Some question after last night session

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Re: Some question after last night session

Postby JDRook » Fri Mar 22, 2013 11:06 pm

IKerensky wrote:5- Throwing range:
The rules as shown seems totally out of whack, a National Weightlifting Champion (STR +5), can throw a standard individu (Weight 2) at range 3 : 250 feet... or 80 meters oO That make absolutely no sense. Even a standard human can throw a 50lbs bagpack up to 30 feets oO
With this kind of equation, world champion in hammer throwing should aim for (STR +5), (Hammer weight 17 lbs, Weight -1) = Range 6 so 1800 FEETS ! I think stadiums are definitely too small.

As Black Mamba mentioned, the game isn't designed to be realistic. It's similar so that it's familiar, but if you start trying to make real-world comparisons it breaks down quickly.

For instance, your National Weightlifting Champion with STR 5 doesn't exist in the real world (or at least has never been documented in competition). Looking at a few world records and working backwards, not one would require more than STR 4, and if you consider that in most competitive situations the athlete would use Extra Effort* for maximum performance it would be reasonable to assume none of them are over STR 3.

Of course this makes Batman's STR 4 seem superhuman, since he's able to carry and throw TWICE the weight of any real-world athlete. This is where direct comparison breaks down, because STR doubles in effectiveness every rank, which allow characters to be able to lift battleships without the numbers getting too unwieldy, while in real-world athletics a few percent can make all the difference in the world.

M&M is geared toward the super end, so most traits are broadly defined in terms of mechanics. It's possible to play the game at a lower level (especially with a few tweaks and houserules), but "realistically" it's arguable that no one in the real world would function above PL5, if that. If your PCs can throw around cars and fly without wings and shoot lasers from their eyes, you don't need to worry about realistic. :)

*the argument for Extraordinary Effort (2 uses of Extra Effort in one round) lowers the potential "real-world" maximum STR to 2.
Sorry, I can't hear your argument for realism over the sound of my eye beams. :P

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