High Fantasy Adventure - Original Setting

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Re: High Fantasy Adventure - Original Setting

Post by EPIC » Mon Oct 29, 2012 12:08 pm

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Re: High Fantasy Adventure - Original Setting

Post by timothy » Mon Oct 29, 2012 12:56 pm

Janaq Thone
Race: Techen


Janaq grew up in a family that would be considered as part of the artisan/merchant caste. His father, a smith, worked with exotic metals, shaping them for use in techen upgrades. His mother, a baker, owned a small shop in the city market, selling cakes and confections.

As a child, Janaq thrived on tales of the legendary heroes of his people. His favorites were the warriors who faced their villainous foes with their strength and skill, wielding weapons and wearing armor that were part of themselves. When he came of age, his choice for his first upgrade was a weaponhand, a mighty steel-banded gauntlet that could become a fearsome mace and chain.

Now, with the world threatened, he hopes to forge his own legends and become a mighty hero.


Janaq is very straight forward and more than a little bull-headed. He believes in the code of honor he has learnedly from reading tales of ancient heroes, honesty and courage and chivalry and, above all else, standing for the right in all things.

Combat Style:

Large and powerfully built, Janaq is a straight up melee fighter. His immense strength and constitution ennable him to stand up to almost any foe. The extensible chain of his hand weapon allows him to strike foes at a considerable distance if necessary, but his preference is face to face and hand to hand.


Janaq watched as his foes moved into position. It was obvious that they were hoping to split his attention, two of them would make a frontal assault while the third moved to flank him. It was a solid plan, one that would have succeeded against most warriors. Janaq, though, was not most warriors.

With a mighty roar, Janaq charged before his opponents were able to begin putting their plan into action. As he rushed forward, he clenched his right hand, in appearance a heavy gauntlet of spiked metal and dark leather, into a fist. As he did so, the metal plates shifted their position, chinging his hand into a spiked ball of metal.

With half the distance covered, Janaq gestured violently toward the warrior meant to flank him. The mace head that had been his hand blasted towards the target, trailing a dark length of heavy chain. The mace hit with the force of an avalanche. The warrior was flung back by the impact, unconscious even before he hit the stone wall behind him.

The remaking two foes leapt to the attack. Janaq managed to catch one of his blows on his heavily armored forearm, the blade screeching as it slid off his bracer. Janaq smiled at the sound, such an impact could ruin the edge of even the finest blade. He lost his smile a split second later when his other foe thrust his spear into Janaq's unguarded stomach. The heavy mail turned the spear's point, but still it felt like the kick of a mule.

Gasping for breath, Janaq ignored the pain. To give in to it would be to die in battle. He swung his weapon arm, the chain reeling in with a slight whine as the mace retracted. The arc his transformed fist followed caught his opponents by surprise. The heeavy metal ball slammed into the spear wielders helmet, stunning him as it sent him staggering into the swordsman. With a crash of metal the two collided and fell to the ground.


The booming voice of Castus the Armsmaster called a halt to the training session. Janaq rubbed at his abdomen, assessing the damage done by the spearhead as his opponents struggled to their feet.

"Marja, you were too slow on the flanking maneuver. Dalem, I'm going to have you working on your sword-strikes next week. Valan, good work with the spear. But all three of you need to work on your battle awareness. I want three complete run-throughs on the obstacles course before you leave today.

"Janaq, you did very well today. Get Waylen or Faedlar to check that spearthrust."

Janaq smiled as he turned towards the Armsmaster's Academy, he had done well today. Father would be proud.
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Re: High Fantasy Adventure - Original Setting

Post by Mr.United » Wed Dec 26, 2012 11:27 pm

Kinda confused on this. On here, you say recruitment is a go. On the other it says you canx it. I'm interested so if it's on. Count me in!

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Re: High Fantasy Adventure - Original Setting

Post by Nineofspades » Thu Dec 27, 2012 9:24 am

This is actually an independent thread from the interest thread for a fantasy setting. The two are not related, and for different games entirely.