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Final Print Options

Postby Foreshadow » Sun Apr 25, 2010 8:17 pm

Bought the program so this request is rather a mute point. Basically, I'd like some customization options for the final print of the character sheet.

Specifically: Allow a tab to check a few options and change font type and color, and the color of background elements on the character sheet, and if possible of different parts of the sheet. For example, consider the Skills or the Feat section an individual section and behind it I might want a light yellow color or tan. Also the bar behind a given section title, like Feats, should have a choice of changing its color, not simply locking me into the choice of Gray.

Allowing which sections to include, and if I want a larger character image are nice.

Allowing an option to only have the final ability scores or other scores without how the number is arrived at. For example Defense +8, and not listing +4 Base, +4 Feat. If someone wants it great, but if you don't allow us to check a bonus that eliminates the math other than the final numbers.

Lastly, when you list a bonus like Toughness and you have Dodge Focus 2, having it list +14/+12 is better than listing it as +12/+14. Going first with the highest total is better.

If such changes are made I know most people who own the program would appreciate it, since at some point they might find it highly useful.

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