Lies of Freedom - Recruiting (Cut OFF 10/31)

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Re: Lies of Freedom - Recruiting

Postby badpenny » Sat Oct 20, 2012 8:40 pm

EnigmaticOne wrote:I see 13 ranks of the Luck Control power and Extra Ranks.

The Extra Ranks are only used if you use the power to Attack others. Since the power is Reaction and Perception Ranged, the Extra Ranks only come into effect if you make the power Ranged (which then you have to target, or make it Resistible, which then acquires a DC that you can increase).

But the default power doesn't need, nor can it use, the Extra Ranks. Since you haven't decreased the range nor flawed it with Resistible, you've overspent by 27 points.

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Re: Lies of Freedom - Recruiting

Postby kenmadragon » Sat Oct 20, 2012 8:52 pm

Question, far I believe we have a luck controlling gambler, a hell born mystic, a liquid metal powerhouse, a psychic/bioenhanced paragon, a psychotic psion, and yeah. Am I right so far? If so, to cover our bases we need a speedster, and possibly a battlesuit....

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Re: Lies of Freedom - Recruiting

Postby Zen_Gypsy » Sat Oct 20, 2012 9:03 pm

Updated my submission, with Siphon. A tough little scrapper and Interpose only helps him out :twisted:
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Re: Lies of Freedom - Recruiting

Postby dreamking89 » Sat Oct 20, 2012 9:47 pm

I'm I should just add the resistible flaw to my damage?
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Re: Lies of Freedom - Recruiting

Postby SpeedofZound » Sun Oct 21, 2012 1:06 am

Oh man, the things I've been thinking of submitting have already been done within like 12 hours or opening :cry:
looking over some of my older stuff I might have something thats interesting...

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Re: Lies of Freedom - Recruiting

Postby Sriseru » Sun Oct 21, 2012 1:13 am

Never mind.
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Re: Lies of Freedom - Recruiting

Postby arcaric » Sun Oct 21, 2012 1:55 am

This sounds cool.

I'll be submitting an alien battlesuit character. Think a culture that's like a mish mash between saiyan and mandalorians. They utilise a sort of semi organic, symbiotic battlesuit.

The basic back story will be that he crash landed on earth after drifting through space, discovered a planet full of powerful opponents and decided to kill all of them. He was stopped and placed on the transport and is feeling rather fantastic about being plunged into battle against an alien fleet and slaughtering countless foes. He's looking forwards to returning to earth and finishing what he's started.

His armour is covered in trophies and symbols that tell his history, mainly his combat history.

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Re: Lies of Freedom - Recruiting

Postby greyfox776 » Sun Oct 21, 2012 2:47 am

Edit: Here is my re-submission, Dreadnought.


* all battle suit related abilities will be marked with an asterix

Abilities: 26
STR - 12*/0
STA - 0
AGL - 0
DEX - 0
FGT - 8*/0
INT - 8
AWE - 5
PRE - 0

Skills: 19
Expertise: Science 6 (+14)
Expertise: Engineering 6 (+14)
Insight 7 (+12)
Perception 7 (+12)
Ranged Combat: Battle Suit Weapons 8*/0 (+8/+0)
Technology 12 (+20)

Advantages: 10
Eidetic Memory
Improvised Tools
Minion 5 (Represents the various robots he is able to build)
Skill Mastery: Technology
Speed of Thought
Accurate Attack*
All-out Attack*
Defensive Attack*
Power Attack*

Powers: 150
Battle Suit 187 - 37 (Removable)
Armour - Protection 12 (Impervious), Enhanced Trait (Fortitude 10) 34p

Power Servos - Enhanced Strength 12 24p

Sensor Suite - Senses (Accurate Extended 3 Radio [Radar], Analytical Vision, Darkvision, Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Infravision, Microscopic Vision 1, Radius Vision, Time Sense, Ultra-hearing) 19p

Comms Relay - Radio Communication 2 8p

Multi-environment Thrusters - Flight 10 (Aquatic) 21p

Life Support Systems - Immunity (Life Support) 10p

Combat Computer - Enhanced Traits (Dodge 8, Fighting 8, Ranged Combat: Suit Weapons 8 ), Enhanced Advantages (Accurate Attack, All-out Attack, Defensive Attack, Power Attack) 32p

Arsenal- Array 39p
Minigun - Ranged Damage 12 (Multiattack) 36p
AE:-Rail Gun- Ranged Damage 14 (Penetrating 9) 1p
AE:-Seeker Missle - Ranged Damage 10 (Accurate 1, Extended Range 2, Homing 2 (Radar), Indirect 1) 1p
AE:-Micro Missle Swarm - Ranged Damage 7 (Burst Area 2, Selective) 1p

Defences: 5
Toughness 12*/0
Dodge 8*/0
Parry 8*/0
Fortitude 10*/0
Will 10 (5p)

Initiative 8
Rail Gun +6 To Hit, +14 Ranged Damage (Penetrating 9)
Seeker Missle +10 To Hit, + 10 Ranged Damage (Extended Range 2, Homing 2 (Radar), Indirect 1)
Micro Missles Ranged Burst Area 60 ft, +7 Damage (Selective)
Minigun +8 To Hit, +12 Ranged Damage (Multiattack)
Punch +8 To Hit, +12 Close Damage

Abilities 26 + Skills 19 + Advantages + 10 Powers 150 + Defences 5 = 210 PP

Background: (I will keep it to dot points for now until progression approved)
-Brilliant engineer
-Framed for treason
-Family suffering while he is in prison (Child sick with nasty illness)
-Breaks out of prison and builds a Battle Suit to acquire the things his family needs (Money, Kidnap of medical specialist etc)
-Runs afoul of a greater villain (Feel free to suggest any appropriate, otherwise i can come up with one) in the process
-Greater villain kidnaps his family and forces him to put his talents to work to the villain's ends
-Is finally defeated by freedom league
-While being transported to a "super" max, the transport detours and he is drugged and put aboard ship
-wakes up to find his battle suit next to him and that he is on a ship heading towards certain doom
-upon returning to earth after a hellish year has decided to no longer be the victom of the world and its so called heroes...

Motivation: Responsibility - Victor feels he needs to provide for his wife and children and fears for what would happen to them if he was not around, this drives him to go as far as he needs to go to ensure that goal is always met.

Relationship/Dependents: Victor has a family and his enemies know it is his Achilles heel, he would do anything to protect them and more to avenge them...

Enemy: Gamatron - Victor blames the mysterious Gamatron for all that has gone wrong with his life and is driven to find who he is and make him pay for what he has done.

Power Loss: Ammo - Sometimes during lengthy encounters Victor's Battle Suit will run out of ammo.
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Re: Lies of Freedom - Recruiting

Postby badpenny » Sun Oct 21, 2012 5:24 am

dreamking89 wrote:I'm I should just add the resistible flaw to my damage?

I don't see the point. The default power has no resistance (you can only counter your Hero Point with another HP). You also don't have to target them (perception range).

If you add the Resistible Flaw, the default DC (without Extra Ranks) would be 14. This is only going to save you four points. You're then going to have to spend 20-30 more points to increase the DC to make it challenging for this PL.

Not worth it. Buy the default power for 12 points and put those other points into other effects.

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Re: Lies of Freedom - Recruiting

Postby EnigmaticOne » Sun Oct 21, 2012 5:28 am

kenmadragon wrote:Question, far I believe we have a luck controlling gambler, a hell born mystic, a liquid metal powerhouse, a psychic/bioenhanced paragon, a psychotic psion, and yeah. Am I right so far? If so, to cover our bases we need a speedster, and possibly a battlesuit....

Given the interest level, I can't say everyone makes it in. :p
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Re: Lies of Freedom - Recruiting

Postby TempestII » Sun Oct 21, 2012 8:36 am

Lord Revana (Rhe-ven-ah)

Brief Overview:

Summary: Once America's golden girl, Lord Revena, formerly Miss America, has returned from the warp of space a twisted parody of her old self. Originally a symbol for supporting the troops and the freedom of capitalism, she is now the harbinger of a ruthless militaristic corporatocracy

Brief Backstory: Unbeknown to the public, Revena has no biological parents. Instead she was born in a vat, deep within an underground laboratory as the product of an arduous human-alien hybrid breeding program. Possessing the individuality, creativity and form of humanity, but anointed with the magnetic energy manipulating powers of a psionic hive-minded alien species, Revena developed as a patriotic agent of the United States under the care of the researchers. She was eventually pushed into service to provide a federal presence amongst the superheroes of the world. In exotic battlefields Revena fought alongside the troops. At home and abroad she protected business owners against riots and theft. Whenever she was placed in front of the camera, her patriotic love of capitalism and freedom were combined with her golden hair and bright, cheerful smile to win hearts and minds across the country.When the far-flung alien menace was detected, Miss America quickly learned that her minders considered her an expendable asset. Humanity lacked the necessary technology to send a team that far out into space, so Miss America was "volunteered" for service - her magnetic powers helped to propel and guide the spaceship out of the solar system and into the battlefield light years away. A necessary and painful sacrifice, she was told.

Having survived and flourished in the alien environment, Revena has returned with her "allies". Warped almost to the point of being unrecognizable both physically and mentally, Revena has seen the weakness of democracy and its paralytic corruption and seeks to remake her former homeland. The people want honest leaders? She'll give them an honest leader. The populace wants to support the troops and defend the country? She'll give them the militaristic environment they deserve. The people want an economically free climate for entrepreneurs? She'll ensure those at the top remain in charge and those on lower rungs are utilized for their economic output.

Powers: Lord Revana has a vast amount of powers at her disposal, thanks to her triple-stranded human-alien DNA. She can manipulate the energy fields of magnetism for offensive and defensive purposes to the point that she can transform her entire body into a walking magnetic field. Her mind has a vast pool of psionic energy that she can utilize to read minds, communicate across the globe, craft illusions, enslave the wills of others and even project her mind across distances to observe what's going on.

Motivation: Patriotism: Revena is the twisted extreme of trust in the military, capitalism and presidential rule. She does not love the United States as it is, but instead she loves her distorted idea of what it should be. The fact that she's overlooked the other, more positive traits of the country such as representation and personal liberty, is an irony that is lost on her.

Motivation: Revenge: After years of loyal service and consideration of a civilian life, Revena was sold up the river by those she trusted most: the federal government. She will either rule this organization and change it for the "better", or she will see it burned to ashes around her.

Quirk: Responsible Authority: Revena is not a murderous thug. Although she thinks very little of "freedoms", she avoids harming "civilians" when she is able. This extends to members of the military, whom she still feels a distant camaraderie with. (and considers citizens, not civilians) She is not inflexible, however, as sometimes collateral damage is simply a necessary evil.

Fame: Before she was betrayed by the government and sent to the far reaches of space, Revena was a well-known super heroine, if considered something of a corporate and federal poster-girl. Nevertheless, the public saw that her heart was in the right place.

PL 11 - 195 PP
Str -1, Agl 0, Sta 0, Dex 0, Fgt 0, Int 3, Awe 4, Pre 3.

Dodge 9, Parry 9, Fortitude +9, Will +13, Toughness +13.

Initiative +11
Blast +9/+10
Magnekinesis grapple DC 31

Skills: (23 pp, 46 ranks)
Deception 8 (+11), Expertise (Tactics) 11 (+14), Insight 6 (+10), Perception 4 (+8), Persuasion 9 (+12), Ranged Combat (Magnetism Array) +8.

Improved Initiative 2, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Ultimate Effort (Toughness), Accurate Attack, Equipment 1.


Telepathy Array: (39 PP)
Main: Extrasensory Projection
- Remote Sensing 8: 2 types inc visual, Simultaneous, Subtle 2 (looks normal), Range 1 mile.

Alt. Power: Telepathy Communication 4: Mental, Anywhere on Earth: Area, Rapid 5, Subtle 2; undetectable.
Alt. Power: Telepathy Mind reading 10: Cumulative Mind reading; DC 20, Cumulative.
Alt. Power: Illusionist Illusion 8: Affects: 2 sense types (Visual & Hearing): Area: 500 cft, DC 18: Illusion Area, Independent.
Alt. Power: Mindfry Mental Blast 8: DC 23.
Alt. Power: Psi-Domination: Mind Control 8: DC 18.

Magnetism Array: 44 pp
Main: Magnekinesis [Linked effect]
- Move Object 11: Perception, 12k tons, Advantages: Improved Hold, Increased Range (Perception), Increased Mass 8; Precise: Limited Materials: Only metals.
- Elongation 5: 250 feet, Limited: Needs Metals.
- Extra Limbs 5: 5 extra limbs, Advantages: Improved Grab. Projection. Limited: Needs metals.

Alt. Power: Magnetic Beam: Blast 13: 1300 ft., DC 28, Accurate +2, Homing 3: Incurable; Precise.
Alt. Power: Rift: Burst Area Blast 11: 1100 ft., DC 26, 30 feet radius.
Alt. Power: Energy Form: Insubstantial 3: Energy.
Alt. Power: EMP: Blast Area Nullify 11: Broad (Technology), DC 21, Area Burst 30 feet radius.
Alt. Power: Warp Metals: Transform 8: 1 thing > 1 thing (metals); Transforms 12 tons: DC 18, Increased Mass 7; Increased Duration (continuous), Increased Range (800 ft).

Flight 6: 12pp
120 miles/hour, 1800 feet/round.

Personal Environment: 13pp
Force Field 13: 13pp

Senses: 3pp
Extended Acute Awareness: Mental

Smart phone.
Gas Mask
Packets of stainless steel ball-bearings and rods.
1 point for team base.

Abilities 18 + Powers 111 + Advantages 7 + Skills 23 + Defenses 36 = 195 pp
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Re: Lies of Freedom - Recruiting

Postby Nillaman » Sun Oct 21, 2012 8:39 am

Enforcer - PL 12

Real Name: Johnny Keystone
Age: 30
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black, Solid
Skin: White
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 200 lbs
Build: Muscular

Once a common henchman, Johnny 'Two-Bits' Keystone become the terrifying Enforcer for a short period with the use of a skill enhancement suit he stole from an overturned nondescript van just outside city limits. What he didn't know was that the suit was being transferred to another facility for decommissioning. The same unique energy frequency that provided the wearer with superhuman strength and stamina also caused a steady increase in aggression, with a corresponding decrease in higher brain functions. While no genius to begin with, eventually Johnny turned into a enemy driven only by bestial rage and hatred of the superheroes who continued to put him behind bars, away from the suit which he'd become almost addicted to. Raven was finally able to stop his uncontrolled rampage when she'd discovered the auto-destruct sequence that tore the suit apart on his overly muscled frame. The shock nearly killed Johnny. While he'd been separated from for nearly a year and started to recover from his time in it, the multiple murders he'd committed under the influence of the suit and the massive amount of property damage ensured he was due for a life sentence without parole. When the City Council had offered him a chance for redemption in military service, he had no reservations, and got shoved onto the barge with the others. Psychos, monsters, and murders alike.

John become very good at hiding. Then, ambushes. Several times he'd helped to repel boarding parties who tried to take one of the few working ships that were left after the in-fighting died down. Plasma rifles and alien armor were his way of making up for a lack of superpowers. All the while someone whispered to him. The spirit known as Jack of Knives. Sealed away inside a containment unit that the others had decided was best left closed, he used the dozens of deaths John caused as the Enforcer to forge a psychic link with him. It enjoyed taunting and teasing him, saying they were two of a kind, encouraging him to slaughter the enemy without restrain, screaming whenever John denied it. Only during a particularly brutal assualt from the Star-Khan did something finally change. Jack of Knives got free and fused with John, who fought the spirit with far more strength of will then anyone else in past memory had, until a strange weapon fired through the man's chest actually did equal damage to the spirit within.

Both of them lay dead and dying on the cold floor. Neither one of them wanted to die. And each of them wanted revenge on the Star-Khan for ending their life, even more so for John, who'd seen his friends die. At that moment, something that was neither Jack of Knives or Johnny Keystone rose up. Neither of them were inclined to be gentle with their enemies that day, but not one of them died either. When it was over, the being left behind was something entirely different. The soul of a man had fused with the murder spirit and become stronger, faster, and tougher then any human. Because the murder spirit lacked much of a personality, it had become almost completely consumed by the mind of the human, though it's instinctive knowledge to cause harm allows it's host to strike where the most damage will be done. Still, it was there, lurking in the back of his mind, and he knew to be cautious.

The Enforcer is back.

Abilities 96 points
Strength 6, Stamina 6, Agility 6, Dexterity 6, Fighting 6, Intellect 6, Awareness 6, Presence 6

Skills 24 points
Acrobatics 6 (+12), Athletics 6 (+12), Insight 6 (+12), Intimidation 12 (+18), Perception 6 (+12), Stealth 12 (+18)

Advantages 24 Points
Accurate Attack, Agile Feint, All-Out Attack, Close Attack 6, Defensive Attack, Diehard, Fearless, Great Endurance, Hide in Plain Sight, Jack of All Trades, Power Attack, Ranged Attack 6, Takedown, Uncanny Dodge

Powers 12 Points
Brutal Blow: Strength-based Damage 6
Durable: Protection 6

Defense 24 Points
Dodge 12, Parry 12, Fortitude 12, Toughness 12, Will 12

Brutal Blow: +12, DC 27, Close
Unarmed: +12, DC 22, Close
Thrown: +12, DC Varies, Ranged

Echoes of the Soul: Though it was, supposedly, cleaned of it's memories by Hades, Johnny still has flashbacks of lives and places from long ago. Sometimes in the heat of battle. He's still trying to figure out if these are residual memories of prior hosts or if Jack of Knives is actually recovering it's old life.
Motivation - Redemption: Enforcer has been dealt another bad hand, but this time he means to make the most out of it, and will not become a mindless killer like before. This curious desire is part of why Jack was so fascinated with him in the first place.
Tainted Being: Jack of Knives and Johnny are one. Effects which target spirits will also effect him, including wards and spells designed to bar spirits from entering locations. Whether the Lord of the Underworld will attempt to recruit this new creature or reclaim his property is yet to be seen.

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Re: Lies of Freedom - Recruiting

Postby kenmadragon » Sun Oct 21, 2012 12:55 pm

Okay, so I built the frameworks for my hellfire magician build, and found that I am at PL 12, with 157PP spent of 180...So, what should I do? beef up my spells, or get equipment/minions? Thoughts? (backstory still in the developmental stage, will start posting that when I have settled on exactly how I wish to present that)

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Re: Lies of Freedom - Recruiting

Postby Plan B » Sun Oct 21, 2012 1:27 pm

Devastatoraka. David Stienner

Gender: Male
Height: 6'2
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 240 lbs
Age: 23
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish
Role: Damage dealer/tank.

Strength 15, Stamina 15, Agility 3, Dexterity 0, Fighting 7, Intellect 0, Awareness 4, Presence 0


Rapid Punches: Strenght based Damage: Multiattack • 15 points
AP Cosmic Blast 15: Ranged Strenght based Damage • 1 point
AP Cosmic Empowerment: Enhanced Strenght 5 (limit, no damage) +5 flight • 1 point

Immunity Life Support, Sleep • 11 points

Flight 10 • 20 points

Regenerate • 5 points

Senses 2 (Extended, Infravision) • 2 points

All-out Attack, Equipment 3, Fast Grab, Favored enviroment (Air),Jack of All trades, Languages (Spanish),Power Attack, Improved crit 2 (unarmed), Move by Action, Second Chance: (impossible toughness checks), Takedown 2

Acrobatics 2 (+6), Insight 3 (+7), Perception 4 (+8), Ranged Combat:Solar Blast 9 (+9), Unarmed combat 2 (+9)

Starship Hull Armour: Imprevious Toughness 15

Initiative +3
Unarmed +9 Close, Damage 15 (18-20)
Cosmic Blasts +9 Ranged, Damage 15

Dodge 9 Fortitude 15
Parry 9 Toughness 15
Will 9

Power Points
Abilities 88 + Skills 10 + Powers 57 + Defenses 11 + Advantages 14 = Total 180


David doesn't remember much about his life before the experiment, what he does remember is distant and vague. But he does remember that someone offered him power and he yes. His mysterious benefactor, Mastermind, tired of the the freedom leagues intervention, felt the need for his own subordinates to deal with the sheer numbers of the league. He trawled medical databases for those with suitable gentics to be uplifted to form his "enforcers of order", after countless treatments and brainwashing. He once again attempt to sieze the globe.

Eventully the "enforcers" were subdued by the combined forces of the atoms and the freedom league. And since then some of the brainwashing has been undone.


Follower not a leader: Devastator Brainwashing as left him somewhat easy to sway, and likely to listen to orders in a combat situation. Even if those orders are unsound.

KILL CAPTAIN THUNDER: Devastators original role was to kill Captain Thunder, most of his brainwashing was to that end. The goal still consumes him.
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Re: Lies of Freedom - Recruiting

Postby Zen_Gypsy » Sun Oct 21, 2012 1:44 pm

After reviewing the submissions, I am sad to say, I I'll be withdrawing my app. They are going the way most do when you try to run a villain game, and I don't think I'd be able to be friendly with any of them.

Good luck with this endeavor, will be interesting to watch.
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