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Re: Realm of Legends [fantasy world, link to any other campaign]

Post by Psistrike » Thu Aug 06, 2009 6:43 pm

Some edits for the Elf and Dwarf race templates, while the Gnome race template has its innate immunity to aging changed to Features [longevity] and the Savage Goblin race template has Combat Awareness, Iron Stomach and Withstand Damage added. Should have some more new stuff for this thread in the next couple of days, 2 weeks top if my writer's block acts up.

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Gigas races templates

Post by Psistrike » Wed Aug 12, 2009 9:37 pm

Those known as the Gigas races are a diverse bunch. Though only some are related to others of the Gigas races, all have one thing in common. They are all members of large, humanoid races known for their strength and power. From the green-skinned and wise trolls and those of their kind who chose to live in savage tribes, to the powerful and skilled ogre laborers, to the numerous clans of giants throughout the Realms, they all stand out as being some of the few beings who can match dragons one on one in contest of physical strength.

Giant race template
Giants in general are large, powerfully built humanoids. Standing anywhere from as small as 10' to up to 32' for some of the largest of their kind, depending on the subrace of giants they come from. They all have powerful builds and strong muscle tone, with skin, eye and hair color varying between the human range and virtually any other colors known. Their skills and culture vary great, as their are many subraces of giants, each living in different environments they are adapted to and each clan teaching different values and trades.

Below is the base template with the minimum known traits of all giants. All the different giant subraces will be built up from this base.

Abilities:+6 Strength, +2 Constitution

Skills:Climb 4, Intimidate 4

Feats:Hardy, Steadfast

Powers: Growth 4 [Innate; Permanent], Protection 3 [dense musculature]

Cost:28 power points

Giant subrace templates
*Elemental giants: These giants have lived in environments suffused with one of the 4 primal elements: Earth, Air, Fire or Water. Whether living in the most ancient of mountain ranges or in castles built upon clouds, to those who live in volcanos or underneath the ocean waves, they all have been altered by generations of living so close to primal examples of pure elemental force.

-Air giants: +2 Dexterity, Acrobatics 4, Improved Initiative, Immunity 1 [Air] pressure] and Super-Movement 2 [Air Walking 2]
Cost:+9 power points
-Earth giants: +2 Constitution, Survival 4, Tough, Immunity 1 [cold], Super-Movement 3 [Permeate 3 [Limited to earth only]
Cost:+8 power points
-Fire giants: +2 Charisma, Diplomacy 4, Fascinate, Immunity 6 [evironmental heat, fire and heat damage]
Cost:+10 power points
-Water giants: +2 Wisdom, Notice 4, Improved Defense, Immunity 3 [cold, pressure, drowning], Swimming 3
Cost:+10 power points

*Trueblood giants: Ages ago all giants were on average much larger than the current generations are. 18'+ tall on average, the blood of these giants still exist in the current generation, as some are born with the trueblood of the ancient giants flowing in their veins. Much larger, stronger and more powerful than the average giants, these individuals are some of the most powerful beings within the Realm.

Abilities: +4 [+10 total] Strength, +2 [+4 total] Constitution

Powers: Growth +4, Protection +2

Cost: +20 power points

Some common feats many giants are known to learn/possess include: Fearsome Presence, Improved Grab, Improved Grapple, Improved Overrun, Power Attack and Takedown Attack.

Ogre race template
Ogres are an offshoot of giants which appeared within the Realm around 2000 years ago, a strange magical virus causing a mutation within a tribe of earth giants. They stand between 12' to 16' for the largest known one. Appearance wise they have the same range of eye, hair and skin color as humans, while they have powerful builds and incredible muscle tone, sometimes to the point of exagerated muscles buldging from their body. They have prominant brows and jaws, with large canines. Due to generations of serving as hired laborers and an ingrained drive to work, ogres are known as the finest construction workers in the Realm, their buildings some of the finest known and even those built centuries ago still seem like new.

Abilities: +4 Strength, +4 Constitution

Skills:Climb 4, Craft [structural] 4, Profession [construction worker] 4

Feats: Endurance, Equipment [normally tool also useable as weapon and a tool kit], Powerhouse, Steadfast 2

Powers:Growth 4 [Innate; Permanent], Protection 3 [dense muscles and bones]

Cost:32 power points

Troll race template
A race of large, green-skinned humanoids with thin, yet wirey limbs for beings their size, trolls have a long history in the Realm. Their ancestors served the dark tyrant in the ancient past, forced into working for him by foul magic. Once freed they began to build a society governed by a council of 7, passing laws and showing a wisdom which shocked the other races within the Realm. Standing between 10' to 12' tall on average, their green skin is tough and rubbery in nature. The hair on their head is normally kept long, down to just past their shoulders, whether male or female. Dark colors are most common, while their eyes range from dark green and yellow to various shades of brown.

Despite their size and strength, they are most known for their great wisdom, acting as scholars and sages. Their culture is one focused on collecting and saving knowledge so that it won't be lost. Museums dedicated to books and magical items related to knowledge are most commonly found in the small cities where trolls live.

Abilities: +2 Strength, +6 Constitution, +4 Wisdom

Skills: Any 2 Knowledge skills at rank 4, Languages [Base:Trollish; any 4 others], Notice 4, Sense Motive 4

Feats: Rapid Healing, Ultimate Skill [1 Knowledge skill]

Powers: Growth 4 [Innate; Permanent], Immunity 1 [disease], Protection 2 [tough hide]

Cost: 35 power points

*Savage Tribal trolls: Some trolls see the search for knowledge as a weakness, building tribes and living off the land while also doing ritual scarification and other strange customs. They appear much like their civilized brethren, except for the various scars across their body and the simple leather loinclothes. They are known to purposefully sharpen their nails into razor sharp talons as well as their teeth into deadly needles to rip into flesh.

Abilities: +4 [+6 Total] Strength, +2 [+8 Total] Constitution, lower Wisdom to +2, -2 Charisma

Skills:Drop all skills from normal trolls. Add these skills: Climb 4, Intimidate 4, Medicine 4, Notice 8, Stealth 4, Survival 4

Feats: Diehard, Fearsome Presence 4, Power Attack, Startle, Track, remove Ultimate Skill

Powers:Protection +2 [scar tissue], Strike 3 [sharpened nails and teeth, Mighty]

Cost:+23 power points

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Re: Realm of Legends [fantasy world, link to any other campaign]

Post by gerbilattack » Mon Feb 13, 2012 8:20 pm

i have to say the idea behind the realm is interesting, but i have trouble with it conceptually. Very nice builds though.

1) the ream is sentient and enforces rules. though possible and quite interesting if you can pull it off, sentient reality (or one omnipotent being) can be a little hard to deal with. there is an in setting and out of setting reason. In setting you will have a number of people having arguments on the nature of the 'sentient reality' (look up simple arguments for pro/con Christianity god is evil/good/distant. You will likely find these similar things in setting, from people arguing on the realm's desires (and what good is), to the realm allowing evil being evil, to the realm being arbitrary. Unless the ream wipes out any who dare voice such concerns, in which case fear of a malevolent reality would be common. On the outside you risk players seeing the realm as the naked hand of the GM. Victories and defeats become cheapened.

2) You mentioned 'no stereotypes.' while in idea state it works, in practice there can be some issues. perhaps i misunderstand and draw my net overly broad. not stereotypes means that not expectations are reliable enough to create the categories that from stereotypes. i am not going to the extent to argue everything is without sense and chaos, but from experience i have found an ill defined campaign and world is... problematic. Without common traits how should i an adventurer (or player) react to seeing x? Without commonly evil beings, how should i a gm make an adventure?

to illustrate the problem lets take a goblin and a dragon. we will say goblins have crooked teeth are short, and have pointy ears. Lets say dragons are big scaly lizards which breathe fire*. If these stereotypes cannot be relied upon such to the point none of these 'facts' can be regularly ascertained, at what point does my goblin as he gets bigger and scalier become a dragon? at what point does my dragon as he becomes smaller and less scaly become a goblin? Is there a point at which i cannot determine the difference between the two? If the answer to the last one is yes, we have a problem. When a goblin is a dragon both disguise and those descriptive terms become meaningless.

Goblin and dragon both spark ideas and can describe because they tend to have reliable traits: these traits are considered reliable enough to be accepted on a regular basis, forming stereotypes.

In non text block form for those who dislike long pointless rants:

Good work with templates

2 problems

1) sentient plane impact on people--- in setting and ooc
1a) people will argue about reality and it's interference with varying results; unless exterminated
1b) players may feel their victories and defeats are the arbitrary whims of the gm.

2) Lack of stereotypes-----
creates lack or reliable models to base interaction with setting. Makes player gm communication difficult, and most actions meaningless.

analysis result; great idea, but i think it will be rather difficult to run, or play in without answers to these statements.

for material in a similar vein
see "Caverns of Socrates" by D. L. McKiernan
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