Working on a Justice League adventure, need some help...

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Working on a Justice League adventure, need some help...

Post by Vanguard-01 » Wed Jun 12, 2013 6:40 am

Hey, all. It's been a while, but my friends and I are once again ready to start up another DC Adventures game and I need some help developing my story.

Right now, the plan is to let everyone play established heroes within the Justice League. Just about any hero who has been in the League is on the table, unless someone picks somebody that just doesn't work. Original characters are welcome if a player has a really good concept he/she would like to play with, but the assumption is that everyone will pick established heroes.

Now, as for the story? I'm trying to come up with some good ideas for kind of a big "Event" kind of storyline. Right now, I'm very interested in using Eclipso in the story, but I'm just not sure what his big motivation is here. (It should be noted that right now, I'm leaning toward "New 52 Eclipso" as I like his origin better.) I mean, other than corrupting a number of heroes and trying to crush the Justice League, what can one do with Eclipso. Yeah, he's probably making a bid for world domination, but what elements can I add in to make this more than a standard issue "Beat the bad guy by punching him" kinda story?

This story doesn't have to be super-long, but I would like it to be a little more complex than just "Eclipso corrupts several heroes then stands on top of the Daily Planet building and declares himself ruler of the world until the Justice League flies in and curb stomps him."

Anyone got any ideas for some plot hooks or twists I might throw in here? One thing I've considered is to not have Eclipso be the only villain here. Perhaps he's working with another villain or two. Can't decide who that might be though.

Any other tips or suggestions would be most welcome.

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Re: Working on a Justice League adventure, need some help...

Post by grayriver » Wed Jun 12, 2013 8:45 pm

Eclipso is a pretty awesome villain to use.

So, how's about this: Eclipso isn't trying to rule the world anymore, 'cause, what's the point? So instead he's decided to raise a dead world that existed before the current world.

So, step one, he starts corrupting and controlling darkness using heroes, such as Obsidian and The Shade and The Shadow Thief, etc... Having them run interference against the heroes. Maybe even taking some of the light wielding heroes and villains like Dr. Light (hero and villain versions both), Dr. Spectro, The Ray and inverts their powers into darkness powers as well.

Step two, raise ancient cities made of volcanic rock possessing the spirits given flesh of those who worshipped him in times long past, ready to do his bidding. This is his primary army, the ones who will kill all those who willingly walk in the light of day. Also the city can be chock full of hazards, as it is lit by veins of magma, not to mention just the sharpness of the rock in general to those who aren't impervious to it. Catwalks and arches to destroy and use as thrown weaponry.

Step three, wait, are those Shadow-Demons?!? Where did they come from? Oh, no, looks like every creature of darkness has been waiting for this to happen and are crawling out of the woodwork!

Step four, if we're fighting Eclipso, why isn't the sun rising? Mordru? Where did he come from? Why is he helping Eclipso? What's he going to gain?

So now the cities of the world have ancient architecture blasting out of the ground filled with armies of resurrected darkness worshipers, Eclipso is controlling our worst enemies and some of our best friends, Shadow-Demons, vampires, demons, and lots of other nasty creatures are taking advantage of the chaos, AND one of the world's greatest magical threats is helping them!


(Just and idea.)
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