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Re: Welcome to the "Working Title?"-verse (Bay City)

Post by ultra8 » Sat Apr 10, 2010 12:52 am

Bay City
the City in the Bay
Glossary for the Basic Bay Sider:

Olypmiaum- nearly indestructable super metal that absorbs almost all energy directed at it. Very rare in nature but there is an artificially made version that takes about 2 years to synthesize and has a going rate of 5 billion an ounce.

Gate Keys: This is for heros who had families that have always had paranormal abilities. A term only known/used by a few mystics/alchemists and even then given to skeptiscm.

The 3rd Gate- A mystical artifact or state of being that the Proprietor was attempting to harness. It's unpromto activation caused the collapse of the domes blanketing the world with strang energy and altering the powers of many paranormals. Some gained extra abilites or had their powers enhanced to even greater levels while others under went a more physical mutation or gained almost uncontrolable abilities.

Mutaphenomene- A street drug called Mutaphine/Metaphine. Marketed as a over the counter pain relife drug with effects that can last for a month per dose, it gives an addictive high and in some cases gives some super abilities. For some this is only when the drug is affecting the body(usually requiring constant use), for others this is a permanent effect of the drug.

The New Humans: The children of those who watched nuclear blasts and other radiation experiments done by the government in the 50s and 60s.

Pow-Suit/Armor: Any armament created by an US Government project called Operation SuperShell

Knightenol- A memory textile composed of nickel-titanium that is used in the manufacture of special service uniforms due to it's enchanced durability and super elasticity.

Known Alien Races
The Kraan: A race that is trying to reclaim their former Glories. They have crashed many ships into the earth through out history and are a good source of alien super technology.

Malvans: A humanoid race that favors conquest and decadence. Though they have conquered the neighboring planets in their system(and plan to conquer Earth) they have spent too many centuries in-fighting or indulging their vices to get anywhere technology-wise and have limited Interplanetary travel.
Note: Similar but a far cry from achieving the level of power or granduer that this Universe's version holds and flaunts.

The Masq: A species of malevolent shapeshifters that spend their entire lives attempting to control everything they encounter. Lumpy humanoids with translucent skin covering visible organs their abilities allow them to resemble anything they encounter.

Kkkrrystk: A bi-racial people consisting of the Those of the Earth and Those of the Air. Highy advanced technology-wise but social-wise they match Earth's Renaissance period. Obsidian of the Champions belongs to this race.

The Trephar: A humanoid race of slender beings with jet-black skin that live by a rigorous warrior code. Not so much interested in conquering earth for it's resources as in seeing a worthy opponent that can match them in a fight due to their powers.

Secret Civilizations: Samarkan (The Savage Land) or Atlantis (various secret cities of the remnants of this mythical nation)were discovered by some Golden Age heroes but remain secret due to those heroes dieing in the aftermath of the Propreitor War.

Local Color


Paranormal Research and Investigation Mission of the United States is a federal agency dedicated to handling or preventing paranormal crime in the US. Headed by a top level agent referred to as the Golden Avenger with sub-commanders referred to as Silver Avengers respectbly handling all operations in all major cities. All Avenger-class agents make use of a drug called Cyberline which augments the user giving them superhuman strength, speed and endurance for an allotated period.
Not none to the public and even most members of PRIMUS itself, is that Cyberline is not really a drug but a retrovirus that responds to a standard/required process given to all Avengers which makes it DNA specific and not usuable by anyone except that specific agent.

SAT-Special American Tactics was created to deal with paranormal threats in the intervening years while PRIMUS was being formed. When PRIMUS was up and running it was meant to be intergrated into the new organization, but several factions in congress voted to keep it active and seperate from PRIMUS. Due to it's similar nature, there is a competitive tension between the 2 agencies.
Sat deals more in counter-terrorism work than PRIMUS and tends to operate far more covertly. But they will go head to head with criminal threats if no other government resource is available.
While PRIMUS has Cyberline, SAT makes use of Operation Super-Shell's Southern Cross System- a mechanized power armor that provides added strength, speed and offensive abilities to the user along with limited defense.

United Nations Intelligence Taskforce tasked with providing global security, aid and defense. Unit has a small presence in Bay City but a usefull one for keeping track of the Eurostar cartel, Terror Inc. and the League of International Crime US activites and containing them when need be.

Military division charged with providing assistance to paranormal peacekeeping and apprehension as well as safeguarding civilians from higher level threats. There the ones sent in to help when the local capes can't cut it or need some extra fire power. Quite simply the calvary.
They are also the first line reponse to giant monster rampages or alien invasions.

Robot Unicorn *
"Yes! I know there's music playing. No! I don't know where it's coming from. And No!! I can't turn it down!"
A new hero that appeared in the city recently. No one is sure who he is or where he came from, but what is known is that whoever stands within 5 feet of him hears the song "Always" by Erasure. In fact every account or sighting of him all agree on that one point of info, that song played on one endless loop throughout the encounter yet not coming from anywhere in particular.
When asked about this unusual occurence, the most common reaction is "What Music?"(usually followed by a quizical look) or a shrug of the shoulders.

Prof. Membrane
-Friend to Humanity, Enemy to Santa-
Brilliant scientist/inventor and chief of Membrane Labs and a division of STRATA. Possibly the most intelligent(or deranged) man on the planet, famous for several of his inventions and theories and also infamous for several that border the line of sanity.
:arrow: Megaboy 3000- special exo-frames for children that can sustain a thermo-nuclear blast and give them the strength of a thousand little kids.
:arrow: Universal Off-switch- pretty much self explanotory. A device that can turn off any other device regardless of function or distance.
:arrow: Invisible Fence- Genetic-based boundary system that can be programed to keep out specific targets via mixes of electro shock and chemical castration. Unfortunately it acts on anything sharing the DNA of the target, a fact found out painfully when visiting investor Kenneth Kane set off one designed to keep out their world's Kenneth Kane during his famous filming of "Slave Girls of YoUrAnUs".

Although incredibly famous and well liked by the public, Membrane's scientific abilities are offset by incredibly poor, neglectful parenting. His primary method of managing his children is by way of a floating digital projection screen. His messages to them are often not only prerecorded but out of date and he rarely calls Dib and Gaz by their names, instead calling them 'son' and 'daughter'. While the Professor is far from the best father, he does at least make it a point to spend one night a year going out to eat dinner with them at a restaurant of their choice and does fundamentally care about their well being.

an advanced technologies and research lab which covers every subject from nano-technology to subterra-geology. While average looking from the inside the interior is almost like a complex maze or fortress filled with many safeguards and booby-traps to keep undesirables from advancing furter. If you can get past the Grove(a mind numbing atmosphereric area -the creator was a big Dragonlance fan-) you will run into combat HERBIEs, pit-falls, Back to Senders (teleportals that send you back to the entrance) and God knows what else the staff has set up to deal with intruders.
They have the record of being the facility to be most frequently broken into than their fellow researchers at ORI and also the most likely to destroy the city accidently.
On it's home earth it has at best 5 major labs one being Skylab and at least 2 accident prone facilitys Sealab(which has a tendency to explosions) and Geo Lab (which lost the majority of it's subterranean drill team in some kind of freak accident, the sole survivor being researcher Saul Malone).

Notable Personel:
Prof. Kole Mine-(seriously her real name) head of the physics department. Due to the Wildstrike one side of her body is constantly covered in an armor made of black rock, which she can shift from one side to the other but never remove completely.

Martin Donavan- Security officer that moonlights as the armored defender Baryon using an old prototype disaster relief suit designed by famous hero Positron.

Dr. Tammy Tomiko- flora/fuana expert & geneticst. Currently on probation for crossbreeding roses and piranhas together, a bit of a misfit but harmless she infact is one of the more saner residents at Strata.

Prof. Jordan Perry- chief scientist on loan from Techno Global Research Industries who specializes in pollutants and mutations.

Prof. Membrane- See above
Note: Though his lab is techniquely apart of Strata it is considered part of the Membrane Labs enterprise.

Odyssey Research Institute- A leading research organization that delves into anything and everything paranormal. Headed by Dr. Jason Wilder III (former hero the Hunter), ORI backs expeditions and studies all over the globe and many of the world's strangest treasures are probed and explored in their labs. Creators of the Champions jet the Polespear and the High Energy Laser or HELGate a gateway into the Null Zone a primordial nexus that can lead to anywhere in space or time(though it's been proven to be completely random in where it opens up to).

Haha!! You think you can stand against the Lord of Flames!!
Dr.Siegmund Siegfried was just an ordinary librarian on vacation in Iceland when he fished out of the water a rusty old sword which endowed him with it's power turning him into the mighty hero Sultur-Lord of the Fire Giants. Recruited by Archive- an organization dedicated to locating mystical/cursed/or unknown artifacts- he now ventures across the world saving lives and righting wrongs all while fighting the chaotic enfluences of his sword's former owner the Fire Giant King Surtur.
During the Age of legends and Antiquity there was a threat so dire that it forced age old enemies like the Æsir, Vanir and Jötunn to unite against it. Along with the gods of Sumeria, Éire and Babylon they waged a premptive assualt on the primordial being Dahak. Though they were able to win the battle they had used up too much of their power forcing them to transfer their essence into vessels to survive into the next age.
These vessels or O-parts now contain the powers of these deities waiting to be reborn into this new age.
Capable of super-strength, flight, and flame control, while using his sword Fýri Gaddr(Fire thorn) he can absorb flame and smoke, summon fire drakes or make mirages. If he channels his energy into the sword he can summon a Fire Giant/Demon or for a brief time moment weild Surtur's sword Twilight-Sword of Doom.

*Thanks to Kruezritter and Adultswim for pic and idea :mrgreen:
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Re: Welcome to the "Working Title?"-verse (Bay City Locals)

Post by Crinos » Sat Apr 10, 2010 6:43 am

HAHAHHAHA! Robot Unicorn. That is totally awesome Man. I love it.

Charles Phipps
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Re: Welcome to the "Working Title?"-verse (Bay City Locals)

Post by Charles Phipps » Sat Apr 10, 2010 10:34 am

I concur, Robot Unicorn is awesome.

I'm quite enjoying the Champions-esque world of Bay City, with all the various oddball superhuman elements that are commonplace but just a little weird. The alien races are interesting (and seemingly homages to "known" alien races) and the whole idea of poor Kenneth Kane getting into more trouble for his doppleganger's troubles is hilarious.

The logos are beautiful as well. Primus is probably my favorite of the new groups followed by STRATA!

(And a Sealab homage!)

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Re: Welcome to the "Working Title?"-verse (Bay City Locals)

Post by ultra8 » Sat Apr 10, 2010 3:11 pm

Crinos wrote:HAHAHHAHA! Robot Unicorn. That is totally awesome Man. I love it.
Charles Phipps wrote:I concur, Robot Unicorn is awesome.
Thank you!! :mrgreen:
Charles Phipps wrote:I'm quite enjoying the Champions-esque world of Bay City, with all the various oddball superhuman elements that are commonplace but just a little weird.
Then I'm doing a good job. :D This is what happens when you merge Champions 3/4th Ed. with New Millennium while channeling a heavy dose of Earth 2. A world right down the road that the heroes can visit without having to use a time machine or multiversal device(at least until someone figures out how to send them home, if they ever do :twisted: ).
Charles Phipps wrote:The alien races are interesting (and seemingly homages to "known" alien races) and the whole idea of poor Kenneth Kane getting into more trouble for his doppleganger's troubles is hilarious.
Surprisingly all the aliens came pretty much as-is, it was kinda eerie opening the book and coming upon the Kraan. :shock:
Alex Timmons: Invisible fence?...You mean like for a dog or sheep?
Prof.Membrane: Foolish boy. Why would you use a fence on a dog?! Dogs don't steal government secrets...unless they're genetically-enginered ones!!
(pulls out recorder)
Prof. Membrane: Memo to self..create fence taliored to all known dogs familys.
And maybe cats.
Charles Phipps wrote:The logos are beautiful as well. Primus is probably my favorite of the new groups followed by STRATA!

(And a Sealab homage!)
Strata and Guard were pretty easy, Primus and the rest required a bit of creativety and search-fu.
ORI is closer to Star Labs while Strata is a bit more like Cadmus and Oolong Island, essentially the residents of Bay City are hoping Strata will learn a little from the John Smite Society and Aeon Knights in how to not inconvience the city. (ie' no more rose-themed piranhas)
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Re: Welcome to the "Working Title?"-verse (Bay City Locals Pt2)

Post by ultra8 » Fri Apr 16, 2010 2:28 am

Glosary for the Basic Bay Sider: Part 2

H.E.R.B.I.E. -(Humanoid Experimental Robot, B-type, Integrated Electronics) a mobile automaton developed by Proto-Labs. Used as envoys, personal assistants, couriers and bodyguards by businesses and private citizens, though a more public model is in the works from Yashomitso Industries.

Hero Hunt- A contest for supervillians where they earned points for the number of heroes they could defeat, ending with the top players fighting to the finish in a crowded arena.

Bio-Shock- A 6 month treatment process that gives a Viper trooper superhuman strength, speed, endurance and snake/lizard like abilities via a chemical jump start.
(Micro-Shock)- Quick and instant process that allows for the same effects plus greater defenses but is non-reversable, dooming the user due to the transformed state needing a hotter tropical climate to survive.

Jetson- Street slang term for main landers not from the San Francisco area.
:arrow: George- Dayworker or 5-9 niner basic salary man/woman
:arrow: Elroy- little kids or annoying college kids
:arrow: Janes- housewives
:arrow: Judys- hot or attractive women
:arrow: Rosie- hard worker or construction worker
:arrow: Spacely- ill-tempered person or vindictive boss
:arrow: Astro- Loyal fowoller or loony person or highstrung

Sanfran/Sisco/Ciskite- Street slang for person from native San Francisco

Capes/Cowls- slang term for heroes

Vile- term for super villians, specificly the worst of them

Black Hats/Hoods- heroic villians or anti-heroes

Crowns/True Hearts- term for heroes known for being noble or stalwards

White Hats/Red Shields- Normal heroes or local heroes like cops and medicals


Kenneth Kane/SpartaCorp
Would like to get his hands on some of their robotics technology, other than that he would really really like to kill his counter-part, but since that's not possible he'd settle for Prof. Membrane's head on a platter. Not because he may be smarter or because he's personally managed to humiliate or neutralize every scheme he's aimed at their labs, but simply for the fact that Prof. Membrane is completely oblivious to his existance.(in a Mr. Burns/Homer sort of way)
Mr. Kane would also like to find to one responsible for introducing Youtube to the local populace as several of his counterpart's filmed experiences has made it to the net. :twisted:

Has a sour relationship at best with it's counter-part due to raiding one of their Nest's in the process of trying to build a base in Bay City. The resulting clash showed them first hand what a Bio-Shock trooper can do and the Supreme Serpent personally want's what they can provide in the current war with the Serpent Queen's faction, even if it means playing nice till they get what they want.
The Serpent Queen's thoughts on the matter are quite simple. Stay out of the matter or be crushed along with the rest of the ants.
So far Viper(M)'s leaders Cobra King and Adder have been mulling over their best course of action. They don't trust each other but they don't trust this Viper even more, and the fact that they have tripple the resources than their home's version but are still hiding about like common thieves doesn't sit well with them, nor the high and mighty attitude. They're considering just playing along until they can find a way home on their own or bidding their time until something better comes along.

Personally have it out for the U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M., it's like every scheme they implement, every act of terror they commit, there they are doing it almost at the same time. It's become un-nerving, and the fact that's it's sometimes just one guy with a cape and a mace doing it is really starting to piss them off.
Flag-Smasher has declared open war on Unity seeing it as just another group who wish to unite the world under their own nation, while the Globalist would like to force feed him both of their maces just to be rid of this poser.

Are determined to show these upstarts who rules this planet, particularly after the many humiliating defeats at the hands of Membrane/Strata labs of all people. It's one thing to foil one's scheme, it's another to announce on the 6 o' clock news how badly they fared and point out where they went wrong and need to improve upon.
Prof. Membrane: We at Strata & Membrane Labs would like to thank the Shadow organization for helping us furter our knowledge on cloning and fire armaments by suppling us with suitable contributions. We know how hard they were to make and will put them to good use in expanding the advances of Science!! We look forward to further contributions and hope your errand boys at least put up a halfway compatent attempt next time.

The International Crime League
If it's bad enough having to deal with the Maggia, the Tong, the Black Hand and the Techuza, not to mention the other un-affiliated. But now they have some half-baked yahoos from another universe horning in on their action.
We the League of International Crime here by demand that the individual known as Godfather Gorilla surrender control of all his resources and activities to us, or suffer harsh consequences to his person and all those in his service.
The True Master of Crime

Affairs have been limited in Bay City, but they share the same hatred that Shadow does for Strata & Membrane Labs. Though they can show some pride in being the only group to make it all the way to the 5th floor of the labs, nothing stings pride more than having an elite unit transported to the steps of city hall and being arrested in nothing but their "Birthday" suits.
They also seem to have lost several of their agents who were sent to set up a base at the Docks and all attempts to contact them have met with failure and a strange squishy sound over the communications lines.

Paragon and the KnightsFPM
Add another one to the line for vengence upon SAM Labs. Nothing spells MAD like having an attack on the local heroes by Exterminators ruined by having one torn in half by the much bigger and meaner looking giant robots that guard City Hall or the rest being stopped in their tracks by a guy with a tv-remote. On the upside they've managed to secure a base in the area with help from fellow metahuman hater Prism, who's offered to even help them in their crusade with his advancements in stealth technology. However many of the Knights they've sent to him have yet to report back.
They also share a common enemy with the IHA in the form of the HAL(Human Advancement League) a pro-paranormal extremist group dedicated to mutating all humanity to the next stage of evolution whether they want it or not. Attempts to defeat them are difficult due to their leaders abilitie to bestow super powers on regular humans making them fodder for the Exterminator or Minuteman's mutant detectors and ichy trigger fingers.

If it's anyone that doesn't have a problem in Bay City it's Foxbat. Not only does he have addoring fans there too, but their Foxbat actually gets along with him and they've even teamed up for the occasional heist or master crime like TeePeeing the Guardians Homestead manor or trying to steal the Golden Gate Bridge. The fact that thing's are even more easier and fun with the help of Foxbat(Grim) and his Foxbat-tallion has given him ideas of putting together his own supervillian team.
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Re: Welcome to the "Working Title?"-verse (Bay City Locals Pt2)

Post by dirkgentry2000 » Fri Apr 16, 2010 11:42 am

Interesting stuff here

Charles Phipps
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Re: Welcome to the "Working Title?"-verse (Bay City Locals Pt2)

Post by Charles Phipps » Fri Apr 16, 2010 12:53 pm

Another great collection of fun and fascinating ideas for your universe. The bit with Flag Smasher and the Globalist was tremendously funny. Personally, I put my money on the Globalist in that fight. I also think that Kenneth Kane, the Porn King is probably JUST AS BIG A GENIUS as his alternate double. He just puts his genius into where it truly belongs....



I love Foxbat and HERBIE too!

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Re: Welcome to the "Working Title?"-verse (Bay City Locals Pt2)

Post by ultra8 » Fri Apr 16, 2010 9:36 pm

Charles Phipps wrote:Another great collection of fun and fascinating ideas for your universe. The bit with Flag Smasher and the Globalist was tremendously funny. Personally, I put my money on the Globalist in that fight. I also think that Kenneth Kane, the Porn King is probably JUST AS BIG A GENIUS as his alternate double. He just puts his genius into where it truly belongs....



I love Foxbat and HERBIE too!
Well Porn is powerfull. It's why the VHS lasted as long as it did and was looked on as the decider vote between the Blueray and HDDVD format wars. :mrgreen:
Who dares wins

"There are 10 million people in the World of Warcraft because Chuck Norris allows them to live."

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Re: Welcome to the "Working Title?"-verse (Bay City Villians)

Post by ultra8 » Mon May 03, 2010 10:42 pm

When the Shift happenend many organizations and groups were cut off from their main sources of power or vast resources and holdings. The one's who felt it most was their world's criminal organizations who were now trapped in a world that had even more caped do-gooders flying around and just as many sources for competition.
Some have managed to thrive, while others have been left in shambles, a few have quite literally screwed themselves over in the worst way imaginable.

Bay City Villians

The Brotherhood Arcane
Your standard evil wizard group. These people use magic to achieve greater power over people as will as eachother. Though they have many members all of them are in it for themselves, and rarely work together. Some have even started their own groups to fullfill their agendas while only occasionally giving a sample of their findings to the BA if any at all.
Luckily only a handfull of it's agents are/were active in Bay City, unfortunately most of the worst offenders are in that grouping.

The Cabal
A Mystic order run by Jonas Astaire of the Brotherhood Arcane. They gathered and worshiped the dark powers of the Shadow Realm. Their attempts to summon qualofric terrors into this world was short circuited when their spell tapped into another plane entirely(whether it never occured to them that this universe shared a different cosmology or they simply mis-read the alignment or it was the mystical equivalent of setting your VCR to tape something only for the show to be pre-empted is not known). Whatever the case they wound up being consumed by the spell and unleashing the Lords of Chule on the world.

Temple of Pan
An another Mystic order run by Bronwyn Turlough of the Brotherhood Arcane. She draws her powers from the earth and sprits of nature. Just as evil as the BA except more Eco-friendly.

Scions of Caine
A group of paranormals who believe that they should be the rulers of the world... that all other governments should just dissolve and give power to their betters and that their fellow (natural-born) paranormals should join them in brotherhood. Lead by the immortal alchemist Dr. Francks the Scions work to gather other children of the Gates to their number, gaining whatever resources Francks deems necessary and routing the plans of their enemies/rivals.
More like bullies than actually villians, though they steal and butt heads with the authorities they have strict rules against actively harming normals(seen as picking on little kids by many members) and harming their fellow mutants(actually against their by-laws). Those who gained their abilities through other means are seen as fair game however. Francks' overall plan is to create a world free of the fear of the unknown where humanity has been risen to the form of godhood(how wrecking the landscape and knocking over banks is going to achieve this is anyone's guess). Since most members have acquiered enough funds to live quite comfortly, and several have multiple homes or estates across the world to relax in or hide out between personal heists and missions. All are expected to open their doors and give aid to members who need it egardless of circumstances.
Since he's been around since the Dark Ages he's had more than enough time to track down the Gate Key bloodlines and map their heritages to the modern day. He effectively knows the names of every man, woman and child that has powers or the potential for them in their families. Or at least he did until the Proprietor opened the 3rd Gate and completely de-railed his plans. The fact that there's more than 2 Gates has greatly shaken him, even more the opening of the 3rd Gate took as many of the other keys as it helped to create new ones.

Their membership includes:
Black Diamond
a paranormal with super strength and the power to absorb any force against her turning it into a black energy that gives her invunerability. Founded the Scions with Francks when they left Viper. She's in it for the thrills and has a love/hate relationship with any one who can outlast her powers or take her punches, been known to draw out fights just to extend the fun.

thief and former espionage expert for Viper,

a mind reading primadona and social brat, generally one of the more nicer members both in personality and looks.

former member of a group of thieves called the Freebooters who saved the world from an invasion by the Trephar. Has the ability to steal/absorb energy/powers and can now mentain a human form.

Hardassed punk with vibration powers and a perk with picking fights and destruction. Currently in NY awaiting deportation to Bay City, as soon as he gets out of traction and the hospital bed Moon Knight put him in.

LA street punk with super strength, speed and the ability to turn energy extracted from the Shadow realm into concusion/destructive bolts. Just as bad as Vibron if not smarter, and currently in the sights of Mr. Sinister for recruitment/experimentation.

Daughter of Freebooter member and shapeshifter Dancer, Avatar has enchaned strength, speed ,reflexes and the ability to sprout wings for flight. Though she is one of the youngest she's also one of the wisest of the Scions.

Icicle Youngest of the Scions and daughter of former Viper villian Freon, has cold powers like her father(who is unaware she is even a paranormal) and has a respect/hate rivalry with the Guardian's Icicle.

Field commander of the Scions with the ability to unleash blasts of dark energy. Great leadership abilities make even the most troublesome of members follow his advice, but personally he's not really liked due to his habits of putting his foot in his mouth.

The Human Advancement League- a pro superhuman extremist group dedicated to improving humanity and supporting superhuman actions/policies. Lead by former Scions of Cain member and pupil Ragtag who had a falling out with Francks over their beliefs on the proper path for paranormal supremecy, his being that it would be easier to create a world free of fear if they simply made it so all humans were paranormals. Using his own research into the Gate Keys to augment his own powers he now uses them and stolen technology from Spectrum to bestow powers on his followers and aquire more resources to transform the entire Earth into a paranormal paradise.

Original form
After awakening/ stolen Guard mech formImage
Mechanon V.5
Created by Icestar to act as guardian/house keeper for Homestead, Mechanon has evolved into a mechanical egotist dedicated to conquering all of humanity. Eventually defeated and placed in deep storage where he would remain until 20 years later when his counter-part on this earth decided to re-activate him to disasterous results.
V.5 sees himself as perfect and anything that would break or delude that concept must be destroyed, in this case our Mechanon and his offer of teaming up for organicide.
Current Events:
Since his awakening V.5 has been forced to realize that he may be a little outguned time and tech-wise, not to mention being stuck in another universe but this hasn't de-railed his goals. He's managed to find a body that will act as a suitable substitute till he can find or build a more perfect convaience for his purposes.
Thank merciful God, that he's to self-absorbed to use or hasn't discovered the internet.

Cre'me de le cre'm of evil corperations. Constantly up to no good but with a scapegoat always on retainer should something happen to cast it in a poor light. Sure a giant robot they made almost leveled New York, but you can be sure that before that day ended they had a dozen offers for the designs for that robot from every military both foreign and domestic. Every government on earth either buys or invests in them and they have a presence in one form or another in every consumers home.
Pitty they aren't on their Earth.
They've had the most difficulty adapting to their situation. Where once they were hobnobing with kings and heads of government and had masters of industry as their heated rivals, they've now gone to becoming nobodies in a world where no one has ever heard of them and most of their greatest achievements are a dime a dozen. This particularly doesn't sit well with their CEO and owner Jacob Dawson who had his own plans on megalomania on their world and now must either start over from scratch or wait til they return home which me be even worse since he'd have to deal with all the problems caused by his absence. The fact that he's a narsacist used to being in the spotlight or at the center of the business universe isn't helping matters(nor are the cybertrooper implants he's been inserting into his body which are slowly but surely effecting his mind).
Current Events:
They've managed to reach an agreement with SpartaCorp, in exchange for them acting as an outlet for their products and services they will provide them with their robotics, cybernetics and chemical expertise'.
Dawson see's this as just another stepping stone to his eventual greatness and plans on taking over SpartaCorp in a year's time.
(it's been 1 year so far, with no such luck.)

http://www.comicbookresources.com/news/ ... 27-005.jpg
PanStar Troopers
Specially trained cyborgs created from cybertrooper implants and disabled veterans that have signed on to work as soldiers and bodyguards in order to pay for their implants. Unbeknownst to them is that they're implants all come with a special control that can overide their movements and internal explosives to prevent them from falling into enemy hands.

Acheles Combat Walker
Special assult mech designed for amphibious warfare and to act as paranormal deterrent for the US army(and as a replacement for GUARD's current battloid mechs). SpartaCorp's attempt to re-create PanStar's designs have been proven difficult due to many key systems needing or using specific parts or elements that are difficult or almost imposible to replicate for some reason.
A relief drug originally created by Scions of Caine founder Dr. Francks as a chemical trigger to activate, control or salve the effects of physical or psychological trauma experienced by some paranormals from use of their powers. PanStar sells an over the counter controled version(less likely to give you a high or super powers) and a highly-addictive street version that has been furter modified by local drug pushers.
Currently banned from the mainland US by both the FDA and the DEA for it's dangerous unpredictabilities.

Crey Industries
At the tender age of twenty-three, Clarissa van Dorn joined together with her new husband Count Alphonse Crey (widely recognized as the world's wealthiest and most eligible bachelor)to form Crey Biotech, a pharmaceutical company based in Switzerland. Just a year after their marriage, Count Alphonse fell into tragic coma, a condition that still persists to this day.
Publicly swaring to devote her company's resources to finding a cure for her stricken husband, she proceeded to use her amazing and daring business acumen to expand her company at an astonishing rate. Through a series of buyouts, hostile takeovers, and key personnel acquisitions, the countess turned her small research firm into an economic juggernaut.
However, it is an established fact that there have been several government investigations into Crey's sometimes controversial drug testing techniques. Though no formal charges have ever been filed there have also been widespread rumors of blackmail, intimidation, and other unsavory business practices involved in the various takeovers and acquisitions of the company's early years. More recently, reports indicate that Crey Industries might be operating it's own, secret cadre of super powered security troops, allegedly using advanced and entirely illegal cloning processes.

Although no solid proof has yet surfaced, some have claimed that Crey Biotech employees stole the corpses of many dead heroes who fell during the war. Over a hundred super powered heroes are missing and presumed dead as a result of the Proprietors' attack. Towards the end of the war, reports surfaced that uniformed and helmeted super soldiers were protecting Crey facilities from attack, and one member of the Freedom Phalanx swears she recognized one of the mystery guards use the signature attacks of one of her fallen comrades. Still, no undeniable evidence of wrongdoing has ever been found.
Current Events:
Other than donating some Hazard Response armor to AEGIS, their public activities have been rather quiet. Their covert activities are another story entirely.
They've been trying to get as much information they can on this earth's technology and genetic research, especially those pertaining to alien xenoculture. They have on 3 occasions attempted to either capture and or extract genetic samples from Divinos and Angel-Girl with limited success and almost captured Galatic Guardsman Mar-an in a plot to see if Thran DNA is compatible with Kraan genetic-locked tech.
They are also dealing with an internal political battle between the Dutchess (who's been petitioning scientific minds like Dr. Atom, Astro-labs and the John Smith Society to find a cure to her cousin's condition) and the Countess (who would prefer to keep things in-house: read- do nothing at all) with the rest of the staff fearing for their jobs and positions.

Malta Group
What happends when the guys flying the black helicopters and the techies and other grunts realize they can make alot more money freelancing than just guarding and doing Uncle Sam's dirty secrets. Veteran heroes who have encountered these heavily-equipped and highly-trained special forces warn of their resources and capabilities. These agents often disguise themselves with fake IDs and false names, claiming to be attached to real agencies, or part of completely fabricated groups. Yet no matter what their papers say, they have similar features in common and eventually their true natures are revealed.
Malta also has a stable of veteran killers in their service. These wetwork agents are recruited early, and put through a rigorous training regime. Despite their lack of powers, they believe they can take on a super-powered hero one-on-one. Due to their extensive close combat and sniper training, they are often right. They have also been reported to use mobile armored walkers on high-profile missions. These Titan units are powerful robot warmachines, equipped with tremendous firepower. Hercules Class Titans are armed with plasma blasts, gas swarm missiles, incendiary swarm missiles, and are physically very powerful. When injured (or for tactical advantage) two Hercules Titans can combine into a larger unit, designated Zeus Class; a Zeus Class combined plasma generator is a truly devastating weapon.
Rarely seen are the mammoth Kronos Class Titans the pinnacle of the Malta Group’s machinations are ubiquitous. Forunately they are prohibitively expensive to manufacture but if they could find a cost effective way of mass producing these monsters, their terror would be felt around the globe.
Current Events:
They've been busy hiring themselves off to any people or groups in need of trained mercenaries or assasins. They've worked for Crey to capture Angel Girl for their Project Interceptor and both P.H.A.N.T.O.M. and Unitrol. One for the on-going siege of Ruritania and the other as heavy support against the Destructors in the Lugendu War.

The Headman
The drug kingpin known as Headman got his start robbing old ladies for their social security checks, then moved on to robbing convenience stores. In prison, he learned the ropes of drug dealing and started selling after his release. He set out to create a drug empire patterned after organized paramilitary groups, and eventually turned the dealers who worked with him into "Headhunters", outfitting them with uniforms that hid their faces. Headman himself wore a simple mask over his eyes and dressed in a pinstriped, double-breasted suit inspired by old time mobsters like Al Capone. This has proven successful; much of his competition has fallen by the wayside. He later moved to much wider profit possibilities; he is known for stealing weapon plans and priceless art treasures. Headman was about to set up his operation in Broca Beach, New Jersey, before the Shift transported all of Bay City to earth.
Current Events:
As the main trafficer of drugs for Bay City the headhunters are constantly bumping heads with law enforcement and local street heroes.


(short for Underground Liberated Totally Integrated Mobile Army To Unite Mankind). It was founded by the Flag-Smasher in his many attempts to destroy nationalism. ULTIMATUM became the occupying army of Rumekistan when Flag-Smasher became it's ruler(an irony that's not lost him, which he plans to change once he's dismantled all nations).

http://www.thehungryreader.com/wp-conte ... rewing.jpg
While our Firewing is a honorable(?) warrior their's can be summed up in one word "hedonist". Created from Malvan DNA scrounged up from a salvaged ancient cruiser and a un-witting nameless Viper field agent, Firewing is a flying power house with strength matching even Statesman at his peek. He desires to recreate the earth as his own personal empire.
Thankfully he's too busy exploring his own perverted vices to make anything close to a headway.

Foxbat and the Foxbatalion(formerly the Foxbatatics, Earth Wind & Foxbat, Rolling Foxbats, Foxbatasia, Jefferson Foxbat and the Foxbatastics)
He's a bit more muscular, smokes cigars and has an ever-present 5 o'clock shadow, but he's still the same insane pain in the but that our version is, if not more Shatner-esk.
He actually has a statue dedicated to him in a town in Kentucky for saving it during the Proprietor War, though he was actually trying to kidnap it as part of an ellaborate scheme to kidnap and ransom every state in the US to the US.

Exo-Skeleton Man
Foxbat's guy Friday and most loyal lackey/wingman/driver/common sense. He's always there to help him out or bail him out of jail or drag his unconsious form from their most recent battle after he's been KOed.

Slimey Pierre
A rogue lumberjack dedicated to conquering the cities of Canada with an army of Beavers. Allways smells like really-really bad colon.

Waylon Jeepers
A creepy little man originanlly from Venice Beach, CA who created the Medusa Watch, which has the power to turn people (and pigeons) into stone. He has also created a similar device that turns beavers into gold.

Boomer Mc Bang-Bang
Bald-headed muscle that wears a home-made battle armor made of guns and cannons. Unfortunately his armor is so big that it prevents him from targeting or even doing the most basic of movements.

(Sorry couldn't resist)
Malachite -The Perfect Man-
Born from his researcher mother's dabbling with leftover WWII genetic experiments, Malachite considers himself superior to everything in everyway. For those who say otherwise, well there's a series of un-marked graves lettering Western Europe.
At 12 he plotted world conquest, at 15 he started playing around with DNA and unleashed a horde of dinosaurs on Bristol, at 16 he took over a small island in the Atlantic by introducing a will controling virus into it's water supply and dubbed it the Malachite Isles. At 17 he raised a portion of the Atlantic shelf and claimed it for his kingdom not caring that it caused a massive tidal wave that devasted the coastline from Portugal to Greenland.
Needless to say he's not liked by either heroes or villians, the rare exception being the like-mined aristocrats of Raven and even then it's a use/be used situation. His plans are ruthless and insidious with an imperialistic style, most typically predictable dilemmas; the solution to which either aids or results in something he desires.(Ex: The heroes just happened to knock over the barrels that contain a de-evolution virus in the process of trying to stop a walking robotic bomb.) Quite a few heroes and villians have banded together to form the Black Guard a group dedicated to ending his reign of terror once and for all.
Current Events
He personally dislikes this Earth. Not only is there no natural fear of him by the local masses but there's far to many bumbling do-gooders around for his tastes(to say the least of competition). His attempts to recreate the Malachite Isles from Polynessia were bested by the combined might of Protonik and it's local heroes, as were his attempts to de-volve New Amsterdam and Ravencrest City or his plans to turn Las Vegas into his own personal petri dish.
He's also made an enemy of Overshadow for having the cloned dopplergangers of the Freedom League he ordered turn on him right when they were about to finnish off the originals.(Though the fault belongs more to Overshadow, never insult the guy making the clone for you) But out of all the people he's faced non infuriate him more than Black Chimera and Black Wing II, the former for his dogged pursuit and his unwillingness to play by the "rules"(your not suppose to shoot "threw" the hostage) and the latter for his uncanny ability to see 2 steps ahead of his intended plans thus completely ruining them before they've even begun.
He's developed an open rivalry(blood feud would be a better term) with Teleios that is starting to spiral out of control. If Teleios makes a Gigasaurus to destroy a city Malachite develops a poison to kill it in 4 min. If Malachite tries to arrange for the Atom Family to "discover" an ancient weapon Teleios sends agents to make it seem like it's a trap. Ect.
So far it's lead to both of them almost being killed by Black Chimera and Teen Dream's survitude programing breaking down.

The League of International Crime
When you need to gather a crew or fence something you call the Cartel, when you need to pull a job abroad or plan something big you consort with the World-Wide League of Crime. But if you want to pull off something and need someone to act as a diversion by pulling off a bigger caper, the League is who you call.
Formed in the wake of the Proprietor War, after the Cartel and World-Wide lost a large portion of their resources and made little to no profit from collaberating with this so-called "God among men". The criminal mastermind Mercury propositioned them with a plan that would settle their differences(for the time being) and increase their profits. By becoming the "Great white whale" as it were for the world's police agencies and heroes, they could re-direct attention from their business partner's investments and dealings. All they would require is a mere 10% of the take or a favor for services to be rendered at a later time be it expertise or resources.
They are the most notorious collection of crime bosses and supervillians rivaling Terror Inc. and the Eurostar Cartel in numbers and the forces of Lord Recluse in firepower.
Current Events:
Working from a moddified HQ beneath the Dominion Hotel the league works to learn all they can about this earth and the best way to manipulate it. The fact that Mercury's secondary powers seem to be better suited to this world than his own and that they have access to the internet through Techno's private wireless network have increased their abilities to cause mayhem.

Criminal Legion Of Wacky Nonconformists(or at least that's what some think it stands for) are a strange group of comedic supervillians that commit only wacky crimes. Empowered by the omniversal entity the Trickster, Clown seeks to prank and bequile anyone and everyone, particularly those with no sense of humor. So far the only people on earth to prank their version of Dr. Destroyer and get away with it.
Current Events:
Other than making Foxbat, Quirk and Mr. Hoppy honorary members, they've been targeting just about everywhere.
Who dares wins

"There are 10 million people in the World of Warcraft because Chuck Norris allows them to live."

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Re: Welcome to the "Working Title?"-verse (Bay City's Worst)

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What would a city be without some form of dregs of society or an under belly of crime, Bay City is no different. Like the citizens that inhabit it some villians have gotten curious about the new world around them. An amazing world with it's internet, flying cars, DNA splicers, and other high-tech devices, a potential honey comb of treasures and secrets worth fortunes back home.
All out for the taking. :twisted:
Sure they got some guys like that golden longjohns wearing Divinos and that Ruskie Protonik, and this Freedom League ,out there. But they ain't no Statesman or Prime or even that blasted Justice Phalax. Plus what's the harm? Worst case you wind up being deported back to the Lock's at Guard HQ, but the best case you find something or learn something that will be very profittable in the right hands.
Crusher Creel
Villians in Bay City are usually broken down into 3 types. The ones that stay closer to home preffering the security of their comfort zone, the oppurtunists that try to make a name for themselves outside not knowing what they're in for or not caring and the planners that don't do anything until they learn the lay of the land and what best to take advantage of. But when it comes down to it the one thing they all share, the thing all Bay siders have in common....they just want to go home.
Out of all the villians active in or around or even from Bay City only a small minority(really barely a handfull) have any intention of staying on/in this universe permanently. Unfortunately these are also the most dangerous.

"In my world the door may be closed off, but in your's it is unobstructed and waiting to be set open! Silly mortals did you really think that something like the expanse of infinitum could keep you from basking in the glory of that, that is mighty Dahak!!"
Emmisary of Dahak
An enemy of Sulfur, Archive, and Agent THOR. A mysterious priest who wishes to bring Dahak into this world by tricking a noble or heroic soul into commiting a heinous crime, there by becoming a bridge through which Dahak can pass.
Since his arrival on this Earth he has become particullarly interested in Divinos, Athena, Daedalus and other virtueous beings or godlings.
His favorite tactic is empowering a target or it's greatest enemy with a fraction of dark power then sitting back and watching the mayhem till either the target gives in to the power or the earge to kill his enemy, completing his task.
Ex: He turned Kenneth Kane into a living powerhouse in the hopes that Divinos would be forced to slay him, planning to remove Kane's powers at the last moment to deepen the blow.
So far each of his targets have been able to resist his desires, causing him great frustration and pain(everytime he fails he losses a bit of his power). He can only be harmed by certain Divine weapons like Athena or Ares swords, specific O-parts/Vessels like Pandora's Box or Sulfur's sword or items inscribed with certain "true" runes, which only work once destroying the inscribed item in the process. Even then destroying him proves ellusive as he simply regenerates somewhere else to be-devil them at a later time. He can be bound by the stones of Blue light, crystals said to store a fraction of the first pure light from the beginings of creation within their faceted hearts and was even imprisoned inside the Horadric Cube. Unfortunately these items only exist on Earth(M) and then even there they were extremely rare. Though Black Wing II has managed to design a device that provides the same effect as the stones they still share the same weakness, they can only bind him not stop him.

He's can be emmensly strong or fast when he desires to be and is apparently immune to even the powers of Mr. Hoppy, shaking it off like cold water poured down someone's back. The only thing or person he seems to fear is Hecate of the Psychotic Seven. Who's mere touch caused him overwhelming pain forcing him to flee from his plan of having Flag Jack snap Jack Union's neck(claiming something about her being tainted by "Her" presence).
He never appears in the same form twice, whether this choice is fully his' is not known.

Image Image Image
Knowledge is power and mine is Absolute.
Criminal genius and leader/CEO of the League of International Crime. Mercury prior to the Shift had an encyclopediac mind and the ability to weave illusions that could fool the mind and all senses, now he's gained a secondary ability to interface with and/or control any informational network or grid with relative ease.
His goals have allways been to accumulate knowledge of any kind and leaves the roles of leadership to those who actually want the inconvience themselves with that job. Not that he lacks the ability he simply finds it easier to run things when someone else is doing the politics.
He is versed in many skills and has an extensive knowledge of history, archeology, psychology, sociology and many basic and major sciences. He's not a rocket scientist per se' but knows enough to point out any major flaws or infractions. He also has a collective knowledge of key mystical arts and artifacts via several mystical tomes in particular one called the Book of Shadows, which he "acquired" from a family of 3 sisters by orchestrating a series of business problems that kept them distracted long enough for agents to steal it. He has yet to figure out how magic works but is content in knowing all the profitable or problem aspects, items, and creatures that dabbling in that world will attract.
He runs the League like a business, feretting agents into specific departments or units depending on the needs of the customer and researching new skills or plans for their un-witting targets. If the job needs a speedster he's got 5 on call, need a brawler or driver for that heist he'll call in a favor from the Conquerers or the Marauders, wan't a rare talisman pilfered from the local museum? Allow him to check one of his books for reference to make sure it's not going to end the world and he'll have a crew ready to steal it tommorow.
Currently he's decided to follow some of his associates advice and "live a-little" and has done so by staging a take over of the resident International Crime League. Personally he holds no ill-will to Godfather Gorilla and were this another time he'd be offering his survices, but he plans on staying on this Earth and sees the ICL as an already established enterprise that could be further improved by his own personal touches.
The Challenge he set out was merily a tool to gauge the waters and put GG on guard, so that in the months to follow he can steer the gorilla's rage towards creating an internal fued with another "obvious" liutenant and so on until there's an all out cou or his manipulations of a gangwar with it's enemies the Maggia and the Black Hand bear fruit.
Major Personas
Crime Master
An identity Mercury uses when dealing with local and federal crime bosses and mob familys. Literally his eyes and ears in the upper levels of the underworld.

The Crimsom Cowl
A Secretary of sorts for dealing with outside investors and used when he wishes to walk amongst his legions incognito.

Sir Baskerville of Langchett
A form well suited to keeping his ears to the ground of the wealthy circles and the orbits they revolve in.

A criminal organization created by a group of aristocratics and arms dealers. Through covert measures they seek to control the world by following a unique path, they plan to simply buy it. They develope weapons to fight wars, hire mercenarys to destabalize countries and create armor and medicine so they can keep the wars going so when all's said and done the nations of the world will be forced to the brink of debt and into Raven's pocket.
A follower of the lizard-tail work model, most people weren't too surprised when Raven Industries was outed as a front company for the organization when some of the younger CEO's decided they could do a much better job than the current aging old guard. Since then the group is one short fall from total ruin,one not even selling some of their most private secrets is likable to save.
Currently trying to worm their way into Raven Enterprises' San Fransico/LA HQ with mild results. George Timmons and Ultramind II have been working like Sisyphus to earn Bay City's respect and get people to stop treating them like a corrupt conpany.

Lord Raven
Current leader and one of the few remaing members of the original founders that survived the battle with the New guard. Plots to take over Bay City once he finds a power source to activate the mobile assault fortress Corvus.
His costume his more than show, it's lined with many capsules that can inject special chemicals to increase either his strength or speed and even a personal concoction supplied by Malachite that once activated will turn him into a man-raven-pteradactl like beast. He's been reluctant to use it given the source of it's creation and the fact that there's no gurantee that he'll be able to transform back once it's used.

Basic Soldiers

The Raven Knight
Raven's top agent/enforcer turned private mercenary, picks the side that has the most money and charges exuberent fees, but he's worth every penny.

Dr. Null
While working for Crey industries,Dr. Rudy Bein and Dr. Raymond Keyes developed a high-tech battle suit that for the Disaster Suit project allowed the wearer to channel bolts of anti-matter into fierce attacks . The suit, developed under the false pretense of being used for disaster relief, was to be used to make anybody Crey wanted into a superpowered being. However Dr. Bein's fierce one-sided rivalry with Dr. Keyes and his shoddy workmanship and ego would lead to his down fall.
While attempting to "remove" company accountant Steve Berry(the man who would become the hero Synapse) before he could alert the higher ups to his embezzling accounts Dr. Keyes interviened in the test model suit forcing Bein to dawn the prototype to defend himself. Unfortunately Bein's bad habit of not running a full diagnostic before activating the hardware caused a mishap sealing him inside the suit with no way of removing it(well none that don't involve removing his spinal colum in the process).
Dr.Bein has been improving the suits designs and armaments over the years and has a great hatred for any and all armor wearers that have the previledge of vacating theirs. He normally works alone but has been known to hire himself out for his technological expertise. To the rest of the criminal community he's seen as a "Buyer Beware" poster-boy due to his habbit for cutting corners and for the rather steph fees he charges to his employers. Sure that death ray he built will work fine on the enitial shooting, just don't expect it to work the 2nd or 3rd try.
This and his unbareable ego make him almost impossible to work with. He down right refuses to even consider the possibility that he could ever be wrong even when he knows for a fact he was, blaming Positron and Crey's budget constrictions for his current perdicament(even though he was the one in charge of the project's budget to begin with.)
It's this reason and others why the LIC has at least 4 tech master villians on the pay roll, why Arachnos barely hires him anymore and why the top 5 mob families on the East Coast have a shoot-on-sight warning for him should he ever show his face in NY.

Moon King
A deranged king dedicated to conquering all the Moon then Earth. The Moon King if he's believed is a former pirate from the 14 century who some how found his way to the Crystal city on the moon where he then enslaved it's inhabitants the ant like Crystaks. Immensly strong and capable of breathing in the vacum of space the Moon King has set his sights on re-establishing his empire staring with Farside City.
Sure he's one against a couple thousand, but intellegence was never one of his strong suits.

What words come to mind; architect, inventor, genuis, immortal and most importantly stark raving nutjob. While ours went on to under go periods of depression and notoriety, thier's went off the deep end and never stopped. Either he's stealing ancient texts to plunge the Earth into the Sun when he's sane or attemping something that would best be described as Fullmetal Alchemist meets Clive Barker on steroids when he's not.
Barring his insanity he's still the smartest person on the planet, having mastered all sciences and even some mystic arts, not to mention sacrificing his right hand for a sip from the Well of Wisdom all in the ever reaching pursuit of resurecting his fallen son. Throw in the fact that he has thousand's of years of combat and strategic experience and is the only person in history to actually kill an emisary of Dahak with nothing but his bare hands and he makes for an even deadlier opponent.
Currently he's been attempting to solve the Aeolic Principle, a theory of everything equation that would allow the user to claim control over Time and Space itself. To this end he's created several puzzle contests designed to find individuals capable of cracking the elussive equation.

Professor Muerte
Hernan Cortez had an ambition to match his famous name. He found the normal life of his Argentinean peers dull and boring, and gravitated towards the rather exotic Nazi refugee colony in Buenos Aires. There he met Dr. Albert Zerstoiten, who was to become the notorious Dr. Destroyer. Hernan idolized Dr. Zerstoiten so much that in a fit of hero worship, he willfully set himself on fire to match his mentor’s injuries. Dr. Destroyer created a set of life-support equipment for his follower, and continued to school him in the technology of destruction. As with all such associations, particularly with two such unstable participants, Hernan broke off from Dr. Destroyer and styled himself Professor Muerte. He decided that a career of world-conquering would suit him best and set himself up as an international terrorist, gathering other super powered villains to his side and operating under the name of Terror, Incorporated.
Has been keeping a low-profile since the Shift cut him off from the resources of his homebase of San Muerte, a small region located between Rondônia and Mato Grosso, Brazil.

Terror Inc.

Hulking brute of rock, steel, and muscle created from Muerte's former man-servant.

Fire manipulator with a short-fuse temper.

Irish assasin with cybernetic claws that uses special poisons.

A former creation of Viper and a former toadie of Mechanon, the mad cyborg seeks not only to fully cyberize himself but to duplicate the process on all of humanity. While his weakness used to be the fact that either way you looked at it he was still just half a guy in short shorts, he's since then made some minor upgrades to protect his human half with a small scale forcefield.
Considered one of the 5 possible Catalysts for the Great Robot Apocolpyse of 95 by time traveling hero Eternity Smith and an in-frequent enemy of the Guardians.

Essentially what happens when some of Crey's top scientists decide to take advantage of the inner-political warfare and go over everyone's heads to create their dream project- a fully controlled ultimate paranormal. Using a Protector Elite as a template they infused it with every power pattern they could think of and activated it to see the fruits of their labors. That mistake nearly leveled their labs and almost brought the attention of their superiors, forcing them to relocate their work to a private facility in their Paragon City office.
However the week they were to transfer the specimen, Bay City was transplanted to another earth. Now the speciman sits inside a containment tank in an un-marked storage locker like an unexploded landmine waiting to be activated.

The Conquerors
A group of villians for hire that use high tech armor stolen from PanStar's Tech labs.
Enemies of SAT, Primus and a host of other heroes, the Conquerors are the ones to call when you need something stolen or someplace broken.
Have a hate/dispise realationship with the Power Corps of Freedom City and are constantly trying to 1up them or just blow them up(they're not picky).
Leader and braggart, ruthless in a fight but still just a tug in fancy armor.

His armor gives him control over different forms of electrical energy.

2nd in command and the "real leader" of the bunch. Capable of controlling the electomagnetic field and likes to live the high life.

Newest member of the group. Uses a special exoskeleton armed with a variety of mini weapons and cannons.

Flying wrecking ball with bladed wind attacks.

http://www.thehungryreader.com/wp-conte ... aladin.jpg
Black Paladin
A disgraced knight from the Crusades whose soul was sealed to his armor by his mistress to save his life. Anyone foolish enough to touch the armor is instantly possessed by his spirit and remains until the knight lets them go or they die.
He's been around since WWII and has fought Crusader and a host of heroes to the modern day, always escaping capture either by luck, minions or his dependence on the Dragon Malaias who's just happy to be able to walk the Earth once more. For a time he had enchanced mystical abilities due to his contract with the wizard Matthias Casimir but too many failures and the strain Casimir's body greatly weakened their mystical link forcing him via Casimir to make a new contract with James Benette a former Viper technichian.
He has enchanced strength and endurance, not to mention James technological know-how and his mystical Black Blade and Mace that always return to his hands.
One of his cherished goals is the destruction of religion; he especially hates superheroes who openly espouse Christianity or ally themselves to churches. He also has a personal hatred for all who follow the code of chivalry or past themselves off as knights.


Devoured Earth
Created by a Godlike super-being known as the Hamidon, the Devouring Earth are a series of creatures based upon plants and Earth-like formations that are completely focused upon the destruction of human kind on the bidding of their creator. The legions of Devouring Earth spawn from plant like creatures to the Devoured,and use thorns, vines, stone, crystal and poisons to cause as much mayhem and destruction as they can, replacing the overtaken lands they dominate with organic extensions, trees and other forms of forestry and earth.
The most fearsome of the Devouring Earth soldiers are the Devoured, humans mutated from their 'festering' human forms and spliced into the eco-terrorizing monsters that the Hamidon envisions as the true inhabitants of the Earth. The Hamidon itself is protected by its greatest minions, giant monsters that patrol the Hamidon's lair of 'Eden', destroying anything and everything that potentially poses a threat to their master.

A group of paranormals created by the CIA's Mind Alive program and the sadistic methods of Dr. Myron Ramsey. PSI sees Humanity as nothing more than a toy to be played with and discarded, most of their plans envolve acquiring funds and messing with people for the pleasure of it.
Their greatest strength is also their greatest weakness, when all 4 members are together they can bridge their powers and either increase their innate abilities or create a servant manifestation called a Psion. However this requires all members to be in close proximity and consumes a large amount of energy in the process.
They make use of a front company called Psi-Net that sells the latest in technological trends like Virtual technology and Video Phones.

A synthetic organism created by scientists from now defunct Desiree Industries and accidently let loose into the sewers by the manic action's of Viper's third leader King Cobra.
Hydra is capable of controling anyone by attaching a parasthetic lifeform that wraps it's tentcles around a host and injects a nirvanna inducing chemical that traps the host in their own dream world while the main body feeds on their intelict and memories.
Thought destroyed by the hero Crusader, Hydra has most recently come in contact with a group of PHANTOM agents attempting to set up an underground base in Bay City.

Dark Seraph
Earth-M's version is much like our own accept he only has the power of 1 of the 3 Crowns of Krim and lacks an entourage. He's also the direct descendant of the Black Paladin, a fact that both parties loath due to an infrequent habit of double crossing or stealing from one another. The Iron Crown gives him tremendous power and the added power of the Eye of Gast gives him the ability to cast up to 3 spells at once. He's tried time and again to locate and unite the 3 crowns only to be twarted by heroes or other mystical villians.
Has been undergoing a fluxuation in his powers ever since the blast from the Wildstrike fused the Eye of Gast to his chest giving his chest a stone like quality but limiting his speed and preventing him from casting illusionary spells, thus leaving him exposed. He's also begun to realize that the Eye has started to influence his actions, even more so since Bay City was transported.
He is not aware that the Eye was originally from this universe to begin with, and it's frequent use is bound to attract the attemtion of it's original owner.

Taro Takashi hates villians(specifically Viper) for slaying his father when he wouldn't cooperate with their demands and hates heroes(The Guardians) for failing to save his mother from falling to her death. After suffering from such loss anyone would crack, unfortunately he was a scientific genius who had developed a stealth suit capable of fooling all the senses and an un-tested machine the Spectrum Device that could give a regular person superpowers(assuming they survived the grueling process in the first place.)
Using his creations he formed Spectrum a group dedicated to making life miserable for all heroes and villians alike, and gathered his members from the easily manipulated, disinfranchised or anyone he could snatch from a prison bus to under go his Power process.
After years of terror, he was finally captured and his followers either killed or incarcirated. Things would have remained peacefull had he not been one of the inmates released during Mercury's recruitment drive-jail break.
Now he seeks to use these Knights of the Pure Mankind to recreate a newer more powerfull version of Spectrum, he just wishes his soon to be new teammates wouldn't die so quickly. He hardly has time to install the loyalty software before they expire.

Former Spectrum members:
Cocky imperialistic fire controller, Prism's best friend until the Spectrum device erased his memory up until exiting the machine. Had a fanatic's loyalty and was Prism's 2nd in command, but constant failed schemes and a power boost from the Wildstrike have rattled his mind and given him greater incentive to do his own thing.

Blue Streak
Disgraced football jock turned super speedster, definition of Party hard and live to your vices. Killed by the Scourge of the Underworld.

Former Actress turned Vile slime creature via the embodiement of Blue from the Spectrum Device. She wanted power and that's what she got but at the cost of her beauty. She literally hates everything but also wants companionship because she's lonely, her inner hate is so strong that any psychic that tries to probe her mind will feel like they crashed into a wall.
Currently seeking anyone that can restore her to her once glorious beauty, tough part of her still craves even more power.

Former fashion designer turned crack addict turned light manipulating crack addict. Capable of controlling both light and heat due to the embodiement of Yellow given to her by the Spectrum device. Also known for her fabulous and head-turning outfits.
Currently in a drug induced coma.

Purple Haze
The Ultimate slacker, the results of a near-braindead rockstar placed in the Spectrum device after a massive overdose on hallucinogens. Purple Haze is on an infinite high and capable of sharing his experiences both good and bad with the public as well as creating mental illusions.
Currently returned to travling the concert circuit as a roadie, Primus hopes this will kick his villian habit due to his easy-going friendly nature.

Sociopathic killer with split personalitys and different powers depending on which persona is currently in charge. The most powerfull and most feared of the 7(even by them), not to mention the most dangerous.
Was sealed within the gem of Karnak by the Arch-magus Vincent Dimitrios when he went on a muderous rampage due to having a mental breakdown.

Spragg the Living Hill
A sentient energy that animates and controls the rocks around him and possesses high level telepathic powers that allow him to control any intellegent lifeform within a short distance of him. Attempted to use the inhabitants of a small villiage in Transylvania to create a dynamo that would increase his power and allow him to conquer Earth. But a vacationing geologist Dr. Robertson managed to sabotage Spragg's dynamo turning it into a rocket sending him back into space.
Some how he keeps coming back to seek his revenge, the latest in a long list of heroes to battle him was Sulfur who was carrying him back into space when the Shift occured.
Currently trapped at the bottom of the ocean and cursing Sulfur's name.

Tong of Creel
A group dedicated to re-essembling the pieces of the century's most dangerous killer Iron Creel whose body was shattered in a battle with a secret group of heroes from the 40's. They currently have every piece except for his head, which they've tracked to Bay City.


The Proprietor
The architect of the Proprietor War and self-proclaimed master of the Gate Keys, a former associate of Dr. Francks back when he was better known as Benedict de Polon "the Alchemist of the Moors" and the King of Spain's official physician.
While his teacher spent his years researching the Children of the Keys, Rodrigo Lopez took his research further and looked into the very Keys themselves, discovering far more than the mere 2 keys Francks was obsessing over.
Using his centuries worth of funds and resources to work, Rodrigo set his plan into motion. By coordinating specific mystical sites into one massive seal he'd absorb the entirety of the 3rd gate into himself rendering him a God, then use that power to force open the other 5 Keys remaking the world in the process.
Thankfully the combined mights of the Guardians, The Promethians, the Liberty Brigade and Dr. Destroyer thwarted his scheme but at dire costs.

The whereabouts of the Proprietor are unknown, both the fear of his return lead to the creation of UNIT's Vanguard Division(a large grouping of UN affiliated heroes) and Guard's top secret GSI-Code: Black Omega(a department designed to gather intel and counter-measures against any and all paranormals). AEGIS, UNTIL, and the FoWH aren't particullarly thrilled about the possibilty that he came along with the rest of the headaches that came with Bay City.

Dr. Destroyer was originally Dr. Albert Zerstoiten. Zerstoiten was the secret mastermind behind the Nazi nuclear weapons program. But months before his secret unit was ready to test its device, Hitler (in one of his more paranoid moments) had the entire unit shot. Zerstoiten while escaping with the help of the French underground, came upon an ancient tablet that detailed a mystical artifact called the Helm of the Destruction. Seeking further knowledge about this artifact he headed to Argentina and disapeared.
He returned in 1969, and armed with mystical power, limitless funds, unknown technical secrets, international criminal contacts and his own brilliant mind laid siege to the small Communist nation of San Duval slaying it's President-for-life and claiming it for his own. From that point forward he would go on the harass the world at large and come to blows with just about every hero and villian on Earth.
Like the Proprietor he hasn't been seen since the end of the war. AEGIS and other agencies really hope he's not lurking around, it's bad enough having to deal with the two they already have let alone a third.

The self proclaimed master of Time is a relatively new villian that once was Dr. Timonthy Temple a down on his luck scientist that was accidently transported to the 1930's by a computer error on his homemade time machine. Eventually saved by the Champions he returned home only to discover that the same surge that allowed them to go an rescue him also (un-knowingly to them)killed his beloved wife Edna in the process.
Now determined to gain vengence on the Champions and save his wife's life, Tempus does whatever he can to shape time to his whim and unmake the events he set into motion by his own impatience.

The Locks
The containment wing of Guard's Bay City HQ and 1st stop on the way to either the super prison- the Igloo(asumming they' ever finish building it) in Alaska and/or the Cube in Nevada.

Invader Zim
Zim: Laugh now, yes. Laugh and frolic in your vile meats of evil...meats of evil! But know that vengeance shall be mine. Oh, how it will be mine! Yes, yes! Lord of humans! I will rule you all with an iron fist!
Guard A: .....He does know that these cells are sound proff, Right?
Guard B:......??
An Invader from the Irken empire sent to this galaxy to get him as far away from their galaxy as possible, they weren't aware Earth even existed until they got his comunincation. Overzealous, impulsive, and convinced of his own greatness, Zim is incompetent as an invader, yet dreams of pleasing his species' leaders, The Tallest by either conquering and/or destroying Earth.
His various attempts to subjugate and destroy the human race are invariably undermined by some combination of his own ineptitude, his malfunctioning robot servant GIR, and/or his arch-nemesis Dib. The fact that Guard and Unit wasn't even aware of existence until his failed plot to crash Mars into the Earth via it's World Engine either speaks highly of his ineptitude or poorly of their investigations.
He's battled just about everyone in his mad schemes for planetary domination and has even earned a membership in the LIC as it's expert on xeno-technology (which he's recently lost out to his unknown nemesis Tak) He is completely ignorant of his wildcard status or the fact that Mercury and the rest have no intention of springing him anytime soon. Mercury has enough nutjobs to manage and is hesitent to admit that some of Zim's more insane schemes(like Hypno Piggies) actually could have succeeded if implemented better.
Guard has a backroom deal with the Tallest, simply put- The Irken Empire stays the hell away from Earth and the a joining galaxy and they don't send him back to the Irken homeworld. The Tallest are giving it consideration, since Earth is over 5 galaxies out of their way anyway and they finally have peace and quiet.

His robotic assistant GiR hasn't been seen since he misinturpreted his master's orders of "Break me out of prison Tomorrow!" for "Wait for me in Acapulco!". Currently reports have been coming in about a strange dancing silver boy that has taken the local nightlife by storm and whispers of a new cartel lead by the mysterious "Loco perro verde".

The Monster
Paranormal strong sierial killer and bogeyman. The man/?/thing dubed the Monster by the Paragon City Press has been leading the law-enforcement wings of North America on the mother of all manhunt's for the last 15 yrs.
That was until a well placed explosive round from the Scourge of the Underworld stunned him long enough to allow Primus and SAT to apprehand him.
Currently locked up in an Olympium enforced cell with a re-inforced time lock that requires the 3 heads of Primus, SAT, and the FBI to open.

Part of the same genetics program that created Flare and Sparkplug and was the current leader of both Axis(Earth-M's version of ODESSA) and Demon before they were destroyed and Dismantled by the Promethians.
Statesman level strength, diamond hard skin with a keen mind and overconfident attitude.
Currently sharing a floor with a cell that can't be opened without unlocking the cell of the floor's other sole occupant....
The Super Aryan
One of the only surviving members of the Axis's Ubermensch program, mainly due to the fact that he ate them all. The Super Aryan is a psychotic superhuman juggernaut that see's himself as one of a kind and plans on keeping it that way by eating every other blonde haired blue-eyed German paranormals.

Ruthless sociopathic killer and a member of Spectrum. Thanks to the Spectrum Device escaped convict Jeff Gibson is now a living manefistation of pure rage and hatred. Inhumanly strong and capable of fighting forever, Rage is very difficult to defeat let alone capture without wrecking a city in the process. He doesn't need to eat or sleep since he literally feeds off his own rage like an infinite loop.
Only someone with the ability to instill calmness or peace can actually harm or kill him though it has been shown that he's susciptible to the Sage of the Infinate Ways gentle fist technique as well as the Showman's happy thoughts.
Was chained up in reinforced titanium manacles until Mercury's prison break freed him and he went on a rampage. Protonik and Divinos were forced to trap him in Earth's orbit until Merlyn and Strata can build a hot-sleep chamber that can contain him without killing him.

http://www.thehungryreader.com/wp-conte ... rhouse.jpg
A total jerk before he drank an experimental body building formula, now he's an even bigger jerk with powers. 12 feet tall with super strength, invulnerability and a "I'm better than you" mentality that makes it almost impossible to work with, Powerhouse simply does what he wants when he want's regardless of wether it's against the Law. Anything you can do he can do better,and anything he can't do isn't worth doing because he ain't no nerd.
Currently sedated in a re-inforced cell until he can be moved to the Cube.

The Showman
"It's a Fabtabulous, Super Greatacular Day!!"
Best described as a cross between Peewee Herman and Sweet(Buffy TVS)with PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS. Once he starts humming a tune the secenary starts altering to fit the mood of the song, people start breaking out into song and dance, birds start turning into something from a Disney movie and skeletons raise from the grave to become Jazz bands.
The only thing that can stop him is a special chemical concoction that nullifies his powers long enough so he can be given his meds, but that's difficult to empliment when he keeps turning the tranc-darts into dancing flowers.

Lower Lev
A secret lab hidden in the lower levels of the base that cater to things best left in the hands of national security.

MaslakuThdqafvk or 3rd of the 6th
One of the 2 known Masq infiltrators that were captured by Guard, due to Zim's failed plan to brainwash Congress in order to pass an Earth surrender Bill.
The 3rd of 6 invaders that crashed landed on Earth while on the way to infiltrate one of the cruise ships of the Valtese Allaince. Since they're hardwired to infiltraite any civilization or planet regardless of whether it's the right target, they decided to take over this one.
They are immune to most mind probes and capable of masquerading as anyone as long as they've had some kind of physical contact with the entended target.
However their strongest traits are also their greatest weakness. Once they shapeshift into one form they are locked in that form and can't acess another form without first reverting back to their original form. They are also compelled to infiltrate and replace the highest form of authority threw any means necessary, which means they have no choice but to work their way up to replace the Head position thus making them predictable. Also high levels of Theta waves play havoc with the portion of their brains designated for holding forms and though they have telepathic abilities they are only usable up to a distance of 30 ft.

Beast Commander Blokk
"I will claim this world and present it to the Beast! But not before I personally ground your skull underneath my Foot!!"
One of 3 High Generals that are envoys for the Beast Planet, and who for that last 4 decades has attempted to deliver, pilage and devastate Earth for his master. Until 1978 when he was clieved in two by Lightsword and his halves captured by a collarberation between Guard and UNIT forces.
Now the half with his head floats in a tank secured by an electromagnetic field to slow the rate of his regeneration while a staff of scientists analyze and study his energy signatures to find away to neutralyze his Null-matter body in a way that doesn't require atomizing a city block or chucking him into the sun.
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Re: Welcome to the "Working Title?"-verse (Bay City Champions)

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Bay City Heroes

The Champions
Established in 1987(ME), the youngest of super teams, the Champions have become the premier team for the fledgeling Bay City in the Guardians(then) absence. In the 4 years they've been together they've managed to keep the city safe from all sorts of dangers and maniacle plots.
Their name comes from the Bay City Times first story on them, coining them
"a set of Champions for the New Millennium"

If getting use to the idea that they're stuck on another earth weren't problematic enough, they still have an army of un-invited guests from their last big mission to deal with. They currently have over a dozen or so Dinosaurs roaming about the backlot of their HQ on Treasure Island, not to mention a couple of vikings, 3 neanderthals and at least one guy who may or may not be the Norse god Thor. They'd like to send them all back, but the only one who knows the exact time they're from is Tempus and he escaped into another time.

Glen Harmon and his friends used to listen to his Grandfathers stories about the strange alien gizmos he used to guard as an MP from his old army days. Then one day while investigating the old military base, they came upon a strange black box in a barren lab.
Escaping with the box the boys spent their summer exploring and researching the strange device, then come the fall the Defender made his grand debut just in time to stop the Schism-man and his Toadmen from taking over San Diego.
Defender has a multitude of offensive and defensive options built into his armor including forcefields and proton blasters, not to mention the immense energy storage capacity of the black box which powers the suit. Whatever Glen lacks strategy or knowledge wise is left up to his onboard PC or his friends monitoring his and the armors progress via the black box's sub-space communications network.

Starlyn Johnson(JO) Amos was a beat cop working her way to SWAT, when her team was called on to deal with a robbery being comitted by Cesspool and his Toxo-Zombies.
In the escalating battle she was blasted by one of the Toxo's into the device they were attempting to steal accidently triggering an explosion.
What should have ended her life activated her laytent ability to contol energy on a quantum level, giving her the power to protect her squad mates from the rest of the explosion and minimize the damage to the area.
Since then she's become an elite agent of Primus' paranormal task force as well as de-facto leader of the Champions.
As Quantum Starlyn can fly, create and control electromagnetic forces around her and either blast or forge objects of pure energy.

A prince of the Stellar Empire of the Kkkrrystk. Obisidian(his real name is un-pronouncable) is under taking a right of passage where the youth of nobility wander the stars for 40yrs learning as they go until their eventual trek home to be acknowledged as adults. His quest eventually lead him to the curious planet called Earth where he's remained ever since.
Made of durable rock-like skin, he has massive strength and invulnerability not to mention a mastery of the martial arts form called Hiadman("The Warriors Way"). He's still young by his people's standard and has yet to grow to his full height, even though he's already grown 6 inches over the 3 yrs he's spent on earth putting him at 8'6, it's been hinted that he's still got a ways to go.(the only other person of the Stone that they've met was a chancellor who was 20 feet tall, and even then he was considered short for his age)
Has a bit of a friendly rivalry with Ironclad of the Millenium City Champions often challenging him to feats of strength or skill and has been known to be dragged into the occasional adventure with Hercules or Ymir.

Santiago Villagatos was a private investigator of some repute. The eldest child of his generation, Santiago was subject to an ancient curse that in the past would have transformed him into a raging beast. Now much weakened the curse proves to be a boon.
He can transform himself into a anthropomorphic black jaguar, trading intelligence for strength, speed and a big cats natural abilities. Santiago prefers to transform into Jaguar as little as possible but is prone to involuntary transformations if he loses his temper. He is a kind-hearted soul who enjoys charity work and fighting for the little guy.
Currently juggling his roles as a member of the Champions and his new job as Bay City's District Attorney(how he got the job is still unknown, even to him and reeks of time travel shaningans).

Raised by the Order of the Lodge as a future mystical defender, Elaine King was a gifted natural at the Art. After finishing her mystical training she was directed by her teacher Margaret Blackmore to venture into the outside world and experience some life lessons, which she was surely lacking.
With her Widget by her side Elaine journeyed to Bay City, where she quite easily gained a carrer as a superhero and adventurer and continues to learn more about the world and herself.
Elaine is a powerfull sorceress with a nach for teleportation and defensive spells, her Widget- a floating gem about the size of a softball can be used for recon or as a focus for more target oriented attacks. Her only weakness is her own naivete much of it due to her sheltered up-bringing and the fact that any damage done to her Widget affects her twice so.
Currently juggling her life as a hero with that of her stage name Rowena Page a prominent actress that has gained plenty of publicity for starring in some off-Broadway plays. Her triple-life is something not even her team-mates know about, mainly because she'd be a nervous wreck if they ever came to see her perform.

Don Morgan was young boy living in the Outback when he came upon an oldman fighting against some tugs. After helping to fend them off the oldman who was really a Japanese ex-WW II soldier decided to repay him by training him in the art of the Ninja. After that Don would go on to travel the world mastering other forms of martial arts and wrighting wrongs whever they reared their heads, finally bringing him to Bay City.
A jack of all trades Seeker in his free time can be found entertaining people on the street, guest hosting on talk radio or playing piano in restaturants or his favorite Jazz nightclubs . He also has a number of favors he can call upon from everyone from heads of state and famous movie directors to even the Queen of the Faerie Court herself. And that's just in his home universe.

Honorary/Excellory Members

A cop from the year 2068, who was turned into a CPU driven cyborg after she was beaten to near-death by vandals during a riot. A elite officer the majority of her actions are dictated by the computer on her back programed to follow the rule of law as stated by 63 state US Congress of her era, with her regular brain contributing basic body movements and personal experience to achieve optimum sucess.
Though she is slowly regaining some semblence of a personality she lacks any sort of memories prior to her cyberazation other than vague senses of deja'vu.
She is outfitted with a skin tight polymer SWAT armor and a small arsenal of beam weaponary, lasers and omni-grenades. Her CP-Pack is capable of interfacing with any system even if it's something as minor as a clock radio and is usually interfaced with a personal Herbie designed to keep her briefed on standard era protocol and current events.
She also has access to a "standard issue police cruiser" a cpu-piloted saucer craft designed for both aeirial and aquatic movement with holding cells and riot control armaments.

A masked vigilate from the 40's who was drawn into the present era during an adventure/battle with Tempus. The man called Conrad Sloan was once a police detective by the name of Larry Flynn before a gangster's bomb exploded his car. Now as the Crimestopper he roams the night bringing justice to the corrupt while by day he can be safe from reprisals as the small-time PI Sloan.
He doesn't say much letting his actions speak for themselves.

An archeologist the Champions encountered durring a battle between the Black Paladin and his impish minions and the Scions of Kaines(sometimes) associate Markoth-an exiled mage from the hidden Atlantean colony of Tangut in Tibet, over an antique urn.
A bit of a bookworm, she has become a good resource on decrypting ancient texts and locating historical items. Is capable of flight and can emit a high pitched shriek from the ridges on her gloves.

A hero with speed and energy powers deprived from the Jewel of Krin- a gem created by the demon Krim's daughter. Became a member after the failed attemp by a member of the Brotherhood Arcane to use him as a power source to open the Cauldron of Skulls.
Can fly or run at high speeds and is capable of firing blast of blue energy.
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Re: Welcome to the "Working Title?"-verse (Valleywood)

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Decided to take a break from Bay City and follow up on the Valleywood article I promised. I've got plenty of fun stuff in my draft box to post, just as soon as I return from Comic-con.
Enjoy! :mrgreen:

Today on Cities of Excellence....

The self-proclaimed Hollywood of the superhuman world, Valleywood is where the metahumans of the silverscreen and normals of tinseltown congregate and break bread. It's not un-common to see a demon walking his dog down Aeon Drv. or a debutant showing off her newest cybernetic implant along with her purse-sized saber-tooth tiger. Heck, the best auto-insurence is provided by Glorg, the un-speakable terror from beyond the stars.

Monument Films
Current holders of the Capt. Battle, Doc Aeon, Capt. Murder and the Murdermandoes movie serials. They also own a movie house that caters to fans of golden age and hard to find films like the adventures of the Homefront series and the recently re-discovered Santo Vs. the Gray Wing movie.

Aeon Studios
Built by Valleywood's favorite son Doc Aeon himself, Aeon studios has been pushing the movie industry for Valleywood and beyond for the last 7 decades. They always churn out at least one movie a year that's either a blockbuster or award winner.
Divinos the Movie has been in development hell for the last 7 years. One part of the reason is Hal Weidmann, it's eccentric director is a bit of a perfectionist and the other part is writing a believable script for a guy who's the embodiment of good samarithan while making it both relatable to the audience and an action filled extravaganza.

Starlight Media
A production house that deals in movies from Bay City and foreign nations. It currently has a deal worked up with 20th Century Fox to show off their version of the Indiana Jones series starring Tom Selleck.
Indiana Jones and the Pyramid of Atlantis and Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb and the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine are currently slated for a summer and spring release.

Phillips Broadcasting
Owners of Duke Phillips' House of Chicken and Waffles, PNN (Phillips News Network), Phillips Land(dubbed "The Happiest Place In Jersey"), the "Built on a dare" preschool for gifted youth in NY and a hospital/medical research center (with a giant statue of Duke Phillips on it chanting "All hail Duke. Duke is life") in MT. Runs the network that shows Coming Attractions, X-Babies, Who want's to marry a Gelgamek ? and UBC: Gladiators.
One of the few companys that actuall has dealings with the Mojoverse, the Fognl network and the now defunct UBC.
Their studio is also known for the infamous movie Action Buddies, a movie that not only was highly expensive to make and had an allstar roster of action stars but is also the only movie to get Sadam Husien to play himself.
Currently in talks with Mojo for the following seasons of Super Years a popular comedy/drama from Earth M, which he plans to make a killing selling to Bay City residents who have been unable to watch since arriving here(Think the Wonder Years except with super powers).

Venus' Eden
A club owned by Luna, jewel thief and symbiotic partner to an alien from a race of energy beings called the Pantheon . Everything is extravagant from the furnishing to the entertainment to the cuisine.
A socialite hot spot and rumormill, it's famous for displaying as many scandals as well as starting some.
Aphrodite frequents the club on a regular basis which is suprisingly since she and Luna's alien halve have loathed one another since ancient Rome.

Gourmand's Favorites
A restaurant that's famous for having a revolving menu based off dishes that are the all-time favorites or just now favorites of the traveling food critic/columist/teleporter Gourmand. She's allways updating the menu, so it's impossible to have the same dining experiance more than once.

Maison du Petit Chef(house of the little chef)
The American branch of the infamous La Ratatouille restaurant owned by contraversial yet premier gourmet chef Remy, Alfredo Linguini(son of France's recently deceased top chef, Auguste Gusteau)Colette Tatou(Alfredo's girlfriend and rôtisseur) and Anton Ego(France's fomer top food critic turned financer and gourmet).
It is currently run by Rival chef Zeff and his staff of former pirates and mercenaries turned chefs. The food is considered amazing but be wary if you insult the staff or cuisine, you might earn expulsion from the restaurant or a trip to the hospital(usually both). Known for it's rowdy staff and even more delictable cuisine and atmosphere.
Things usually get interesting and busy if chef Remy visits the restaurant and it's considered a great honor to be one of the lucky customers to get a meal prepared by one of France's star chefs. Unfortunately the line usually wraps around the corner and that's if you booked in advance.
When Remy's not around they tend to have a bit of a friendly(?) rivalary with the Emperor's Smiling Dragon down the street.

Casa De Masques
Founded by golden age villian Ladrón de Sombreros(stealer of hats), is a private night club catering in the mysterious and absurd. All club goers are required to wear a mask or face covering upon entering.
The entertainment is legendary for it's random yet unique nature, from jazz bands to samba dances the best way to describe it would be the mad tea party from Alice and Wonderland but to the 5th power.

The Emperor's Smiling Dragon
A restaurant catering in cuisine from the Mu Shogunate and other aquatic areas. founded by exiled ronin Kashu Kotetsu to allow him to excel in his other passion beyond fighting, the menu is a literal roadmap of dishes both aquatic and surface that he's collected in his many travels around and under the world. In fact if you can prepare a dish that manages to wow him and a panel of assorted judges made up from the local restaurants he'll even add it to his menu.
As expected the restaurant has an oriental theme complete with music, carved dragon and lion ornaments and screen walls depicted lovely landscapes or famous battles. What separates it from most others is that most of the serving and waiting staff are all alchemical beasts based off of crabs, koi, rays and turtles wearing kimonos or bow ties. The entertainment ranges from local muscians and rock bands to the traditional stylings of Lady Bai and her band with backup vocals by Lai and Sae(2 alchemical lionfish geishas).
When he's not cooking up a storm Kashu is usually picking fights with the chefs and staff of Maison du Petit Chef, grilling his trainees like a drill sergent or fending off the many individuals after the sizeable bounty on his head. He's also famous for forciably ejecting the atlantien hero Seaking and subsequent generational banning from the restaurant(though he's considering releasing Naiad from the ban for her help in proquiring a rare atlantean dish).
Their un-spoken motto: "Come for the food and atmosphere, stay for the excitement."

The Penguin Louge
Founded by the famous Canadian hero the Penguin. The Penguin Louge is a nightclub and makeshift museum to the retired hero's lineage. First time attendes are greeted at the door by valet dressed in different versions of his old costume, then toured through the museum and finally placed at a table where they can enjoy the evenings activities. Eat finely prepared cuisine while listening to the music of the house band or some of the local comedians, all done in a style reminescent of 40's-50's americana.

Night Crawlers
A niteclub/rave that caters to vampires, monsters and hanger's on. A strict no eating the clientel policy is enforced by the management and overseen by the "Counts" that rule over all CA vampires. It's a safe haven for anyone who want's to see or enjoy the undead lifestyle.
Unbeknownst to many of the clubgoers or staff there is a secret sub-basement where a cult dedicated to the Inhumanoid DeCompose gathers. These vampires worship a dismembered claw that's very touch can inject them with enough power that they can go months without even a drop of blood and hope to one day free their master from his prison of amber.

Places of adventure/danger

The Gateway to the Chaos of 8 Paths
A massive cavern underneath the city holds a gateway made out of the Entropic Master Morgath the Unspeakable that leads to another universe. During the Orkus Invasion Morgath attempted to sacrifice the entire city in order to cast a spell that would allow him to surpass Orkus at his weakest moment, but thanks to the intervention of Eldrich, Malador and the Crimson Mask they were able to stop his plans but proved unable to defeat him. That is until Taknofanes the Undying arrived with an unknown scroll and used him as an offering casting Morgath's own spell inward turning him into a gateway.
It is unknown where the gate leads but for there services they each gained a token called the Favor of Tzeentch, The Lord of Change. Eldrich is clueless to what the token means but the Trimagetus Council believe it is one of the more darker icons needed to gain the title of the Archmage.

Harris Stone
Owner and chairman of several museums located throughout California, Mr. Stone has donated quite a large amount of egpytian antiquities to museums and galleries all over the world.
Very few know that he is really an anciet egyptian sorcerer that had battled the original incarnations of the Scarab and Overshadow, or that he's been slowly preparing his revenge on them over the last few decades for stopping him from gaining eternal youth as well as eternal life.
Honestly, he's had the means of destroying them since the 30's, but has put it off because he's been enjoying them beat the snot out of eachother for the last couple decades, throw in that he's finally found the reincarnation of Prince Rapses(the key to his spell for true immortality) and that most of his old enemies have returned, he now has a rare oppurtunity to get his heart desire and destroy everyone that's ever stood in his way in one fell swoop.

Excellion Fitness
A franchise of fitness/diet centers and health food restaurants that are owned by Guiding Light Botanicle a subsidiary of Rosebearer International. Though it's actions are legit, the FoWH has found that several of it's boardmembers and patrons have ties to the House of Serpents, IHA and Knights of a Pure Mankind.
In reality the group is one of many companys that serve the Survivors of the Great Work, a hand full of people(quite literally) made up of the surviving factions of the Rosebearers, the Iron Wheel and the Pythians. The franchise serves to spearhead their plan for improvement of humanity through social and biological engineering while also funding the tools that well help to strengthen and mold humanity to it's next step of evolution by acting upon it's fears and using them at their leisure.
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Re: Welcome to the "Working Title?"-verse (Bay City Villians)

Post by Davies » Tue Jul 20, 2010 2:57 pm

ultra8 wrote:Image
(Sorry couldn't resist)
Malachite -The Perfect Man-
You should have tried harder. Anyway, I think Malachite looks more like this:


Chris Davies.
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Re: Welcome to the "Working Title?"-verse (Bay City Villians)

Post by ultra8 » Thu Jul 29, 2010 7:07 pm

Davies wrote: You should have tried harder. Anyway, I think Malachite looks more like this:


Chris Davies.
Proubably true..but it's tricky finding artwork from champions 3rd & 4th ed. plus the outfit more or less matches the image from the book- minus the gas tank/jetpack and gas-gun. Though I have to admit your choice of the guy from Monster does match up better with the guy's detailsand looks in the bio.
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"There are 10 million people in the World of Warcraft because Chuck Norris allows them to live."

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Re: Welcome to the "Working Title?"-verse (Bay City's Worst)

Post by vitruvian » Fri Jul 30, 2010 6:51 am

ultra8 wrote:The Super Arayan
One of the only surviving members of the Axis's Ubermensch program, mainly due to the fact that he ate them all. The Super Arayan is a psychotic superhuman juggernaut that see's himself as one of a kind and plans on keeping it that way by eating every other blonde haired blue-eyed German paranormals.
What's an Arayan? I've heard of Nazi theories about the Aryan race, but never of Arayans.