Running a Zombie Infestation

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Running a Zombie Infestation

Postby wolfkook » Tue Feb 25, 2014 5:03 pm

Again, I come to this forum looking for help.

I'm trying to run a zombie infestation in a small town for my 6-player PL-7 group. I was borrowing from a D&D adventure, but the action seems a little... stale.

So far, my WWII series is going great, with a nice pulp feel to it. Thus, I want that my zombie infestation scenario doesn't become just a series of encounters and random encounters... I want my heroes to feel that they have to move through town to find the source, and to stay alive.

And, I want to make the most of the little advantages of the system (As opposed to D&D 3E).

If you have any advice on how to run an scenario like this, I'd be glad to hear...

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