Clarification of an effect

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Prof Weird
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Clarification of an effect

Postby Prof Weird » Mon Sep 24, 2012 7:17 pm

One of the characters I am working up is into making movies, and has Morph 3 (Attack +0), meaning she can alter someone else's appearance if she can touch them.

So she adjusts one actor's appearance before she notices an actress could use a deeper tan - easy enough to adjust with a Morph attack.

Can the affects work on more than one person at a time ? Does the first person affected revert back to normal if she morphs someone else, or can she maintain many changes ? I suspect she could maintain many people changed (much like Move Object enables one to move multiple objects, 'holding' one while grabbing another).

Also - the Attack extra enables a personal effect to work on someone else. A being of any size, or 50 lbs of inanimate mass.

Makes things a lot easier than trying 'Transform : alter shape and color only'.

Which is why I suspect a Morph (Attack +0) effect would not be permitted to be used on inanimate stuff - too effective. Am I right about this or not ?
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Arthur Eld
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Re: Clarification of an effect

Postby Arthur Eld » Mon Sep 24, 2012 8:19 pm

Morph would definitely work on more than one character-just like Damage or Healing or many other effects.

As for transforming inanimate Mass with Morph, you could always use the Increased Mass extra.

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Re: Clarification of an effect

Postby Monolith » Tue Sep 25, 2012 5:58 am

Morph is sustained duration. It'll only last as along as the character is consciously maintaining it. Darkening someone's tan will only last as long as you maintain it. When you stop the person goes back to pale. It's the same for making a chair look like a bush. When you stop concentrating on the bush it changes back into a chair. You could make the duration continuous, and then they would stay changed until you turned it off or they made the check.

Transform only works on inanimate objects, and if you wanted to 'transform' a living person you'd need to use affliction. In other words you'd use affliction to change someone's skin color and transform to turn the chair into a bush. The affliction could last because the target can choose to not make checks. The transform would be sustained, like morph, and could be made continuous.

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