Star Wars: The Old Republic OOC and Rolecall recruiting 2-3

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Re: Prince Tome of House Organa

Post by bi0philia » Wed Apr 23, 2014 12:39 pm

bi0philia wrote:The beginnings of a 2nd draft, now with a name.

Tome Organa
I'm having the hardest time fitting what I want into this package.

I'm going for a silver tongued noble who's a crackshot with his blaster and has theappropriate skills and advantages to mix it up in the political battlefield as well.

Almost a Han Solo type if he were born in the Old Republic Era and into nobility

Idk, it seems simple but here I am, stuck. :x

If anyone has any suggestions or the like I certainly wouldn't mind some advice.

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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic OOC and Rolecall recruiting

Post by Plan B » Wed Apr 23, 2014 1:52 pm

Would something like this be a good start
Strength 2, Stamina 4, Agility 4, Dexterity 3, Fighting 5, Intellect 0, Awareness 4, Presence 5

Skills (36 non combat 9 pp, 12 combat 6pp)
Acrobatics 7 ( +11), Close Combat(Unarmed) 4 (+9), Deception 10 (+15), Expertise (politics) 8 , Insight 10 (+14), Investigation 8 (+9), Persuasion 10 (+15), Perception 8 (+12), Intimidation 8 (+13),Ranged Combat (Guns) 8 (+11), Sleight of Hand 8 ( +10), Technology 3 (+4), Vehicles 1 (+3)

Equipment 4, All-out Attack, Attractive, contacts, Benefit 3 (noble, wealth),Power Attack, Quick Draw, Well informed, Redirect, Set-up, Fascinate (persuasion), Leadership,

Equipment: 4
Concealed Armour - Protection 4 subtle 5ep
Blaster pistol - Ranged Damage 5/Multi-attack 15ep

Dodge 8 Fortitude 6
Parry 8 Toughness 4/8
Will 9

unarmed +9 DC17
Blaster Pistol + 11 DC 20

Abilities 44 + Skills 15+Advantages 17+Powers 0+Defences 14=90
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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic OOC and Rolecall recruiting

Post by bi0philia » Wed Apr 23, 2014 3:31 pm

Here's what I got basing it from that...And I think I'm pretty happy with it.

Strength 2, Stamina 4, Agility 4, Dexterity 3, Fighting 5, Intellect 2, Awareness 4, Presence 5

Skills (68 non combat 17 pp, 12 combat 4pp)
Acrobatics 11 ( +15), Athletics 2 (+4) Close Combat(Light-Foil) 2 (+7), Deception 4 (+10), Expertise (politics) 8 (+10), Insight 8 (+12), Investigation 4 (+6), Persuasion 10 (+15), Perception 8 (+12), Intimidation 4 (+10),Ranged Combat (Guns) 8 (+11), Sleight of Hand 2 ( +5), Stealth 3 (+7) Technology 1 (+2), Vehicles 1 (+3)

Agile Feint, All-Out-Attack, Attractive, Connected, Contacts, Benefit 3 (noble, wealth), Defensive Attack, Equipment 6, Fascinate (persuasion), Improved Defense, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative, Leadership, Power Attack, Precise Attack(Ranged-Cover), Quick Draw, Redirect, Set-up, Weapon Bind, Well informed

Equipment: 4
Concealed Armour - Protection 4 subtle 5ep
Blaster pistol - Ranged Damage 5/Multi-attack 15ep
Light-Foil - Str-Based Damage 4, Penetrating 3, Improved Critical 3 10ep

Dodge 8 Fortitude 5
Parry 8 Toughness 4/8
Will 10

Light-Foil +7 DC 21 [Crit on 16-20]
Blaster Pistol + 11 DC 20


Abilities 58 + Skills 21+Advantages 27+Powers 0+Defenses 14=120

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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic OOC and Rolecall recruiting

Post by Mark Reuter » Fri Apr 25, 2014 2:51 pm

I noticed that Darius wasn't among the list of "submissions". Does that mean that he is no longer in consideration or is it just that you were putting new submissions only in the list?

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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic OOC and Rolecall recruiting

Post by catsi563 » Fri Apr 25, 2014 5:12 pm

just new submissions Darius is still well within consideration
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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic OOC and Rolecall recruiting

Post by Mark Reuter » Fri Apr 25, 2014 5:20 pm

catsi563 wrote:just new submissions Darius is still well within consideration
Cool! Just checking!

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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic OOC and Rolecall recruiting

Post by catsi563 » Mon Apr 28, 2014 1:32 pm

OK after long thought about the plot and story as its headed for in Episode 3 ive come to the following decicions

Tome Organa


Mark Reuters Darius

all fit well with the plot as ive written it.

Ill send follow up pms to each player with some final updates as needed.

to those not chosen thanks so much for the applications, and don't worry as others know I do have a habit of adding guest stars and cameos

and in fact all the other characters I have ideas for so keep your eyes out I might be pming you as the story develops :)

I apologize for the long wait its been a bit rough the last week or so
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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic OOC and Rolecall recruiting

Post by Mark Reuter » Mon Apr 28, 2014 2:27 pm

Yes!!! I look forward to being able to step into Darius' shoes once again!

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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic OOC and Rolecall recruiting

Post by Mark Reuter » Mon Apr 28, 2014 2:32 pm

For those of you new to the game, and those who I have gamed with before, here is Darius' build, just so you have some idea of what he's about.

Name: Darius Lightbringer
Race: Human
Occupation: Jedi Knight
Age: 28

4 pp STR 2 [4 w/Force Boost]
10 pp STA 5
8 pp AGI 4
0 pp DEX 0
8 pp FGH 4
2 pp INT 1
8 pp AWE 4
2 pp PRE 1

Abilities Cost: 42 pp

5 pp Dodge: 9 (11 w/Lightsaber)
5 pp Parry: 9 (11 w/Lightsaber)
0 pp Toughness: 5
3 pp Fortitude: 8
4 pp Will: 8

Initiative: +8/+20 with Force Boost

Combat Cost: 17 pp

Advantages 7 pp
4 pp Force Sensitive
-Improved Initiative
-Uncanny Dodge (mental [The Force])
-Force Awareness (mental [The Force])
1 pp Benefit: Knight of the Order
1 pp Fearless
1 pp Equipment 1
1 pp Power Attack

Skills 14 pp
2 pp Perception 8 [+12] (12 [+16] with Force Senses)
3 pp Expertise: The Force 12 (+13)
1 pp Insight 4 (+8)
2 pp Melee Combat: Lightsaber 4 (+8)
1 pp Persuasion 4 (+5)
1 pp Technology 4 (+5)
1 pp Acrobatics 4 (+6/+8)
1 pp Athletics 4 (+6/+8)
1 pp Vehicles 4 (+4)
1 pp Treatment 4 (+5)

Powers 39 pp
Lightsaber (Device [10 pp], Easily Removable [-4 pp], 6 pp) 6 pp
-Solid Light Blade (STR-Based Damage 4, Penetrating [+1], PA: Improved Critical 2, 10 pp)

Lightsaber Combat Style 4 pp
-Deflection (Enhanced Dodge 2, Quirk [-1 pp, Requires a Lightsaber], 1 pp) 1 pp
-Block (Enhanced Parry 2, Quirk [-1 pp, Requires a Lightsaber], 1 pp) 1 pp
-Defensive Stance (Enhanced Advantage 2: Improved Defense 2, Quirk [-1 pp, Requires a Lightsaber], 1 pp) 1 pp
-Offensive Stance (Takedown Attack 2, 2 pp, Quirk [-1 pp, Requires a Lightsaber], 1 pp) 1 pp

Attuned to the Force (Mental Sense Group [The Force]: Acute [1 pp], Accurate [2 pp], Ranged [1 pp], Radius [1 pp], 5 pp) 5 pp

Force Powers Array (19 pp, Default + 5 AE's) 24 pp
-Default: Force Senses (Mental Sense Group [The Force]: Acute [all, 1 pp], Accurate [all, 2 pp], Ranged [all, 1 pp], Radius [all, 1 pp], Analytical [all, 2 pp], Extended 3 [all, -1/10,000', 3 pp], Detect Danger [1 pp], Force Assessment [Expertise: The Force, 1 pp], Detect Light Side/Dark Side [1 pp]; Visual Sense Group: Extended 2 [all, -1/1000', 2 pp]; Hearing Sense Group: Extended 2 [all, -1/1000'], + Enhanced Skill: Perception 4 [1 pp], + Skill Mastery [Perception], 19 pp) 0 pp

-AE: Force Boost (Enhanced STR 2 [4 pp], Speed 3 [3 pp, 15 MPH, 120'/round (30 MPH, 250'/round w/Athletics)], Leaping 3 [3 pp, 60'], Quickness 3 [3 pp, 1s = 8 s], PA: Improved Initiative 3 [3 pp, +12 Initiative], Quick Draw, Skill Mastery 2 [Athletics, Acrobatics], 19 pp) 1 pp

-AE: Force Deflection (Deflect 9, Reflect [+1], Range [-1, Close], PA: Accurate 4, Interpose, Ultimate Effort (Deflect), Second Chance (Deflect), 16 pp, + Deflect 2 [11 total], Reflect [+1], Range [-1, Close], Quirk [-1pp , Requires Lightsaber], 1 pp, + Immunity 2: Critical Hits [2 pp], 19 pp) 1 pp

-AE: Force TK (Move Object 5 [1500#], Perception [+1], PA: Precise, Chokehold, Subtle 2, 19 pp) 1 pp

-AE: Force Push (Move Object 8 [6 Tons], Cone Area [+1, 60' Long], Damaging [+1], Range [-1, Close], Limited Direction [-1, Away From], PA: Improved Trip, Subtle 2, 19 pp) 1 pp

-AE: "These Are Not The Droids You're Looking For" (Perception Affliction 8, Limited [-1, two degrees], Resisted by Will, 1st: Entranced, 2nd: Compelled, PA: Subtle 2, 18 pp) 1 pp

Commlink (1 ep)
Jedi Cloak (Immunity 2: Heat, Cold [Half-Effect], 1 ep)
Ration Capsules (Immunity 1: Starvation/Thirst, 1 ep)
Grappling Hook (1 ep)

Abilities 42 + Combat 17 + Advantages 8 + Skills 14 + Powers 39 = 120

Watched by The Order: As a Jedi Knight, Darius is constantly watched/monitored by the Order.

Obedience: Darius must obey the edicts of the Order, even if those edicts sometimes run afoul of what he thinks is right.

"Aggressive Negotiations": Darius is NOT a diplomat. He will attempt to achieve goals through peaceful resolutions first, but he is not averse to using a lightsaber to make his point.

Hatred: Sith

Responsibility/Fealty: Dax Treewalker, the Jedi Knight who rescued him.

Darius is a human male, 28 years of age and stands 6'2' tall, with sandy brown hair and blue eyes. When he was 12, the ship he and his parents were on crash-landed on the Forest Moon of Endor. Darius was the only survivor, but likely would have perished were it not for the intervention of a Jedi Knight named Dax Treewalker. Dax could sense the strength of the Force in Darius and decided, with the permission of the Council, to train Darius in the ways of the Jedi. Darius was an apt and eager pupil and grew strong in the ways of the Force. When he graduated from Padawan to Knight of the Order, he and Dax were both ordered back to the Jedi ancestral home planet of Tython for reassignment. Being the dutiful Jedi, they complied and were sent off on different missions. Darius owes his life to Dax and will go out of his way to aid him, if called upon to do so.

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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic OOC and Rolecall recruiting

Post by catsi563 » Mon Apr 28, 2014 6:00 pm

Everyone do me a favor and repost the submissions with appropriate corrections and updates including Senya and Azdaon so I can update the cast list.

Soon as everyone is ready well get going soon
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Senya PL 8/129PP

Post by kirinke » Mon Apr 28, 2014 6:12 pm

PP 28

2(8) Dodge
2(8) Parry
8 Fort
8 Tough
2(8) Will
PP 26

Force Sensitivity
Luck x1
Improved Init x2
Wealth x2
Jack of Trades
Equipment x2
Form I: Shii-Cho (Weapon Bind, Weapon Break)
Jar’Kai: Take-down
Form IV: Ataru (Seize Initiative, Agile Feint, Skill Mastery Acrobatics, Move-by Action, Uncanny Dodge)
Close Combat 6
Ranged Combat 6
PP 28

2(10) Acrobatics
4(8) Athletics (with force boost otherwise it's 4)
2(6) Stealth
2(6) Vehicles
2(8) Insight
2(8) Perception
2(8) Persuasion
4 Investigation
4 Technology
4(10) The Force
4 Criminal
4 Current Events
4 Popular Culture
4 Streetwise
4 Tactics
4 Science
4 Jedi/Sith Lore
4 Streetwise
PP 10

Force Protection 8: Protection 8
PP 8

Dual LightSaber:
Easily Removed Device Strength Based Damage 4, Second Saber, Penetrating 4/Multi-Attack 2
(crystals used: Krayt Dragon Pearl, Sapith, blue crystal)
PP: 7

Force-Senses (accurate/analytical/Ranged): Force Awareness, Danger Sense, Precognition/Postcognition (uncontrolled), Detect Light/Darkside Influence, detect life forms/droids, detect emotional/physical state
Force-Telikensis 8: Move object/Precise
Force-Deflect 8: Deflect/Reflect
Force-Boost: Speed 4, Leaping 4, Strength 4
Force-Comprehension: Comprehend languages (read all, speak all, understand all, your understood), comprehend machines all
Force Trance 8: Healing 8 restorative, stabilize force check required
PP 22

Code Cylinder: Similar to an access ID card 1ep
Datapad: Another name for a PDA. 1ep
Field Kit: Survival Gear, contains two condensing canteens with built-in water purification systems, a sunshield roll, food rations 1 week, two glow rods, two breath masks with 24 hour filters and an all-temperature cloak. 5ep
Medpac: This kit grants a one-time use of Healing 1. 1ep
Mini Tracers x1. 1ep
Commlink. 1ep
Credits: 1000 (Ready Money, she has more in the bank)
GM Plot Device/Transport The Crescent Moon
Modified Space Freighter (Headquarters and Transport) PL 8
Strength 18, Defense 0, Toughness 16, Size Colossal

Take into consideration that the infirmary is likely to be a small one room affair. The workshop and gym are likely fold out compartments/equipment in the hold. The living space is also going to be space efficient.

Hidden Compartments 4, Navigation System 4, Remote Control. Communications, Computer, Defense System, Fire Prevention System, Gym, Cargo hold, Infirmary, Living Space, Power System, Security System 1, Self-repairing 1, Workshop,

Flight: Flight 15 (Speed: 64000 miles/hour, 120 miles/round)
Movement: Movement 2 (Space Travel 2: other solar systems)
Quad Cannons: Blast 8 (DC 23; Multiattack, Penetrating)

Quad Cannons: Blast 8, +0 (DC 23)

Power Points
Abilities 6 + Powers 59 + Advantages 0 + Features 21 + Skills 0 (0 ranks) + Defenses 11 + Equipment 0 (0 ep) + Weapons & Armor 0 = 20PP
Hmf. You wanna know my story. Why I left the order.
Well... It was a lot of things, mainly me and the council didn't see eye to eye on most things. I was willful, never followed orders the way they wanted me to. Always did what was right in the end, but they didn't like how I did it.

Anyway, My mum was a "independent merchant", I take that to read as a smuggler and my dad, well was listed as 'unknown' on the birth certificate. When she had me, I was tested for force potential and whisked off to the temple as soon as they saw I had it. Trained there, then at the right age I was apprenticed and made Jedi Knight. The final breaking point came when me and my partner were on a stupid, suicidal mission that in hindsight, really didn't mean much, they were sending us out to our deaths.

Well... My partner was torn apart in front of my eyes and I survived the mission needless to say. Anyway, during the mission, I somehow wound up in the backside of beyond. I won't go into how I made it back, that requires a lot more liquor, and I ain't paying this round.

Well... When I made it back, I discovered that the guy who had sent us on that idiotic mission was a Sith mole. No one believed me, thinking I was out of my mind. I proved it to them, but what it took doing... Well. It kinda soured me on the council for good, bunch of stuck up, close minded idiots they are and I made my own way.

Since I left the order, I became an ahh independent merchant and mercenary, helping folks as I can, but now I get paid for it. I had to leave behind my Jedi-Knight status and instead took the Force-Adept designation. I'm good at what I do kid and while I ain't a Jedi anymore, I'm still an Adept and I ain't stupid. Don't go blindly trusting the Council or anyone for that matter and keep your eyes peeled. You'll live longer that way. Trust me.

The real truth of the matter is, the mole was very highly placed in the council hierarchy. At the time, Senya was just 20, a newly minted knight and her former master was still her partner, neither having picked up a padawan learner yet. They were investigating this individual when they were sent on an unrelated mission (one orchestrated by the mole without their knowledge). This mission was a set up, one that took her former master's life in front of her eyes. It took her four years to get back to Coruscant, where she angrily confronted the mole, who convinced the Council she was out of her mind with grief and anger (a believable story indeed, given the situation). It took alot of convincing on her part to prove that he was the enemy and the entire situation took a heavy toll on Senya, to the point where she left the order. In the end, the Council realized the mistake they made and have since been trying to rectify the situation and bring her back in the fold. She hasn't quite forgiven the brotherhood yet, but is slowly weakening and they forsee a day when she will rejoin the order, even though she proclaims the opposite....

Enemies: The Sith view Senya as just another Jedi most of the time, though a few consider her to be an excellent canidate for apprenticing. This leads to them either A: trying to destroy her or B: trying to recruit her. In any case, she disagrees with both options. Usually violently and all over the place. It doesn't dissuade them from trying though.

Her major Imperial enemy is Darth Atrenus, he has a deep obsession regarding her and is in fact directly responsible for the murder of her old master and through his machinations, he was indirectly responsible for her leaving the order. He's come very close to turning her on several occasions, each time she's pulled through with the help of her friends and allies and with those friends and allies she has also foiled whatever plans he had in motion at the time.

Her second most frequently encountered enemy is Grand Moff Rycus Kilran, a ruthless, cold blooded individual, also known as the Butcher of Coruscant. Senya first encountered Kilran during the great war, where he had captured her after a ferocious battle and naturally had her taken to the cell block on his cruiser where he had his interrogators question her. Somehow, she managed to escape (how she did so, she can't ever remember clearly. This is in part due to being thoroughly out of her mind on torture drugs and hallucinogens, not to mention suffering the after affects of a full-blown Imperial torture session. Which was not at all pleasant, to be sure). From there, she was said to have carved rather rude things on a bulk-head with her sabers before stealing the Grand Moff's personal transport in her escape. The relationship from there, never really improved.

Honest: Senya has a reputation for honesty. She is fair in both her deals and how she treats others.

Picking up strays: She is also known for her perchance to pick up oddball characters and getting involved in situations she really wish she hadn't. Like escorting undercover Jedi to who knows where for example.

The Jedi Brotherhood: Having realized their huge mistake in regarding Senya's situation, the brotherhood has done their best to rectify the situation with her. They are constantly (though gently) trying to get her to join back up. When she does have to ship Jedi, she generally charges triple the normal fare because of the headaches they bring (she still has some loyalty to the order, so she doesn't refuse them outright, she just charges them through the nose to gain passage on her ship and considers that a fair trade, as it also ensures she won't leave them in the lurch). Well not really. She'll charge them half and let Azdoan steal the rest from the Empire. Hey, she has a reputation to maintain here!

Senya has a comfortable livelyhood as an independent merchant/mercenary. She skirts the fine edge between legality and the criminal underworld, and as such has developed a certain reputation for being a canny operator.

Crew-mates. If there is one thing Senya is, is she's loyal to her crew. You sign on with her, she'll make damned sure you get all the protection she can provide. She never leaves anyone behind. Ever.

She has found that the Emperor's Wrath, Lord Gaa'ra is her brother. What this may mean to her, Senya doesn't know, but it's going to complicate things for her, needless to say.

After fifteen years as an independent private investigator, mercenary, smuggler and pirate and four years before that in the unknown regions, the optimistic shine has mostly rubbed off her, leaving her cynical and dangerously genre-savvy. Underneath the cynical nature, she is a genuinally warm and loyal person, who will give anyone a second chance, given a good reason to do so, even former sith. As one person once said, "Senya is probably one of the crankiest and foul-mouthed sentients you'll ever meet, but she'll bend over backwards to help you, given the need and I've seen her give her last credit to a hungry child. And she'll never leave anything unfinished."

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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic OOC and Rolecall

Post by kenmadragon » Mon Apr 28, 2014 7:51 pm

kenmadragon wrote:Image
Name: Azdaon Kienaan
Gender: Male
Affliation: Unofficially aligned with the Republic
Base of Operations: Varies
Race: Human
Relationship Status: Single
Home World: Taris (now destroyed)
Height: Average
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Brown-Black
Eye Color: Gold

House Rule: Non-Combat Skills are 4 ranks/ 1PP

Abilities: 24
Strength 0/2, Stamina 1/3, Agility 3/4, Dexterity 3/4, Fighting 0/2, Intellect 2, Awareness 3, Presence 0

Skills: 17
Acrobatics 4 (+7/8), Athletics 4 (+4/6), Close Combat: Force-User Weapons* 8 (+8/10), Deception 3 (+11/13), Expertise: The Force 16 (+18), Expertise: Sith 3 (+5), Insight 10 (+13), Investigation 4 (+6), Perception 6 (+9), Persuasion 1 (+9/11), Vehicles 1 (+4/5)

Advantages: 12
Attractive, Benefit 2 (Cipher 1, Wealth), Defensive Roll 3, Equipment 2, Force Sensitive*, Improved Initiative, Languages 1 (Basic: natural; Huttese: free; Binary, Sith), Luck, Skill Mastery (Expertise: The Force), Trance, Uncanny Dodge

Powers: 60
One Of The Most Charming Men In the Galaxy: Enhanced Skills 2 (Deception +8)
. . AE: Enhanced Skills 2 (Persuasion +8)
Force Boost
. . Enhanced Abilities 8 (Strength 2, Stamina 2, Agility 1, Dexterity 1, Fighting 2) [drawbacks: Check Required 8 (Expertise: The Force)]
. . Leaping 3 [drawbacks: Check Required 3 (Expertise: the Force)]
. . . AE: Speed 3
. . Enhanced Advantages 3 (Improved Initiative, Luck, Uncanny Dodge)
. . Senses 1 (Force Awareness)
Lightsaber: Str Based Damage 4 [extras: Penetrating; flaws: Easily Removable; feats: Improved Critical 2]
The FORCE (24p array)
. . Deflection: Deflect 10 [extras: Reflect, Redirect; flaw: Reduced Range (Close); feats: Accurate (4); drawback: QUirk(Redirect requires Lightsaber)] Enhanced Advantages 2 (Defensive Attack, Improved Defense) [drawbacks: Quirk(Requires lightsaber)]
. . . AE: Force Rebuke: Nullify 8 (The Force) [extras: Broad(all Force powers), Range(Perception)]
. . . AE: Sense The Force:
. . . . Force Sense: Enhanced Advantages 1 (Force Assessment [Expertise: The Force]) Senses 6 (Precognition [Expertise: The Force], Ranged Detect Force) [extras: Sustained]
. . . . Force Sight: Senses 9 (Accurate, Acute, Concealment Penetrating, Radius and Ranged Mental Sense) [extras: Sustained]
. . . . Farseeing: Senses 4 (Farseeing)
. . . . Force Listening: Senses 2 (Acute, Extended Hearing)
. . . . Broaden the Senses: Enhanced Skills 2 (Perception +8)
. . . AE: Not All Is As It Seems:
. . . . Mind Trick: Affliction 8 (Will resists; Entranced, Compelled) [extras: Perception(2); flaws: Limited (two Degrees); feats: Subtle; drawbacks: Check Required 1 (Expertise: The Force)]
. . . . Force Cloak: Concealment 8 (All Visual, Auditory and Olfactory Senses) [flaws: Check Required (Expertise: The Force), Passive]
. . . . Force Stealth: Concealment 1 (The Force)
. . . AE: Telekinesis: Move Object 8 [extras: Perception] Enhanced Advantages 2 (Precise, Chokehold) [flaw: Check Required (Expertise: The Force)]
. . . AE: Lightning Manipulation:
. . . . Generate Lightning: Move Object 8 [extras: Damaging; flaws: Concentration Duration; feats: Accurate 2, Alternate Effect (Lightning's Fury), Improved Critical 4, Power Attack]
. . . . . Force Lightning: Damage 10 [extras: Ranged; feats: Accurate, Improved Critical 4; drawbacks: Diminished Range 2]; Feature 1 (May Replace Ranged Extra With Cone Area as a Free Action)
Mastery of the Force: Variable 1 (descriptor: The Force) [extras: Action 2; drawbacks: Check required 4 (Expertise: Force)]
Bastion of Will Enhanced Defenses 8 (Will +8) [flaws: Limited to Mental/Force effects]

Utility Belt (Ration Capsules, Comlink, Grappling Hook, Holoprojector, Holomap, Aquata Breather, Medpac x2) 8ep
AE: Vehicle (8ep) 1ep
Robes (Immunity 2 (heat, cold) [partial]) 1ep

Vehicle: Modded Speederbike
Size: Medium (+0 Handling), Strength: 1 , Defense: 10, Toughness: 8
Powers: Turbo-Charged Hovercraft: Flight 8 [Limited: Flight Ceiling (500 ft)]

Defenses: 16
Toughness 6, Dodge 10, Parry 10, Fortitude 4, Will 4/12

Unarmed: +4/6 Close Damage 0/2
Lightsaber: +8/10 Close Damage 4/6 (18-20)
Lightning Manipulation: +8 Damaging Move Object 8 (16-20)
Deflected Attacks: +8 +? ? Damage (varies)
Initiative +7/8

Abilities 24 + Skills 17 + Advantages 12 + Powers 60 + Defenses 16 = 129 PP


Motivations: Just Wanna Do Some Good In the Universe As a rogue force user, Azdaon is not given orders by any superiors, save himself. But driven by his code of ethics (see below), he tries to do what he can in this universe to make it a better place, whether it involves looking out for number 1, or saving some innocent people from a burning building, or dealing with politics (*shudder* politics).

Honor: Code of Ethics Azdaon has a strange code of ethics, which blends both the teachings of the Sith and the codes of the Jedi, and uses the amalgam as his moral compass. This involves his compassion for others, and his hatred of oppression. He will try to help the innocents and protect the meek from those who mean them harm, but due to his history as a sith, he is not above using ruthless methods to help the common good.

Reputation: Renegade Trained under the Sith, but broke free and learned under a Jedi master. But Azdaon hasn't chosen a side. That makes for a very dangerous combination What can be worse than a powerful force user who refuses to join any order and only helps himself? This becomes strange, for the Jedi see Azdaon as a potentially powerful asset for the Light, whereas the Sith see him as a dangerous/volatile rebel who should have become a Darth Lord after coming out on top after the death of two Dark Lords, yet refused to take up the mantle of a Dark Lord.

Reputation: Former Sith Unfortunately for Azdaon, the republic and the rest of the good-guys see the Sith as a bunch of ne'er-do-wells, and thus, tend to lump him in with the rest when they figure out he was once a Sith. Of course, while Azdaon has turned towards the light side, people still treat him differently and with caution, for it takes time for people to trust him. Of course, those force users old enough to recognize the signs of the Sith would probably think he was a Sith and attack him on sight, but the path back to the light from darkness is a difficult one, so Azdaon knows the risks are there.

Quirk: Tainted by the Dark Azdaon is capable of great and terrible things, but he feels haunted by the power of the dark side, and fears using it too much, lest he sink into depravity. After his 'redemption and salvation', Azdaon fears delving too deeply into the Dark side of the Force, and while it continually draws him near, he has to remember to keep it at arms length lest it take over. Usage of the Dark Side can cause scarring and deformation of the user's living tissue, but through the usage of the Light side to temper it and mental discipline, Azdaon has managed to contain the deformations to his eye color, which now shine gold. (Note: This Quirk will also be played out with Dark-Side points, and can gain prevalence if DS points build up.)


Azdaon is a rather strange person. He strives to do all he can in the world to do what he knows in his heart is right, and feels driven to help others. Yet he still has his rough sides, and is prone to long periods of quiet and tormented introspection. He is a handsome young man, and while he is not much of a people person, he is still kind and caring, and those who get to know him see him as a true friend. Yet, while he is usually rather optimistic, he knows how harsh the world is, and has experienced it's pain and it's terrors firsthand. He fights with a vengeance, and unlike the Jedi, he is prone to emotion and constructive rage. But he never uses such destructive emotions to take hold of him when he is in battle, and constantly tempers himself, resisting the path of the Dark Side. Though many women do find him attractive, and his dark broodings also lend him a rather tough and (somehow) endearing persona, he is still a quiet and brooding man beneath his charming exterior. He is intelligent and witty, and has a quick tongue. But through and through, he is a good friend.


--upon passing the trials of the Sith--
Darth Marr: Your new apprentice...He intrigues me...
Darth Rictus: I only wish I could say the same.
Darth Marr: Is that fear I hear in your voice, Rictus?
Darth Rictus: Don't try that with me, Marr. The boy has power...a potential beyond antyhing we have ever seen.
Darth Marr: Then show him how to taste freedom, and seize victory.

--first meeting with Ashea--
Azdaon: Hi...
Ashea Hello.
Azdaon: Are you a Jedi? You have a lightsaber.
Ashea: A Knight of the Jedi Council! Sworn to uphold peace and preserve good. And who are you?
Azdaon: Nobody that special...

Azdaon Kienaan was born over 300 years ago on a planet called Taris. Taris was a thriving planet, a massive ecumenopolis (like Corscant), until one fateful day when a Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Malak, razed the entire planet of Taris in his efforts to kill a rebellious Jedi apprentice named Bastilla Shan. The entire planet was summarily destroyed in Darth Malak's wrath. Few escape craft managed to clear the planet before the Orbital bombardment laid waste to the entire planet, one of which held the pod which contained the young Azdaon, son of a prominent and wealthy family on Taris, held in stasis for the journey.

However, Azdaon's escape craft was damaged in it's escape from the planet by the Imperial destroyers at the bombardment of Taris, and the pod landed on the planet of Ryloth, crashed in the middle of a vast desert. The damaged pod, however, did not bring the young Azdaon out of stasis upon it's crash landing from Korriban, and through sheer luck, Azdaon became one of the few refugees on board to survive the escape from Taris and the crash landing on Ryloth. And so he stayed, stuck in stasis, for over 300 years, frozen in time.

The escape pod which once held several thousands of refugees was discovered by a traveling caravan of slavers trawling it's way through the deserts of Ryloth and happened to chance upon the lost ship. After opening up the ship and freeing the refugees aboard from stasis, the slavers found that only a couple dozen or so had remained alive through the 300 years of stasis. Summarily, all the refugees that were released from stasis were manacled and pressed into slavery.

The slavers sold the refugees to some Sith at the Sith Academy on Ryloth, who were planning on using the slaves as fuel for a dark ritual or horrific proportions. But when the Sith noticed the strength of the Force about Azdaon, they freed him from his bonds, and shipped him off to Korriban to be tested and possibly trained in the ways of the Force.

On Korriban, Azdaon was thrown into the wilds of the world to undergo the trials of the Sith. Reborn in blood and tribulation, Azdaon passed his tests with flying colors, aided by sheer luck and his gifts of the force. He soon gained preeminence among the Sith on Korriban, and accomplished several missions of intelligence gathering and of combat before he became the apprentice to a Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Rictus, who sat on the Dark Council, and maintained his position in the Sphere of Mysteries as a powerful sorcerer and capable tactician. However, Darth Rictus was always wary of his apprentice, Azdaon, as were most Sith lords, for Azdaon was rising quickly in the ranks of the Sith, using his expertise in manipulating the Force to gain prestige.

Darth Rictus brought Azdaon to Dromund Kaas, the stronghold and capital of the Empire. There, he taught him many things about the way of the Sith and the usage of Sith sorcery. He soon began to see that Azdaon wasn't as power hungry as he had initially assumed, but fearing the popularity the powerful sorcerer was gaining among weaker Sith, Rictus plotted Azdaon's demise. Rictus decided that he would play the standard game of killing two birds with one stone, and convinced Azdaon to kill the apprentice of another Dark Lord, one called Lord Severitus, and then the Dark Lord while he was weakened by the loss of his apprentice. Azdaon slew the apprentice, but as he killed his equal at the bequest of his master, felt sickened by it. As the apprentice lay dying, questioning why Azdaon had done that when the apprentice and the Sith Lord Severitus had actually been welcome of the idea of Azdaon rising in the ranks, Azdaon felt betrayed. In her dying breaths, the apprentice explained what Rictus' plot had been, to have Azdaon attack Severitus and be killed by the more powerful Dark Lord 'in self-defense'. Then, when Severitus had been weakened, Rictus would deliver the final killing blow himself. Azdaon fell into utter despair as he learned of the plot against him, and he felt betrayed, not only by his master, but also by the entire Sith order.

Azdaon not to attack Severitus, and hide in the room where the assassination was to take place. When Darth Rictus strolled in to finish Severitus off, Rictus found Severitus whole and healthy and confused by Rictus' presence and sudden attack against him. Rictus attacked Severitus, angered and enraged at the unravelment of his plans, and after a titanic duel between the two lords of the Sith over power, Lord Severitus fell. However, Darth Rictus had been heavily wounded in his battle against Lord Severitus, and was leaning against an ornate pillar as Azdaon stalked in, pleading his master, questioning why he had been betrayed. Darth Rictus laughed as he did so, and just said, 'That is how the Sith work. You were gaining too much influence, too much popularity, and could not be allowed to live. And that was the best way to do it, and I would have been safe. A power hungry Sith kills an apprentice and when attacking a dark lord dies. Then I take revenge, and not only are you gone, but an enemy of mine dies as well.' Enraged and betrayed, Azdaon attacked Rictus in his moments of weakness, and slew the Dark Lord.

As some sith adepts began to gather at the scene, Azdaon saw that he was the only one left standing in a room full of blood and destruction. Whispers quickly spread, and the adepts only saw Azdaon standing over Darth Rictus and Lord Severitus with blood spattered over his robes and a lit lightsaber. Knowing that he would be charged with the deaths of two Dark Lords, Azdaon fled Dromund Kaas, leaving planet on an old Fury class star fighter.

After weeks of isolation in deep space, Azdaon soon found himself running low on supplies, and headed for the Voss in the Outer Rim. Being an independent planet to the wars between the Empire and the Republic, Azdaon hoped to have little contact with any other force users from either side, and stock up on supplies. And with rumors of the Voss mystics' predictions to be always true, Azdaon hoped that he might be able to speak with the mystics, and seek guidance for a way in life. After docking on Voss, he proceeded to attempt at gaining a meeting with the Mystics. However, he was barred entry to the Mystics' sanctuary (little did he know that they had forseen his arrival, and felt that the time was not right for Azdaon to meet them, for he had a great destiny ahead of him). Irritated, Azdaon stayed around on Voss, dodging the Imperial spies that popped up around various corners, and tried to get his ship repaired. However, the starfighter was too conspicuous a ship to be repaired without his identity being discovered. So he sold the ship for it's pieces and the rest as scrap metal, and tried to figure a way off planet and ensure a steady flow of money. He eventually resorted to using his old Expenses Card from the Empire, and after paying off a rather shady techie, managed to allow his old card to still take funds from the Imperial accounts. So, Azdaon stayed on Voss, going up to the Mystics' sanctuary every day, asking to speak to them, and being denied access each time, paying for his bills with the Empire's money, and they were none the wiser.

It was on one of these daily trips to the Mystic's sanctuary that Azdaon found another offworlder seeking access to the sanctuary, and being rebuffed by the guards. She was a fair human with auburn hair, and wore robes the color of sand. On her hip, there was the unmistakable cylinder of a lightsaber. She took no measures in hiding her aura, and upon noticing her, Azdaon quickly cloaked himself from the force, completely shielding his abilities from her senses, and approached her. "No luck getting in?" he asked, smoothly, a little uncertain, as he was afraid of the conflict that might ensue if his cloak wasn't perfect. She turned towards him, slightly shorter than him, amber eyes glaring up at him, but said calmly, "They must have their reasons. Perhaps their neutrality prevents them from meeting me." Azdaon was relieved, she hadn't seen through him, and she regarded him with curiousity. He wasn't too handsome, but he had a rather rough and charming visage, but the Jedi on the other hand, was stunning. Azdaon grew a little more confident, and began to strike up a conversation with her, and talked with the woman. He learned her name was Ashea Kairi, a Jedi Knight, who had come to Voss to seek advice from the Mystics of Voss. Azdaon conversed with the beautiful Jedi, and soon became smitten with her. He loved her charming personality, her fierce courage, and her sense of justice and fairness. It reminded him of the morals and teachings his parents had taught him all those years ago on Taris, and he soon began to court the Jedi Knight. And surprisingly, Ashea returned Azdaon's feelings, having become enchanted by the fascinating and determined young man she met on Voss, and shared many a good time together as they each waited outside the Mystics' sanctuary every day.

Over time, Azdaon began to realize that the teachings of the Sith were not entirely correct and all the propaganda that was spread regarding the Jedi as weak were mostly false. He slwoly began to understand that his ideals did not match that of the Sith, and he felt more aligned with the Light side of the Force that Ashea talked about. With these revelations, Azdaon began to see the universe differently, and thought about what it would be like to leave the Sith behind, and start anew, with Ashea. But, unable to build up enough courage, he decided to approach her and ask to join her on her voyages. Ashea, having grown fond of the 'down-on-his-luck-traveler' Azdaon agreed, and brought the Azdaon along with her, as she traveled to the planet of Tatooine, having been called on a mission to fight the forces of the Republic.

Azdaon grew worried, as the fighting on Tatooine brought forth various Sith, a few of whom Azdaon recognized from his time as a Sith. Still, he took a training saber with him, and stayed by Ashea's side, protecting the Jedi Knight. Every time, she admonished him for trying to protect her, yet he would always insist upon it. He was careful not to let his talents be noticed, but the battles kept growing harder and harder, and the opponents fiercer and fiercer. He would surreptitiously use the force to boost himself every now and then, if only to survive, but made sure that they lasted but a split second, nothing more. Ashea was none the wiser. Soon, Azdaon began to feel the growing pangs of guilt, and knew that sooner or later, he would have to use the force in earnest, and Ashea would find out. He was worried at what she might think, for if she learned of his abilities, he would have to explain his terrible past, and he couldn't bare to think of what might happen if Ashea knew he was once a Sith.

Ashea and Azdaon were sent out one day into the deserts of Tatooine to help to deliver a certain 'package' in a large ship, and to guard the ship. Little did Ashea know that the ship she had been assigned to protect was a piece of a Republic weapon, known as the Shock Drum. The transport contained the detonator chip, and Ashea was tasked with protecting it. In the middle of the transport job, trouble showed up in the form of two powerful Sith warriors, who arrived to destroy the detonator before it could be added to the Shock Drum and used against the Empire. Ashea resisted, and the Sith and the lone Jedi drew their light sabers. Battle ensued, and Azdaon moved to aid Ashea. But the Sith were powerful warriors, and used the Force with extreme prejudice. Ashea soon got weary and tired, and Azdaon struggled not to release his concentration and let his abilities be known. But when one Sith force Ashea down with a violent blast of Force, and the other gathered the energy to send a bolt of Lightning, Azdaon made the hard choice. He felt out to the force, and in a split second, found himself between the Sith and Ashea. The bolt of lightning was released, and the powerful surge of electric energy hurtled towards Azdaon. Azdaon inhaled, and as Ashea cried out in dismay, believing Azdaon would die for her, Azdaon held out his palms, and absorbed the bolts of electricity, channeling the force to catch the bolt of Force Lightning and nullify it. The Sith stood in shock, and with Azdaon's Force Stealth down, all recognized the power of the dark side that still clung to him, even after all this time, the aura about Azdaon remained grey, but the darkness was still there. Ashea lay prone, staring at Azdaon in shock, and the Sith half-rejoiced, until Azdaon threw one of the Sith off the ship and held the other against a wall with the Force till he passed out.

When he turned to help Ashea up, he found her holding her lightsaber before her, threatening to kill him, tears streaming down her face. Azdaon pleaded with her, and told her everything. She listened, and as she heard him say how he had changed, how he no longer felt like the sith, how he was trying to turn from the Dark Side, she lowered her blade, and accepted him. With a blessing of relief, Azdaon felt free. Ashea later talked to Azdaon about speaking to the Jedi Council about becoming a Jedi, to formally cast off his dark past. After some convincing, Azdaon finally conceded, knowing that he would be nearer to Ashea if he was a Jedi. Soon, he decided to work up the courage to tell her how he felt. He approached Ashea about it, and confessed his love to her. At first, she was shocked, and embarrassed. He could tell from her emotions and reaction that she felt the same way and deeply wanted to return Azdaon's love. But, she turned him down, saying that the Jedi needed to be free of emotional attachments, and that romance was forbidden of the Jedi. Broken hearted, Azdaon sulked as Ashea placed a kiss on his cheeks, and went off alone on a mission.

Azdaon never heard from Ashea again. While Azdaon sulked, dejected, on Ashea's ship, Ashea was fighting the Empire, when the Shock Drum blew up. Ashea was close to the site of the Drum, and wasn't quick enough to get out of the blast. She perished there, burning in the pyre of the explosion, and the death sent a spike through the heart of Azdaon, as he sensed her feelings as she died, and bore the brunt of all that loss on his shoulders. Azdaon learned that the Shock Drum had been commissioned by the Galactic Republic, to be used as a massive bomb, which would have wiped out many innocent lives of people on Imperial worlds. Shocked by the horrors of the Shock Drum and the loss of Ashea, Azdaon took to the stars once more, traveling in Ashea's star ship. He never forgot her teachings, and slowly began to form his own code of living. He would not be like the Jedi in their abandonment of emotion. But he would not be cruel as the Sith. He combined the best of both teachings, and began his own journey. Ashea had taught him to help the helpless, and help them he would.

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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic OOC and Rolecall recruiting

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I've been thinking, with this force bond thing Azdaon and Senya have going, it should be a complication or a quirk between the two. But how to write it up?

What do you think kenmadragon?

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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic OOC and Rolecall recruiting

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I'm guessing this next chapter will be on Ronin Army then, huh?

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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic OOC and Rolecall recruiting

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Possibly depends on how and when they do the transfer. supposedly the entire things supposed to be moved but who knows?
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