIST (Freedom Insurgency against State Tyranny), with the aim of destroying capitalist countries and the mega-corporations that they’re beholden to. Begins a long feud with Omega Man and the Guardians.

March: While attending the gala event surrounding Southern Sierra University’s first particle accelerator going on-line, the members of the Guardians are transferred to the Anti-Earth dimension in experiment gone awry. There, they are forced to confront their “doubles” of the Anti-Earth city Demon Bay, the Enforcers. Through the help of Mind-Master, they manage to return to their own universe.

Linda Bundy, also knows as Dynamite Girl of the Guardians, begins dating British rocker Billy Taylor after she save him and his band from an attack by XXXXXX during a concert.

Cardinal and AEGIS Agent Power battle the Red Death. Charles Power is gravely wounded, but eventually recovers.

Talos sets up a Foundry factory in Angel Bay. The factory begins experimenting in the mass manufacture of Myrmidions in the hopes of selling large numbers to the city’s various criminal elements. When Foundry agents try to steal technology from Omega Man’s lab, he seeks out the Myrmidion factory and destroys it.

Realizing that the so-called Star of Mexico sapphire, housed in the Angel Bay Museum of Natural History, was actually an alien stone, the Fallen steal it. After merging the stone with daka crystals, the powers of the villainous group are augmented and they defeat the Guardians. Thanks to help from the Freedom League, however, the Guardians manage to separate the sapphire from the daka crystals and defeat the Fallen.

Black Condor begins a reign of terror by brutally killing a series of popular movie stars. In a manifesto, he blames the entertainment industry for much of society's ills and vows to stop the country's downward slide.


July: Cardinal is captured by Black Condor as she tried to stop him. Now a sadistic killer, the Black Condor waits until Cardinal's husband and AEGIS agent Charles Power attempts a rescue before killing her in a violent explosion. Though AEGIS agents manages to finally capture the Black Condor, Power is devastated and retires.


February: Charles Power, feeling the need to avenge the loss of his wife, seeks out Dr. Conrad Dippel, whom, he had heard through old AEGIS channels, had created a way to give normal humans super powers. Happy to have a willing test subject, Dippel augments Power, who survives the process with incredible strength, quickness, and endurance.

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Re: ANGEL BAY (A [2e] World of Freedom Setting)

Post by XLS » Mon Nov 14, 2011 11:56 am

Edit: updates are now out of date!
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Re: ANGEL BAY (A [2e] World of Freedom Setting)

Post by XLS » Fri Dec 16, 2011 11:40 am

Alongside national chains such as McDonald's, Starbuck's, and Macy's, Angel Bay boasts a number of local and regional business chains and franchises.

Elysium Sports
From the Pacific Ocean to the Southern Sierra Mountains, residents of Angel Bay have a wide variety of venues to engage in all sorts of outdoor activities, and Elysium Sports is the place to go to get equipment-- from surfing gear to hiking gear, to all the authentic pro team apparel, this is the place where Angel Bayers go for their sports fix. The original, nearly football field-sized store is downtown near the Elysium Sports Center (where the 7-time basketball world champion Angel Bay Ocelots play), but other stores are located in malls throughout the city.

This popular burger chain lives up to its name: even though it uses fresh meat, lettuce, tomato, and buns for its burgers, and it makes its french fries from fresh potatoes on-site, one need only wait a few minutes after ordering before being served. Even though it's not on the menu, locals know that if you order fries 'on the wild side' they'll be served slathered in cheese and grilled onions. "Q-n-G" restaurants can be found all across Angel Bay, and many a teen has earned her or his first dollar serving double-doubles (double meat, double cheese) and wild side fries in the summer.

This huge volume discount chain sells all the wine, beer, and hard liquor that you could ever want. (If that's possible.) Famous for their Nickel Sale (buy one bottle of wine, get a second bottle for five cents), SpiritCo is the first choice for many Angel Bayers to grab a bottle on the go after a hard day's work.

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Re: ANGEL BAY (A [2e] World of Freedom Setting)

Post by XLS » Sat Dec 17, 2011 1:14 am

Size: 432 square miles (city)
Climate: Subtropical-Mediterranean

City: 3.9 million (civilian workforce: 1.7 million)
Metro Area: 10.2 million (civilian workforce: 4.5 million)

Caucasian: 48.2%
African: 8.4%
Hispanic: 30.5%
Asian: 9.4%
Native American: 2.8%
Other: 0.7%

Catholic: 34%
Protestant: 32%
Jewish: 3.2%
Muslim: 2%
Mormon: 4.1%
Buddhist: 1.4%
Hindu: 2%
None: 20%
Other: 1.3%

Average Household Income: $54,300
Unemployment: 7.8%
Average House Price: $521,000
Average Rent, Two Bedroom Apartment: $1,650 to $2300

Percent of Population Registered to Vote: 72%
Democrat: 51%
Republication: 27%
Independent: 18%
Libertarian: 1%
Green: 1.2%
Other: 1.8%
Mayor: Manuel Rubio

Pan-Pacific Bank Building: 75 floors
Sierra Tower: 71 floors
Galaxy Tower: 64 floors
Li International Plaza: 59 floors
Loewenstein 1: 55 floors
Loewenstein 2: 54 floors

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Re: ANGEL BAY (A [2e] World of Freedom Setting)

Post by XLS » Thu Jan 26, 2012 2:24 pm

I'm really interested in the whole "Lightbearer" aspect of the FC universe, so I'm putting here as a little reminder for me what I can find about it from published material.

1890 (Freedom City): Occult rituals by the Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign thwarted by mages of the Order of Light. [FC timeline]

1937 (Worldwide): Members of the Order of Light, magicians dedicated to the responsible use of the mystic arts, note a rising “dark tide” in the magical realms and the mystic currents of the world. The appearance of a new Master Mage is generally seen as a reaction to the sinister forces unleashed by the awakening of Malador and the rites of Nazi and Japanese occultists. [Golden Age timeline]

1938 (Europe): Gertrude and Helmut Schaal are killed on November 9th, 1938, when SS officers murdered them during Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass in English), a Nazi pogrom against the Jewish population. A Czech friend of Helmut’s, Honza Krisovar, managed to escape with young Sophie and Wolfgang. Honza was a minor mystic and acquainted with the potential inherent in the Shaal children. He sacrificed his own life to see the twins safely placed in a sanctuary controlled by the Order of Light. [Golden Age bio of the White Rose]

1939 (Europe): Germany seizes the rest of Czechoslovakia, and the Thule Society begins its pogrom of systematically eliminating rival occultists and looting their resources. Many members of the Order of Light flee or go underground to escape the Nazi purge. [Golden Age timeline]

Early 1940's (Europe): A mystic rite awakened the twins’ potential and they became the new Light-bearers, wielders of an ancient and sacred power known since the dawn of history. Their powers were antithetical to the darkness commanded by Thule magician Wilhelm Kantor and his agent, Nacht-Krieger. [Golden Age bio of the White Rose]

Mid 1940's (Europe): As teens, Wolfgang and Sophie fought battles all over occupied Europe against the Nazis and even ran a counter-propaganda campaign against the Hitler Youth brainwashing of Germany’s children. Originally dismissed as legends, die Weiße Rose and der Weiße Dorn—White Rose and White Thorn became implacable foes of the Nazi High Command, especially Himmler and his SS, and Wilhelm Kantor and the Thule Society. The twins join the Allies of Freedom and fight against the Axis. [Golden Age bio of the White Rose]

1945 (Freedom City): After the battle that decimated the Allies, the Light-bearers pursued Nacht-Krieger across the Atlantic and fought him off the coast of Freedom City. Only by combining their powers could they weave the cage of light to hold the Shadow Warrior prisoner. The White Rose sacrificed herself to accomplish it, while the White Thorn spent decades imprisoned with his hated foe, unable to divert his power from the prison long enough to strike a final blow. [Golden Age bio to White Thorn]

Langston Albright, the son of a minister who instilled him with a strong sense of duty to do
something about evil, was working on a trawler off the coast of Freedom City when an unexpected storm hit and the ship and it could barely stay afloat. A wave swept Langston overboard into the dark, roiling water. He sank into the darkness, and he could feel things moving around him, circling him. Suddenly, he saw a light rise up out of the dark depths to surround him and fill him. He burst from the water, aglow with this new power, and helped to tow the ship back to port. He adopted the masked identity of Beacon, the master of light, and became a member of the post-war Liberty League. [Freedom City bio of Langston Albright]

1967 (Freedom City): While the mystic powers coursing through the light-prison sustained the White Thorn, his sanity suffered. When Overshadow freed Nacht-Krieger in the 1960s, White Thorn pursued him with single-minded fury. This brought him into conflict with the contemporary heroes Scarab and Beacon, who wielded the Whote Rose’s Light-bearer potential. Recognizing Beacon as the new Light-bearer, the White Thorn willingly sacrificed himself to help imprison Nacht-Krieger once more, passing on his remaining potential to Beacon. He was finally able to rejoin his beloved sister and friends in “the light beyond life.” [Golden Age bio to White Thorn; Silver Age timeline]

At present, Beacon is now in his 80's and weak and looking to pass on his powers as Light-bearer.

Other things we can assume:

A) There need not be ONE true light-bearer; or at least not only one person with light-bearing powers
B) the Order of Light has great scope, especially after being forced to flee Europe before the war.

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Re: ANGEL BAY (A [2e] World of Freedom Setting)

Post by XLS » Tue Feb 28, 2012 1:16 pm

For fun, a list of known (and canonical) DNAscent-powered people include:

Armorine (R.I.O.T.) [p. 109 (IA)]
Bear-Knuckles (Contenders)
Daddy O’Long-Legs [p. ()]
Death Caul [p. ()]
Evening [p. 105 (IA)]
Flag-Burner (R.I.O.T.) [p. 109 (IA)]
Fly-Boy (Contenders) [p. ()]
Get-Away (Larceny, Inc.) [p. 171 (FC)]
Grab (Larceny, Inc.) [p. 173 (FC)]
Heavyweight (Contenders)
Insurgent (R.I.O.T.) [p. 109 (IA)]
"Joey Brains" [p. ()]
Howl [p. ()]
Knee-Breaker [p. ()]
Little Hawk (R.I.O.T.) [p. 110 (IA)]
el Matador [p. ()]
Midnight-Owl [p. ()]
the Millennium Bug [p. ()]
*Pack-Rat [p. 3 (Pack-Rat Threat Report)]
Payback (Labyrinth) [p. 168 (FC)]
Rant [p. 239 (M&M)]
Rave [p. 240 (M&M)]
S.D. Ivan (R.I.O.T.) [p. 110 (IA)]
Silverback (Fearsome) [p. 107 (IA)]
Sir Razor [p. 10 (IAV&V)]
Slam Dance (R.I.O.T.) [p. 110 (IA)]
"Slick Willy" [p. ()]
Smash (Larceny, Inc.) [p. 173 (FC)]
"Strong Manny" [p. ()]
Strongarm [p. ()]
Subject Nine (The Fearsome) [p. 107 (IA)]
Tamper (Labyrinth) [p. 169 (FC)]
TKO (Contenders)
Trap-Door (Larceny, Inc.) [p. 107 (FC)]
Urban D-K [p. ()]
the Verman (The Fearsome) [p. 107 (IA)]
Xegnome [p. ()]


In addition to those named, there are "dozens of other monsters loosed on the world after testing."

As seen from the above list, few of the named individuals have stats. Indeed, some groups (e.g. the Contenders) don't seem to have any further fleshing out beyond a passing reference in the FC book. Only one (Pack-Rat) is listed in 3e (I don't have all that material yet, so it's possible that more show up).

This leave a lot of room to play with things, and if one were running a FC campaign you have tons of potential villains with whole plots to work out!

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Re: ANGEL BAY (A [2e] World of Freedom Setting)

Post by EnigmaticOne » Tue Feb 28, 2012 1:30 pm

Actually, the Contenders and other blokes are more fully listed in Freedom's Most Wanted. :D
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Re: ANGEL BAY (A [2e] World of Freedom Setting)

Post by XLS » Tue Feb 28, 2012 1:45 pm

EnigmaticOne wrote:Actually, the Contenders and other blokes are more fully listed in Freedom's Most Wanted. :D
AH! Another book I'll have to get. Thanks for the info!