Ultimate Showdown: Tournament Style PRELUDE IC

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Re: Ultimate Showdown: Tournament Style PRELUDE IC

Post by Alex » Tue Apr 29, 2014 10:41 pm

"Hum... sure?" Honestly, she didn't know what else to repond. The situation was so surreal that it seemed like that was the only thing she could say. She taked the muffin and eated it while saying "Conceal don't feel, conceel don't feel ...."

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Re: Ultimate Showdown: Tournament Style PRELUDE IC

Post by NekoArc » Thu May 01, 2014 2:41 am

Arcueid Brunestud
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jemal wrote:<Arcueid, Merlin, Darelzmyr>

"I've never heard of.. 'dragon balls' but I must admit I'm not exactly eager for an Etymology lesson in this particular case. I do know however that in many realms Dragons are wish granters, my own included.. though our wishes are generally less powerful than those of Genies or Devils, and significantly below what BROB offers."
Arcueid crooked her head a bit curiously as she listened to Dar's response "Wow Dragons that grant wishes that's kind of neat." she mused with a smiled.
jemal wrote: Shaking his head, Dar forces the smile back to his face "if wish sharing is possible that would be quite a good idea, yes, and even if it is not, An alliance of others who rival my power may be capable of stopping them long enough to restore the ward.. especially if I had the aid of another powerful mage." He nods respectfully to Merlin. "But enough of my problems, BROB has thankfully put them on hold while I participate in my tournament - what has brought you two here? What do you wish for? Perhaps I can help you as you can help me."
Arcueid sighed slightly, her smile fading and crossed her arms as Dar asked her wish "Well you kind of already touched on my wish with your question. You see I am a type of vampire that doesn't need to drink blood but our desire to do so is actually much greater than a normal vampires.

Normally it takes most of my power to suppress that vampiric impulse but since things happened recently that were mostly beyond my control I had to use most of my energy for other things.... because of that my blood lust has grown too great for me to control.

I was going to just lock myself away to sleep for eternity but BROB visited me in my castle and offered me a chance to compete here"
she explained."

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Re: Ultimate Showdown: Tournament Style PRELUDE IC

Post by valhalla_bound » Thu May 01, 2014 9:06 am

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"Hm. It would be wise to take out those who pose to us the greatest danger first, while leaving the rest to fight among them selves" Sar-Karth motions Smoke into a quiet corner. "Who here do you feel would be danger to your self?"