[2e] Paragons of the New World (recruiting)

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[2e] Paragons of the New World (recruiting)

Post by Moira »

Beware the Ides of March, they always say. Few know what that mean (i see you looking it up now :P), but none ever heed it. Well THIS March 15th, something happened. Like on a grand scale. No one knows why, but as the sun touched the world that fateful day, something changed. As if the suns beams were supercharging everything. Everyone who sees the sun gains at least a modicum of power. The first pass through though was the best and/or worst depending on who you ask.

Sure everyone got powers, but a lot of it was very minor. The ability to change hair length at will, the ability to talk to and understand plants, the ability to make bubbles out of thin air. Then came the Gods. Named so for their sheer power and force. Each God rampage was great and terrifying to behold. Some Gods tore down small cities in a fit of rampage. Others used their powers to take advantage of the weak. Still other Gods used their new found power to take what they pleased. This was not met with lying down though!

Everyone did their part to fight back against the destructive, manipulative and greedy Gods. But there were a couple of handfuls of people who were shining stars in the bleak darkness of chaos. They took the fight right to the Gods, being Gods themselves. These helpful Gods were called many things across the world, buut one name stuck above all... Paragons!

You are a Paragon. You and your fellow Paragons banded together against the petty gods that laid waste to the land. Through trial and error you knew there was opportunity in teaming up with your fellow Paragons. And now you are known through out the world. Through your deeds the world was saved from utter chaos.

PL12, 180pp. No traiding points for PL or vice versa.

Max +/-5 tradeoffs.

Niche Protection. I will not be accepting two powerhouses or a gaggle of Mystics.

You will get Benefit (Status) for free. While you don't have to play Captain Sparkly Smile, you are known for your heroic deeds in restoring peace and order over the past month. If you adopted a code name people will call you by it. If you adopted a costume, people will be selling knock off t-shirts of it :P

The range of this game is Global. You are not the most powerful beings on the planet, but you and your group are standing between some of them and humanity. Luckily the truly powerful Gods have either stopped caring or are still plotting. No one's seen a massively powerful God in about a week or so.

The tone of this will be middle of the line grey. I'm not saying every bad guy will have an expansive reason for doing evil, I'm just saying people are people. Remember you are people too! Heroic people, but people nonetheless.

The reason for your powers? Earth is now coterminous with a realm called Imageria. Who knows this? No one.

If you want other specific information, please ask!
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Re: [2e] Paragons of the New World (recruiting)

Post by jemal »

Awesome.. I love you Moira!! Global paragon level supers? /drool.
I usuall prefer 3e, but I'm also pretty cool with 2e.. and 2e means I can bust out something that doesn't work as well in 3e too, so there's that...

Oh what to wear what to wear...

*EDIT: OK, so I'm going to be submitting my Dynamite Lady.. You may remember her from the Discord game. :p

She's an Energy Converter - she absorbs, stores, and transforms energy. Role wise, she's kind of an energy controller/powerhouse cross.

I do have other ideas if you don't like this one, though..
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Re: [2e] Paragons of the New World (recruiting)

Post by Corrigon »

This sounds like a good setup.

I was looking at a more straight forward powerhouse with some speed abilities who happened to be a doctor

Name: John Shakespeare

Str 32
Dex 16
Con 30
Int 18
Wis 16
Chr 16

Toughness+12 Attack +12
Fortitude +13 Grapple +23
Reflex +11 Defense +12
Will +11 Knockback Resist -7
Initiative +3/+15

Bluff +8
Climb +11
Concentration + 6
Diplomacy +8
Intimidate + 8
Investigate +6
Knowledge (beahvioural Sciences +5)
Knowledfge (current Events)+5
Knowledge (life sciences) +8
Language 3 (Spanish, Japanese, Hebrew)
Medicine +12
Notice +5
Profession (doctor) +11
Search +4
Sense Motive +7
Swim +11

All-out attack
Defensive Attack
Eidetic Memory
Elusive Target
Fascinate (diplomacy)
Improved Block
Improved initiative 3(from powers)
Power attack
Skill Mastery (Medicine)
Benefit (Status)
Strike 1 (Accurate +2) Thrown Range 50ft
Imperviousness (Protection 2), Impervious
Super Speed (Improved Initiative 3, Quickness 3 tasks x10 speed, Speed 3 50mph, 440ft/rnd

Age 30
Height 6'3", 210lbs

Born to wealthy parents, he received a first class education becoming an exemplary doctor, his change took place as he was giving a key note speech to the medical community regarding the changes people undergo, becoming an idealised version of himself. (I will expand this later)
Divorced beforehand as he was married to his work
Father died during the breakouts, killed by one of the major gods.
Public identity - changing in front of a crowd meant everybody knows he has powers.
God Complex - Kent can be somewhat arrogant and can think he knows best. Some were surprised that he didn't become one of the Gods he fought.
Family - ailing mother and an ex-wife
Need to help - Though somewhat arrogant at times, he does want to help people. Sometimes that blinds him to the issue at hand
Revenge - His father died during the breakout and he wants the God that did it
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Re: [2e] Paragons of the New World (recruiting)

Post by levinwurth »

I'm always tentatively interested in a Paragons game. Let me see if I can think up a concept.
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Re: [2e] Paragons of the New World (recruiting)

Post by Corrigon »

i haven't quite finished him. I don't have Paragons, but the world of freedom book gave me a couple of ideas. Is this character about what you were expecting?

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Re: [2e] Paragons of the New World (recruiting)

Post by Shadow13 »

Flying Blaster I think I can work up a build in 2e for this. Military trained.

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Re: [2e] Paragons of the New World (recruiting)

Post by jemal »

Alright, still altering the background for the new game, but here's the crunchy bits so you can look her over and see if there's any glaring problems.

*As usual, Character notes after sheet

**Added background. Still need to fill in who "X" is. I was thinking of making a combined background with one of the other characters.
Danielle Dynamite, AKA Dynamite Lady - PL 12 (180pp)
Stripper turned Energy-absorbing & Transforming Super heroine.

Danielle Dynamite is a 24 year old, Irish lass with an extraordinary athletic body and Long red hair.

When Danielle was young, she lived a priveleged life with her parents in Ireland. She was enrolled in gymnastics, acting classes, sports, and various forms of dance(Jazz, Ballet, Hip-hop) through most of her childhood and into her teen years. When she was 17 she had a falling out with her parents over a boyfriend they disliked, and she moved away to London with him. A year later they had broken up and Danielle was stuck in the city alone and jobless.
It was two months later, broke and still trying to find work, that a friend finally convinced the desperate young woman to take her dancing skills and phenomenal body and apply at a strip club. Nervous, Danielle made up the stripper name 'Danielle Dynamite', and auditioned at a local club. It was a seedier bar, and she was easily overquallified, being the only woman there with actual dance training. Within a few months, her act was the main attraction, and she was the primary draw.
She'd decided to take up self defense classes because of the extra attention, but was finally managing to make ends meet.

By the time she was 19, she began receiving offers from better more reputable venues, and realized that what had started as a stop-gap to pay the rent was quickly turning into an enjoyable and lucrative career.

When she was 21, the club she was working at the time was attacked by a group of thugs who decided to rob the place and kidnap Danielle and the other Headliner. After trashing the place, they fled the scene with their prizes in the pre-dawn glow of March 15th.

As the sun crested that morning, it's glow changed the world, and more importantly to this story - Danielle.. A massive surge of energy coursed through Danielle, as the rays gave her the ability to absorb energy.. For most people, the powers gained were minor, but her absorption seemed to compound on itself.. absorbing more and more of the suns energy, and even extending beyond that, soaking up the nascent powers of the others in the car with her - both the crooks and her fellow kidnapees. By the time the initial effect had passed, the car had stuttered to a halt - it's battery drained by Danielle's sudden ascent to Godhood. The suddenly and inexplicably exhausted passengers looked around confusedly as Danielle seized that moment to try to escape.

Kicking at the door with newfound strength, Danielle sent it flying across the street. Grabbing her friend, Danielle stood, feeling the energy coursing through her.

Staring in amazement at the door, and realizing that she was holding her friend in one hand as though she weighed nothing, Danielle set her friend down as the villains exited the Car and charged her. After a brief but spectacular scuffle, Danielle had easily dispatched all three of them. The incident was caught on camera and the scene of a voluptuous, scantily clad woman wrecking up the crooks went viral on the internet.

After that, Danielle soon became an even more sought-after commodity. Within weeks, she had made a deal with a club known as the "Seven Sins" and was managing and headlining for them while spending much of her free time patrolling the streets as the heroine "Dynamite", a persona she also utilized to many customers great enjoyment in her performance.

Over the next few months, Dynamite cleaned up the crime around her city and turned the "Seven Sins" into one of the hottest clubs in the country. Several newly made 'super-villains' tried to make names for themselves by taking out the 'upstart heroine', and one after another she kept putting them down.

Until she drew the attention of the evil 'God' "Priscus".

Priscus claims that the suns rays revealed to him that he is the reincarnation of a Vampire from
ancient Egypt who played a part in both the birth and death of the Roman Empire (Though Whether this is true or not is unknown). He exhibits energy absorbtion powers similar to Dynamite's -but far beyond hers in scale- as well as more standard 'vampire' powers. Once Dynamite had drawn his attention, he came to 'claim' her as his own, stating that she was a 'true vampire' like himself, and planning to make her his bride.

Dynamite barely escaped her first encounter with Priscus, and in his confidence he was in no rush to finish the job, instead spending time to take over the city while she recovered. When they eventually met the second time, Priscus was able to defeat the heroine and gain sway over her mind, turning her to his side.
Fortunately, Dynamite's sometimes-lover X had heard of the problems befalling X's beloved and come to rescue her. The news of London being taken over by a powerful Vampiric-villain also gained the attention of other 'Paragons'. Had it not been for the intervention of these other powerful heroes, Priscus surely would have gained control over the whole of London, Dynamite along with it, and began fathering his 'Master Brood'.

After Priscus' defeat and incarceration, Danielle and X joined with the others to combat other such powerful threats to the world.

Passively she absorbs ambient heat, sound, and light energy, resulting in a massive abundance of energy (Her battery)
Abilities: 24pp
STR 12/14 (+2)
DEX 18 (+4)
CON 16 (+3)
INT 10 (+0)
WIS 10 (+0)
CHA 18 (+4)

Init +4
Defense: 15 (5 Dodge Focus)
Unarmed +10: Toughness DC 18 *Scales up with Absorption*
Blast: +4, Toughness DC 16 (Autofire) *Scales up with Absorption*
Cannon: +4, Toughness DC 16(Penetrating) *Scales up with Absorption*
Burst: Dodge DC 13, Toughness DC 18 *Scales up with Absorption*
Smokin Hot: Visual Perception, DC 13 reflex/will

Saves: 21pp
Toughness +5 *12 absorption all Physical&Energy* (3 con +2 Corset), Fort +10 (7 base +3 con), Reflex +11 (7 base +4 dex), Will +7 (7 base)

Skills: (80 ranks = 20pp)
Acrobatics(+9/5), Bluff(+16/12), Diplomacy(+10/6), Disguise(+10/6), Esape Artist(+10/6), Gather Information(+12/8), Notice(+8/8), Perform: Dance(+16/12), Sense Motive(+6/6), Sleight of Hand(+8/4), Stealth(+8/4), Swim(+5/3)

Feats: 23
All Out Attack, Attractive, Attack Specialization: Unarmed 5, Benefit: Wealth, Connected, Distract(Bluff), Dodge Focus 5, Equipment 2, Fascinate(Dance), Improved Grab, Luck 2, Power Attack, Taunt

Powers: 94pp
Smokin Hot: Emotion Control 3 (Will, Permanent +0, Area: Perception(Visual) +1/rank, Close range -1/rank, Limited: Love -1/rank, Limited: Those attracted to females -1/rank, Limited: Helpful -1/rank, Innate): 1/3 ranks +1 = 2pp

Enhanced Senses: Infravision, Ultravision, X-ray vision(Distracting, Noticeable), Sonar: 6pp

Immunity: Sleep, Aging: 2pp

Energy Transduction: 62pp + 1 ap = 63pp
-Primary: Passive Absorption 12 (Boost Battery 4/rank, Both Types +1/rank, Energy Storage +1/rank, Slow Fade 2, Energy Conversion, Side Effect -1/rank: Heat, Noticeable: heat): 5/rank +2 = 62pp
-AP: Energy Drain: 48+14 = 62pp
--Drain 12 (Energy 3/rank, Affects Objects +1/rank, ): 4/rank = 48pp
--Linked: Boost 24 (1 trait: Battery 1/rank, Energy Storage +1/rank, Slow Fade 2, Energy Conversion 1, Limted: Drain amount -1/rank, Side Effect -1/rank: Heat, Noticeable: heat): 1/2 ranks +2 = 14pp

Battery: Power Reserve 3 (PF: Additional Power 2, drawbacks: Noticeable -1, Move Action -1): 2/rank = 6pp
*Applies to: Energy control, Super Parkour, Enhanced Strength, Regeneration*

*Enhanced Str +2: 2pp

*Regen 2 (+1 check, 1 Recovery rate): 2pp

*Super Parkour: Speed & Leaping 1: 2pp

*Energy Control: 6p +3 ap = 9pp
-Primary: Environment Control 1 (Extreme Heat 2/rank, Extreme Cold 2/rank, Sunlight 2/rank): 6p
-AP: Cannon: Blast 1(Penetrating +1/rank, Accurate 2, Variable Descriptor: Energy): 3/rank +3 = 6p
-AP: Blast: Blast 1(Autofire +1/rank, Accurate 2, Variable Descriptor: Energy): 3/rank +3 = 6p
-AP: Burst: Damage 3(Area: Burst +1/rank, Variable Descriptor: Energy): 6p
Equipment: 10ep
Brass Knuckles: 2ep
Reinforced Corset (Protection 2, Subtle): 3ep

HQ: Strip Club: 5p
Size: Medium(1p), Toughness 5(0p), Fire Prevention System(1p), Gym(1p), Living Space(1p), Pool(1p), Security System(1p)

Vulnerability: Cold (Common, Major): 4p

COST: 24 Abilities +21 Saves +20 Skills +23 Feats +94 Powers -4 drawbacks = 178/180

Motivation: Responsibility - She didn't ask for these powers, but so long as she has them, she can't avoid the urge to use them to protect others.
Weakness - Dynamite is weak to cold and other things that represent a lowering of energy (Energy draining attacks, nullify, etc)
Voracious Appetite - Whether her appetite is due to her power is a matter for debate, but Dynamite has quite the appetite: For everything. Wine, men(women), money, food, competetion
Short Temper - Dynamite has, if you'll pardon the pun, quite a short fuse.
Enemies: Priscus
General : without her boosted powers from Transduction&Battery, her offense is seriously underpar, that's on purpose b/c she can get pretty powerful when she's 'charged up'.
though she uses all out/power attack to somewhat compensate, relying on her absorption to keep her safe.

Energy Transduction: For the Side Effect, I'm thinking we can come up with something together, I want to have some effect based off her getting hotter and radiating more heat the more energy she absorbs, but wanted your input to figure out how it should work.

Energy drain: This is essentially the same as Transduction, but instead of passively/defensively absorbing everything that connects with her, she aggressively drains energy from something/someone. With the linked boost, it works out to the exact same boosting effects as the absorption ability, swapping the defensive damage reduction for an offensive drain attack, using the same modifiers for the boost portion.

Battery : She has some power reserves from passively absorbing energy around her (light, heat, kinetic energy, etc) which she can use to power her abilities, and this is also where the boosted power from her transduction/drain goes, before being allocated to one of her four enhancable traits: Strength, Regeneration, Super Parkour (Speed & Leaping), or Energy Control.

Cannon/Blast/Burst - These are just standard energy attacks, able to use a variety of energy descriptors.

Environment control : She can release her energy as a more sustained burst of extreme heat or sunlight, or she can 'absorb' the heat around her, causing extreme cold.

Smokin hot : Essentially anybody who sees her has to make an easy will save (DC 13) or like her.. Failure = Friendly, Failure by 5 = Helpful. If they want to make a reflex save to avert their eyes from her awesome hotness, they can do so.
This is just an amusing power I wanted to play with something 'beyond' the attractive feat.

Other : She owns a strip club which she uses as her headquarters and to support her monetarily.

Vulnerability: Cold - I thought this makes sense, since technically cold is the removal of energy from an area.

Cost : Yes, she's under points I figured I'd get some feedback before I completely finished everything.
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Re: [2e] Paragons of the New World (recruiting)

Post by hero4hire »

Corrigon wrote:This sounds like a good setup.

I was looking at a more straight forward powerhouse with some speed abilities who happened to be a doctor

Name: kent Shakespeare
Isn't he a Legion character?

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Re: [2e] Paragons of the New World (recruiting)

Post by Weyrd »

Got an idea for a Goth-girl type character with the powers of a banshee (sonic control, drain con, insubstantial, invisibility, flight, immunity suffocation.) I'll see if I can get her solidified on paper in a timely manner.

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Re: [2e] Paragons of the New World (recruiting)

Post by Corrigon »

hero4hire wrote:
Corrigon wrote:This sounds like a good setup.

I was looking at a more straight forward powerhouse with some speed abilities who happened to be a doctor

Name: kent Shakespeare
Isn't he a Legion character?
I knew the name was nagging me from somewhere. Admittedly, apart from group shots, he hasn't appeared since mid nineties. Name change to John Shakespeare then.

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Re: [2e] Paragons of the New World (recruiting)

Post by Neo-Paladin »

Aww, man...why does it have to be 2e? I only own 3e sourcebooks, would have loved to pitch something...

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Re: [2e] Paragons of the New World (recruiting)

Post by Weyrd »

Go ahead and pitch something, between all of us on the thread we can convert it to 2e, I'm sure.

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Re: [2e] Paragons of the New World (recruiting)

Post by Corrigon »

I used Herolab with 2e books to create my character

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Re: [2e] Paragons of the New World (recruiting)

Post by Neo-Paladin »

Okay, then, this is the 3e writeup, just the bare bones without backstory yet. If anyone could convert this to 2e, I would be very grateful.


180 PP, PL 12

STR: 14
STA: 10
DEX: 2
INT: 2
AWE: 4
PRE: 5

= 86 PP

Expertise (History): +8(+10)
Insight: +4(+6)

= 8PP
Attractive 2, Fearless, Power Attack, Takedown 2, Improved Initiative 2
= 10 PP


Sword of the Heavens(Array)
STR-based Damage 2 (Holy), Linked to Affliction (Resisted by Will, Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated)14 = 16 PP + 2 PP= 18 PP
Holy Smite: Blast 8 (Holy) = 1 PP
Light of Penitence: Perception-Ranged Affliction 5 (Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated, Resisted by Will) (Selective) = 1 PP (the target's past transgressions haunt him)

Angelic Wings: Flight 12 (Wings) =12 PP

Armor of Faith: Protection 6, Impervious Toughness 13. both Noticeable (glow), Immunity 10 (Life Support) = 27 pp

Oneness: Senses: Divine Awareness, Low-Light Vision, Danger Sense = 3 PP

= 60 PP

Dodge: 6
Parry: 6
Fort: 12
Tough: 16
Will: 12

= 18 PP

86+8+6+60+18=180 PP

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Re: [2e] Paragons of the New World (recruiting)

Post by digitalangel »

Neo-Paladin wrote:Aww, man...why does it have to be 2e? I only own 3e sourcebooks, would have loved to pitch something...
As long as Moira is allowing the Ultimate Power book for 2E, it allowed you to build powers the same way 3E does.

The other points are not too hard to translate between 2E and 3E although PP cost sometimes shifts a little one way or another for the same character between them. If you are going to need help converting the character to 2E specs, it is probably better to build with 10 PPs or so to spare in case cost shifts in the conversion and then you can spend any extra points that are left after conversion.

@Moira, Paragons was probably my last choice, but I've still been hankering for a game and my local group keeps having conflicts over sessions for the last several months so I think I may still play. I'm out of town this weekend for the hokiday, but I'll try to post up a character submission by the first half of next week for you. Are you using any of the optional rules from the 2E mastermind's manual or other books or is this straight up 2E core book (and hopefulyl UP from teh advise I gave Neo above)? Any house rules we should be aware of when building characters other than what was stated at teh beginning of the thread?