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Re: Post Freedom's Most Wanted errata here

Post by FuzzyBoots » Fri Nov 05, 2010 12:40 am

Finally finished doing the HeroLab portfolio for this book. My notes on what they fixed in the errata and what's still wrong (or is newly wrong):

* Minor: Probably should have Power Loss on his wings

* His pp totals at the bottom indicate another 4 pp of powers and another 8 pp of saves which aren't present.

Doctor Zero
* PP calculations at the bottom show 4 points of save that he doesn't have.

King Cole
* His saves cost 4 pp, not 8 pp.

Magnifico the Magician
* Powers cost 24, not 22. Suspect they didn't include the two APs.

Tom Cyprus
* Swim bonus is 14, not 18, because size bonus don't add to swim or climb. Abilities cost 60, not 72, due to Growth bonuses. Resurrection needs a prevention method. Saves cost 3, not 7. No idea where they got their number.

Bres the Beautiful
* Powers cost 57, not 54. Book also lists a total of 178 instead of the correct total of 168 for the costs listed.

Dr. Noman
* Knowledge (Technology) bonus should be 14, not 13 for the ranks and ability scores listed.

Will Larue
* His Mind Reading AP costs 9 pp, but the base power is only 8 pp. I suspect they based it off of 9 pp for the base power plus 1 pp for the AP.

Matthew Sorenson
* He's got 113 points of skills if one assumes he also speaks English.
* Uncanny dodge was listed in the Skills section as well as in the feats.

The Hollow Men
* 4 ranks of Acrobatics and a Dexterity of 15 gives you +6, not +8.
* Needs to define what skill mastery is in.

Doctor Twilight
* Six ranks of resurrection are needed for a five minute recovery. The power points come out two low... not entirely sure where. And the pp total in the book should be 305, not 313.

* Book has 2 more pp in the powers cost than are present, although the total number of pp is correct.

* Gaseous form has 9 unused points. Probably from removing Affects Corporeal as per Elric's suggestion.

* Powers come out to 96 (including Immunity), not 102. The total is thus 171, not 177.

* Darkness Control 4 cannot be AP of Create Objects 4 [Distracting], not enough pp.
* Saves are 13, not 15.

Count Zero
* Custom feat of 1 pp on Techno-merge to "Leaves physical form behind" is a guess since otherwise you have an AP with a point more than the base power.
* Radio was errataed to 2 pp, not 1 pp, so it's Super-Senses 9 for the listed options.

* The power costs don't work out right any which way. This is my best guess. If nothing else, Gravitic Control already has an area. Adding Shapeable is a bit odd. (Shrinking was changed to be linked to Density, but it made more sense to build it as Compression to make them simulatneous.
* Saves cost 12, not 10.
Best Guess:
- Linked Powers -
. . Flight 3 (Linked; Speed: 50 mph, 440 ft./rnd)
. . Shrinking 12 (Linked; -3 size categories, 1/4 movement speed, Adds: Density 12; Normal Strength, Normal Toughness, Compression; Full Power)
. . . . Density 12 (+24 STR, +6 Toughness, Weight Multiplier: x25)
Gravitic Array (Array 6) (default power: blast; Power Loss (Only when shrunk))
. . Blast 6 (Default; DC 21)
. . Gravity Control 6 (Array; Radius: 30 ft., Strength: 30, Force: 1.6k lbs.; Shapeable Area (6 cubes of 125 cu. ft. (5x5x5) - General); Distracting)

Powers 89

The Full Power drawback was added based on his descriptor text of "Currently, he’s developed only enough control to hit a maximum compression and cycle back up to his normal size—nothing in between."

* Powers don't add up. Could be due to a misplaced AP combined with non-errated Aura. Saves and Combat don't add up either.

Lethal Lolita
* Powers don't quite add up, even without adding Duration to the Aura per errata. I moved the Knifehand Critical into the container for it.
* Feats should be 32, not 33.
* PL comes out to 11 due to the Counterstrike... could be that's not quite right. Worth noting that Aura stacks with strength damage for unarmed attacks, so this might jack her up even further.

* Animate Shadows and Shadow Walk are overcost for APs. They cost 24 and 16 pp respectively as compared to his base power of 12.

* Flatfooted Defense is +1.

*yawn* And it's late. More tomorrow.

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Re: Post Freedom's Most Wanted errata here

Post by FuzzyBoots » Sun Nov 07, 2010 11:11 pm

The Mad Maple
* Ice Staff has 76 points, not 75. Maybe the Progression on the Illusion or the Dynamic first power of the Array?

The Weather Mistress
* Weather Vane has 86 points, not 85. Maybe the Dynamic first power of the Array?

* Toughness is off by 1. I suspect they included the CON bonus from Growth.
* Immunity costs are a bit funky.. it looks like they charged 9 points for Mind Control and Telepathy
* Ability and Power totals don't add up

The Alien-Gator
* Powers cost 24, not 23.
* Abilities cost 40, not 44

The Alpha-Centurion
* Powers are 66, not 76.
* Grapple is 44, not 42.

* Needs either a way to prevent resurrection or the True Resurrection extra.
* Auras cost only works out right if non-errataed.
* Abilities cost 35, not 45.

Beast of Kilimanjaro
* Abilities costs 56, not 58.
* Powers cost 97, not 96
* Saves cost 4, not 8.

Black Anubis
* Abilities cost 27, not 26.
* Skills cost 15, not 16.

Blackbird II
* Uncanny Dodge 2 requires one more sense through which to dodge.
* Need to define medium and target of Communications Link
* Abilities cost 49, not 48. Feats cost 14, not 12.
* Total is 202, not 201.

* Magic needs to be 20 to incorporate the listed powers. The powers total comes out to 177, not 166.

* Abilities cost 34, not 22.
* Flatfooted defense is 4, not 3.

* His device costs don't quite work out right. He has three extra points on his Stealth suit and thirteen on the Sonic Blaster.
* The toughness and ability bonus suggests a CON on 14, not 16, and an additional point of fortitude save.

Daddy-O Long-Legs
* Need sense for tracking and for danger sense
* Saves total is 14, not 25.

Doc Holiday
* Perform (Acting) has total bonus 13, not 10
* Candy Cane Freezing gun costs 41 pp in powers, not 40, due to the Dynamic on the base Cold Control power.
* Shillelagh of St. Patrick, 4 ranks of Luck Control suggests that he has 4 effects, not just the one.
* Seriously, battlesuits as Easy to Lose devices?

* Absorption doesn't specify what the absorbed engergy goes towards.
* Absorption should count toward toughness caps...
* "Create Ice" isn't defined, but assuming "Create Ice Objects" complete with the usual Permanent +0 modifier.
* There's only 30 pp of saves bought, not 40.
* Comes out to PL 12, not PL 13 even with Favored Environment bonus

* Powers come out to 154, not 156.
* Points total doesn't work out even with the listed values. Total should be 245 based on the listed values.

King Cole II
* Technically, one cannot have a Reaction action on move powers. And what the reaction is needs to be set.
* Needs sense type for Danger sense.
* Powers cost 50, not 32. I suspect that the Gadgets here is based off of a Variable (Single power of any type) structure, not Variable (Multiple powers)

Legion, the Mind Virus
* Powers are 180, not 163. Suspect that there's a hidden flaw on the Mind Control (or they forgot that Disease is a +2 Extra) and that there's an untitled feat. Or perhaps they bought Sensory Link as a Feat, not as an Extra.

* Fanatical only doubles the cost of the number of pp, not their quantity, so feats cost 23, not 26.

Luna Moth
* Technically speaking, Sense-Dependent applies to Perception or Area (Perception) attacks, but it makes sense here.
* Minions cost 2 pp less than in the book because the cost of fanatical doesn't apply to the progression according to Steve Kenson.

The Magician
* Perform (Acting) gets +4 bonus from Charisma, not +3. But it does account for the extra skill point. Skills lowered to 7 for Perform.
* The saves numbers total up as if they bought toughness directly rather than buying Protection.
* Defense should be +4 flat-footed.
* Illusion 12 raises him up to PL 12.

* He only has 26 pp of skills not 27.
* Powers cost 176, not 162. I suspect they originally developed the Summon as Duplication, obviating the need for Fanatical.
* The sidebar desn't have any information on the explosion drawback as stated.

* Distract (Intimidate) should be Intimidate under skills. Distract under the Feats should be Distract (Intimidate) presumably.
* Toughness comes out to 19 versus weapons, not 20.

Nero's Example Fire Construct
* Grapple comes out to 42, not 44.

* Powers come out to 73, not 81. Not sure what Feats means under the Reflex Memory power. That may account for this. This means the PP total is 233, not 241.
* Notice, Profession, and Sense Motive all suggest a +3 Wisdom bonus rather tha the actual +4. Oddly, Concentration is handled correctly.

Red Death II
* Same as in Silver Age book, 1 PP/Rank Sensory Shield applies to 1 Sense. Said sense needs to be defined.

* Sand form has 79 pp in a 75 pp Container.
* Initiative bonus comes out to +6 (+2 Dexterity + +4 Improved Initiative)

* Flat-footed defense should be +4, not +3
* Improved Ranged Disarm does require either Warriors and Warlocks or Mastermind's Manual to understand.
* Reversed Obscure/Stun on Midnight's gun to accommodate Stun taking more pp. However, Stun is 10 pp + 1 AP, so the Device needs to be at least Rank 3.
* Knockback is -3 normally, and -1 without Forcefield.

The Silver Hyena
* No sense type provided in book for Danger Sense

Sky Lord II
* Guessed at Burst for the area on the flying fortress's blast. Also, as of right now, it has both Speed 6 and Flight 2. Not certain if they intended to have both.
* There's another 13 ranks of Equipment not specified in his write-up, but that fits his character.
* He has 28 pp of powers, not 29.
* PP total is 194, not 196 (195 assuming 29 pp of Powers).

* 1D form not described, and there are a ton of points not spent in the other forms. Ascribed stock powers for each of the forms where not specified.

* Vision as a Sense Type, would cost 4 pp, not 2 pp, maning Super-Senses 6 and a power total of 58, not 55.
* Based on description, Penetrating was added for the strength bonus with the claws, so 4 extra ranks were added to it. Not certain where the other point went. Possibly the Wings power loss was included.
* Resulting power power points total is 193, not 190.

The Tick-Tock Doc
* Added progression to the summon since the Horde extra doesn't make sense without. 5 ranks are added arbitrarily, but he has room for much more.
* Universal Translator was not defined, so I pegged it has Hard-to-Lose with all four langauge options as well as the codes option.
* Immunity 24 listed, but only has 23 points of immunities listed.
* Super-Senses 11 listed but only 10 points of Super-Senses listed.
* The Groove Machine comes out to 84 EP, or Equipment 17, not Equipment 16. Thus, feats total to 45, not 44.
* His saves cost 24, not 29.

Counter-Clock Culture Member
* Deflect glasses are over-cost, but there's extra points on the Exploding Flowers and Love Bead Mini-grenades.

Bear and Wildflower
* Powers come out to 48, not 41.
* Saves come out to 13, not 14.
* Super-Strength pulls the Grapple bonus to +18.
* They come out to PL 8, not PL 9.

* Uncertain where the third rank of equipment comes from. 5 points of Plate Armor and 5 points of Sword.
* Toughness bonus comes out to +10, not +9, and therefore a -5 Knockback with armor, not -4.
* Grapple comes out to +17, not +15 with Super-Strength.
* Initiative comes out to +6, not +8.

* An error more in RAW, a vehicle with the stats of a yacht comes out to 9 ep, not 7 ep as listed in the book.