Post Villainous Archetypes Errata here

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Post Villainous Archetypes Errata here

Post by FuzzyBoots » Sun Jan 05, 2014 9:43 pm

I'm doing my usual thing of writing up HeroLab profiles and ran into these:

Villainous Archetypes 1

Arrogant Paragon
* Very minor, but his grapple bonus should be +40 (17 from Strength, 13 from his melee bonus, and 10 from Super-Strength). Also, I think his heavy load ought to be 6600 tons, not 6400.

Cosmic Herald
Oy... what a mess.
* His Cosmic Energy Herald form is listed as 30 ranks, but has 181 PP in it (30 in Absorption, 4 in Comprehend, 45 in Cosmic Energy Control, 17 in Flight, 28 in Immunity, 15 in Insubstantial, 40 in his Strike Aura, and 2 in his Super-Senses.
* Permanent Absorption is borderline abusive, but technically legal
* Comprehend is specifically noted to not allow Permanent in Ultimate Power, but they skate by here because the core rules did not disallow it
* Flight is marked as Permanent, but has an AP, a no-no in core rules. Using Space Travel as an AP to Flight is a no-no in Ultimate Power. It's illegal either way. Personally, I'd also say that Permanent Flight bears absolutely no drawbacks, so it's not a valid flaw.
* They counted Starvation and Thirst as separate Immunities, bring the total to 29, but starvation and thirst is one immunity, so that should be 28.
* They have two Super-Sense powers listed, but only provide 1 rank.
* The provided Weakness drawback should provide -1 pp, not -2. Common is worth +2. Major is worth +2. Reducing it to once a day is -3.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the Aura power was built using the pre-errata setup where you didn't have to buy up to Sustained first. The easiest solution is to move it into the Cosmic Energy Control array, which means it may go down when firing the Blast or the Dazzle, but cuts the cost down to fit inside the Alternate Form.

Criminal Prankster
Works out very neatly for the most part (although I'd personally have built a few of the bits of equipment differently) except Equipment comes out to a total of 21 pp and 5 ranks, 18 for the bag of tricks and 3 for the baton, which I suspect is because the "base power" of a joy buzzer costs 14 pp (Stun 7) but the "alternate power" of the laughing-gas bombs costs 15 pp (Area Nauseate 5, which incidentally is touch range), rather than the listed 4 ranks.

Great Hunter
* They have three ranks of Quick Draw listed (load, draw, and ready), but only 2 are available in-game. So 1 extra point is noted as spent on feats, also reflected in the total cost.
* The custom rifle lists the extended range increment as 150 feet, but it should be 125. On a side note, for those using this, remember that core rules increases the range increment along time-and-value and you have 10 increments of 125 feet (giving a maximum range of 1250 feet), but Ultimate Power added a progression feat for range to increase the maximum range, so using Ultimate Power, he still has a maximum range of 500 feet, but only 4 range increments of 125 feet each.
* The stat block probably should have noted that, between the feat on the character and the feat on the rifle, the crit range of the rifle is 18-20. Hero Lab does catch this.
* Incidentally, good on the writers for accommodating Sneak Attack within PL limits.

Homicidal Psychopath
* First off, kudoes for getting all of the Rage / Sneak Attack bonuses right and under PL.
* Grapple bonus should be +11, not +10 (and thus +14, not +13 when raging)
* Initiative bonus should be +9, not +8.
* Minor thing, but you don't have to specify the benefit for Quick Draw. You can choose either one each round with one rank, just not both at once.

Malevolent Cyborg
* Probably more rounding for the sake of convenience than an error, but the heavy load should be 153.6 tons, not 160.

Master Thief
* Bluff should have a final total bonus of +13 (10 ranks and a 16 charisma), not +14.
* Total cost for abilities is 30, not 31
* Attractive and 10 ranks in Bluff means the Master Thief should be up at PL 9, not PL 8 (common mistake for Green Ronin and one Hero Lab does not check)

Unscrupulous Billionaire
No errors (yay!)

Unstoppable Force
* Abilities cost 56, not 68 (they charged for the ability boost from Growth, I think)
* Powers cost 103, not 99
* Thus, the total is 216, not 224.
* Total heavy load is 34.1k tons, not 17.5k (I suspect they forgot to add carrying capacity from Growth)
* Knockback should be -40, not -36 (they likely forgot the -4 from being Large)

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Re: Post Villainous Archetypes Errata here

Post by JetstreamGW » Sun Jan 12, 2014 9:16 pm

What... is this from?

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Re: Post Villainous Archetypes Errata here

Post by Narsil » Mon Jan 13, 2014 1:21 am

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Re: Post Villainous Archetypes Errata here

Post by FuzzyBoots » Mon Jan 13, 2014 7:35 am

{nods} 2E PDF-only release. I picked them up some time ago and just never got around to noticing that they didn't make the official "Hero Lab" stock portfolios.

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Re: Post Villainous Archetypes Errata here

Post by FuzzyBoots » Mon Jan 13, 2014 10:12 pm

Just started into the second PDF:

Alien Subjugator
* Has 18 points of Immunity, but lists Immunity 16. The Power-Point total is also off by 2, probably for that reason.
* Not an actual errata, but the Moebius Armor is rank 16, but only has 78 pp of effects. Taking 2 points of the Immunity and moving it into the armor would fix the pp total issue.
* Not necessarily an Errata, but the Teleport extra of Portal has been added to his Dimensional Movement, along with progression to increase the portal size.
* Technically the Alien Subjugator is a PL 24 villain since he has two area attacks that hit with a +24 bonus

Artificial Intelligence
* The quote attached is that of the Alien Subjugator, and fits that archetype better
* The point totals at the bottom aren't right.
** 35 PP are spent on abilities (-30 for absent Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution, plus 30 each for Intelligence and Wisdom and plus 5 for Charisma), not 45
** 5 PP are spent on saves (bringing up the Will save), not 0.
** Thus, the total should be 286, not 291
* The value listed for the Heavy Load for Super-Strength should be 25.6 tons, not 12
* The "Disability" listed of "Immobile" is already covered under absent Strength and Dexterity, so it's not really valid.

Cold War Relic
* Core rules didn't have a provision to add Mighty to Blast (much to my surprise) and notes that you need to buy the extra for any points of strength used. Thus, to get the listed power hitting at a +10 damage would require, at the least, paying for the Ranged extra for those 7 points of strength, raising the cost of the shield. Under Ultimate Power rules, the construct listed is valid, but would only be doing +4 damage.

Corrupt Government Agent

Two good ones in a row!

Dead Man Walking
Only quibble I have is that they should have reminded the GM that the Resurrection needs a method of prevention.

Estranged Sidekick
* I don't think it really qualifies as errata, but Taunt is not in alphabetical order among the feats.
* Obscure already has an area, so adding Cloud to it is kind of weird. I know they were looking for the "Independent" effect introduced in Ultimate Power, but it just does not gibe.

* Minor one, really, but core rules require all non-instant powers to have the same duration. Swarm has one power at Continuous (Anatomic Separation) and one at Permanent (Insubstantial).
* Grapple Bonus comes out to +13 when using Elongation and +11 without, not +12.

Time Traveler
* Again with the Portal extra on Super-Movement
* Not really errata, but only 12 of 15 pp is used on the Time Belt
* Also not errata, but this entry seems to have a penchant for Linked free action powers, making them less versatile for no real gain.
* Comes out as PL 11 due to the 16 skill ranks in Disable Device when wearing the Arm Backpack (Comes out as PL 45 in Hero Lab when Morph 10 is turned on, which is definitely a bug)
* Grapple probably should be listed as +9/+11 since there's a +2 when Elongation is activated

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Villainous Archetypes 3

Post by FuzzyBoots » Fri Jan 31, 2014 10:16 pm

Villainous Archetypes 3

Beast Lord
No errors.

Disdainful Psychic
* Needs a sense type for Uncanny Dodge. Unlike most, he actually has a justification for a Mental sense type...

Extraterrestrial Biker
* Abilities should be 78, not 84. Looks like the person building it forgot that they already got 6 points of attributes from 2 ranks of Growth.
* Because of this, the power point total should be 216 not 222.
On the bright side, they didn't make the mistake of providing the Space Travel on the bike as an AP to the Flight. Also, I'd forgotten about Platform having been introduced in UP.

Manipulative Vamp
* Very minor, but Attractive is out of alphabetical order on the feats.
* Grapple bonus comes out to +15, not +14. Likely, they forgot the Grappling Finesse, which means her superior Dexterity bonus is used instead of Strength
* Initiative bonus should be +3, not +4.
* Powers come out to 23, not 33.
* Thus, the total comes out to 128, not 138.

* The usual mistake of thinking that you have to choose an aspect of Quick Draw when you add it to the sheet.
* Not necessarily a real errata, but the Happy Pills alternate power is the same as its base power of Sleeve-Mounted Gas Sprayer except for the two ranks of Extended Range.
* There's a note at the bottom to refer to the Appendix for a footnote on one of the powers, but there's nothing foot-noted in the entry. The only item that was not used in the product was No Saving Throw, but I can't find a place to put it. On a side note, Independent probably would make sense on a few of these powers since they're likely to continue even after the Mindbender has focused on something else.

Obsessed Genius
* Equipment comes out to 51 EP and thus 11 ranks of Equipment, not the listed 10. Could be anything, but one possibility is them forgetting that video cameras cost 2 EP, not 1.
* Thus, Feats come out to 14, not 13 and the total comes out to 156, not 155.
* The Trail obscure largely makes sense, but it is always that odd combination of a power that already has an Area (Obscure) with an additional Area extra.

Parasitic Demon
* Knockback resistance is -4, not -3.

Power Leech
No errors

Second-Rate Villain
* His Strike mentions buying 3 ranks of Penetrating off of his Strength... but they didn't add the Mighty feat. Adding Mighty puts one too many points in his Device.

Supreme Commander
No errors

Ah, now to snip out the pictures and submit this to Wolf Lair in hopes of including it as part of the official 2E stock portfolios.