How make a variation of Kryptonite Complication?

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How make a variation of Kryptonite Complication?

Post by Jhyarelle » Sun Jun 09, 2013 1:39 am

I'm in a current DC New 52 PL10 game, I made a variant of Superboy (Kon-El/Conner) and I'd like to mod how Kryptonite affected him.

So here's that basic back ground of my PC and how pretty much he started in the game.

During the time of the Cadmus Project where the Match (Kal-El clone) and Superboy (Lex/Kal-El hybrid) one of the female scientist picked up on what the true purpose of cloning Superman was for and wanted have not part of it...well any more. She can't leave the project without leaving behind a grave and an obituary, since Lex Luthor is fronting the project. Project Match failed, basically it he turned out to be a non-green teen-aged version of the Hulk. More gene manipulation were done to the next clone the Lex/Kal-El hybrid. Match and Superboy were grown and raised in a test tube and said female scientist took enough remaining DNA sample and tried to see if she could succeed in where other surrogate female subjects has failed and carry a hybrid human/Kryptonian child to full term and and give birth to it by using the same DNA code to make a specific steroids to make her body temporarily strong enough to carry the child to full term. She could not have children so it was worth the shot and if she failed it would use up the remaining Kryptonian DNA supply on hand that a third clone would not possible. Lord and behold she was successful and carried the child to term and gave birth to a boy.

She managed to lie and said the boy was born of an affair she had with a married man. As to how the missing Kryptonian DNA was reasoned out and was blamed on intentionally induced lab accident. The scientist had the boy roughly at the same time as Superboy came to term in his test tube. Being a part project Cadmus the female scientist was apart of Superboy's upbringing and conditioning. She keeps tabs between how Superboy has evolved in both powers and personality with her own son's. Alas the boy she had seemed to have no powers growing up and at times was sickly. She keeps journals in her PC at home between Superboy and her son.

Some years later when the son turned 19, he began to show some extraordinary abilities ranging from enhances senses, strength and eventually flight. As he adapted to these powers, his mother sins were uncovered by Lex Luthor and his mother was taken before he could even ask why he could do the things he does. His home ransacked and and leaving only his mother's PC he soon learned of his origins. Enraged of the knowledge of knowing his origins' purpose, his missing mother he set forth to Luthor Corp with a vendetta on his mind. Fueled by rage he set a course to Luthor's main building in Metropolis intending to raise hell to find his mother.

So my PC is built as PL10 version of Superboy without the Tactie-Telekinesis, but I want to have Kryptonite affect him differently. Around Kryptonite, I don't see him to suffering a super tummy ache and dropping to the floor. I like to have his Kytonian powers neutralized around Kyrptonite but can still function normally. It like having his Kryptonian poweres turned off and him running on base human stats and keep skill he knows. How do I achieve this as a complication? Please help.
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Re: How make a variation of Kryptonite Complication?

Post by Greyman » Sun Jun 09, 2013 3:27 am

It's called Power Loss. It's right there in the book. Page 29 of the D.C. Adventures Heroes Handbook to be precise.