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This is meant as the backdrop for my soon-to-be-realized 3e campaign which will feature the player characters as their world's equivalent to the Justice League shortly after practically every major hero was killed off in a battle of apocalyptic proportions.
I have no write-ups at the moment so this will serve as a placeholder for the time being. The setting itself has no specific name yet, but in keeping with the DC tradition of the 52, it will end up as Earth-47.Into this setting, i am going to mercilessly inject all the stuff I love about superhero settings, sf, fantasy, gaming and mythology in hopes of getting a cool and palatable mix.
In time, I hope to include everything without derailing the entire setting.
Of course, I will occasionally borrow either from "official sources" or from concepts but I will do my best to giving things my own spin.

If anyone is interested in seeing something expanded, please do let me know...
Also, i apologize for the randomness in my I do not have that much time, I write about what interests me at a given moment I have some time to spare...hope it's nevertheless interesting.

Here's some linkage:
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Re: The Merged Universe

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Something more specific...a char I so want to include...:) Comments are welcome, especially the banishment attack gives me a hard time. How can I increase the effect rating above the 3 allowed by Dimensional Travel?

Howard Phillips Lovecraft, the Guardian at the Gate PL12

Strength 0, Stamina 0, Agility 1, Dexterity 2, Fighting 1, Intellect 7, Awareness 10, Presence 0

Astral Projection Remote Sensing 10 (visual, auditory, mental),
physical body is defenseless, subtle 2 32
Silver Key Movement (Dimensional Travel 3) [Increased Mass 5], Teleportation 10, [Extended, Accurate, Portal], Removable (Easy) 42
Mystic Senses Senses 10(Magical awareness, Radius, Precognition, Postcognition) 10
Rend the Man-Body Ranged Damage 14 28
Nyarlathotep's Ward Protection 14, Sustained, Impervious 14 1
Awful Secret Ranged Affliction 14[Entranced, Stunned, Paralyzed], Sense-Dependent (Target must be able to hear him), Resisted by Will, Cumulative 1
Banishment of the Unclean Form Dimensional Travel 10, Attack, Resisted by Will, Ranged, Increased Mass 18, Only works on extradimensional beings 1
Unravelling the threads Nullify Magic 14 , Broad 1
Withering Curse Weaken Abilities 14 1

"Blessings" of Yog-Sothoth Immortality 5 10

Advantages Ranged Combat 6, Luck 1, Ultimate Effort, Benefit (Status) 3, Trance, Equipment 5, Artificer, Ritualist, Connected, Skill Mastery (Expertise (Magic)), Jack of all trades


Skills: Ranged Combat (Magic)2 (+4), Intimidation 10 (+10), Perception 6 (+16), Expertise(Magic) 15 (+22), Investigation 5(+12), Sleight of Hand 3(+4), Insight 6(+16), Deception 8(+8), Treatment 5 (+12)

Initiative +1
Magic +10, Damage 14

Dodge 1, Parry 1
Toughness 0, Fortitude 5 5, Will 10

Abilities 42+Powers 128+Advantages 22+Skills 30+Defense 5=227

Enemy HPL has made enemies of various cults and the beings these cults worship. They would all love to see him die messily.
Weakness HPL has problems regulating his body temperature, making him incredible susceptible to cold.
Prejudices Even though he has acknowledged the passage of time and the changes it brings, sometimes he just cannot overcome his racism, leading to problems when working with members of minorities.

Placeholder for the backgroun d on HPL...and by the Elder Gods, i hope I can do him justice!
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Re: Earth-47

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In the meantime...a brief history of the Earth-47 universe, mostly centered on earth... most of this is unknown to the general inhabitants of the universe itself. The first entries are given without a time constant, for in these times, time was not yet as fixed as it is at the moment. The entries will be edited and added to as I find the time.
As always...comments are welcome. Oh and offense intended...I do make a few assumptions about religion in this setting not everyone might like. I personally do not share these opinions but think they make for a cool storyline.

The Beginning
In the beginning there was only the One and the All. Stillness and perfection ruled, timeless and infinite. But eventually, as consciousness began to stir within, the One sought to experience itself anew and thus exploded into myriad shards of itself in what is commonly called the Big Bang. While at first, its consciousness resided in all, everywhere and nowhere at once, soon, as energy coalesced into matter,it channelled itself into the being only known as DIVINITY, the Great Mother, the Creator.

The Gods
Having sown the seeds of life within the universal constants, DIVINITY then forced the leftover energies remaining from the Big Bang into lesser copies of Herself, creating guardans for each planet that could host life. To Earth, two were appointed, Ohrmuzd and Ahriman. Unfortunately, as DIVINITY encompassed everything, they already held within themselves the potential for good and evil, for jealousy and hatred...

The Outsiders
The Outsiders, or Qlippoth as some sages with Qabalistic leanings call them, were formed out of a paradox: DIVINITY encompassed all, but had given up being the One and the All...and thus it also encompassed everything which it was not. To experience and know itself, it had to have an outsider's perspective. Born of this unrealized desire, that which was not part of creation gained a measure of divinity itself. Yet, as these things were not of DIVINITY and thus not part of the original whole, they had nothing in common with anything else in creation. In fact, knowing they were excluded from it caused them intensive pain and they immediately sought to destroy the nascent universe. DIVINITY had the small Gods seal the Outsiders away, but could not fully undo them, due to the above paradox. They were an intrinsic to the fabric of the cosmos simply because they were not a true part of it.

The first stirrings of Sentience - 3 Billion Years BC
DIVINITY had decreed that, wherever it was possible, life would spring from the inanimate. Thus, it was no surprise that, under the care of the guardians, myriads of planets sported simple lifeforms only mere eons after they had cooled. Gently nudged on, a few species even began the first steps to sentience: the humanoid Gahrai, the insect-like Xago and the bizarre Myrr. More would follow over the next billions of years, with Earth somewhat of a latecomer regarding sentient life. Wars were fought, races driven to extinction and technological marvels uncovered before the first sapient being opened his eyes on the surface of our blue planet.

The first race of Earth and the Brothers' War - 100 - 65 Million Years BC
From reptilian ancestors arose the Yurraz, humanoid sauroids with of great intelligence and physical might.
Guided with a gentle hand by the Gods Ohrmuzd and Ahriman, they prospered, achieving great feats of technology and magic - the art of manipulating the synchronicity between all things embodied by DIVINITY.
Unfortunately, during their long work in shaping the Yurraz, Ohrmuzd and Ahriman began to argue ever more frequently regarding the course the Yurraz were to take in their evolution. While Ahriman wished the sauroids to focus more on outward progress, Ohrmuzd preferred them to focus on mental and spiritual evolution. As their differences became ever more poignant, it became very obvious that both did not have the best interests of their charges in had long become a matter of pride, of proving to be a better leader, a better son to DIVINITY than the other.
So, the Gods went to war. And the world was devastated. Each had about half the entire race of the Yurraz as their followers and each sect had great and terrible weapons at their disposal.
The result was horrific. Earth was in ruins and the Yurraz all but wiped out. A few had escaped in ramshackle space ships - these would return millions of years later as the strictly atheistic Yazur - but for the most part, no sentient life remained on Earth,
Thus saw DIVINITY the need for punishment. Citing the brothers before Her presence, She chastened them and forbade them from ever prowling the world in corporeal form again. From now on, their involvement was to be indirect only. She then seeded the earth with new life, placing within a few races of proto-primates the spark that would lead to their later evolution.

The First Age of Mankind - 60000-20000 BC
Without the direct interference of the Gods, the primates evolved into what would eventually be called humans. Having been gifted with the spark of creation by DIVINITY Herself, mankind evolved rapidly, soon mastering incredible feats of technology and magic. The Gods tried to influence men through ideas, visions and dreams but for the most part, Man decided his own fate. Back in these days, cities were raised in mere days and toppled in mere minutes and men caught a glimpse of the true nature of the comsos, finding it within themselves to master their own bodies and minds. Man surpassed himself every single day.
Until the Outsiders came, unbidden and unwelcome. Of course, all knowledge of these days is long lost and so, one can only speculate about the reasons for the fall. Most likely, a group of scientists accidentially pierced the fabric of the Outsiders' prison, releasing the abominations into the world.
What followed was the Nightmare War. It lasted for more than a hundred years and cast mankind into darkness again. Eons of knowledge became lost within madness and decay. The Outsiders were banished again, but the prize had been too high.
It was uncertain whether mankind would survive its fall for more than a few scant years...but that was not to be.

The arrival of the Gahral and the Age of Gods - 20000-2000 BC
While mankind had struggled to awaken its potential and warred with the Outsiders, the other species of the cosmos had expanded massively. Especially the Gahral had been extremely prolific. Beings of humanoid stature, gifted with great strength and superhuman abilities, the Gahral expanded ever onwards, explorator fleets charting system after system, seeking new lifeforms to...instruct. the Gahral long ago developed a philosophy that saw them as the bringers of civilization to others...but, as years and centuries passed, subsequent generations interpreted this outlook much differently, with small groups setting themselves up as god-like benevolent dictators whenever they met other species. So it happened with mankind.
It must be said that the Gahral did help humanity rise from the ashes, but in exchange they demanded servitude. secretly tinkering with mankind to ensure the secret talents hidden in Man's DNA would not come to the fore anytime soon, they called themselves gods and steered the fate of mankind for millennia to come. Warring against each other, siring children with mortal men and women and dominating entire countires with their powers, the Gahral insinuated themselves into mankind's consciousness as the ancient gods.
Of course, this did not sit well with the brothers, who were forbidden to directly interfere. On occasion they managed to receive worship from mortals, but for the most part, they were forgotten.
But not forever...

The rise of the Hosts and the Great Purge - 2000 BC - 0
DIVINITY's edict had forbidden the Gods of Earth to directly interfere with mankind. They were unable to assume corporeal form or enact their will upon man. However, the edict did not keep them from using their divine powers on other dimensions and realities. Scouring the layers of reality for a servant race that could be used to drive out the Gahral, Ahriman and Ohrmuzd eventually found species they could still subject to their will. Their origins or previous history is unknown but they, too, would froever be known to mankind from the first day of their appearance. While Ohrmuzd wished for beings that would embody his ideal of spiritual perfection and thus created beings of light and wisdom - later known as angels - Ahriman wished above all to strike fear into the invaders that had taken "their " race from them and thus twisted his chosen servitor race into fearsome demonic entities. Thus, the Heavenly Host and the Infernal Legions were born.
And then, the war began.
Much blood was shed as the brothers threw hordes upon hordes against the alien rulers of "their" humanity and legends of divine vengeance and deicide were formed which would stay with mankind forever. In the end, knowing where the sudden attackers came from, the leader of the Gahral fleet of earth, Zeus, agreed to leave peacefully. Those few who decided to remain on earth were to relinquish their roles as leaders of humanity and fade into obscurity.
Thus ended the reign of the Gods. Man would worship them for centuries to come still, but the divine rulers would not answer anymore.

The Rise of the brothers - 0 - 900 AD
The origin and true nature of the man known as Jesus Christ is still a mystery to many, though it is accepted fact that he possessed miraculous powers very similar to what some modern supers exhibit, thus probably putting him into one category with those who have started to unlock their genetic potential. In any case, his life and possible death on the cross were used by Ohrmuzd to finally gain the adulation of mortals he thought he deserved. After having been the god of the Israelites only, intelligent insinuation into the myth-making and retelling of the story of Christ allowed him to gain a foothold in man's consciousness. Ahriman tried the same, but unfortunately, he was outsmarted by his brother and ended up as the personification of evil, hence forward called Satan. That was the moment all hope of reconciliation between the brothers was gone. They would henceforth be mortal enemies.
Interestingly, Ahriman would eventually use the chance to get even when he appeared to a young merchant named Mohammed a few centuries later, founding another religion based on the same roots...
So, the years went by and those who had been created to protect the earth were now themselves rulers of humanity...
it is noteworthy that around this time, a young poet named Abdul Alhazred was plagued by horrible dreams which led him to research ancient historic documents, eventually leading him to the true history of mankind and the secrets of the Outsiders. He penned his findings down in a book that would become feared, reviled and banned for centuries - the dread Necronomicon.

Camelot and the advent of the Necrarchy 900-1200 AD
Today, it is assumed that the mythical realm of Camelot existed some time between 950 and 1100 AD. Things did happen much as they were told in the stories except that it is rumoured by those in the know that Merlin might have been of half-Gahral ancestry, making the wizard very much superhuman and immortal...and less a wizard than some believe, more relying on ancient Gahral technology. In any case, Camelot rose and fell within a mere century, thanks to the machinations of Morgana LeFey and her bastard son Mordred, both powerful wizards with an actual knowledge of magic, in the end overpowering Merlin's machinery.
Their greed nearly spelled doom for mankind, for shortly after the fall of Camelot, the Necrarchy descended upon earth.
It began in 1198 with a strange red rain that fell upon eastern Europe, a region choosen for its lack in functional infrastructure even then. Where it fell upon the earth, dead things began to stir, clawing their way back from the grave to wreak havoc among the living. Those were first first soldiers of the Necrarchy. A month later, the dead gathered at certain preordained places where ley linesc rossed and began to consume one other, their bodies slowly merging into gigantic portal-like structures made of necrotic flesh through which the Nepharites, towering undead behemoths strode. Where they tread, new undead would rise. From the bones and flesh of the dead they made weapons and their souls were devoured to power the spread of necrotic life, a hideous mockery of animals and plants, neither alive nor mercifully dead.
The Necrarchy had expected the divine protectors of the planet to show had countermeasures even against divine beings. But it did not expect to be struck down by two enormous armies of semi-divine servants. The war was short and brutal but in the end, the taint could be banished to the Deadworlds from whence it had come.
Their passing was not total, however, as small spores of their corrupted ecosystem remained, waiting for a mortal host to invade. Said hosts would later arise as the first vampires...

Interestingly, the next few centuries followed the development seen on many other earths in the multiverse with religion slowly being replaced by science and the brothers losing more and more grip on reality. the next truly remarkable events happened only within the last 200 years.

Birth of the future Guardian at the Gate, Howard Philipps Lovecraft. Much like Abdul Alhazred centuries ago, he suffers from a psychic connection to the Outsiders that causes horrible nightmares. Unlike Alhazred, though, he at first only works his dreams into fiction, thinking them nothing but nightmares. Only much later would he realize the truth behind his night terrors.

1908- Tunguska Incident
In 1908, an explosion of tremendous strength shook the Siberian wilderness. While the public was fed information about an asteroid impact, the Russian investigators sent to the site of impact found something far more bewildering - an artificial pod-like structure, made of no known material. While it was almost completely destroyed, a second, much more secure capsule within contained a small, intricately carved bauble, made of a substance that was "somewhere between a rock and a diamond", according to one scientist. It was covered with thousands of tiny symbols, most prominent among them a diamond shape containing a symbol much like the letter "s".
This was the Pureheart, a divinely endowed artifact sent from a planet that had lost its battle against an Outsider invasion. During the last days of the planet Krypton, a master scientists and sorcerer named Jor-El had, with the help of the dying guardian God Rao, channelled all the goodness and power of his people into this one artifact so that it might help another world and allow the legacy of his home to continue.
Sadly, no one among the researchers studying it was ever able to learn the purpose and function of the Pureheart and when Russia was shaken to its foundations by the revolution, the artifact disappeared...

1930- Paladin emerges

1939 - Formation of the Freedom Corps
In response to the rise of the Third Reich and under the insistance of Captain zero, the British MI5 starts a recruitment drive for superheroes under the banner of the Freedom Corps in order to fight the awakened Nazi warmachine. As more and more American heroes join, command eventually passes over to the US. The team is led by Paladin and would greatly distinguish itself during the war and the years after.

1962- Yazur invasion

1970 - Dr. Destroyer appears

1971 - Formation of the Guardians

1976 - The second Necrarchy invasion

1983 - The Bangladesh Incident

1985 - Second Yazur invasion

1991 - 1992 - The Destroyer War

1997 - Bermuda Crisis

2001 - WTC attacks

2003 - Umbrella Incident, Destruction of Raccoon city

2004 - Operation "Eiserner Himmel" (Iron Sky) - Ultima emerges as a sovereign nation

January 3rd, 2011 - The Battle of Manhattan

//Added the Tunguska incident entry and created the link to established DC continuity.
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Re: Earth-47

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Common Origins of Supers on Earth-47
While technological innovations on earth and other places might give individuals the means to become a superhero or -villain, this deals in short with the origins for innate superpowers many individuals have shown.

The Gahral legacy
The Gahral can interbreed with humans fairly easily, as their genetic structure is very similar. The Gahral DNA sequences are always dominant, however, granting the offspring the increased strength, intelligence and fortitude of their alien parent as well as some of their increased lifespan. Unlike true Gahral, half-Gahral are not immortal and do age, though at a much slower pace, able to live up to 300 years and stay in peak physical condition. In ancient times, these beings were known as demigods. Most famous among these would be Achilles and Hercules. Merlin himself had also been a half-Gahral.
The Gahral genetic code is somewhat static, however, not allowing for spontaneous mutation, thus barring half-Gahral from exhibiting metahuman superpowers.
While there are few Gahral left on earth, a few of those that are here have had mortal lovers and might have fathered or conceived children by them.

Magic is a strange and somewhat unpredictable force in the universe. Nevertheless, its existance has been scientifically proven in the 1940s and it only took a decade more to come up with a working theory on how it actually functions. Basically, magic is the ability to focus one's will to such a degree that a quantum cascade is created which in turn affects the vibration of the superstrings underlying creation, thereby effecting changes in the sorcerer's surroundings. In a way, it is similar to psionics, although much more versatile and, unlike psionics, not dependant on a neurological mutation. It can, however, prove to be very unreliable as it relies on formula and intense concentration. Disturbing a sorcerer is a quick path to disaster.
Anyone with sufficient mental fortitude can become a sorcerer, provided they know the formula or other ways to focus their minds.
Recently, it was discovered that magic is not limited to organic wills. A sufficiently programmed A.I. is capable of using magic in much the same sense, provided it actually has a free will to focus.
Supercomputer O.M.N.U.S is a prime example, though sadly, a villainous one.
Magic is generally capable doing pretty much anything, though, due to its formulaic nature, the amount of things a single mage can do tends to be limited.

Necrarchy spores/parasites
Ever since the first advent of the Necrarchy on Earth, the blue planet has been plagued by the curse of undeath. When banished by the Heavenly Host and the Demonic Horde, the parasitic, necrotic ecosystem imposed by the Necrarchy refused to go quietly. Instead, dozens of tiny spores were left behind to fester in the earth, waiting for an unfortunate soul to come by. When that happened, the spore latched onto the target, insinuating itself into its body and slowly transforming it into a being only half alive and half dead. Many of these parasites had to feed and thus drove their host to ever more gruesome deeds to find fresh flesh or, in refined cases, blood. The result of these infestations were ghouls or vampires. Granted great strength, transformative abilities and an unnatural resilience, these "undead" are often the bane of their surroundings until put down. However, while the parasite usually subverts the victim's mind and causes it to submit to the Necrarchy hive mind, several individuals have been known to break free of this control. Not all turned to good - Dracula being the most famous example of those who did not - but every now and then a heroic undead emerges...

Divine Endowment
This means the endowment from actual deities as opposed to powerful beings posing as such. It is rare, but every now and then either DIVINITY or the guardian Gods of a planet can gift a mortal with incredible abilities. The most famous example would be Paladin who wielded the Pureheart, a gift from DIVINITY Herself by proxy of the kryptonian God Rao.
While DIVINITY usually has no agenda other than further the existance of life in the cosmos and prevent the Outsiders from destabilising or destroying Her universe, the guardian Gods of planets have their own goals and motives, ranging from protecting their chosen people to defeating a rival.
The creation of "angels" and "demons" by Ohrmuzd and Ahriman can be seen as such. In recent times, with religious strife becoming worse, it can probably be expected that the brothers will once again seek champions for their causes...which will certainly not end well.


"Metahuman" mutations
The term "meta"human is actually a misnomer. The potential for superpowers was unlocked uncounted millennia ago during the first rise of humanity before the war against the Outsiders reduced all human accomplishments to ruin. During the rule of the Gahral, the aliens tampered with human DNA to keep humanity's powers in check, hoping to avoid a revolt of these "savages".
It took more than 3000 years for the genetic blocks to "wash out" of humanity's DNA, finally enabling the benign mutations that humanity's forebears enjoyed - ironically, the sporadic interbreeding with humans by the Gahral might have hastened the process. Most likely, one day all of humanity will be in possession of superpowers, though, given current estimates, this will not happen for at least the next 200 years.
In most cases, metahuman mutations gain their full effect during puberty, though radiation or chemical accidents have been known to remove the genetic blockades as well. The process is not by any means safe or even reliable, ending with death in most cases.
In rare cases, an individual born with metahuman abilities will exhibit these in their early childhood, though these events are thankfully rare - no one wants a toddler that can project fire from their hands or toss a car.
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Re: Earth-47

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The Guardians

Formed after the first appearance of Dr. Destroyer as the UN's superhuman police force, the Guardians have been a force of good ever since. originally consisting of only Paladin, Sunrise, Fafnir and Morrigan, they added a few more members later on. They stalled and ultimately thwarted the second Yazur invasion as well as Operation "Eiserner Himmel", destroyed the interdimensional bridges connecting the Necrarchy's Deadworlds to Earth in 1976 and prevented the loss of millions - possibly even billions - of lives in the Destroyer War.
They were celebrated all around the globe as a force for good, bringers of peace and providers of a better future for all mankind. Sadly, the Guardians are no more. They, like almost every other hero, died in the Battle of Manhattan, victims of Dr. Destroyer's Nemesis project.
It is unknown if there will ever be successors to their impressive heritage.

The Guardians consisted of:

The Shining Knight, ageless, immortal and dedicated to the force of good, had been around since the 1930s and was thus one of the world's oldest known supers. Owner of the Pureheart, he was able to channel the power of the divine directly through him, granting an otherwise unremarkable man angelic features, an indestructible plate armor and wings of pure light as well as superhuman strength. Ever dedicated to the cause of good, he did not waver, neither in the face of adversity nor corruption. While he had many enemies, it was rumoured that of these, only the inhuman were truly able to hate him. He was the mightiest of the Guardians and the last to die, bringing down Dr.Destroyer with a last swipe of his energy-infused sword, shedding bitter tears at having to kill another human being. Reports say he succumbed to his many wounds only when all survivers had been saved. His body was interred in a mausoleum near New York which has already become a well-visited memorial site.

Hunted as a witch in rural South Africa by her tribe, Sakile had been born with her metagene fully intact, causing her to manifest her powers when still a child, accidentially causing a great deal of destruction when she released concentrated sunlight from her eyes. The scared and angry villagers were ready to execute her after they had already killed their parents, when she was saved by Paladin who, by pure chance, had been in the area, trying to prevent bloodshed between rival tribes. Paladin took Sakile with him and adopted her as his daughter, teaching her how to control her powers and how to overcome her fear and anger herself. Eventually, Sakile debuted as a hero in her own right, calling herself Sunrise. Her powers included the manipulation of light, transformation into a light form and the emission of scorching sun-rays from her eyes. While Sunrise always tried to follow in her adopted father's footsteps, often bitterness and anger at her own fate gnawed at her. She tried to quell her wishes for revenge by working with relief organisations from around the world, supporting education programs to quash superstitions, hoping to spare others the fate she and her parents had endured. She also sought to better womens' standing, not only in Africa but in other third-world countries as well. She died when Destroyer's Nemesis weapon bombarded her with concentrated darkness, practically snuffing her out and leaving nothing behind.

Originally, Fafnir was Heinrich Welk, a German archeologist searching for the roots of the Germanic myths about Siegfried and the gold of the Nibelungs, a fabled, yet cursed treasure that had captured the imaginations of many poets and writers before. He did, in fact, succeed, in finding some of the gold during a privately financed dig. Unfortunately, the curse was very much real. The moment he touched some of the gold, he was shaken by horrible pains...and transformed into a lindwurm, a Germanic version of a dragon, much like the original Fafnir, the keeper of the treasures. Filled with irrational anger, Welk went on a rampage across the countryside before being stopped by Paladin and Lao Xho from the Circle. The eastern sorcerer was able to lift the curse from his mind at least, eventually even giving Welk the ability to change his form slightly, granting him a humanoid body once more, though it still had undeniably draconic features. Having been granted a superhuman body by the curse as well as the ability to transform into a fire-breathing flying dragon for a limited time - since the partway lifting of the curse greatly diminished his powers - Welk took on the name Fafnir and became probably the first well-known German super.
When not working as a hero, Fafnir continued his work as an archeologist, his new ability to smell precious metals allowing him to make a few spectacular findings.
Thanks to his inhuman appearance he was plaguard by loneliness for much of his life until 1986 when he fell in love with and eventually married Rrhazula, one of the few reptiloid Yazur who remained on earth as envoys after the second invasion ended with a peace treaty.
In the Battle of Manhattan, Fafnir was one of the first to die. Dr. Destroyer's Nemesis machine unravelled the magical threads of the curse, transforming him into a human 2000 feet up in the air, leaving him to fall to a messy death.

Dr. Satanos had long been an enemy of the Guardians, a sinister sorcerer using any dark magics he could get his hands on in order to gain more power. From dimension-breaching Outsider lore to necromancy, there was nothing too dirty for him or too corrupt to risk his sanity for. He was bested time and again, not just by the Guardians but by the Circle and the Freedom Corps as well. He reformed after the Necrarchy invasion when his attempt to contact the invaders to barter with them went horribly wrong, transforming him into an undead creature under their control. Talib and Lao Xho eventually freed him from his predicament, leaving him a husk of his former self in the process. it took him years to relearn all his magic...and when he did, he used it to appear in the Guardian's headquarters to beg for forgiveness. He had seen what true evil was like and decided he wanted nothing to do with that. He felt the desire to make up for past misdeeds. His welcome was not exactly warm but eventually, after a prison sentence he himself had agreed upon, he was accepted on probation. During his stay with the Guardians, he proved to be loyal and trustworthy, though none of them except maybe Paladin ever came to trust him completely.
He later wrote a few books on the proper handling of dark and alien magic, being one of the few sorcerers who actually wrote guides and handbooks on dark magic to be published. When faced with protests or concerned inquiries from other mages, he simply said, " People want to know. They always will. Better they learn from me than teach themselves and end up ripping holes in reality."
He died trying to protect Morrigan, who he'd had an on-off relationship with, from Dr.Destroyer, who simply shot him with a cold iron crossbow bolt.

Of all the members of the Guardians, Ultra was probably the most mysterious. He knew nothing of his life previous to the day he first appeared in Detroit in the year 1980, stopping a robbery in progress. All who examined him found that he did not have amnesia or any other mental condition that kept him from remembering his previous life...there simply were no memories to be uncovered. It was as if he had been born on the day he appeared. All the scientists knew was that Ultra, the only name he himself knew, was mentally and bodily perfect for a human. He was capable of performing the most monumental feats humans could perform without being superhuman. His nervous system was optimized, allowing him to go without sleep at all and to pick up new skills simply by witnessing them. Also, he often came up with new knowledges he had never heard of, puzzling scientists to no end.
His senses also worked with five times the efficiency they did in a normal human. Since the "mystery man" had no home or any other connections, Paladin voted to have Ultra inducted into the Guardians, as the young man appeared to possess an unerring moral compass.
While Ultra was never the most powerful of the Guardians - being the pinnacle of human perfection did not make him superhuman or invulnerable - he was one of the most invaluable, combining more skills and knowledge in one person than any one of them had. His end came sudden, when a dozen of Dr. Destroyer's robots simply gunned him down as he shielded a group of civilians with his body.

Lord of the Thousand Thunders
The renowned martial artist who was, as far as anyone knows, without peer in the modern world, never removed his ivory mask until the very end. No one knew his true identity, not even his fellow Guardians, except for Paladin. The reason for that was as simple as astounding...he was supposed to have died long ago.
He appeared one day in the year 1975 before the Guardians' headquarters in New York and asked for admission. The others were sceptical at first but when the Lord asked for a private meeting with Paladin, he showed the Shining Knight his true face. The next day Paladin vouched for him. The Guardians never regretted their decision. The Lord of the Thousand Thunders was one of the bravest heroes known, never backing down from a fight and never allowing innocents to suffer. Despite his insistence to always wear the mask, he became one of the most famous members of the Guardians and one of the most well-known and beloved heroes in the world, especially in China, where he often travelled.
It was only during the Battle of Manhattan that the Lord removed the mask, knowing this to be his true last battle. The Lord of the Thousand Thunders, in truth named Bruce Lee, died for a second and final time while taking out a veritable army of Destroyer's androids.

Originally named Xittraxhraggetkklashaazho of Hive 4-3-2, Xittra was an exile from its species, the insectoid Xago. Usually, the Xago share a hive-mind with each of their hive-cities acting more like a single organism than a group of individuals. however, every now and then one among them does not share the telepathic and olfactory link with the rest of its species, becoming ever more individualistic as time progresses. Since these few mutants disrupt the orderly workings of the hives, they are exiled and sent to other worlds where their outlook on life might fit in better with the natives. Xittra landed on earth right during the Destroyer War, it's vessel destroying one of Destroyer's mobile bases in the Sahara desert. After escaping Destroyer's androids, Xittra practically bumped into the Guardians and, seeking protection, took their side in the conflict. While several others, especially Morrigan, whose race had fought three wars against the Xago, mistrusted the alien, Xittra itself proved to be reliable and competent. It quickly learned to appreciate its adopted homeworld since the same outlook that got it exiled was the norm here. While the few other aliens on earth usually desired to preserve their heritage, Xittra completely adopted human customs and clothing, despite still looking like a humanoid scarab and being unable to understand the gender distinction, itself being a sexless drone. Capable of flight, superhuman strength, reaction speeds far above the human norm and a tough exoskeleton, Xittra was valued member of the Guardians right until the end when the Nemesis weapon released a stream of cold upon the insectoid, flash-freezing it.

A millennia-old Gahral and the second most powerful member of the Guardians, Morrigan once posed as a celtic goddess before the non-interference treaty was signed. Having grown to like Earth, she opted to stay but had to assume a human identity - which she was frquently forced to relinquish thanks to her immortality, her fierce temper and her superhuman abilities, especially her incredible strength and toughness. The advent of supers changed a lot for her, finally allowing her to flaunt her abilities before "mere humans" without breaking the treaty. She enjoyed the adulations of the crowd, though she sometimes reminisced about the "good old days" when people would actually sacrifice to her. Nevertheless, despite her somewhat inflated ego, towering rages and patronizing attitude towards humans, she was, at her core, a good person who genuinely liked being on earth and among humans, who, because of their fragility, lived so rash and exciting lives. Besides her preternatural toughness, strength and intellect, she had a small cache of Gahral technology with her which allowed her to cloak herself in illusions, merge with shadows and fly on giant wings of darkness.
During the Battle of Manhattan, she was swarmed by Destroyer's robots and forced to witness the death of her lover, Dr. Satanos, before the Nemesis machine overcharged her devices, causing her particles to be distributed evenly across every shadowy surface in the vicinity, killing her.

The new Guardians Initiative
A few months after the Battle of Manhattan, the UN, fearful of what the future might hold now that many of the most powerful heroes were dead and others had declared that they would not be a part of any team, started a new recruitment drive to revive the Guardians.
It was moderately successful. While a few dozen people showed up after the ads and the recruitment site on the net showed up, most of them were either too inexperienced or simply not powerful enough to fill the Guardians' shoes. It boiled down to a current roster of four new members (my current players),

Originally a catholic priest whose name he himself has forgotten, he was possessed by the tiniest mote escaping from the prison of the Outsiders. The thing, a speck of living darkness, had no mind of its own, allowing him to keep a somewhat human personality along with a very strong moral outlook on life. He holds power over shadows, allowing him to summon shadow limbs, snuff out lights or to suck the strength from others with otherworldly tendrils of utter darkness.
People are a bit wary of him, since he stated during the first press conference that a part of him was an Outsider. The Circle has informed him that they will keep an eye on him...

A young metahuman who is capable of manipulating sound in various ways. He relies on echolocation for sight since his eyes, while present, have never had any viable nervous connection to his brain. His echolocation grants him complete sight along with "colours" giving off different echoes. Currently the most accesible of the New Guardians since he has already been a minor public figure beforehand, working as a renowned composer.
While he had no interest in superheroics for most of his life, the death of his sister during the Battle of Manhattan brought him into the New Guardian's fold, as he wishes to honor her memory.

The Hawk
Secretly a member of an ancient conspiracy determined to bring into its possession as many alien artifacts as possible to use them to better mankind, he joined the Guardians upon a "suggestion" by his superiors. While he possesses no superhuman abilities, he is in peak condition and has a few modified Gahral artifacts to fall back on when things get tough. He can be quite ruthless and is currently the only member of the New Guardians who is willing to kill.
(The player is a rabid fan of Asssasin's Creed and asked me to incorporate several elements of the game. Since the backstory of Erath-47 actually lends itself nicely to it, I said yes. basically, The Hawk is a member of the assassins.)

Mister Man
A member of an alien race whose evolution went very similar to mankind's except in a few crucial spots...making them essentially a race of ultra-intelligent gorrila-like creatures. While standing before a 4-metre tall gorilla from outer space can be frightening, Mister Man is actually very gentle, polite and friendly. Being essentially immortal, he was exiled from his planet about 5000 years ago for performing forbidden experiments meant to bring about the more primal side of their selves. It worked on him, allowing him to change into an even stronger yet utterly dumb form (dubbed by Earth scientists "The Hyde effect").
On earth, he came into conflict with the Gahral several times, forming the foundation for the legends about the Monkey King ("Mr. Man" is a derivative of Hanuman, his actual name, though his exploits more closely resemble that of Sun Wukong, the Monkey King of Chinese Mythology). When most Gahral left, he remained somewhere in Nepal, hidden in his mountain fortress, only occasionally venturing outside before being recruited into the New Guardians. He joined out of boredom and is their go-to ape for all questions pertaining science...or brute strength.
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Re: Earth-47

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Some sweet ideas in here. (Hyena has always been one of my faves from Amalgam - probably because they didn't jump the shark with him like all the others, but I digress.)

Just out of curiosity, are you planning any link to any existing DC (or other characters) are is everything completely new? (I only ask because you put your setting in the 52 but have no reference to anything prior to the events of the major war...)

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Re: Earth-47

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Good question...well, the universe is different but if one knew how, one could access the Bleed and travel into one of the other realities of the 52...
But in-universe, as I imagined it so far, there are few, if any links to the normal DC continuity.
Morrigan could probably be seen as this universeÄs version of Hawkgirl.
Glad someone responded, by the way.

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Re: Earth-47

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Fine work so far Neo-Paladin, I do hope that you keep it coming! :D
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Re: Earth-47

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I certainly will as much as my schedule allows. Thanks :)

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Re: Earth-47

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It's no problem and my pleasure to say so! :D
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The Freedom Corps
Founded in 1939, the Freedom Corps was the attempt of the Allies to counter the rising German aggression. Originally a British initiative (consisting of Mantis, Gorgo and Captain Zero), command soon passed to the US Government once more American supers(Wanderer, Barrage, Golden Gunman and Paradox) had joined. Several key victories over the Nazi war machine can be attributed to their selfless heroics. Once led by Paladin, he departed eventually, leaving command of the group to Captain Zero and Paradox.
While the Freedom Corps operated internationally, they were often seen as puppets of the US and did not enjoy a spotless reputation everywhere. Communist Russia and later the Middle Eastern and Arabic territories viewed them with mistrust, severely hampering their work.
This eventually led to the founding of the Guardians who had a much more international setup.
Nevertheless, the Freedom Corps remained in operation until the Battle of Manhattan where almost all of them lost their lives as they rushed in to help the Guardians.
Their roster included:

Golden Gunman
Daniel Connor had been born with a mutation of the nervous system that in effect granted him superhuman reflexes and perfect hand-eye coordination. Having been raised in terrible poverty, he had no other choice than to market his skills to whoever would pay his next meals, working as a bounty hunter before the government became aware of his unique skills. He eventually became an assassin for the US government, tasked to bring down numerous targets all across the world the US deemed a threat to national safety. But the work sickened him. Every time he killed, he spent the next weeks in a drunken stupor, hoping to forget what he had done.
It was only a matter of time before he deserted. After a rather messy job in Germany where he, thanks to false information, failed to assassinate Adolf Hitler, he simply failed to report back. Of course, the OSS hunted him, unwilling to let such a valuable commodity fall into enemy hands. Eventually, he was caught and put on trial for treason. Fortunately for him, the trial ended rather spectacularly when he received a pardon from the president himself. Connor was still needed for a newly-founded group of people with special abilities.
Without much ceremony, he was inducted into the Freedom Corps.
Daniel Connor was happy. Finally he could make up for all the deaths he had caused.
Even though age slowed him down somewhat over the years, his mutation still gave him a considerable edge. When he refused to retire after reaching his 70th birthday, Paradox and Captain Zero designed a harness for him which allowed him to support his failing body.
During the Battle of Manhattan, the Nemesis machine fried the electrical systems in his harness, rendering him helpless. One of Destroyer's androids shot him in the head.

Maureen Quentin was raped when she was 18. The police never found the man who had attacked her...until about a year later when he was found severely maimed and barely alive right at Scotland Yard's doorstep, a small brand in the shape of a praying mantis on his forehead. He was the first of many.
The attack had not broken Maureen. Instead, it had sent her on a quest for revenge, armed with nothing but grim determination and the desire to never let what happened to her befall another woman.
Taking the name Mantis after the insect that devoured the male after or during mating, she set out to punish sex offenders, often posing as an ideal victim, hoping to be attacked. Those who did soon found themselves the recipients of a beatdown they never saw coming. Interestingly, it is not known who trained Mantis or why she kept it a secret. In any case, her impressive martial arts skills could impossibly be the result of self-teaching. She herself said she was trained in a back-alley dojo somewhere in Soho by a mysterious man who took pity on her, but the adress changed each time she told the story.
Since every single one of her "victims" more than deserved what she did to them, Scotland Yard was very reluctant to find and arrest her despite legal concerns.
Only when the MI5 got involved did the Yard go after her. It was not that hard to get ahold of her and her new protege, Gorgo, but Maureen was never brought to justice. instead, the vigilante and her friend were inducted into a new team of people with...special abilities called the Freedom Corps. Mantis was reluctant at first but since she had little choice, she finally agreed.
As the only member of the Corps without any superhuman abilities or equipment, she often was the most level-headed and grounded of them, despite her brutality that often stopped only very short of actually killing her opponents. She had no patience at all for human evils or, for that matter, flights of fancy that often ignored the common man the Corps was supposed to be fighting for.
Since she had nothing to stall her aging, she eventually retired in 1978 after a debilitating leg injury. In 1987, she died peacefully in her sleep.

Barrage had once been a weapons researcher for the army going by the name of Henry Lew. A frail man, obsessed with machines over anything else, the breakout of his metahuman abilities made him unrecognizable to anyone who'd known him before. His flesh had suddenly melded with every piece of equipment in his lab, transforming Lew into a bio-mechanical entity capable of devouring machinery to reassemble it and build tools and weapons from his own body. Though Barrage had always been the heavy artillery of the Corps, his bright mind and scholarly bent were also of much help and allowed him to fool his enemies into mistaking him for a dumb brute because of his outward appearance. Though he could be somewhat of a recluse and had certain antisocial tendencies, he was utterly loyal to those he considered his friends.
He died in the Battle of Manhattan while trying to lay down cover fire. The Nemesis machine short-circuited his machine parts with high voltage electricity, rendering him helpless. Destroyer's androids shot him 150 times, killing him.

Mary Betson's genetic legacy had never been easy to handle. She was born with scaly skin, preternatural strength, the ability to regenerate wounds incredibly fast...and the power to calcify living tissue by staring at it long enough. As she was one of the first metahumans whose powers also included a nonhuman look, her life was hard from the beginning. People compared her to the Medusa, the snake-woman from greek mythos, much to her dismay. Her parents hid her for most of her young life, making it impossible for her to experience the life she should have. Though her parents loved her very much, it was always obvious to her that she was not normal, a freak of nature, something that only decades ago would not have been out of place in a carnival sideshow. And no matter how hard her parents tried to suppress it, they often shuddered when looking at her. Each look in the mirror devastated her anew. Whenever she looked out of the window and saw people laughing, walking by, enjoying life, her jealousy grew. She was not angry at them but at a world in which plight like hers was possible. She hadn't asked to be like this...
So, one day, shortly after her 16th birthday, she ran away, hiding her face under cowls and her eyes under sunglasses. Even back then, in the 1930s, life was not easy for a runaway girl of her age. So many people saw her as the perfect victim...only to be in for a rough surprise.
After about half a dozen men ended up as stone statues in the backyards and alleys of London, Mary was about to go back home. She was utterly devastated. Life was even more cruel than she had expected.
Her story might have been over here if not for one fateful night during which she tried to fend off a mugger at about the same time as a vengeful spectre swooped down from the rooftops to break nearly all bones in her attacker's body. By pure chance, Mantis had found her.
Maureen took in the frightened girl, giving her a small but warm home, sheltering her from the worst the city had to offer. Having seen what ordinary people were capable of, Mantis did not judge the strange girl with the thick sunglasses, treating her instead as a friend.
For about two years they lived together until Mantis was found by the Yard and MI5. After seeing how extraordinary Mary was, she too was given the choice to become part of something greater.
Once Mantis had agreed, Mary joined as well.
Taking the name Gorgo from greek mythology, she found a true family with the Corps. The people were just as strange as her in their own ways...whether Paladin's angelic glory, Barrage's half-machine body or Captain Zero's energy form...
As mutation became more widespread she eventually dared to present herself to the world more often, eventually even starting a successful singing career that lasted well into the 1980s. In 1965, she got married to a renowed British artist, a happy marriage that was only broken apart by her own death at the hands of Dr. Destroyer during the Battle of Manhattan. She was buried under the rubble remaining from the Empire State building, something not even her regenerative abilities could overcome.

Captain Zero
As far as he could remember, William McMurdoch's family had always been in possession of a special lucky charm, a small amulet that could, as the legends said, turn away any harm that might befall its wearer. Of course, he never believed in it. Nevertheless, when his father died and asked him to keep it on him at all times, he honored his old man's wishes. Then came the first World War and William learned the truth about the trinket as bullets destined to end his life suddenly froze in midair before falling to the floor harmlessly.
Unfortunately, he didn't get to fully relish in his newfound invulnerability when another bullet hit his leg, removing him from the frontlines for a while.
While in the field hospital, William took to inspecting the amulet, finding it to be much more than amere bauble. It appeared to contain machinery in its brass casing, a small array of mechanics and lights unseen before. It also proved capable of not only stopping bullets but absorbing any kind of force, storing it to be reused by the wielder. Sadly, it was not fully functional, the long periods of inacitivity having damaged it somewhat so that it had to recharge after each use. When he returned to the front, he made liberal use of the device, gaining his nickname from surviving when there was "zero" chance for anyone to do so.
But the actions of one man cannot truly decide the outcome of a war. They can, however, change destiny. It was William's idea to found a group of superhumans after Paladin appeared for the first time. He convinced his superiors to appeal to the MI5. While the military was somewhat reluctant to allow such loose cannons among their number, the MI5 was all for it. In the next years, they began an aggressive recruitment drive. When Hitler showed his true face to the world, the Freedom Corps was ready with William as their leader.
Captain Zero brought the group safely through the fires of WWII, the Cold War and Vietnam. But the device - an ancient Gahral artifact - did not prolong his life. He died in 1972 from lung cancer.

The man who allowed others to refer to him only as "Wanderer" once had a different that was widely known and famous. Born in 1663 in Boston, his birth name had been Cotton Mather and he would eventually become one of the most influential figures among the Puritan settlers of the new colonies.
Having always firmly believed in the existance of witches, he acted as consultant during the Salem Witch Trials, laying down the groundwork for several charges which almost always led to the death of the accused.
That much is known. What isn't is that one of the accused had actually been a witch, though she never used her magic to harm anyone and had never had contact with any demonic entities....prior to her unjust death.
Her magic allowed her to work one final spell before she died, a curse that hit Mather.
The night after her death, her spirit appeared to him, telling him that for his deeds he would walk among the damned forever and that his only escape lay with that which he had abolished.
From that night onward, Mather would forever see the faces of those whose deaths he had caused whenever he closed his eyes. And he was henceforth unable to die. No matter how grievous the injury, he would always recover from it. He would forever be barred from heaven unless he could somehow lift the curse.
And so, he was forced to become a sorcerer, collecting the same occult knowledge he had feared for so long. But he never succeeded in unravelling the curse as it had been powered by the unjust death of an innocent, one of the most powerful ingredients possible in the realm of magic.
Thinking himself well and truly damned, he abandoned his home and his old name and took to wandering the world alone, trying to atone for his deeds by doing good.
When the Freedom Corps was formed, he was sought out by Paladin who offered him a place among their ranks. Though the hero insisted that he was not an angel, Wanderer took this as a divine sign and agreed, becoming the group's occult expert, personally hunting down Nazi warlocks and technomancers during and after the war. Though he was able to work well with the others, he was always a loner and somewhat of a mystery to the other members and the public.
He did, of course, fight alongside the others during the Battle of Manhattan but met his fate just as the others did. Since he could not be killed, the Nemesis machine used its own magic to shunt him out of this dimension and into the empty wastes beyond reality where he still wanders...

Renowned Anthropologist Jason Wilkins never intended to be a superhero. His sole passion was his job, his only desire to meet new people and understand the myriad ways humanity dealt with the world around them.
He would have been content to simply travel and study for all his life and leave a legacy of knowledge behind. Fate, however, had a different idea. During a trip to a so-far isolated tribe of natives deep in the Amazonian Jungle in 1953 he came upon a strange legend that spoke of a mythical protector who'd come from the stars to keep the people of the tribe from harm. The myths spoke of living armor that would only allow the bravest of tribesmen to don it in times of war or catastrophe. Intrigued, Wilkins sought after the resting place of the legendary armor...and found much more than what he'd expected. The myths were not allegories or the distorted retellings of actual events...they were fact. Deep in a hidden cave he found a technological marvel - a suit of metal armor the likes of which he or anyone else had never seen. The discovery astounded him but he was outright paralyzed when the armor turned its head and spoke to him, adressing him by name.
It announced itself as the "Godsuit", a relic from another world that had been stranded here for centuries...and it asked him if he would be so kind as to bring it out into the world.
Still puzzled but at the same time thrilled beyond words, Wilkins agreed to wear the armor...and a whole new world of possibilities opened up to him. The suit tapped into something called the "mythogenetic field", a level of shared subconscious that connected all humans on the planet and created and was in turn fuelled by the legends of a given world. With it, he was able to emulate the behaviour patterns and powers attributed to legendary figures and gods, whether they had ever been real or not.
Jason Wilkins had no interest in reliving the tales of old in the beginning...but as he saw the rise in superhuman villainy, his conscience began to eat at him...if he had this amazing power, should he not use it?
In the end, the humble man changed his mind and became Avatar, the Multi-God - much to the consternation of every living Gahral still on Earth - after all, no one likes copycats. He clashed with Echidna, one of the chief Gahral geneticists, several times before driving her off of earth and his battle with an enraged Morrigan above the skyline of London became the stuff of new legends.
He joined the Freedom Corps soon after emerging as a hero and remained with them till the Battle of Manhattan. He and Paladin fought Dr. Destroyer side by side until the suit succumbed to massive damage and powered down. Dr.Destroyer broke his neck.

Justine Lincoln was born with a gift...and a curse. Even at a young age, she proved to not only be highly intelligent but also to have an intuitive grasp of mathematics that surpassed anything ever seen. Unfortunately, she was also diagnosed with autism, rendering her unable to form any close relationships or have anything resembling a normal life. Her parents were completely at a loss. Their beloved daughter was only ever happy and balanced when she could put her mind to work on a mathematical problem most of the world would not even understand. When she was barely 9 years old, she already dealt with chaos mathematics of the highest order. That was about the time things happened around her. Objects disappeared and reappeared in different places, time seemed to slow down or speed up and she herself disappeared for hours, once right under her mother's nose. Helpless, her parents appealed to the Hale foundation for the Gifted, a program designed to help supers come to terms with their powers. Mark Hale - Kerberos - took an interest in the young girl whose mental faculties rivalled his own and surpassed them in the field of mathematics. After an initial meeting and some unobtrusive tests, two things became clear: Justine's intelligence was off the charts but she was no metahuman. The strange occurences were not the result of manifesting powers but of her equations, some of which could apparently, when comprehended by her, change the foundations of the universe around her, rendering time, matter and distance fluid and malleable.
Hale took the girl under his wing and devised a series of impossibly complex mental practices that helped her focus her incredible mind to such levels that she could actually function somewhat reasonably.
By deduction alone, she learned that her mentor was Kerberos, the bane of Los Angeles' criminals and not before long, she made it very clear that she wanted to follow in his footsteps as a hero.
Taking the name Paradox, she was outfitted with modern weaponry and gadgets (among them a wristband computer that allowed her to use her equations much faster) and became a hero.
That is the story she tells everyone. It takes place in the year 1980...and no one remembers it.. Paradox has been with the Freedom Corps from the beginning. She never aged. And when witnessing the carnage during the Battle of Manhattan, her mental hold on her abilities broke and she used her equations to flee back through time till the year 1939, there to join the Freedom Corps...working with them (unable to change history since the events of her past and future had to remain constant for her to remain in the timeline), then teleporting back in time once more during the Battle of 1939....creating an endless time which she was never born yet exists. A true Paradox.

//Added Wanderer and Captain Zero
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Re: Earth-47

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I'm highly impressed by your world so far Neo-Paladin and will have more comments in the future.

You've put a lot of thought into this.

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That coming from you makes me blush...i will try my best not to disappoint. I'll probably get the remaining Freedom Corps members done by tomorrow and will then fill out the history sections.

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Ok, the Freedom Corps is done as, the next there something one of you folks might like to know a bit more about? I'm a bit stuck as to what to write next...and yes, the history section is still not done but this might take a while.

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The Circle
The Circle has been around in one form or another ever since the first war against the Outsiders. It used to be a rather loose coalition of a dozen or so sorcerers from all over the world who only shared a desire to protect earth from extradimensional invaders. Unfortunately, the Circle has always been plagued with bad luck, destined to fall apart after one or two generations. Researches into the reason for this lamentable fact have yielded no results, though Lovecraft and Talib both have begun to consider it a masterfully-crafted curse.
Apart from their efforts to keep earth safe, the members of the current Circle rarely engage in superheroics since the Circle cannot afford to lose members. Currently, the Circle is rather small, consisting of only 6 members.

Currently holding the title of "Guardian at the Gate" by virtue of possession of the Silver Key and all it entails - including a "blessing" by the rogue Outsider Yog-Sothoth that keeps him from aging - Lovecraft is one of the most important members of the Circle and among the magic communities all over the world. Mentoring young wizards from afar, he does his best to steer them away from the darker magics and keep them from getting in over their heads. Of course, his insular, distant nature does not help much. Lovecraft is a genuinely good person...but he has severe problems showing it. Despite owning an artifact that lets him go anywhere he wishes, he prefers to stay at home - a rambling old house in Providence - and communicate with other sorcerers via astral projection.
Though he wields tremendous power if he wishes, H.P. never really accepted it. To him, his magic and his duties are something that was forced upon him when he was on his deathbed, unbidden and certainly unwelcome.
He didn't shy away from it, but still, there are times when he wishes he could just close his eyes and sink into oblivion. The fact that his dreams are an open portal into the prison of the Outsiders doesn't help much...
But despite all his failings, his isolationism, his occasional relapse into racism and his somewhat questionable sanity, it has to be said: a lesser man would have succumbed to insanity a long time ago. Lovecraft never once did. This alone earns him the respect of many...and the hatred of some.

The ancient Lich (a sorcerer who bound his soul to his body to overcome death, transforming himself into an undead creature) has been the member of no less than six incarnations of the Circle, though he does find the current one to be the most intriguing (and irritating). When not working with the others, his only interest lies in the accumulation of all kinds of lore. He is a veritable wellspring of information and actually one of the most public figures of the Circle, especially on the Internet where he surfs a dazzling number of message boards offering advice on magic or history or any other topic that tickles his fancy - alternatively, he enjoys to correct wikipedia. His net name is always "scholar" - the translation of his arabic name.
Talib currently resides somewhere in the Arabic desert, preferring to remain undisturbed while he works on the barriers between dimensions or "educates the unenlightened".

Lao Xho
An ancient Chinese sorcerer, Lao Xho joined the Circle only a few years ago out of gratitude after the group of sorcerers saved China from the corrupted Jade Emperor. Since he joined, he has sort of become the face of the group, his charming personality and grandiose style making him the center of attention - something the rather shy members like HPL or Eldritch gladly accept. While he still resides in China, he enjoys travelling and often spends his entire day teleporting from country to country.
Though he clearly loves his homeland, he has never been at ease with the current regime in China. Having been born in oppressive poverty himself, he cannot accept that a majority of the populace still has to live in horrible conditions while a few have more money than they could ever spend...all the while claiming to be communists still.
He has protested rather vehemently at times, on several occasions even taken rather drastic action and thus, there is a standing order to apprehend and imprison him by the government. Not that anyone would ever dare...or be capable of following it through.

Trickster's actual name is Loki, but he doesn't use it anymore due to bad publicity. One of the rank-and file grunts of the Gahral occupation force on earth, he'd always had disciplinary problems, often playing pranks on his superiors and his comrades - and, on occasion on hapless humans until he noticed how fragile they were compared to his own species. Sadly, during an incident involving a rare poison and an allergic reaction by one of the most liked and respected officers - Balder, to be exact - Odin, his commanding officer, had him arrested and tried for murder. Loki managed to escape before his eternal incarceration (the worst punishment the Gahral do mete out since it is considered the greatest taboo among them to kill another of their kind)and hid amongst humans where he sought a new means to stick it to Odin. He discovered magic, a practice the Gahral had abandoned long ago, and learned that he had a knack for it. Before he could set up his best prank ever, the war with the guardian Gods of earth began and he decided to remain where he was while the mighty duked it out.
When the fleet retreated from earth, he was left. Alone among humans and not daring to show his face to the few Gahral who remained on earth, Loki decided to trick the true Gods of earth by making as much mischief as possible without getting caught. Many tales of the devil roaming the earth, occasionally bested by mortals, are based on his exploits since Loki did have the will but sometimes lacked the focus and insight to think his plans through properly. Eventually, with the advent of superheroism, he tried his hand at being a hero, then a villain...then considered it boring and abandoned both paths.
In the end, he joined the Circle, though it did take some...persuasion by Talib who reminded him about the small fact that other Gahral could now act openly. And he was still wanted for murder....
His current whereabouts are unknown, as always...though he did mention something about trying to play a joke upon Dr.Destroyer...

Ichabod Eldritch is a newcomer to the 21st century. He started off not as a scholar of the occult but as a simple and humble schoolteacher somewhere in New England. He did not pay much heed to rumours of occult secrets or mysterious sightings....until he became part of that nasty business in Sleepy Hollow. Washington Irving's short story is actually the result of an evening in a tavern and too much cheap beer. Irving changed the name of Eldritch to Crane so as not to draw the attention of thrill-seekers or inquisitive would-be ghosthunters. Eldritch himself was never able to forget the incident. Haunted by awful memories and terrible dreams, he tried to cure his ailment with knowledge, delving into the realm of supersitition and sorcery. over time, he was able to amass quite a bit of knowledge and skill in the magical arts. This brought him to the attention of a previous incarnation of the Circle, who persuaded him to join by offering to cure his nightmares.
For a few years, he was a productive member of the secretive cabal...until that incarnation of the Circle ended with a furious battle against a half-human horror conjured by the Nightmare Coven. The magical energies released in the fight killed most sorcerers and shamans present but Ichabod was lucky. He was caught by the blast just as he wove a protective spell and the magical backlash "merely" dislocated him from the timestream, hurling him forwards about one and a half centuries.
It was pure luck that his emergence was noticed by Lovecraft, who quickly took the bewildered sorcerer under his wing.
Eldritch has since then served as a capable assistant to the Circle, his great care and diligence a valuable asset to the group.
The pale, tall man who looks as if he'd just sprung from a Tim Burton movie, is often seen wandering the New England countryside, muttering something about "weak spots in the world". He currently lives in Arkham, in a crooked old house he "liberated" from the ghost of the previous owner - a fearful witch - and her rat-like familiar.

The son of a human woman and one of Ohrmuzd's servant creatures (an angel), Nephilim has been around for about 3000 years and is the last of his kind (shortly after several angels began to fall in love with humans, Ohrmuzd made them sexless to prevent desasters like this happening again). He is the only member of the Circle who has no spellcasting ability, relying on his superhuman physiology and his innate ability to analyze and counter magic. A radiantly beautiful giant among men, he is rarely seen, hiding in the most remote places he can find in the world, though the fact that he is still hunted by the angelic Host forces him to relocate time and again. During the Yazur invasions, he fought on the side of the invaders, hoping to help them rid the world of the two Gods so his torment could end. While this made him a persona non grata in most civilized countries, the Circle did not care either way and kept him among their ranks. Lovecraft was more than a bit miffed but was simply outnumbered by the older members who voted in Neph's favour.

//Thus concludes the Circle roster
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