Using M&M for Torg

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Using M&M for Torg

Postby Kuildeous » Wed Mar 05, 2014 12:33 pm

Hi there. I've been interested in doing more M&M, but I just never got around to it. Nobody else I know is running a campaign, and I've been interested in but intimidated by running one myself. It's not so much the rules, but I don't know that I can keep momentum going on a home campaign of supers. I've been contemplating starting up a home game, only to worry that the game will collapse before I can get it off the ground.

But then I had the thought of revitalizing Torg. I mean, I had a 5-year campaign 20 years ago. I have plenty of new players who never played through the published adventures. This is a setting where I can keep the momentum going. And I really don't want to reread all the different rules for Torg (as much as I love the rules, they aren't at all consistent between realms).

So why not run Torg in M&M? I mean, Storm Knights are pretty much already superheroes. Most players will choose a cyber warrior or a mage or a ninja or a werewolf. Very few players will make Joe Average, and if they do, then M&M can handle that too. Since Storm Knights are basically people who excel and stand out, then they could be written as superheroes.

Has anybody tried that? In doing a search, I saw someone say he did that, but I don't think I can contact him through the forums. Maybe he'll read this and give some input. I'm interested in the input of others who are familiar with Torg.

I'd have to change things around obviously. Rather than have specific axiom values for the different realms, I may just dictate if a realm is low, medium, or high in magic, tech, or spirit. I may even have a paragon level, since three levels isn't really enough. Living Lands would be paragon in spirit. Aysle would be (or should be) paragon in magic. Cyberpapacy and Tharkold (if I introduce it) would be paragons of tech. By stratifying the axioms, characters could put flaws on their powers to represent reality differences. A cyber exoskeleton could provide Protection only when the character is "connected" or in a paragon-level realm. I'm not sure how to resolve disconnection yet. Small steps.

With spells and miracles requiring activation, the costs can be kept low so that PCs can have a grimoire of sorts. Each PC would start off with Devices to account for any guns, armor, and gear they may carry. Sure, it's fun to upgrade to that Godmeter you found after the fight with the cyberpriest, but it'd have to be abandoned after the adventure or bought with power points.

Other things would likely have to be dropped. If invoking a reality storm isn't dropped, then I'd have to figure that out. Crisis of faith would be dropped too, but that's probably for the best. Spontaneous crafting of spells would also have to be dropped unless a player really wants to come up with effects on the fly (which is admittedly a whole lot easier than it was in Torg).

There would be a lot to consider, but I'd run this a lot looser than when I ran it 20years ago when I cared too much about crunching numbers, not to say there wouldn't still be numbers to crunch. Any old-school thoughts on this?

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