Advantages in M&M/DCA

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Advantages in M&M/DCA

Postby Ryan M. Danks » Thu Oct 04, 2012 9:25 pm

Sorry if this has already come up before, but I was just skimming the Heroes and Villains volumes and discovered that many of the stat blocks, while excellent in most circumstances, don't seem to have much continuity where Advantages are concerned. Red Hood, for instance, seems to be very focused on ranged combat (and rightfully so) but has very little throwback to his Robin days in his Advantages. Robin and Nightwing share Batman's HUGE Advantages list (or most of it anyway), yet Mr. Todd has very few to link him to his Bat-family days.

There are a few others I saw that put me off, as well. This all lead me to a thought: M&M seems to be based on d20 3.5-ish with many tweaks to its base system, and 2e M&M lists Advantages as "Feats", and with such a robust power creation system that can pretty much duplicate every other section of character creation, is M&M ready to get rid of the "Feats" element (and skills, for that matter) and build characters as Abilities/Powers/Defenses?

Just a thought, but I think it has merit. What do you guys think?

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