Rules question about the Leaping power...

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Rules question about the Leaping power...

Postby TheManagement » Mon Apr 29, 2013 2:05 pm

I made a semi-paragon type character that, as an homage to Superman's earliest adventures, leaps and runs at superspeed instead of flying.

He has the Speed power at rank 7, and Leaping as an alternate effect at the same rank... enabling him to run 250mph, and leap 900ft, also at 250mph.

Now, in the rules, it states that 250mph is the top airspeed for a leaper. My question though, is with Extra and/or Extraordinary Effort, is it possible to increase his airspeed if he's launching out of a run?

My GM doesn't see any reason why I can't, so most likely we're going to go with the idea that, under extreme circumstances where he's giving it everything he's got and everything is on the line, he can launch into the air and travel for a short time at an enhanced speed... but he will begin to slow after the initial round due to drag.

I just wanted to check with those who are more knowledgable if this would be considered acceptable.
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Re: Rules question about the Leaping power...

Postby Earth-Two_Kenn » Mon Apr 29, 2013 2:26 pm

It might be easier to purchase:

Able to Leap Miles in a Single Bound: Flight X, Limited: Cannot hover or change direction; must land on the end of each round.

Presumably, X would be 8 or higher.
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