WD's Taking Back the Streets [IC]

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Re: WD's Taking Back the Streets [IC]

Postby CaptainChaos » Thu Oct 11, 2012 7:39 pm


Lacy was tempted to go after D-Fens but decided to just let him walk away. It was his decision to stay or not. Part of her couldn't blame him for walking away. She had read enough of his blogs to know his mind thought differently than her own. That wasn't always a bad thing, of course. Having others with different points of view together usually led to great brainstorming sessions. At least in college it did.

"I guess he has his own demons to fight."

She picks up her trusty crossbow and reattaches it on her back. Strange, the young acrobatic girl didn't show up and neither did the man she had spotted the night of their first meeting. Perhaps they had other plans.

She watched Grave Robber walk away, leaving her alone with the crazy scarecrow guy. Great, just what she always wanted. Her father always warned her not to be alone with strange men and they didn't come much stranger than the scarecrow guy.

"I guess the meeting's over for tonight. I'll be seeing you again, I presume."

She turns and makes her way out of the cemetery as quickly as she can, not trusting the scarecrow man.

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Postby Evolución » Thu Oct 11, 2012 8:09 pm

"Leave him, he's nuts!" the Scarecrow says, tilting his head to the sides and pointing at it with his index fingers.

"Much hides beneah the surface,
but it seems on this case,
there is not much to face,
but the obvious and the haze."

the man says, he then jumps around and from behind a tombstone he says "See ya next time!" and banishes into the darkness.

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