Zero Gene IC Chapter 1: Those Who Fight Further

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Re: Zero Gene IC Chapter 1: Those Who Fight Further

Postby Severance » Wed Oct 17, 2012 5:28 pm

Olivia "Bloodsport" Cassidy

Hardwick spoke up first. "You'd be right on that one. Captain Warren and Specialist Officer Valerie St. Croix are here on assignment. Seems that an operation was being carried out in the Alpha Zone. A team of specialists were sent in under orders to clear out what was assumed to be a main nest of the phantoms. Unfortunately, all contact from the team was lost a day ago.

Now, I don't need to tell you how dangerous Alpha Zone is. Place is a phantom playground. However, Captain Warren asked me for my best in this operation to find them.


Your body, tense and ready for its flight or fight moment instead gets neither. Instead, you notice out of the corner of your eye slight movement across the street and above on a rooftop. At first you think the glint of light is from a scope of a gun perhaps, but you realize that it seems to be some sort of camera like device, much like a security camera. As you look at it, it seems to turn a little back and forth then retract back down into the roof.


Sitting on top of a nearby store building you make sure to keep a good eye on the front of the police station. You brushed up on your rank insignias just in case, so you'd know the higher ranks from the regulars. As relatively quiet as it was, things almost seemed normal, like you could almost find some sort of peace. Then again this was one of the most well-guarded sections of the city and it was no surprise there weren't any activities of human malice or phantom. Sipping silently on your coffee you continue watch.

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Re: Zero Gene IC Chapter 1: Those Who Fight Further

Postby Sakuro » Thu Oct 18, 2012 8:10 pm

Wyatt Hallows
HP: 1
Cnd: Healthy
Loc.: Neo York, abandoned section

Wyatt didn't look at the camera directly. Instead he used his peripheral vision to watch it, and take note of the building it was in. But he kept walking. There could be a den of outlaws, or one lone survival nut hunkering down in the ruins. Either way, stomping about unfamiliar territory, looking for trouble, was the sort of thing that got a guy shot. Not to mention he didn't want to draw attention to someone who was making a point of hiding. That would be impolite, and possibly put them in danger.

So ... Wyatt continued on down the street at his leisurely pace. At least for a little while. Then curiosity got the better of him. Stopping at some cars he opened them, looked under the hoods, and the trunks, and generally played the part of a scavenger while he kept an eye on the building with the camera.
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